Attack on Titan Characters

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If you haven’t watched Attack on Titan, you’re probably among the few people who need to start binge-watching the show now! While the show is nearing its end, it’s never too late to get your nose into the bleak and mysterious world of Attack on Titan.

This dark fantasy anime truly captures the hearts of every anime fan because of its intriguing storyline, compelling characters, and overall, its well-thought-out conceptualization. Because of the manga’s popularity, it was adapted to be an anime series in 2013. Currently, the anime series is in its last and final season, which is Season 4. On the other hand, the manga has a total of 139 chapters.

What is Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan (AOT) was serialized in Kodansha’s monthly shonen manga magazine Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine from September 2009 t0 April 2021. Created by Hajime Isayama, the story highlights a pre-industrial Europe surviving within the overpopulated confines of three massive walls, Wall Maria, Rose, and Sina.

The human race gives up their freedom staying inside these walls, avoiding the harsh wrath of the Titans — gigantic and horrifying anthropomorphic species that feed off humans and mindlessly slaughter villages. It follows Eren Yaeger, a boy who vowed to kill all the Titans after a Titan caused chaos in his hometown.

Aside from Eren, there are a lot more interesting characters to get to know. Both the manga and anime series features an extensive list of characters. Read on and get to know more about them.

Who are the Main Characters?

Attack on Titan

Like most shonen anime shows, Attack on Titan is rich with action-packed scenes from different characters. Its extensive cast with excellent storylines is a testament that a good anime series shouldn’t only focus on one central character, but rather, it should explore and flesh out the stories of other characters as well.

In the Attack on Titan series, you will be captivated and involved by how every character decides and thinks. It even feels like you’re connected with the characters making them relatable. According to Isayama, his inspiration among the characters is rooted in real-world stories. He stressed that the setting and characters are connected to his childhood and upbringing in Oita, a prefecture of Kyushu.

Are you interested to know more about the main characters of the series? Get to understand their story, relate to their quirks, and appreciate their sense of determination through this blog. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Eren Yaeger  (エレン・イェーガー, Eren Yēgā, alt. “Eren Jaeger”)

Eren is the main protagonist of the series. He despises Titans more than anyone in the whole series. After witnessing his mother devoured by a Titan, he vowed to kill every Titan that walked the world.

Eren graduated in the top five of his cadet class. He became part of the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Squad and was tasked to hunt down Titans and capture them alive to have them examined.

However, during his first mission in Trost, Eren was swallowed by a Titan, revealing his true nature. He reappeared as a 49 ft Titan who is known to be the Attack Titan. Due to his unique ability, he was seen as a threat among multiple parties.

As for Eren’s physical appearance, author Hajime Isayama highlights that Eren’s Titan form physique was modeled after Yushin Okami, a middleweight mixed martial artist.

In his human form, Eren had an average height and muscular build. His facial features closely resembled that of her mom’s; he has a rounded face, telling gray eyes, and his hair was once short and black.

His young-boy body turned into a muscular and fit physique after his training and during his time as a soldier. However, his muscular figure was rarely seen due to their baggy uniform. After the four-year time skip, Eren chose to grow his hair down to his neck — seemingly looking older than he should be.

Mikasa Ackerman (ミカサ・アッカーマン, Mikasa Akkāman, alt. “Mikasa Ackermann”)

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is Eren’s childhood friend. She was orphaned at a very young age when some thieves ransacked and attacked their home, eventually killing his mom. Now, Eren comes to the rescue and kills the thieves, saving Mikasa’s life. In this very instance, he gave Mikasa the most iconic red scarf.

Mikasa felt a strong sense of gratitude to Eren’s family since his family helped her live a happy and comfortable life. She is just like any other girl who maintains a passive expression except when it comes to Eren and her friends.

More than anything, Mikasa is a skilled soldier that ranked first during their cadet class. It is because of his unique bloodline. It was later discovered that Mikasa came from a special Eldian race.

Her bloodline is modified to create super soldiers similar to a Titan’s strength. Her unparalleled skill is regarded by many officers. It’s no surprise that she can easily win a battle of a hundred men.

Seemingly inconspicuous for her strength, Mikasa is tall and well-toned. She also has an Asian heritage: having pale skin, gray eyes, and shaggy black hair.

Mikasa often wears an original Survey Corps uniform paired with the red scarf, which she never takes off. In some of her missions, Mikasa wears a green cape with the wings of freedom printed on the back.

Armin Arlert (アルミン・アルレルト, Arumin Arureruto, alt. “Armin Arlelt”)

Like Mikasa, Armin is also Eren’s childhood friend. He joined the Survey Corps to help make the world a better place and fulfill his dream of exploring the world. When Armin was young, his parents crossed the Wall but were killed by the First Interior Squad. This led to Armin being raised by his grandfather.

On the other hand, his grandfather owns an illegal book about the world outside the Wall. Armin is fascinated by this discovery, kindling his desire to see more about the world. Unfortunately, his grandfather (and Wall Maria refugees) died on a risky mission to reclaim Wall Maria, which left Armin to fend for himself.

Together with Mikasa and Eren, Armin joined the Training Corps. Initially, he suffered from a severe inferiority complex because of his inability to perform physical tasks.

Unlike his friends, Eren isn’t equipped with the strength and agility but excels in academics. He is intelligent and strategic; these traits made him an incredible asset to the Survey Corps.

He is not physically strong because of his relatively small frame, lacking in muscle. His most notable features are his large hazel eyes and small pointed nose, which is distinctly red. His hair is usually styled in a long undercut with bangs over his entire forehead.

For his Colossal Titan Form, Armin sports a similar look as Bertolt’s Titan. He is significantly tall and skinless. He has elongated skinny arms reaching past his knees and muscular neck, but his upper body is rather skinny, exposing his rib cage.

What’s worth noting about Armin’s version of the Colossal Titan is his exposed windpipe that can be visibly seen on his neck.

Krista Lenz (クリスタ・レンズ, Kurisuta Renzu, alt. “Christa Lenz”)

Krista Lenz

Krista is a kind and amiable girl who is popular among her peers. She is a petite young woman and among the smallest soldiers from the 104th Training Corps. Sporting long blonde hair and large blue eyes, Krista looks extremely beautiful. She wore the traditional Survey Corps uniform with the green cloak and tied her hair in a low ponytail during missions.

Many even see her as a goddess or an angel. Reiner even falls for her and expresses that he wants to marry her. However, Krista Lenz isn’t her real identity.

Many were surprised to know that Krista’s true identity is Historia Reiss (ヒストリア・レイス, Hisutoria Reisu). She is the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss, the true King of Eldia.

Before Krista assumed her new identity, she spent her childhood with her mother on a farm owned by the Reiss family. But despite living with her mom, they have very minimal interaction because her mom despises her existence.

Because of this, Krista was sent to live with her grandparents. But as Wall Maria collapses, she is then introduced to her father, Rod Reiss. While Reiss’ elite squad suggested to tie loose ends and murder her, Rod spared her and instructed her to assume the name Krista Lenz.

After all these events, Krista joined the 104th Training Corps as a way to punish and kill herself, hating her true identity. Despite all these, she graduated and ranked tenth in her class.

Reiner Braun (ライナー・ブラウン, Rainā Buraun)

Unlike Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Krista, Reiner isn’t a true Eldian native. He is a member of the Marleyan Military’s Warrior unit and possesses the ability of the Armored Titan.

He is also the leader of the infiltration unit, who is responsible for Marley’s opening offense against the walls. Because of this, he is considered to be among the main antagonists of the anime for the first and second seasons (i.e., manga’s first thirteen volumes).

Because of his natural wits and innate skills, he graduated second in his class. His training instructor, Keith Shadis, even described him as an ox and a natural leader. Then, Reiner takes this opportunity to get classified information and infiltrate their ranks.

As for Reiner’s looks, he has piercing hazel eyes, short blond hair, and an angular facial structure. He is also quite tall with broad shoulders; his stern look usually exudes an intimidating presence among his peers.

Being an Armored Titan, he stands as tall as 15 meters (nearly 50 ft.) and is covered with white plates of hardened skin. His eyes are covered with white, organic lenses, while his hair looks similar to his human form. It’s also worth mentioning that his Titan form has excellent agile skills despite his heavy weight.

According to Hajime Isayama, the Armored Titan’s physique was based on Brock Lesnar, a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist.

People of Paradis

Since we’ve already discussed the main characters of AOT, it’s a must to get to know the characters who played a vital role on Paradis. So, what is Paradis? It is the massive island where the three walls are located and have become the only territory of the Eldian Empire after the Great Titan War.

In this section, we will include the characters from the military, the ruling family, the royal government, and the civilians who played an essential role in the story’s progression.

Darius Zackly (ダリス・ザックレー, Darisu Zakkurē, alt. “Dhalis Zachary”)

Darius Zackly

As the Military’s commander-in-chief and a premier, Darius appeared at Eren’s trial. In this instance, he assigned the custody of Eren to the Survey Corps when they discovered his identity as a Titan.

Darius has a typical look for a man his age; his eyes were sunken and tired-looking. He also had visible wrinkles on his face and a receding hairline. He was quite short, which was seemingly uncommon for a man of his position.

104th Training Corps

The Training Corps is Paradis’ dedicated military branch to hone and train recruits to eventually become skilled members of the three military branches: the Garrison Regiment, the Survey Corps, and the Military Police Brigade.

The 104th Training Corps is the only class introduced throughout the whole series. These are the characters involved in the 1o4th Training Corps:

Keith Shadis (キース・シャーディス, Kīsu Shādisu, alt. “Keith Sadies”)

Keith is an instructor who is in charge of training the 104th Corps recruits. He’s among the strictest trainers in the Corps’ history. His looks clearly show his personality; his face and head are clean-shaven except for a beard on his chin.

Keith was always fascinated to know the world outside the Walls as a young adult. That fascination led him to join the Survey Corps, and soon after, he became the commander of the Survey Corps. However, he felt that his efforts were futile; he resigned as the commander and trained the recruits.

Jean Kirstein (ジャン・キルシュタイン, Jan Kirushutain, alt. “Jean Kirschtein”)

Jean was among the recruits who aced his training; he graduated and ranked on the top 6th spot. He speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back his emotions. Jean initially planned to join the Military Police to live safely within the Wall Sina.

He often butts heads with Eren. His opposing views are questioned by most of his peers. After some thought, He finally decided to join the Survey Corps after Marco’s death.

He has a youthful look, light ash-brown hair, intense light-brown eyes, and a muscular build. He’s often seen in a typical uniform of the scout regiment worn with an olive-gray button-up shirt underneath.

Marco Bott (マルコ・ボット, Maruko Botto, alt. “Marco Bodt”)

Marco Bott

Graduated as the seventh in the 104th Training Corps, Marco is keen on rules and protocols. Some of his peers even think he is such a “goody-two-shoes.” He aspired to join the Military Police so he could serve King Fritz. However, Reiner killed Marco when he found out that Marco was eavesdropping on their conversation about the Marleyan mission.

Connie Springer (コニー・スプリンガー, Konī Supuringā, alt. “Conny Springer”)

Hailing from Ragako District of Wall Rose, Connie is determined to make his mother proud as a soldier. His outgoing personality and happy disposition keep his peers pumped up even in the worst situations. According to Shadis, he has a good sense of balance and performs well. However, he is not good at making strategies.

Like Marco, he initially plans to join the Military Police, but was moved by Eren’s speech; he decided to join the Survey Corps.

Sasha Blouse (サシャ・ブラウス, Sasha Burausu, alt. “Sasha Braus”)

As a hunter from the mountainous Dauper District, Sasha is proficient in hunting with a bow and has impeccable instincts.

While she’s obsessed with food, especially meat, Sasha has a tall and lean body. She joined the corps in protest of her father’s decision to give up hunting and pursue farming — a necessary choice to support the growing number of refugees.

On her dying breath, she muttered the words “meat,” clearly showing her affinity to good food and even staying true to her roots: hunting.

Ymir (ユミル, Yumiru)

Ymir has been romantically linked to Krista. Her closeness to Krista is evident when she tries to protect her in Castle Utgard. To save Krista from the titans’ attack, Ymir morphed into a 5-meter (16 ft) monkey-like Titan. Despite her smaller size as a Titan, Ymir was fast enough to defeat several large titans with her speed, claws, and teeth as the Jaw Titan.

Floch Forster (フロック・フォルスター, Furokku Forusutā)

Floch Forster

Floch is a former cadet of the 104th Training Corps; he joined the Garrison Regiment after graduation.

Survey Corps

Composed of expeditionary soldiers, the Survey Corps is tasked to venture outside the Walls. Their mission is to discover the origins and source of the Titans; they’re also searching to understand their motive, weaknesses, and the key to defeating them.

Erwin Smith (エルヴィン・スミス, Eruvin Sumisu)

Erwin is the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps. He led the last mission before the fall of Wall Maria, dedicating his life to the freedom of mankind. As a discerning, strategic, and respected leader, he cared deeply for his team but did not hesitate to sacrifice them for the good of all.

On the other hand, his men are more than willing to stake their lives following his orders. He died during the battle, mortally wounded by the Beast Titan.

Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ, Hanji Zoe, alt. “Zoë Hange”)

Hange is among the Survey Corps veterans and leader of the 4th Squad. Not only does she have excellent combat skills, but she is also an intelligent scientist who studies the Titans. After Erwin’s death, she succeeded in Erwin’s role and became the 14th commander of the Survey Corps.

She has soft brown eyes and dark brown hair in a messy high ponytail. Before, she wore goggles during battles. But because of an eye injury, Hange lost her left eye and wore a small black eye patch.

Levi Ackerman (リヴァイ・アッカーマン, Rivai, alt. “Levi Ackermann”)

Levi Ackerman

Known to be “humanity’s most powerful soldier” and head of Survey Corps’ elite squad, Levi is blunt, disciplined, and skilled to carry out any task. He is also described as a clean freak by his peers; he wants to keep himself spotlessly clean all the time. On most occasions, he wiped blood-smeared blades while on the battlefield.

While considered to be the most powerful soldier, Levi is quite short. His well-developed muscular structure does make up for his height. He looks intimidating and deceptively young for his age.

Military Police Brigade

Military Police Brigade is the most prestigious military branch; its role is to maintain law enforcement inside the walls, supervise the Training Corps, and arrest and detain political criminals and dissidents.

Only the top ten of every training class are eligible to join the Military Police Brigade. Since their tasks mainly focus on patrols and administrative work, they don’t have first-hand combat experience with Titans and stay in the innermost walls.

Nile Dok (ナイル・ドーク, Nairu Dōku, alt. “Nile Dawk”)

Nile is the commander of the Military Police Brigade. During Eren’s trial, he wanted Eren to be under the Military Police Brigade’s jurisdiction for examination and extermination to avoid the rising problems from Eren’s presence.

First Interior Squad

The First Interior Squad is the secret police division that operates independently from the rest of the Military Police Brigade. They’re often involved in numerous torture and assassination conspiracies to maintain order within the Walls.

Captain Kenny Ackerman (ケニー・アッカーマン隊長, Kenī Akkāman-taichō, alt. “Kenny Ackermann”)

Captain Kenny Ackermann serves the Reiss family; he is skilled and equipped with Vertical Maneuvering Equipment and slug guns designed for killing humans. He was a vicious killer, dubbed as Kenny the Ripper. He’d slit his victim’s throat and escape without ever getting caught.

Ruling Family

Fritz (フリッツ, Furittsu)


King Fritz is a puppet ruler serving as a decoy for Rod Reiss. After the coup d’etat and Rod’s death, Historia Reiss assumed his role as the true ruler of the walls. He is unrelated to the Fritz family and doesn’t have any royal lineage.

Rod Reiss (ロッド・レイス, Roddo Reisu)

Reiss is a slightly overweight man with a round face sporting short black hair and a thin black mustache; he’s also typically seen wearing affluent clothes. He is the real king of the Wall and the father of Historia, along with Dirk, Abel, Urklyn, and Florian. As descendants of Karl Fritz, the Reiss family are heirs to the throne within Wall Sina.

Marleyan Warrior Unit

After the four-year time skip, the setting focused on another country, Marley. In Marley, they’ve developed and trained younger ethnic Eldians to fight in the war. These warrior cadets are trained at a very young age and are expected to follow orders without any objections.

The warriors who demonstrate the most exceptional performance on the battlefield are honored to inherit the six sentient and shifter Titans (Beast, Cartman, Armored, Colossus, Female, and Jaws).

Zeke Yeager (ジーク・イェーガー, Jīku Yēgā, alt. “Zeke Jaeger”)

Bearer of the Beast Titan, Zeke is the mastermind and war chief of Marley’s Warrior Unit. According to Reiner, he was considered to be the strongest warrior and at par with Levi’s title as “humanity’s strongest soldier.”

He is also the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, the older half-brother of Eren Yeager. He tastefully manipulated both sides of the war in Eldia and Marley to serve his main agenda.

Bertolt Hoover (ベルトルト・フーバー, Berutoruto Fūbā, alt. “Bertholdt Hoover”)

Bertolt Hoover

Graduating 3rd in his class, Bertolt had the potential to master every skill and combat technique. While he is a member of the 104th Training Corps, he is also a member of the Marleyan Warrior Unit. He can transform into a Colossal Titan. He met his untimely demise when he was eaten by Armin’s Pure Titan.

Annie Leonhart (アニ・レオンハート, Ani Reonhāto)

Like Bertolt, Annie is also an Eldian cadet of the Marleyan Warrior and a trainee of the 104th Training Corps. She has short blonde hair and a petite physique. But despite this, she is skilled in melee combat. Her impeccable skills with swords and unarmed combat led her to place 4th in his class.

She inherited the shifter Titan, Female Titan, and was a major antagonist before her defeat. Unlike Bertolt, Annie didn’t die when she was defeated, but she crystallized herself and is in a comatose state.

Marcel Galliard (マルセル・ガリアード, Maruseru Gariādo)

Marcel was a childhood friend to Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie. He trained alongside his brother Porco to become a Warrior and was nominated to inherit the power of the Jaw Titan.

During Marley’s official Paradis operation, the whole team was attacked by a Pure Titan that Ymir became. To save the lives of the rest of the team, Marcel sacrificed his life ended up being devoured by Ymir, who acquired the Jaw Titan.

Porco Galliard (ポルコ・ガリアード, Poruko Gariādo)

Porco is Marcel’s brother and currently holds the Jaw Titan by devouring Ymir when she voluntarily surrendered herself to Marley. He has a bit of a passive-aggressive tendency and usually has animosity towards his peers.

As the Jaw Titan, Porco had deep-set eyes and a thick brow. Unlike others who possessed the Jaw Titan, he sported something that looked like an armored face. He usually traveled on all his four limbs like the Cart Titan.

Pieck Finger (ピーク・フィンガー, Pīku Fingā)

Pieck Finger

Pieck is an extremely intelligent and perceptive Warrior and can transform into a Cart Titan, carrying massive loads of cargo on her back. She is shown to be kind and sweet, consistently caring for her fellow Warrior and Warrior candidates. She’s also quick-witted and can easily deduce any type of situation.


Question: Why Should I Watch Attack on Titan?

Answer: Attack on Titan is among the best anime shows to date. It is the perfect introduction to any budding anime enthusiasts about what anime is: a balanced mix of thrill, adventure, and good character development. It is also riddled with twists that will keep you guessing what will happen next.

Question: How Many Titan Powers are There?

Answer: Nine Titan powers have been passed down through the Eldians for nearly 2,000 years, namely:
• Founding Titan: The Founding Titan can turn the Subject of Ymir into Titans through shouting. It can control the minds of Titans, alter their memories and bodies.
• Armored Titan: The Armored Titan is covered in hardened, armor-like skin, except in its joints where movement is necessary. It can also create sharp claws which could be used to climb structures.
• Attack Titan: One of the most mysterious Titan powers, the Attack Titan, can receive memories from its past and future inheritors.
• Beast Titan: The Beast Titan can inherit the physical characteristics and abilities of an animal. However, it varies between its inheritors.
• Cart Titan: The Cart Titan has the strongest endurance allowing it to transform to its form for longer periods. As a quadrupedal, it’s extremely fast and agile and can carry heavy loads without any problem.
• Colossal Titan: It is an enormous Titan, emitting immense amounts of steam from its body. The inheritor of the Colossal Titan can control its power and blast radius.
• Female Titan: The Female Titan has a special ability that inherits the other Titans’ abilities. It could harden in certain areas and can summon Pure Titans with its scream.
• Jaw Titan: It is the swiftest among the Nine Titans, possessing sharp teeth and claws capable of breaking almost anything.
• WarHammer Titan: The War Hammer Titan can make weapons and structures from its hardened flesh. However, it can only be controlled through a cable connected to the Titan’s flesh.

Question: How Long is the AOT Anime Series?

Answer: With over four seasons and running, AOT is among the anime shows that are easy and quick to watch. If you want to finish the anime, you only need to allot 30 hours to watch all 75 episodes, including the latest Season 4.

Attack on Titan Characters: Bottomline

There is too many Attack on Titan’s characters that have been integral to the story’s development. It’s no surprise that it’s extremely hard to pick your favorites. So, if you are to pick, who’s your favorite character? Is it Eren Yaeger, Levi or Mikasa Ackermann? Well, the second half of Season 4 is coming next year, and your favorite characters might change soon!

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