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Connie Springer Guide

When it comes to the main cast in Attack on Titan, it is incredibly massive with so many characters to care about and worry for their safety. One character who somehow managed to make it all the way through the story of the Attack on Titan manga and anime is none other than Connie, the star of this Connie Springer guide.

Connie Springer is one of the more memorable characters in Attack on Titan, being with the core trio of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa from the beginning of the series. He is a valuable part of the Survey Corps and certainly one of the more underrated characters.

While I will be the first to admit that I am not a massive fan of him, mainly due to his loud and unhelpful personality, I still see the value in his character. Find out all about this mostly beloved Attack on Titan character in this Connie Springer guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Connie Springer is one of the secondary characters in Attack on Titan. He is a member of the Survey Corps and is in the same squad as Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. He is in the story since the beginning when the group was training together in the Training Corps.

He outlives many people to make it to the final arc of the entire manga and anime series. As such, he is pretty loved by people who appreciate his beautiful relationship with characters like Jean and even Sasha. I would even go so far as to say that he is one of the underrated Survey Corps members.

Connie Springer Overview

Connie Springer Attack on Titan Series
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Connie Springer is one of the weirdest Attack on Titan characters for me. I am not a massive fan of him, mainly due to his loud personality and tendency to annoy people. But at the same time, he is one of those characters who sort of forces you to appreciate him in a way.

After all, he is one of the few characters in the grim and gory Attack on Titan manga and anime series to make it so far into the tale. When all others fall around him, and even some much more fan-favorite characters, Connie remains true to his beliefs and somehow remains alive.

He also has one of the stranger storylines, especially later in the story once you find out more about his family and where he’s from. This, in turn, made me like him a little bit less, but I still could see where he was coming from. In many ways, Connie is that annoying friend that you can’t find a reason to get rid of because you still love him deep down.

While Connie Springer might not be my favorite character in Attack on Titan, I can understand the love for him. Let’s dig in and see why that is with everything you need to know about Connie.


Connie Springer Attack on Titan Series
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Part of the reason why I don’t love Connie Springer that much is that the manga artist didn’t do him justice in his design. He is a primarily bald character, which is somewhat fun and unique for a young guy like him. Still, it also gives him this unusually stale and uninteresting military soldier design.

If you were to show me Connie, without me knowing much about him, I would assume that he is a random soldier who is going to die within a short time. This uninspired design and look for him is only worsened by the fact that he always wears the military uniform. That said, his older look in the final act of Attack on Titan is at least somewhat better.

Key Moments in the Attack on Titan Series

As mentioned and somewhat spoiled already, Connie Springer is present in the vast majority of the Attack on Titan manga and anime. As such, going over the key events that happen with him in the series could constitute some significant spoilers for those who aren’t caught up.

Worse still, the anime adaptation of the series isn’t completed at the time of writing this. So, I will be referencing some events and things that happen that have not yet occurred in the anime. This is your final warning for the next section, which will spoil Connie’s story and other characters entirely.

Joining the Survey Corps

Connie Springer Survey Corps Attack on Titan Series
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Viewers and readers first see Connie Springer shortly after Eren and the gang joins the Training Corps. At this point, Connie is a young guy who is training to be a military soldier and protect the two remaining walls from the impending titan threat.

Over time, he becomes friends with characters like Eren, Sasha, Armin, and Jean. After graduating from the training class as the eighth person in the group, he joins the other main characters in the Battle of Trost. He is instrumental in most of the arcs of anime and manga.

He is part of the effort to hunt down Annie after it is revealed that she is the female titan. He also protects Eren and tries to fight back against the traitorous Armored and Colossal Titans. Eventually, this leads to the climactic battle to regain Shiganshina from the titans.

Connie is one of the few survivors of this catastrophic battle and ends up as one of the leaders of the Survey Corps when all is said and done.

Leading the Charge

Connie Springer
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After the time jump, Connie Springer shows up again when the Survey Corps tries to take the fight to Marley. He is devastated when his best friend and possible love interest, Sasha, is killed during this arc. This changes him a bit and makes him a harsher character.

He eventually joins the heroes against Eren in the series’ final arc after having to painstakingly take down the people he once called his friends and comrades. Connie is one of the few survivors who make it out of the series intact, able to live the rest of his life in peace and be instrumental in what happens in the world’s future.

Special Abilities

This may be a spoiler to some, but Connie Springer is no titan. There is no crazy plot twist happening with him anytime soon, like some of the other main characters in the series. That said, this shouldn’t take away from what he does have: which is eliminating titans and having immense survival capabilities.

Experienced Titan Hunter

Connie Springer Attack on Titan Series
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The strength of Connie Springer comes from his experience in taking down the titans. Though he starts out as a weakling and coward, for the most part, he eventually grows into an experience titan killer. He is one of the best killers in the Survey Corps and a strong frontman for the squad.

For better or worse, his talent in fighting doesn’t just extend to the titans in the world. He is also somewhat excellent when it comes to tackling other humans and fighting them. This is seen quite a bit in the latter half of the manga and anime, especially after the time skip.

When it comes to the time skip, fans can see that he often uses the deaths and tragedy around him to empower him to take on the enemy.

Anime Voice Actor

Clifford Chapin voice actor Connie Springer
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Connie Springer has a couple of different voice actors, depending on which version of the anime you watch. I will be the first to tell you that the Attack on Titan English dub is one of the most disappointing, even as a moderate fan of English dubs.

That said, it is mainly due to the script rather than the acting. Connie’s English dub voice actor is Clifford Chapin, who is pretty talented and on the rise. Some of my favorite roles of his are Bakugo in My Hero Academia — a much better dub — and Joshua in The World Ends With You.

On the other hand, if you are watching the anime adaptation, you should check out the Japanese voiceovers unless you need the English dub for accessibility reasons. In this case, the voice for Connie is Hiro Shimono, one of the funniest Japanese voice actors.

You might know Shimono from his iconic roles recently, such as Zenitsu in Demon Slayer, the male character in Fire Emblem Engage, and Dabi in My Hero Academia. As you can see, he has an impressive vocal and emotional range that is absolutely bonkers.

Key Relationships

Connie Springer Key Relationships
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Connie Springer is one of the core members of the Survey Corps, so he has quite a few friends in the squad. That said, if we are talking about the key relationships that he has, there are a few that are worth mentioning. First and foremost, it is his closest friend in Sasha.

Sasha is someone who relates to Connie in many ways—growing up in a small town, working on farms, and coming from a poorer lifestyle. They are instantly close friends and remain this way throughout their time in the Survey Corps.

Some will even ship the two together as lovers. This isn’t entirely unwarranted, at least on some parts, as it seems that Connie is romantically interested in Sasha. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell if Sasha feels the same way or not, so this could be a one-sided situation.

When it comes to true platonic friendship, Connie is quite close with Jean. With the death of Marco early in the series, Connie becomes a surrogate best friend of sorts for Jean. They are together through so much turmoil and loss, so they are close to one another like brothers.

Lastly, the final person I’d like to talk about is Armin. Sure, Eren might be a friend of Connie’s, but they don’t seem that close. However, Armin and Connie seem to be great buddies at times. While they may not be as close as Armin and Eren are, they have each other’s backs and work well with one another.


Question: Are Connie and Sasha related?

Answer: No, Connie and Sasha aren’t related to one another. What made you think that? In fact, I would say that their relationship feels like more than that of blood relatives.

Question: Who is Connie in love with?

Answer: It seems rather clear to fans that Connie Springer is in love with Sasha. Now, whether or not this is one-sided remains to be seen.

Question: Is Connie a titan?

Answer: This is a slight spoiler (I guess?), so watch out here. No, Connie isn’t a titan. However, this is contrary to some of his compatriots in the Survey Corps.

Who to Check Out Next in the Survey Corp

I’ve already made it quite clear that I am not the biggest fan of Connie Springer from Attack on Titan. His uninteresting design and frustrating personality are some of the reasons why I wasn’t a huge fan of his character throughout the pages and episodes of the manga and anime.

That said, I can appreciate that Connie is a survivor and someone who is somehow resilient and arguably ignorant at times, enough to survive against the titans and the harsh world that he was born into. For that reason alone, I can admire the strength that Connie has while focusing more on others.

Speaking of others, if you want to check out another member of the Survey Corps who I like a whole lot more, I recommend taking a look at someone like Armin Arlett. While Armin has his own fair share of issues and can be frustrating at times, I also acknowledge his wonderful personality and intelligence that elevates him to be one of my favorite characters in Attack on Titan.

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