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One Piece is the best-selling manga comic of all time. It has been running for twenty-five years, so it may even challenge western comic series like Superman and Spiderman. But unlike those two comics, One Piece is a coherent story that keeps getting better and better with every chapter. Even though the story is over one thousand chapters, it still develops a feeling of awe inside the readers.

I like One Piece because it develops a strong plotline about the adventure of a young seventeen-year-old boy, Monkey D. Luffy, making the readers captivated by the series.

The tale goes that Gold Roger was the Pirate King, and he left his greatest treasure, the One Piece, in the treacherous Grand Line. Now Luffy and his crew have set out on an adventure of a lifetime to find the legendary treasure.

The story is simple, but the world-building of One Piece is immense. Because of its vastness and popularity, the series has a variety of merchandise, and it becomes difficult to narrow down which one is the best. But don’t worry! This is where the guide comes in.

Best-One Piece Merch Guide: Bottom Line Up Front

Some of the everyday items of the One Piece merchandise include:

  • Clothing Items: The types of clothing sold as merchandise include shirts, hoodies, jackets, and kimonos. These clothing products are available in various varieties.
  • Accessories: One Piece merchandise has an array of supplements to offer. These accessories generally include One Piece bracelets, necklaces, and backpacks.
  • Decoration: The One Piece decorations are excellent to adorn the house or workplace. Generally, these decorations are present as wall posters and lamps.
  • Collectibles and Figures: The easiest to handle and must-have One Piece merchandise is present in the form of figurines. These figurines always have a close connection with their collector.

Top 15 Recommended Products Offered by the One Piece Merchandise

A list of Top 15 Products that I would recommend to every One Piece Fan is given below:

  1. The Kaido Omnibus Figure
  2. The Trafalgar Law Zipped Hoodie
  3.  The Straw Hat Jolly Roger Bracelet
  4. Straw Hat Jolly Roger T-Shirt
  5. Roronoa Zoro Official Plushie
  6.  One Piece Treasure Chest Cookie Jar
  7.  Sanji LED Lamp
  8. The Banpresto Boa Hancock Grandline Journey Figure
  9. The Chopper Funko! Pop Figure
  10. The Ace Backpack
  11. The Jinbe Kimono
  12. Luffy Fifth Emperor Bounty Poster
  13. Ace Bead Necklace
  14. The Red-Haired Shanks Classic Figure
  15. Shanks giving Luffy the Straw Hat Figure

General Items Offered by the Merchandise

One Piece is much beloved in Japan. From middle-aged folks to children, everyone reads One Piece manga. Every year, the One Piece volumes sell faster than hotcakes, and it always ends up as the top-selling volume. Hence, there is a great abundance of One Piece merchandise. Here is a general listing of the items:


There is a wide variety of great clothing items available for One Piece fans. Some of these items can also be used for cosplays. Depending on how much one loves One Piece, some merch can be very extravagant. The types of clothing sold as merchandise are shirts, hoodies, jackets, shoes, and kimonos.


There is a large variety of One Piece shirts. They may come in half-sleeves, full sleeves, or sleeveless, whichever one prefers. The shirts are imprinted with the One Piece characters, while others have fascinating designs embedded into the fabric. Depending on one’s favorite character, someone can buy a shirt with that specific character. Some popular shirts with characters or stunning concept arts are:

  • The Zoro Cross-Pose Shirt
  • The Luffy “Lucy” Disguise Shirt
  • The Luffy “Wanted Poster” Shirt
  • The Whitebeard Jolly Roger Shirt


Like shirts, stunning concept arts from the One Piece series or characters are printed on the hoodies. However, the hoodies themselves might be made of a different material. Generally, these hoodies offered by the One Piece merchandise are worn in colder seasons. But you can also find your favorite One Piece hoodies for the spring season. Some such hoodies are:

  • The Trafalgar D. Law Jolly Roger Hoodie
  • The Ace and Luffy Hoodie
  • Luffy 3D-vintage Hoodie
  • The Batholomew Kuma Hoodie


The popular choice among the One Piece fans is bomber jackets. The cool aesthetic of the world of One Piece combined with jackets gives off an attractive aura. Also, it makes one stand out. Other kinds are One Piece jean jackets and varsity jackets. Some of the good-looking jackets are:

  • The Green Chopper Bomber Jacket
  • The Navy Jean Jacket
  • Zoro Hooded Jacket


A One-Piece kimono can be worn either as cosplay or during weekends when someone wants to relax. If you are not used to kimonos, they are difficult to adjust. Even in One Piece, kimonos were seldom worn by characters before the Wano Arc. The variety of kimonos that a One Piece fan might like are:

  • Jinbe Kimono
  • Ace with Whitebeard Jolly Roger Kimono
  • The Gol D. Roger Kimono


Accessories are generally for those One Piece fans that do not want their wardrobe to be overwhelmed by the clothing items offered by its merchandise. Such things may seem attractive to wear on certain occasions or those that do not stand out much. These accessories generally include One Piece bracelets, necklaces, and backpacks.


Bracelets are recent in style, and they interest young individuals more than others. There is also a variety of One Piece bracelets. A One-Piece bracelet can accentuate a person’s hand depending on the type of wrist and fingers they have. There are many different types to pick from; chain bracelets, name bracelets, and bead bracelets. Some attractive bracelets are:

  • The Ace Bracelet
  • The Straw Hat Jolly Roger Bracelet
  • The Straw Hat Punk Bracelet


Like bracelets, One Piece necklaces are also in style. Although they appear more appealing during summers. In winters, the extra layer of clothing hides the features of the jewelry. Some necklaces that are well-made are:

  • The Dracule Mihawk Cross Pendant
  • The Official Ace Red Beads with Smileys
  • The Whitebeard Jolly Roger Bead Necklace


Although when hearing about One Piece backpacks, one might think of the kiddy kind. However, there is a wide variety of these backpacks. The unique design of the One Piece series adds a pleasant flavor to the bags. Some excellent backpacks are:

  • The Official Ace Archival Backpack
  • The Nico Robin Rucksack Backpack
  • The Straw Hat Jolly Roger Knapsack


One Piece decorations are excellent to adorn the house or workplace. Depending on what kind of aesthetic you prefer, One Piece merchandise can set a specific tone. Also, One Piece has different decorations suited to one’s needs. Generally, these decorations are wall posters and 3D Lamps.

Wall Posters

There are two sorts of One Piece wall posters. The first is the wall art, and the other is a poster that hangs on the wall. The former usually consists of a canvas painting of the One Piece series. The latter is the series’ Wanted Posters. For admirers, these positively portray their favorite pirate. A One-Piece lover can even customize the poster for themselves. Some cool wall posters are:

  • The Thousand Sunny Go Wall Art
  • The Going Merry Wall Art
  • All Straw Hats Wanted Posters

3D Lamps

Some One Piece figures are utilized as lamps too. An LED light is attached that radiates light from an attached PVC figure of a One Piece character. There are also table lamps that employ lightbulbs for those who want simplicity. The One Piece lamps can add variety and flavor to one’s room. Examples of such 3D lamps are:

  • Official Luffy Table Lamp
  • Pirate Hunter Zoro LED Lamp
  • The Boa Hancock 3D Lamp

Collectibles And Figures

The most vital part of One Piece merchandise is the figures and the collectibles. They may appear as toys. But they are much more than toys for a One Piece enthusiast. The collectibles from Japanese companies are the best.


There are two kinds of One Piece figures. One is moveable, and the other is immovable. These One Piece figurines come in a wide range of sizes and designs. There are as many figures as there are characters. Excellent figures offered are:

  • Red-Hair Shanks Figure
  • Pirate Hunter Zoro Figure
  • The Three Brothers Figure

My Experience with the One Piece Merchandise

I have been reading One Piece ever since I was a child, and I was amazed at how the story was unfolding arc after arc. The crew was expanding, and so was the world. Oda himself stated that he intended to conclude the adventure sooner, but the world continued to grow. And the best part is that there is always more to explore.

More than anything, One Piece is about mystery and adventure. Even the show is titled One Piece, we do not know what it is or how the Straw hats will get there. Because of this, I have re-read the manga again and again. Oda is also notorious for foreshadowing, and he leaves crumbs for how the story will unfold in the uncanniest places.

Because of re-reading the manga repeatedly, I have developed an exquisite taste for One Piece-oriented item. I almost know everything about which products belong to which characters and how one can relate to such a character. And I can proudly say that I have the most extensive collection of One Piece merchandise among all my friends.

Stuff To Keep An Eye Out For

Often buying new merchandise, some people might have trouble picking the merch they think would be good for them. Here is a list of some things that can help you out:

The Right Price

There is an abundance of One Piece merchandise, implying competition among different sellers. On one website, the price of a particular website will be higher than your budget. In such a case, a good rule to keep in mind would be to always check other sites. The prices might be lower if you explored a little. You might even get better quality merchandise if you do not limit yourself to a single store.

Second-Hand Merch

It is human nature to think second-hand products are subpar. Everyone wants stuff in mint condition. While second-hand products are used, that does not mean that they do not have quality. It depends on what kind of item it is and how much it has been used.

Often, some merchandise has not even been used that much. And the price is considerably lower. If you have a low budget, you should keep an eye out for these items. A precautionary measure to not get a broken item is to see pictures of it beforehand or see whether the seller can be trusted after going through his profile.

Licensed Companies

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the more expensive merchandise is most likely imported from Japan. This also implies that the product is made by licensed companies. Although it may not always be the case. Some trusted websites such as Amazon have drastically reduced costs on delivery charges. But taxes do apply.

Merchandise is generally bought to show support and love. Licensed companies have a contract to extend a percentage of the profits directly to the author. If fans want to support the one Piece series, they should try to buy licensed merchandise to the best of their abilities.

Accounting The Balance

Sometimes, new buyers have trouble ascertaining what to buy and how much it will cost them, especially for a One Piece product. This is truer when shopping from different websites or stores. Although not a problem for analytical people, keeping the arithmetic of merch shopping in mind is arduous. The best thing one can do is use a spreadsheet. There are also many online applications for this purpose, and they help keep the accounts in order.

Common Problems You May Run Into And Their Solutions

All buyers are bound to run into some problems. Buying is, indeed, a tricky thing. You think you might want something. But then some technical glitch occurs. Or you do not know how to make an order. Here are some common problems people occasionally go through:

Customs Duty

Depending on your location, you may be charged an additional fee for the ordered items. It depends on the original price and how your country taxes that specific merchandise. Some countries even have tariffs on the material used for making a device. In short, it is all very tedious to keep in mind.

The best way to overcome this is to consult a professional. Looking up which items are taxed or not in your jurisdiction is not a bad option either. Some jurisdictions do make exceptions for products not in bulk. So be mindful of that too.

Website Issue

Some websites use couriers that may not deliver to your address, and others may not be trustworthy. False advertisements are generally a problem with sites of e-commerce. And on international delivery, these problems are accentuated.

Always use trusted websites when ordering. Also, see whether the website selling has a warehouse in your jurisdiction. If it does, that would mean that you do not have to pay the customs duty, and it would also mean that the products can conveniently be shipped to your address.

Product Quality

Sometimes, a poor-quality item is delivered to you. It is a more common occurrence than one might think. Many websites also exploit the love a fanbase has for a particular series. Another element is that unlicensed merchandise is usually unprofessional. This element lowers the quality of merch to a great extent.

The problem can be resolved by seeing the reviews of that item. The experiences of the previous buyers are shown just for this purpose. In some cases, fake reviews will be implanted, and this is to sell more of their product. So one has to be wary of that too.

My Top 15 Best One Piece Merch Recommendations

There is much to pick from. But I have tried my best to reduce myself to the top 15 merchandise I think you should have. So here are my recommendations:

#1 The Kaido Omnibus Figure

Kaido. The Strongest Creature in the world. The Man Who Cannot Be Killed. These are all the names of the emperor of the Sea. Having the powers of the dragon-dragon fruit and the Conqueror’s Haki, Kaido is formidable. Dominant, that is the feeling that Kaido imposes.

The Kaido Omnibus Figure represents the splendor of the emperor brilliantly. It is eight inches tall and manufactured by Bandai. The figure is either made of Poly-Vinyl Chloride. The figure’s details are exquisite, and Kaido ruthlessly swinging his Bagua club gives an imposing impression too. The figure is worth $38.

#2 The Trafalgar Law Zipped Hoodie

Trafalgar Law is a pirate of the Worst Generation. He also possesses one of the most potent devil fruits, the Operation-Operation Fruit. The late addition to the Shichibukai has been essential in helping our heroes. His serious personality is attractive to many readers too.

The hoodie perfectly captures these elements of Law. Around the waist and the left arm is his Jolly Roger. The inner linings of the hoodie are yellow, which is the color of Law. It is an elegant and comfortable wear. The hoodie comes in eight sizes, so there is a fit available for everyone. The hoodie is worth $44.

#3 The Straw Hat Jolly Roger Bracelet

Jolly Roger is representative of an identity of a pirate crew. The Straw Hats are the main protagonists of our series. Furthermore, the Straw Hat symbol has gained importance in recent events. Worn by Luffy, it represents the spirit of freedom and adventure. That same spirit can now be captured by this bracelet.

Many people would not want to wear hats in this day and age. But bracelets are the new fashion. It is top quality and uses a metal clasp to fit any wrist. Even if someone is not a One Piece fan, they will like this item. The only negative aspect is that it is worth $24, which is quite expensive for a bracelet.

#4 Straw Hat Jolly Roger T-Shirt

Sometimes, being simple is the best choice. This T-shirt is simple and perfectly captures the spirit of One Piece. The shirt has seventeen colors to choose from. Small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-extra-large, and extra-extra-extra-large are the six sizes offered for the shirt’s boxy fit. It also comes in long sleeves. The price is around $20.

#5 Roronoa Zoro Official Plushie

one piece plush toy

The Pirate Hunter is one of the most beloved characters of the series. The grit and tenacity, the loyalty he has for his captain, and his values resonate with many fans. The plushie is his wear after the time skip where his left eye has a scar.

It stands out at 8 inches tall and is made of polyester. In addition, the product is officially licensed. A Zoro lover will appreciate the plushie as a gift, and the cost is just around $20.

#6 One Piece Treasure Chest Cookie Jar

An essential element of the world of pirates is treasure chests. Without no treasure, there would be no pirates. One Piece is a treasure itself, the greatest of all.

The treasure chest cookie jar has the Straw Hat Jolly Roger on the back and the lid, and it is made of ceramic, and the series logo is engraved on the front of the box. The Cookie Jar is also an officially licensed One Piece product, and the item is worth around $40.

#7 Sanji LED Lamp

Sanji is a part of the top trio of the Straw Hats, and he also serves as the cook of the crew. Sanji, also known as Black Leg, fights solely with his legs. The Sanji Lamp is a figure of him performing his Concasset technique during the Wholecake Island Arc. This was emotional as Sanji performed this attack against his captain, Luffy.

The lamp itself has three kinds of lights. One is the night light, one the mood light, and one the general light. The LED is lit up where Sanji’s fire is. The size of this lamp is 23 cm tall. The only negative aspect of the lamp is that it is worth $90. This is relatively expensive, so think wisely before ordering this product.

#8 The Banpresto Boa Hancock Grandline Journey Figure

Boa Hancock is one of the Shichibukai and the empress of the all-women island, Amazon Lily. She is also the captain of the Kuja Pirates. In the world of One Piece, she is known as the most beautiful woman on the planet.

The Boa Hancock figure perfectly captures her elegance. She has her long legs crossed and has her patented arrogant look. The figure is made of PVC and is about sixteen cm tall, and the figure is worth around $33.

#9 The Chopper Funko! Pop Figure

It would be remiss not to mention the Chopper Funko Pop. If a One Piece fan doesn’t have this Funko pop, his collection is incomplete. The Chopper Funko aims to exhibit cuteness.

Tony-Tony Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hats, and he was a reindeer that ate the Human-Human Fruit. The four-inch figure with its precise finishes perfectly captures the aura of Chopper. Although the high price might make some hesitate, it is around $45.

#10 The Ace Backpack

Ace is the brother of Luffy. They are not related by blood, but a strong bond connects them. Ace has the power of the Fire-Fire Fruit, one of the most powerful fruits in the series. Luffy finds Ace tracking a traitor of the Whitebeard pirates, Marshall D. Teach. Now Ace is hunting Teach down to kill him.

During this chase, Ace has a bag, and this bag is known as the Ace backpack. It is a casual-style backpack made with top-class materials. For phones, tablets, and computers, there are different compartments. But the price is of the bag is relatively expensive, and it is around $60.

#11 The Jinbe Kimono

Jinbe was a former warlord and the most recent addition to the Straw Hats. Inspired by the determination of Luffy during the Marineford War, he joins them. Jinbe has a calm and traditional demeanor, reflected by his simple choice of clothing. He is usually dressed up in a traditional Kimono, and this kimono is the one Jinbe wears in the series.

The kimono comes in nine sizes. Traditional clothing is ideal for beach parties and everyday wear around the house, and polyester is used to make it. The price is a little high, around $45.

#12 Luffy Fifth Emperor Bounty Poster

The earlier fans have had a long journey with Luffy, and it has felt like we are on an adventure as much as the beloved characters. So when that journey gives us some material growth, we feel pride.

The Luffy Fifth Emperor Bounty Poster is released by the Navy Headquarters after Luffy defeats Katakuri. The joy that a One Piece gets from looking at the poster is indescribable. It feels like our potential Pirate King is growing. The Luffy one and a half billion berry poster is worth $19.

#13 Ace Bead Necklace

One of the most emotional scenes in the series was when Ace died. The scene is depicted as Ace being attacked by Admiral Akainu’s magma and the beads of his necklace breaking into pieces. For any One Piece fan, it would remind them of what happened.

The necklace is designed in a contemporary manner, and it measures 19.7 inches in length. The only drawback of this necklace is the high cost of $47.

#14 The Red-Haired Shanks Classic Figure

Shanks is one of the most essential characters in the series. He is also the character with the most mystery surrounding him. Although the facts about his goals are not known, one thing is absolute, Shanks inspires awe.

When he rushed into Marineford to end the war, it sent shivers through One Piece fans. Nobody wanted to mess with Red-head. The 25 cm figure in question depicts his pose during the end of that war. This figure has changeable parts and faces. The price is around $65-$69.

#15 Shanks Giving Luffy The Straw Hat Figure

It all started with this, Luffy saying he shall become the Pirate King and Shanks giving Luffy his Straw Hat. This was the moment that began One Piece and the journey of Luffy 25 years ago. For those who collect memorabilia for nostalgia, this figure is the one to buy.

This is a 17cm tall figure that is made of high-quality PVC. “Luffy and Shanks” is etched at the foothold of the item. Luffy is crying to see Shanks go while he gives his Straw Hat to Luffy with a smile. The figure comes cheap too, for $32.90.


Question: Does Funko make the miniature figures of all the One Piece characters?

Answer: No, it does not. One Piece has been running for more than 25 years now, and there are too many characters to choose from. But Funko does make the figures for all the main characters. However, every Straw Hat member, an important ally, and Shichibukai can be found in their collection.

Question: Why are One Piece figures expensive?

Answer: It mainly has to do with the popularity of the show and the economics of supply and demand. One Piece is viral around the world. It has sold over 500 million copies worldwide and is only second to Superman in comic book sales. This means that many people have a demand for One Piece merchandise. This includes figures. The figures are hard to make too. Hence the cost.

Question: Are One Piece clothes licensed?

Answer: Some of the clothes are licensed while others are not. The licensed shirts are better in quality. But it does not mean that unlicensed shirts are terrible. The real problem with unlicensed shirts is that the creator of One Piece is deprived of his earnings if an unlicensed shirt is bought.

Best-One Piece Merch Guide: Final Thoughts

One Piece is one of the greatest manga ever written. Except for a year or two, no one has been able to match One Piece in terms of annual sales. But it has always managed to recapture its crown.

Due to its popularity, it has also sold a lot of merchandise. According to some estimates, the One Piece series has merchandised $5.5 billion worth of products. It’s all because of a young man who set off with his friends to find the greatest treasure and become the Pirate King. It is no wonder that people are attracted to the spirit of freedom and also why Luffy is my favorite character.

My favorite item offered by the One Piece merchandise is the Straw Hat bracelet. This is because I love bracelets, and since a Straw Hat would not look that good on me, I wear it with my casual wear, and it suits every outfit.

Like me, you can easily find the merchandise of your favorite character. I do hope that this guide helps you in finding your treasure. Let us see who will conquer the Grand Line and become the Pirate King.

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