Demon Slayer Nezuko Guide

Demon Slayer Nezuko Guide

Demon Slayer is one of the most successful manga series of all time. With a rich world, fantastic art, and outstanding characters, it is one of the greatest. Even within its cast, though, there are some standouts, including one of the main characters, Nezuko. This Demon Slayer Nezuko guide is dedicated to everything about her.

In this Demon Slayer Nezuko guide, you will find out everything you should know about this character. The fan-favorite lead heroine of the series has a deep history intertwined with the entire series from start to finish. Here are all the main parts, including her appearance, abilities, summary, and much more. Keep in mind some light spoilers that will be included in this guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Nezuko is the lead heroine in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga and anime series. She is the younger sister of the protagonist, Tanjiro, and a former human. She is turned into a demon at the start of the series and represents the crux of what Tanjiro is fighting for.

Her appearance is adorable, having a signature outfit and pink eyes that are unforgettable. Though her personality takes a while to shape in the series, it is clear that she loves her brother more than anything.

It could even be argued that she is the most popular character in the entire series for some fans out there. She is at the heart of the Demon Slayer storyline from start to finish.

Who is Nezuko?

Demon Slayer Nezuko

Nezuko Kamado is the lead female hero in the Demon Slayer series. The only main girl in the group of protagonists, Nezuko, is one of the greatest manga and anime characters. She is a significant character from the very start of the series up until the very end.

She stands alongside her brother, Tanjiro, as the two lead characters in this series. While she might be quiet most of the time, she has a huge heart that cares immensely for her friends and family. She is kind, sweet, and loving but has a dangerous side that enemies should consider.

Nezuko may not be a formal slayer in the Slayer Corps at the beginning of the series, but this does not diminish her importance. She is a fighter like the others and tremendously strong. She has the unique powers that allow her to be a force on the battlefield.

Nezuko Kamado is an unforgettable character, even if you have never read or watched the series before. She has taken over the Japanese pop culture and community, being one of the forefront characters that is prominently featured with fans around the world.

You do not have to go far on the internet to find a cosplayer or fan artist showcasing Nezuko in all of her glory. When it comes to trends, no one comes close to Nezuko these days. Few characters are on her level, and she is one of the main Demon Slayer protagonists that you should know about.


When it comes to the general appearance of Nezuko, there are a few critical parts about this. Though you have likely seen her general look, which is mostly the same across her character’s scenes in the series, there are some distinct differences.

As you likely already know by now, she is a human who turns into a demon. While this is technically a massive spoiler for the series, it is something that happens literally within the opening pages and moments of the series. That is why it is common knowledge, even for people who have not checked out Demon Slayer.

As such, there are a few different appearances for Nezuko. These have to do with the various points of her life and her change into a demon. There are even certain “abilities” that alter her appearance throughout the series.

Human Appearance

Demon Slayer Nezuko

First and foremost, we have the human appearance of Nezuko. Before the beginning of the series, Nezuko was a human girl like her brother Tanjiro and the rest of their family. Though we do not get to see much of Nezuko while she is a human, she does appear this way in certain flashbacks and critical scenes.

There is not a massive difference between Nezuko in her human form and her new demon one. She does quite a bit like her human self, even in the demon, which is saying a lot since the same cannot be said for many of the other monsters in the series.

When Nezuko was a human girl, she wore a similar outfit to the one that she wears currently in the series. This traditional Japanese garment is beautiful, having an intricate pattern across the entire outfit. It is primarily pink, matching her overall aesthetic and eyes, with a red and white belt that she wears.

She has a dark brownish overcoat that she has on top of her outfit. Altogether, it is a detailed and stunning look. Nezuko has black hair that contrasts nicely with the sharply pink eyes that she has.

Interestingly enough, she had these pink eyes before becoming a demon. Finally, she has a small pink ribbon that is tied around a strand of her hair.

Chibi Demon

When Nezuko became a demon, there was little change to her overall appearance. She wears the same outfit, has the same pink eyes, and all of that. However, two notable changes happen while she is in her demon form.

For one, the ends of her long hair are slightly different. While most of her hair is black, she now has reddish strands that are at the ends, likely there to note her demonhood. This is a common feature that a lot of demons have, with an almost hombre look to their hair at the tips of them.

Furthermore, she has a green cylinder that she holds in her mouth. As for the purpose of this, it seems to keep her from either revealing her demon nature or allowing her to attack humans. Either way, it also keeps her from communicating verbally with everyone.

Also, one of the abilities that Nezuko has is the ability to change the size of her body. To fit into the wooden box that Tanjiro will often put her in for travel purposes, she is able to shrink herself down into a chibi form. She looks exactly the same here but just with the appearance of a toddler. This has, of course, led to numerous memes and gifs across the internet of her tiny self running.

Demon Transformation

Demon Slayer Nezuko

Lastly, there is a more recent appearance for anime fans that Nezuko will take on, and that is her demonic transformation. When the going gets formidable in battle, and she needs extra strength, she is able to channel her demon powers to enhance her abilities.

When this happens, there are some stark changes to her appearance. She grows a horn on her head, and the veins in her body start to really pop. She gets more mature and older-looking, seemingly becoming taller and curvier at the same time.

It is almost like she goes from being a teenager to a grown woman in an instant. Her nails will get extremely sharp, too, allowing her to claw at foes when she needs to. Though these moments are rare, this shows just how deadly of a demon Nezuko can truly be at times.


The personality of Nezuko is a strange one. The change of her into a demon at the start of the series deeply affects her personality. This is also seen in the fact that she rarely verbally communicates, at least early in the series.

Even still, we do see glimpses of who she is, even without much communication. Above all else, Nezuko values her family above anything else in the world. This is to the point where she even sees some other humans as if they are her family members.

This is likely the part of her personality that keeps her “human” and not like the other demons out there. We can also see that she is likely quite childish in a way since her world was essentially frozen in place when she was turned into a demon.

This means that she loves everyone quite passionately but she is also equally passionate in her rage. She is shown to be quick to anger in battles and it has some disastrous results. The enemies that are on the other side of her anger are in for a wild time.

Key Relationships

Tanjiro and Nezuko

Nezuko has few key relationships in the Demon Slayer series, but they are everything to her. First and foremost, there is her older brother Tanjiro. He is the reason for her existence and also the reason that she is still alive as a demon and not decimated by the slayers who would likely take her out otherwise.

Everything that Nezuko does is for her brother and to protect him. But there are some friends that she has besides her big brother. Zenitsu is someone that she seems to care about, even though he follows her around all the time and worships the very feet that she walks on.

Inosuke is an interesting companion as she likely cares about him, but they have little interactions with one another, despite traveling together.

Then there are the interactions between Nezuko and Sanemi, one of the Hashira slayers. He wished to eliminate her when they first met, putting them in a strained relationship of sorts. Lastly, there is also Muzan, the man who caused her misery and turned her into a demon in the first place.


As now a demon, Nezuko has all the advantages of that new life but without the negatives that come with other demons, like eating humans. There are two different parts to being a demon, including the new powers that she has access to in battle and the changes to her physical abilities as well.

Demon Physical Capabilities

Demon Slayer Nezuko

Being that Nezuko is now a demon, she now has immense changes to her physical body. For one, there is the fact that she is essentially immortal, meaning that she could essentially live for hundreds of years if she wanted to.

Unless she is forcibly killed by a slayer or some other means, she will not die from natural causes. Stuff like disease and old age are basically meaningless to a demon like her. This is seen in some of the other demons that are literally hundreds of years old already in the series.

Beyond the immortality that she has, she is also quite hard to kill in general, even if someone would disturbingly want to. Her regenerative abilities are insane, allowing her to recover from some serious injuries that would be otherwise life-threatening in a matter of time.

Though she does need to sleep off those injuries and is vulnerable at times, she is exceedingly resilient in battle. Even something like a lost limb means nothing to her as it will grow back with enough time. She is hard to take down and will come back time and time again in a fight.

Demon Blood Arts

Much of the prowess of Nezuko in battle does not just come from her survivability but her demon blood arts as well. Most demons out there have the ability to use their blood arts to use almost supernatural-like skills in fights.

In the case of Nezuko, there is much mystery surrounding what her demon blood arts are at the beginning of the series. That said, she has developed a hatred for her fellow demonkind and her blood arts seem to reflect that. Her powers seem to be geared towards eliminating others of her species.


Nezuko 's Transformation

The story of Nezuko Tanjiro is connected directly to the main events of the series as a whole. She is involved in almost everything that happens so this does mean that there are going to be massive spoilers all around in this section.

I will try to avoid unnecessary spoilers like the fate of certain characters, but anime fans should certainly be wary here.

Humanity Lost

The very start of the Demon Slayer series kicks off with a banger. Tanjiro leaves his family behind in the opening segments, including young Nezuko. As she stays behind with her family, tragedy strikes as Muzan, the king of all demons, attacks her and her family.

In the end, they all die, and Tanjiro comes back to see no survivors except for the lone Nezuko. The problem is that she is no longer the person that she once was. She has become a demon due to this attack and is now hungry for that of the human flesh she once had.

She attacks Tanjiro, but he is able to find a way to quell her and eventually runs into the first slayer he encounters. When the slayer realizes that Nezuko does not want to eat humans, he sends the two to his master to learn about becoming a slayer.

Nezuko is asleep for much of the training that Tanjiro goes through but eventually gets close to mastering her hunger. With this difficult part of her life under control, she is able to go on a journey to help her brother fight demons and, hopefully, find a cure for being a monster.

Assisting Her Brother

Once Tanjiro joins the Slayer Corps, Nezuko starts to follow him around (or be carried by him) everywhere that he goes. Since she is not able to come out during the daylight, she hides in a small wooden box.

Eventually, there is a mission where Tanjiro and other young slayers are sent to take down a family of demons in the mountains.

There, they encounter, Rui, one of the Twelve Kizuki, who are the top demons in Muzan’s army. While fighting Rui, Tanjiro struggles, and Nezuko eventually has to give him a hand for the first time in a major way. They fight together and successfully defeat this fearsome foe.

From then on, Nezuko begins to play a bigger role as the story arcs continue in the series. She plays a massive role in the Mugen Train Arc, helping to free her friends from trouble, and also in the big battle in the middle of the Entertainment District Arc.

Finishing the Fight

Nezuko's Fight

Eventually, it comes down to the final battle for Nezuko and everyone else against the villain Muzan. Everything is on the line during this fight, including the fate of Nezuko herself. After all, he is the man who turned her into a demon monster in the first place and killed her family.

Without giving too much away about what happens in the battle and to everyone, there is the successful defeat of Muzan. With this, she is able to finally become a human again. This succeeds in the mission that Tanjiro and her had from the very beginning of the series.

In the epilogue for the series, we see in the future that Nezuko was able to marry Zenitsu and have a family. We get to see a glimpse of their descendants and know that she was able to live a normal life with the removal of her demon status.

Nezuko in Other Media

Given how massively special and famous Nezuko Kamado is, it should come as no surprise that she has appeared in a lot of other media out there. Despite starring in one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time, she has not stopped there at all.

For one, Demon Slayer has expanded beyond those two mediums to also have video games and more. If you want to literally play as Nezuko herself, you can certainly do that like in The Hinokami Chronicles video game. If there are future games like this one (and there likely will be), she will probably show up there, too.

She has appeared in the Demon Slayer animated film known as Mugen Train, which was later adapted as a part of the main series. There is an endless amount of fan art, fan fiction, and more that you are able to find on the internet. You could spend hours looking at this on social media websites and never get bored.

And, of course, there are all of the cosplayers out there. Nezuko is one of the most popular characters to have cosplays for, and I imagine that this will only increase with the return of in-person conventions and events in the future.



Here are some of the fun facts that you should know about Nezuko:

  • She shares the same exact height as her real-life voice actor Akari Kito.
  • On the topic of her voice actor, the “Ki” in Akari Kito’s name uses a kanji (a Chinese character adopted for the Japanese language) that can also be read as demon.
  • Nezuko did have a favorite food as a human, and that was the Japanese sweet known as konpeito.
  • A large part of the demon blood art that Nezuko uses has to do with her vicious blood fire. This connects her to Tanjiro and their father as both have used fire-based breathing techniques.
  • This last fun fact is one that is a major spoiler for some of the developments regarding Nezuko later in the series that have not yet come to fruition in the anime. It is revealed that she is the first known demon to be immune to the damage from the sunlight. This becomes a powerful motivator for the events surrounding her in the later parts of the manga.


Question: How Old is Nezuko?

Answer: What may surprise some fans of the Demon Slayer series is the age of some of the main characters. While some, like Zenitsu, are 16 years old, around what you might expect, Nezuko and even her brother Tanjiro are a little different.
At the very start of the series in the first chapter and episode of Demon Slayer, Nezuko is only 12 years old. This may come as a surprise since both she and her brother seem so mature. But part of this might be due to the fact that she is turned into a demon at this young age.
That said, she ages up quite fast, reaching 14 years old after the time skip that happens rather early on. As for the very end of the series, this is where it starts to get tricky. It is not completely known how old she is near the end of the manga, but it is presumed that she is likely around 15 or possibly even 16 years old at this point.
To make matters even weirder, though, is the fact that she is turned into a demon at the age of 12. In this way, you could argue that she has not aged at all physically since that very moment.
The demon physiology is a bit strange and hard to figure out but it would seem that she has not grown up much at all in the years that follow since she is no longer a normal human being.

Question: What Type of Demon is Nezuko?

Answer: Nezuko is a rather special demon in the series. While you could argue that all of them are special since each one is created essentially by the series villain, Muzan, himself. But there is a lot to love about Nezuko since she is a unique demon who refrains from eating people.

Question: What Makes Nezuko Special?

Answer: First and foremost, Nezuko is special since she is a demon who was created by the main villain, Muzan. However, the more special part about her is the fact that she does not eat humans at all. She refrains from doing this, which helps her to retain her humanity somewhat in a way.
This allows her to fight alongside Tanjiro and the other slayers against her own newfound kind. She is also special since she does not even need that human meat or blood to survive.
Instead, she can get by just sleeping and doing other activities that never require her to consume human life. That said, she is not without the inherent desire to want to eat humans.

Question: Is Nezuko a Good Demon?

Answer: Yes, I believe that Nezuko is a good demon. Or at least one that falls under the standards that humans would consider “good.” This is due to the fact that she is steadfast in her promise not to eat human flesh and find other ways to survive without needing it.
At the same time, she is a powerful one who is capable of unique skills that allow her to be better than most demons in battle. All in all, no matter which way you look at it, she is a good demon. However, the key issue comes into play with perspective.
From the perspective of humans, all demons are wrong and bad for eating humans. That said, they are doing what they have to in order to survive, so, from their perspective, it may not be seen as bad. Even still, Nezuko is a good demon and person nonetheless, holding herself to a higher standard than almost all other demons and even humans.

Question: Who does Nezuko end up with?

Answer: Just by looking at this question alone, you should know that the answer that is about to follow is going to be full of massive spoilers. Answering who she does or does not end up with is going to be a huge spoiler for a massive part of the series.
While it might not confirm how the series ends completely, it will at least spoil some major aspects of the storyline, especially regarding Nezuko herself. Considering how important of a character she is, this is something that some fans may not want to know yet.
Keep in mind that the manga for Demon Slayer is already over, and this question has an official answer to it one way or another.
But the anime is still ongoing at the time of writing this and has a ways to go before it will reach the conclusion for the series. If you do not mind being spoiled on some major events for the anime, go ahead and read ahead.
Still here? Alright, it is true that Nezuko does, indeed, end up with someone at the conclusion of the series. That person is none other than Zenitsu, the long-time friend and stalker of hers.
It seems that his persistence in pursuing Nezuko for years pays off in the end, allowing him to end up with her. They even have a family together that we get to see in the epilogue for the series.

Demon Slayer Nezuko Guide: Conclusion

This Demon Slayer Nezuko guide was your introduction to one of the most important characters in the series. As the lead girl in the series and also a demon who tries to hold in her monstrous inner desires, she is someone that you can’t help but cheer for in the series.

In my opinion, Nezuko is also one of the reasons why Demon Slayer is so immensely successful and great. At the end of the day, though, Nezuko Kamado is just one slice of the entire Demon Slayer franchise. While an important part, there is so much more to enjoy in the manga and anime series.

Be sure to see our full-on Demon Slayer overview guide for the overarching details about the entire series as a whole.

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