Sasha AOT Guide

The original season of Attack on Titan is a masterpiece to many fans. The sheer meme nature of the 25 episodes will never fade away. One significant meme moment and character in the series is Sasha Blouse. Now a beloved character in the series, this Sasha AOT guide will unpack everything about her.

Sasha has so much more than just being the “Potato Girl.” This Sasha AOT guide will introduce fans to other elements about her. From her skills on the battlefield to her history in the series, here is everything that you need to know about Sasha Blouse.

Bottom Line Up Front

Sasha Blouse is one of the supporting characters in Attack on Titan. From the very moment that she enters the story, she commands the scenes she is in. Whether it be because of her goofy personality or her love for food, Sasha is one of the most famous AOT characters.

She was initially part of the Training Corps alongside Eren before following him in joining the Survey Corps. She is part of the core cast, joining the Levi Squad in the end. She has a beautiful and lighthearted personality that is welcome in the dark world of Attack on Titan.

Hailing from the village of Dauper, she values food above all else. And she has the hearts of fans everywhere as one of the most trending anime characters of all time.

Who Is Sasha From Attack on Titan?

Sasha Blouse is one of the cores supporting characters in the Attack on Titan series. She is one of the few Training Corps characters we see early on and who lives to make a mark on the story. She is a teenage girl when we first see her in the series, arriving from the remote village of Dauper.

Because her family is from out in the countryside, she does have an accent. She hides this by speaking in formal Japanese to cover up her insecurities.

Within the Training Corps arc, she was one of the top 10 students to graduate. She was ranked ninth and eventually joined the other main characters in the Survey Corps. Perhaps her most memorable quality, though, is her love for food.

Whether this comes from the hard times growing up or is just her personality, she eats whenever she cans. It is even a stress-reliever for her to eat when life gets tough. Like the rest of the cast, Sasha also desires to protect her family from the titans. That is why she enlists in the Survey Corps.

Sasha is a significant side character that sticks around far longer than many others. That is quite the accomplishment in the harsh world that they live in. Her later membership in Levi’s Squad is well-earned. She not only appears in the manga and anime for Attack on Titan but in other media, too, like video games.


Sasha is roughly the same age as Eren, Mikasa, and Armin at the beginning of the series. She is a young teen who joins the Survey Corps. While she does not have any drastic transformations in the series, she does mature and grows older over time. This leads to two distinct appearances for Sasha.

Training and Survey Corps

First, there is the younger version of Sasha Blouse. When she first joins the storyline in the Training Corps arc, she wears a signature ponytail. She has chocolate brown hair that is long. There are two prominent bangs that she has that go down the sides of her face.

Sasha has thin eyebrows and large brown eyes. Despite her overwhelming love of food, she has a healthy and fit appearance. In the Training Corps, she wears the standard tan outfit. There is the tan suit jacket over a dark gray undershirt.

She wears the usual light gray pants with long boots on the bottom. The jacket has the Training Corps symbol on it and a larger version on the back. Her outfit is pretty much the same as everyone else in the Training Corps. Eventually, she does join the Survey Corps.

When she does, she receives only a slight change in her appearance. The pants, boots, jacket, and undershirt are almost the same. The main difference is the new Survey Corps symbol on the sides and back. In addition, she occasionally wears the green hood that the Survey Corps is known for.

After Time Skip

After the time skip, Sasha undertakes one of the most drastic appearance changes in the cast. Several years have passed, so she is now a much older adult woman. She retains the ponytail look, but her hair is much shorter overall.

At the same time, she keeps the bangs but moves them to the side even more. This lets you see her battle-hardened and rougher face from years of fighting. Because of these changes, she almost looks like a different person in some shots from the manga and anime.

As for her outfit, it is entirely different as well. She now wears the all-black Survey Corps outfit. The upper and bottom parts are almost entirely black, except for a little bit of silver and brown in a couple of places.


Sasha perhaps has the most outstanding personality out of anyone in Attack on Titan. But that is not saying much since the rest of the cast is pretty much dead serious 24/7. She is the comic relief in the story, representing one of the goofier characters.

Sasha does not take things too seriously, focusing on just what is in front of her. This means that she is often hungry, and she focuses on only that. Other times, she will poke fun at her group members and joke around with them.

In many ways, Sasha is the life of the party for the Attack on Titan cast. She is pretty carefree, especially in the earlier parts of the story. This does come with some drawbacks, though. Her easygoing nature can turn careless sometimes, resulting in mistakes in battle. She is also not against stealing food to fulfill her hunger.

But as the series goes on, especially after the time skip, even Sasha becomes a bit more serious. While she does not lose all of her heart like some of the others, she does become quite cold when the time skip happens.

Voice Actor

Yu Kobayashi is the iconic voice actor who deserves all of the credit for bringing Potato Girl to life. She brings such energy and comedy to the role that it is very much welcome. You might know her from voicing other characters like Ruka in Steins; Gate and Satoshi in Higurashi.

The English voice actor for Sasha, on the other hand, is the always excellent Ashly Burch, who is a bright spot in the English dubbing world. You might know Burch, ironically, as the original English voice for Mayuri in Steins; Gate, the iconic role of Aloy in the Horizon games, and other various well-known parts, especially in video games.

Key Relationships

In general, Sasha has a relationship with almost everyone in the main cast. When it comes to her key relationships, her best friend might be Connie Springer. They become close to one another early in the Training Corps arc, and it only grows from there.

They continue to be close friends, working together on missions. They will poke fun at one another and have a good time together. There is also the chance their relationship goes a little deeper than that. Sasha is unique to Connie and perhaps in a romantic way.

Then there is Mikasa. They are bunkmates in the Training Corps arc, and Sasha is one of the few people to break through the impenetrable shell that is Mikasa’s personality. Outside of Eren and Armin, almost no one else connects with Mikasa as Sasha does. Later in the series, it is evident in Mikasa’s actions how much their friendship means to her in one scene.

Niccolo is a supporting character that appears later in the story. He becomes the cook for the Survey Corps, so Sasha spends a lot of time bothering him. The two become quite close to other in a short time over their love of food. This is another possibly romantic relationship.

Lastly, there is Sasha’s family. They are why she goes out and fights in the first place, after all. She is close to her family and loves them deeply. Kaya is a girl that Sasha saves, and she becomes part of that family, too. They are like sisters, despite not being blood-related.


Sasha is not a titan, so she does not have the supernatural abilities of someone like Eren Jaeger. That said, she is no joke in her own right. There are a couple of critical skills that she has that help her stand out in the Survey Corps. These are her love for food and killing titans.

Eating Food

Sasha AOT Guide

If you could not figure it out already, Sasha loves food. This usually would not be a skill, but for her, it somehow is. Almost everything she does is based on food, and I can’t blame her. She loves food so much that it is almost like a superpower for her, helping her overcome stress and fight with a clear head.

Sasha is also so obsessed with food that she will do crazy things for it. Not only will she fight to survive in battle so that she can eat food again, but she will go to great lengths to acquire some delicious delights. This is clear in her first appearance in the series, eating hot potatoes that she stole from the kitchen.

ODM Survey Corps Gear

Despite their carefree nature of Sasha, she is a trained titan killer and quite good at it. She joins the Survey Corps after training with the ODM gear. She is a mobile fighter and is flexible on the battlefield. This allows her to get around titans and slice up their necks easily.

She also learns how to become a sniper with a gun and often uses that in battle. Sasha has excellent aiming abilities and can take down both titans and other soldiers with deadly accuracy. Her time growing up in a hunting and gathering village also helped to give her immense survival skills. This is why she can survive and outlast many of her friends.


The history of Sasha Blouse begins from a young age. As a citizen of the land near Wall Rose, she does not have the luxuries of the innermost people. It is worth mentioning that telling her history will reveal her entire life. In doing so, I will include some of the necessary main events in the story. If you do not want any spoilers, be sure to skip this section.

Training Corps

Before her appearance in the series, Sasha Blouse grew up in a family within Wall Rose. Though they are slightly better off than the citizens of Wall Maria, the outermost wall, they still live a meager life. For the Blouse family, they must hunt for their food on their lands.

The tight food supply becomes worse when the fall of Wall Maria happens on that fateful day. The titans’ first appearance causes trouble even for the Blouse family far away. This unfortunate situation is because of the movement of the refugees from the outer wall area.

With less food available due to the refugees, this causes a strain on the Blouse family. In the end, Sasha decides to join the Training Corps for her family’s sake. Thus begins her journey in the series as we first see her appear when Eren, Mikasa, and Armin join the Corps.

During the introduction to the Training Corps 104th class members, Sasha is one of the characters we meet. She has the most memorable intro out of everyone due to her now-iconic scene. Keith, the instructor for the Training Corps, is getting to know the various members when he comes across Sasha.

Unlike the other prospective soldiers who are standing still at attention, Sasha is, well, eating a potato. She is eating an almost raw potato whole. This, understandably, catches the attention of instructor Keith. It turns out that she stole the potato from the kitchen without permission.

Her haphazard response and willingness to give half of the potato to the instructor is not a good enough consolation for her thievery. As punishment, she has to run for hours while everyone else watches. She misses out on dinner, but a fellow member gives her food to make up for that.

This lackadaisical nature of Sasha continues throughout her time with the Survey Corps. Despite this, she places in the coveted top 10 of the Training Corps. However, she barely gets into this group at only ninth place. Because of her friends, she joins the Survey Corps.

Joining the Survey Corps

Sasha plays a role in several of the main story arcs of the series. As part of the Survey Corps, she battles in the Battle of Trost, where she fails at times and is narrowly eaten by a titan but survives. Of course, she doesn’t mind neglecting her duties along the way, though.

When the Female Titan and Eren fight, it leads to the fall of Wall Rose as well. Sasha heads back home to check on her family with concern for their safety. She comes across a titan attacking a mother and child in the process. She rescues the young girl and eventually brings the girl to her father.

Levi’s Squad

After the Female Titan arc events, Sasha joins Levi’s esteemed (but typically doomed) squad of soldiers. It does not take long before Sasha starts drama more with her new team. She steals bread from the food supplies and, once again, ticks a few teammates off.

She has other moments like this leading up to the mission to retake Wall Maria in Shiganshina. During this time, she eventually becomes unconscious and cannot fight for the rest of the mission. Thankfully, she survives as one of the few who is not sacrificed in the deadly mission.

Time passes and Sasha joins the rest of the Survey Corps as they infiltrate the nation of Marley. They fight and Sasha has to kill other human soldiers in battle. The time skip sees a slightly older version of her that can kill other humans without so much of a thought.

That is, of course, until the fateful moment aboard the airship in which she comes across a young girl who the viewer knows to be Gabi. Gabi shoots Sasha and her chest begins to bleed profusely. She does not die immediately and even can ask for meat one last time before she passes away. This marked one of the most controversial and heartbreaking deaths in Attack on Titan for many fans.


When the survivors of the battle against Marley return to the island, they give a proper burial for Sasha. Mikasa is one of the last people to leave her grave, showing just how much the protagonist cared about Sasha. Through Sasha dies a good bit before the end of the series, her death is a lasting one.

It plays a significant role in some of the following events, especially regarding Gabi. Gabi’s journey to the island of Paradis leads to her battle with everyone. In the end, she takes refuge in the home of Sasha’s family.

There at Sasha’s home, she takes the guise of a fake persona to keep her identity hidden. She is, inevitably, found out and this causes struggles between them. Though the Blouse family hates Gabi for what happened, they eventually come to care for her and show it towards the end of the series. This is even true for Kaya, the girl who Sasha saved many years prior.

The death of Sasha, both for the manga and anime, led to trends of her on social media. Many lamented the fact that she died in the series, especially at such an awkward point in the storyline. This is unsurprising, though, as Attack on Titan proved many times before that this was its modus operandi.

Even still, this led to many fans hating Gabi and seeing her as the worst character in the series. Some fans even saw her as the worst character in all of manga and anime history. I was not one of those as I understood why she did what she did and I like Gabi’s character. But these reactions are somewhat understandable.

Sasha in Other Media

Attack on Titan is a massive manga and anime series but there is more to it than just those two forms. Sasha herself appeared in the past in other forms of media beyond the manga and anime versions. There are video games, for instance, that adapt the Attack on Titan story into a playable format.

There is two main Attack on Titan video games (at least available in the West), both adapting different parts of the storyline that are released for most modern systems. In them, Sasha is a playable character. For fans who miss her, it is possible to play as her in these games.

She also appears in the spin-off manga and anime series known as Attack on Titan: Junior High. This is a parody of the main series that is much more chill. Though there are titans, it is more about school life and all that so if you want to see Sasha in her comedic element, this is the place to go.

She will also appear in the upcoming mobile game known as Attack on Titan: Brave Order. Sasha is also a member of the cast in the much-maligned set of Attack on Titan live-action movies. Though they are not that great, I do not think they are as bad as everyone thinks. There are some interesting ideas in the movies and the titans are seriously terrifying in it, so I recommend giving it a try.

Fun Facts About Sasha

Here are some trivia facts about Sasha that you may not have known about before:

  • Sasha was named after controversial comedian Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat fame. This was likely her chosen name since she is the comedic relief of the group.
  • If you’re like me, you likely did not even know Sasha’s name for a long time. Instead, I and others knew her solely as Potato Girl in Season 1 of the anime. This was because of her infamous potato-eating sequence that quickly became viral on the internet. It was the source for many of the best and most famous anime meme videos ever made.
  • Though Sasha lives in a world that is seemingly loosely based on Europe and possibly Germany, specifically, her accent is a bit different than that. Her countryside accent that comes out occasionally is based on a Kyushu Japanese accent in the anime version.
  • In the Attack on Titan 2 video game from Koei Tecmo, Sasha is a playable character as previously mentioned. What is intriguing about this is that she has one of the highest health stats out of all of the playable characters. Perhaps she has rather high health due to her eating habits.
  • Sasha’s popularity died down considerably for most of the series. In the official character polls for fans, she ranked fourth in the first one in terms of popularity. However, her popularity went down significantly from there until evening out at around 11th place.
  • Finally, this last one is massive spoilers so please turn away now. As you likely know, Sasha died during the battle against Marley after the time skip. However, she was originally going to die much earlier than that during the events of Volume 9 of the manga. Manga creator, Hajime Isayama, changed his mind after his editor convinced him to keep her around. We have that editor to thank for her surviving as long as she did, but her time was inevitable.


Question: Who was Sasha dating AOT?

Answer: This is a question that we may never get the official answer to. Unfortunately, the Attack on Titan series does not confirm whether or not Sasha was dating or in love with anyone. However, there are two main candidates that she could have dated. Connie and Sasha spent many years together, so there is a chance that romance could have been there. On the other hand, Sasha quickly fell for the cooking that Niccolo had. There is a chance she could have liked him, too.

Question: Did Niccolo fall in love with Sasha?

Answer: This is not confirmed at this time. However, I do think that it is very much likely that Niccolo did fall in love with Sasha. She loved food and his cooking, after all. Here are some spoilers for Sasha’s character so turn away now. When he visits the spot where she died, he puts flowers there and appears distraught. He did likely fall for her in the end.

Question: Who was the girl that Sasha saved?

Answer: The girl that Sasha saved in Chapter 36 of the manga was Kaya. She is almost eaten by a titan but Sasha saves her. In the end, Kaya joins the Blouse family and sees Sasha as her big sister. Kaya also plays a large role after the time skip with Gabi.

Question: Why did Gabi shoot Sasha?

Answer: Gabi shot Sasha because of a couple of reasons. First, there is the obvious reason that they are enemies at the moment. Secondly, Eren and his group are killing and taking her people so she is purely acting in defense. Unfortunately, Sasha was the one to take the shot in this case. Perhaps in another timeline, they could have been great friends.


Sasha Blouse is an unforgettable Attack on Titan character. Though she may not do much within the story to contribute to the war against the titans, as Eren and Armin do, she stole our hearts nonetheless. And she will always live on within the memes and hilarious YouTube edits.

Sasha is just one member of the core cast of Attack on Titan, though. If you would like to know more about the other members of the group, we have other guides for you to check out. Our overall Attack on Titan characters guide contains information about Sasha as well as the other members of the cast.

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