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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba features so many different characters throughout its pages and episodes. It can be challenging to keep up with the characters who are on the side and only appear every so often. Characters like the star of this Aoi Demon Slayer guide.

Aoi Kanzaki is one of the more defiant and blunt people in the Demon Slayer universe. For me, I will never forget the first episode she debuts in due to her intense personality and unforgiving character. She is one of the more classic tsundere-style girls in the series, which some fans may love.

The purpose of this Aoi Demon Slayer guide is to give you all the information you need to know about this quite unique member of the massive Kimetsu no Yaiba cast. Aoi Kanzaki might be a side character in the long run, but she leaves an indelible mark on the main characters, as you’ll see below.

Bottom Line Up Front

Aoi Kanzaki is a rather unique character in Demon Slayer. She is one of the many side characters in the manga and anime series, not having as much of a focus as the core quartet. She is part of the Slayer Corps, but she doesn’t usually go out on missions and fight demons like the main characters do.

This is due to an overwhelming fear of demons and what could happen to her if she were to fight them. As such, she remains at the Butterfly Estate where she tends to wounded soldiers and acts as a tsundere-style support character.

Aoi Demon Slayer Overview

Aoi Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is one of my favorite anime series in recent memory. One of the main reasons for this is the vast amount of characters that it has. This isn’t too uncommon for a manga or anime series, but the difference that Demon Slayer has is that it makes every character count in the cast.

This even goes for the supporting characters who aren’t present in most of the episodes. One such example of this is Aoi Kanzaki. She is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps like the core squad of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Nezuko, and Inosuke who make up the main characters.

However, unlike those four, though, she doesn’t fight with everyone else in the typical missions against the demons in Japan. Instead, she is literally a supporting character, assisting the slayers who do work on the battlefield. She is someone who tends to their needs and even mentors them at times.

While Aoi Kanzaki is only present in the Demon Slayer manga and anime a few times throughout its storyline, she plays an integral role when she appears.

This is primarily due to her harsh personality that is blunt and serious, constantly reprimanding and ready to teach everyone a lesson. Find out about her complicated story and relationships below.


Aoi Kanzaki has it in her name: blue, or Aoi in Japanese. Her appearance is primarily based around blue, starting with the outfit we see her mostly in throughout the series. She generally wears a dark blue, an almost purple uniform that is typical of the Demon Slayer Corps but customized for her.

Aoi Kanzaki has pigtails, with butterfly accessories as the hair ties. Her dark hair is quite unique, and I appreciate the butterfly aesthetic that she has going on. Her face is rather mean, having that classic anime resting tsundere face with intensely blue eyes.

Key Moments in the Demon Slayer Series

Aoi Demon Slayer

To be fair to Aoi Kanzaki, she doesn’t have a prominent role to play during the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga and anime series. That said, she has a position as one of the supporting members through some of the events following the tougher arcs and events that happen during the series.

With that in mind, remember that there are going to be some spoilers abound below. You can find out here about her critical moments throughout the manga and anime series.

Most of Aoi Kanzaki’s story happens following the spider family forest arc, near the beginning of the manga and anime series. After the conclusion of this part of the story, Aoi Kanzaki supports the core cast of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu.

She is one of the many members of the Butterfly Estate, the home of Shinobu, one of the legendary Hashira. There, she tends to Tanjiro and the rest of the members as she reveals some information about how she passed the Demon Slayer Corps test but doesn’t fight in the war.

Instead, she only assists people at the estate, being a healer and trainer for the main characters. During this short arc, Aoi acts as a friend to the main characters and arguably a love interest for at least one of the main guys. It is during this time that she is seen as the classic tsundere character, but there are some tender moments seen between her and the others as she trains them.

Outside of this arc, unfortunately, Aoi Kanzaki has almost no other moments where she is present in the main story of Demon Slayer.

Special Abilities

When it comes to Aoi Kanzaki, the first thing she will tell people is that she is too afraid to fight on the front lines against the demons. Though she is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, she does almost nothing with this. As such, her special ability comes from the other side of her.

Demon Slayer Support

It isn’t seen in the Demon Slayer series, but it is presumed that Aoi Kanzaki has some level of fighting capability. After all, she was able to win the test and join the slayers in the process. In this way, she is at least a talented fighter or perhaps someone who is an unprecedented survivor.

That said, the Demon Slayer series doesn’t explore any of that. Instead, it focuses on the central unique ability that Aoi Kanzaki has, which is a supporter, trainer, and healer. She is the ultimate supporting character, capable of helping out anyone in the Demon Slayer Corps as their assistant and helper.

We see this in her main short arc with the four main characters. She knows exactly what needs to be done to get Tanjiro and the rest of the gang back on their feet.

This includes helping them mentally, physically, and emotionally. They are all able to grow as a team and individual fighters because of her.

Anime Voice Actor

Demon Slayer Voice Actors

There are a couple of anime voice actors that Aoi Kanzaki has. They depend on whether or not you watch the original Japanese voiceovers or the English dub version. Both of them are worthy of being watched, so you honestly can’t go wrong with either one in the end.

When it comes to the original Japanese language version, Aoi Kanzaki is voiced by Yuri Ehara. Oddly enough, Yuri Ehara is almost an entirely unknown factor at this point. Rare is it that we have such a new voice actor, but that is the case with the voice of Aoi in Japanese.

Ehara is only known for her role as Aoi and more minor roles as both Ian and Normin in Tales of Zesteria the X. Outside of these three roles; she has done nothing else. The young and newer voice actor likely has a lot of talent, but it will take time before she probably gets the roles she deserves.

On the other hand, the English dub actor for Aoi, Reba Buhr, has been around for several years and has many roles under her belt. Unfortunately, most of these roles aren’t that extensive or crucial. The most notable ones that I recommend checking out are Naori in Tales of Arise, Llenn in Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, and Ponzu in Hunter x Hunter.

Key Relationships

There are a couple of key relationships that Aoi Kanzaki has, though some of them aren’t even shown in the series that much. For starters, there is her relationship with the four main characters. She doesn’t interact with Nezuko, but I could certainly see them becoming friends.

That said, she has an almost antagonistic approach to the main character in Tanjiro. They bicker and fight with one another, and she attempts to pull out the best in him. This is admirable in many ways, but their relationship is more of a teacher/mentor and student if anything at all.

On the other hand, she is closer to Zenitsu and Inosuke, from what I can tell. She is much of a tsundere towards both of these characters, but she also seems to care about them at the same time generally. I imagine I’m not the only one who has thought about shipping Aoi with both Zenitsu and Inosuke, as they make nice sense as couples.

However, the one that makes the most sense is easily Inosuke and Aoi. They work well together as total opposites, so I feel like she is an underrated endgame love interest for him.

Outside of those, there are two relationships we don’t see much of. First of all, there is Aoi’s friendship with Kanao Tsuyuri. Despite the two living in the same household and being around each other a lot, we don’t see their relationship much. It appears, though, that they are good friends at least.

Lastly, there is Aoi’s relationship with Shinobu, the Insect Hashira. Shinobu took Aoi in and had her as one of the caretakers of her home. We don’t see the two interact much, but it appears that Aoi looks at Shinobu as a big sister and mentor for her. They likely have a deep, nearly familial bond.


Question: Is Kanao Older than Aoi Demon Slayer?

Answer: It is honestly uncertain whether or not Kanao is older than Aoi in Demon Slayer. We know that Kanao Tsuyuri is around 16 years old when we meet her in the main manga and anime series. However, Aoi’s age is unclear. Based on the fact that she became a slayer before Kanao, though, seems to tell us that she is likely older than Kanao, by a year or two perhaps.

Question: Who does Aoi Have a Crush on in Demon Slayer?

Answer: This is a slight spoiler, but it appears when Aoi Kanzaki is first introduced that she has a crush on possibly a couple of characters. It seems like she could have a crush on both Zenitsu and Inosuke when they first meet, though it isn’t abundantly clear from the start if she genuinely has feelings for both or is simply messing with them.

Question: Did Aoi and Inosuke Get Together?

Answer: This is significant spoiler territory as it reveals whether or not this happens in the end. If you haven’t finished the Demon Slayer manga, turn away now. The answer is yes; Aoi and Inosuke end up together after the main series finishes, get married, and have several generations of children. This is ultimately revealed in the epilogue events that transpire following the end of the manga series.

Aoi Demon Slayer: Final Thoughts

Aoi Kanzaki is one of the most severely underrated characters from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga and anime series. There are only so many characters who are able to show up for a short time in a series and make this much of a mark on the main characters in the cast.

But that is precisely what Aoi Kanzaki is able to do in Demon Slayer. She is feisty, a little goofy, and someone who truly cares about furthering the Demon Slayer Corps, even if she doesn’t like to show her true feelings. It is honestly quite unfortunate that Aoi doesn’t show up more often in the Demon Slayer series.

For that reason, if you want to see a character that is outstanding, like Aoi, but has much more to offer in terms of a presence in Demon Slayer, you should look elsewhere. I recommend someone like Shinobu Kocho, otherwise known as the Butterfly Girl. She is an impressive slayer, and there’s a reason that Aoi follows her so intensely.

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