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Toru Hagakure Guide

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I must admit, My Hero Academia is one of the most indulging and interesting manga I have ever read. The plot is simple yet fascinating, and the execution is immaculate. In a world where eighty percent of the humans have supernatural powers, they are split into two, one group striving to be heroes and the other villains.

This storyline and the variety of characters it offers have captured the hearts of millions of fans around the globe. Some of the stories coinciding are a bit tricky to understand initially. But it is to die for once you grasp a bit of the plot by going through a few chapters.

A story is never complete without its hero, especially for one where everything is about heroes! But in a world where everyone is trying to become a hero and one-up others, it can be tough to get under the spotlight. Not everyone can be the number one; many are left invisible to the common eye. This guide is wholly dedicated to one such invisible hero. Literally.

Among the scores of phenomenal heroes that My Hero Academia offers, there is Toru Hagakure or popularly known as the invisible girl. Like other U.A students, she strives to become the best hero of her time. Her charm and enthusiasm make her a fascinating character. She is a student of class 1-A, and like her class fellows, she appears in most of the significant events in this manga.

In this character guide, I will elaborate on Toru Hagakure, the Invisible Girl, in the best manner I can. I hope after reading this guide, you will grow to love her a bit more and give this invisible girl a chance under your favorite spotlight.

Toru Hagakure | The Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl

Appearance and Physical Traits

Image from Wiki Fandom

Imagine an empty room. Yeah, that’s what Toru looks like. Toru is invisible; she has no appearance. That’s the whole point of her quirk. Case closed. Okay, just kidding, so while this is true that Toru is entirely invisible, this does not mean that she has no physical traits. In fact, she is only invisible to humanly visible light and can be detected by other spectrums of wavelengths.

That said, we get a generous glimpse of what she looks like in the series. Now starting from her age and stature, according to the databook, she is a 16-year-old, 5-foot tall girl. Her quirk only makes her body invisible, which means any clothes or objects she touches are still visible. Toru likes to wear pretty fit clothing which defines her elegantly voluptuous figure and girly fashion in all its glory.

The only exception would be her Hero costume, which for obvious reasons, consists of pretty much nothing. She only wears a pair of sturdy gloves and boots when playing hero, which often leads me to wonder how cold she must feel in the cold Winters of Musutafu City.

Now coming to her face, it finally happened. The Grand Face Reveal! Chapter 337 Page 8 of the My Hero Academia Manga, Toru defended Midoriya by deflecting Aoyama’s Navel Laser. In doing so, we were given a colorless, almost translucent reveal of her face. Or I might say partial face; it was just half of it that was revealed.

From what was shown, she has short wavy hair, perhaps reaching her shoulders. She has big round eyes, which were first revealed as she was crying, a round face, and a well-defined collarbone. I’d say she looks cute and attractive!

Character and Personality

Image from Wiki Fandom

From the story’s beginning, Toru is introduced as a lively girl. Toru is a bold girl with a bright personality which makes up for her lack of presence due to her invisibility quirk. 

Unlike many heroes in the story, her quirk is part of her body that she cannot just turn on and off at will. She is invisible whether she likes it or not, which can be really sad and hard to deal with if you get ignored by people close to you.

Toru is really talkative and loves to listen to others and share her stories with them. She is often seen as being proactive in initiating friendships and consistently trying to interact with people around her. I can see this being her way of making her presence known. 

On the other side, I believe this to be a bold play from the writer. It is about how she, as a girl, is seen for her personality and character. Her worth is determined by her skills and abilities rather than by her looks. Unlike most girls, Toru is not shy about her flaws; she owns them and makes them their own.

On certain occasions, Toru Hagakure’s fun nature makes her look like a weirdo. She is a strategic thinker and a great tactician in battles. She is always thinking of utilizing her quirk to every extent possible. 

We see her taking her clothes off in battles to gain a strategic advantage over her enemies, as that makes her completely invisible. However, she also feels embarrassed, even though she is almost always naked during battles due to her hero costume. But that’s just part of her, and it’s cute.

Besides all the fun and games, Toru is also quite caring. When she feels that someone is depressed or needs her, she is the one to comfort them. Amongst the girls of Class 1-A, she is the one to take the initiative and compel the other girls to do fun stuff with her. 

Not to mention, Toru has quite a girly personality which is evident in her love for the pink color and excitement about being a cheerleader. She is pleased and convinces the other girls to enjoy the moment and cheer for their friends.

While all the other girls are mad about being tricked into cheerleading, she is the only one happy and excited. Toru decorates her room in the most typical feminine manner, which depicts her girly nature.

Toru Hagakure never hesitates to fight and stand up against the villains. She bravely faces the enemy attack on Class 1-A students during the training. In an intense situation, Toru, with her cute behavior, lightens the mood and cheers up her friends. 

This is essential because the students of Class 1-A, after All Might’s retirement, face challenging circumstances that U.A. pupils have never encountered. Toru motivates her fellows to never give up and keep moving forward!

Abilities, Skills, and Powers

Image from Wiki Fandom

Invisibility Combat

Toru’s quirk is one of my top 5 superpowers to have; Sanji from One Piece agrees with me. IYKYK. Her ability makes her hard to target and gives her an advantage over her opponents during combat. Even though Toru likes to play a supportive role in fights, she knows how to throw those punches and kicks. Ask Midoriya if you don’t believe me.

Light Bending Technique:

Toru Hagakure’s quirk is the ability of her body cells to pass light directly through them like a transparent object. Toru can twist and bend the light, use it as a stun grenade, and blind her opponents. Think Solar Flare from DBZ.  She uses this light refraction technique to hide from her opponents and use it as a cover when she thinks she cannot overcome her enemy. She channels the light through her body as she desires.

A Master Spy:

Toru’s ability make her perfect for espionage. She trains in the U.A. and refines her ninja-like presence hiding skills to enhance her spying capabilities alongside her invisibility quirk. She also uses her sneakiness to pass the entrance exam, as she cuffs the examiner without him even noticing.

Her quirk is handy in the current era of the series, where villains are coming together ideologically and forming a big group. She uses her ability to find out who the traitor is.

The Tale Of Toru Hagakure: The Invisible Girl

Toru Hagakure’s story starts when she decides to join the U.A. and become the ultimate hero of time. Little is known about her life before U.A. We know that both her parents are invisible, and this quirk flows in her family genes. In this manga, she is first seen during the entrance exam, which she passes and enrolls herself in U.A. 

Toru and Masahirao
image from Wiki Fandom

Her first combat scene in the manga is when teams are made to fight against each other. Shoto and Shoji assemble a team to go against Ojiro and Toru. Shoto and Shoji have the upper hand in the fight, but what Toru gains from this fight is her friendship with Mashirao.

She realizes that she has to work hard or else she will be left behind. And Her dream of becoming a hero would be crushed before it even began.

The USJ incident is one of the most devastating events in this manga. Villains under the influence of All for One, Tomu Shigaraki, and Kurogiri attack the students of class 1-A during a training exercise to infringe terror in the hero society.

Aizawa could not stop them single-handedly and allowed the students to engage in combat. Kurogiri, at one stage, takes hold of Toru, but she bravely faces the situation. She ultimately is helped by Shoto Todoroki, due to which Toru has particular respect for him throughout the manga.

U.A.’s sports festival is an international event viewed and adored by millions of fans. Even All Might persuades the students to perform their best in this festival because it will create a name for them globally.

Team Hagakure
Image from Wiki Fandom

Toru gives her best and secures the 38th position in the obstacle race, which is essential for qualifying for the main event. In the main event, she successfully persuades a group of friends to team up with her, including Kyoji Koda, Rikido Sato, and Kyoka Jiro. Because of her nonseriousness, she lost her bandana and ultimately all her points, getting knocked out of the event.

After that, two of Toru’s class fellows, Minoru Mineta and Denki Kaminari, who have recently hit puberty and are nerding about girls, trick the girls, including Toru. They lure these girls into becoming cheerleaders on homeroom teachers’ orders (which is, of course, a lie).

When the girls find out that they have been deceived and embarrassed, Toru, of all the girls, shows optimism and convinces the other girls to enjoy the event and support their friends. After all, there is no use crying over spilled milk. This indicates that Toru always seeks fun and wants to sprinkle optimism over My Hero Academia all of the time.

As a part of hero training, every student of class 1-A was given the task of coming up with a hero name for themselves that the general public would know. Toru decides to be called Invisible Girl: Stealth Hero. This name literally reflects her quirk and suits her perfectly. The general public and us fans can quickly identify her quirk and powers through this hero title.

After several attacks on U.A. students and All Might, the ultimate symbol of peace and tranquility, the Principal of U.A., while losing his powers, decides to train his students utterly differently. In the final exam, each team of students will fight a U.A. teacher who will depict a villain in real life.

Toru and Mezo vs Snipe
Image from Wiki Fandom

Toru Hagakure and Mezo will have to fight Snipe in their final test. The objectives of the test are simple, the total time will be thirty minutes. In these thirty minutes, Toru and Mezo either have to handcuff Snipe, or one must escape the arena within thirty minutes, which will account for their victory.

Their test venue is a city with no population, just them and Snipe. Toru Hagakure excellently uses her quirk to trick the pro hero. Mezo creates a distraction and diverts Snipe’s attention away from Toru. Hagakure simply handcuffs Snipe without him noticing and ace’s the test.

Later, the U.A. faculty decides to arrange a boot camp for the class 1-A students. Those who pass the written test will go to the forest. Toru clears the test and is quite excited about it. She urges all of her class fellows to go on a combined shopping trip to the most beautiful mall in Japan.

They visit the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall to buy the items and equipment, mainly clothing, necessary for the boot camp. In the case of Toru, she needs shoes. Who doesn’t want a good pair of sneakers anyway?

In the boot camp, Toru seems to be full of enthusiasm and courage. She adores the Wild, Wild Pussy cats and their way of living. She willingly participates in the courage test and bravely faces the villain’s attack in the forest.  Unfortunately, she does not play a significant role in the fight because she loses her senses instantly as soon as the battle begins. After all, the sleepy gas was released by one of the villains. Still, she is saved by her fellows.

1-A Class
Image from Wiki Fandom

Acquiring the Hero license is every hero’s dream. Class 1-A is the top contender for producing the best heroes of all time. There is natural jealousy amongst students from other schools regarding the U.A.

Traditionally, they team up against the U.A. students to eliminate them from the beginning. Mr. Aizawa did not inform his student of this tradition, and Toru, along with her class fellows, had to face a score of other heroes trying to defeat them.

In this critical situation, when Toru and her class fellows are cornered, she uses her stun grenade technique to divert the attention of their opponents. She ultimately provides the time to rearrange and reevaluate their strategy as a team.

One of the worst situations develops when the villains under All for One and Tomua Shigaraki make an organization of like-minded sinners. Their goal? To eradicate the existing world order and All Might’s ideology and symbolism for peace.

They, unfortunately, kill America’s top hero, Star, and Stripe, who was the last hope against evil. After her death, Toru Hagakure and her friends begin to train immensely. Izuku Midorya leaves his friends and goes to train with the Wild, Wild Pussycats to master his quirk One for All.

Toru and Yuga
Image from Wiki Fandom

While Midoriya is gone, Toru notices unusual things about one of her fellow Yuga. She sees that after Midoriya’s return Yuga has not been happy. Due to this, Toru forges certain suspicion and starts investigating Yuga. 

One day Toru follows Yuga to the forest and secretly listens to him talking and sharing specific facts with his parents. At that point, she identifies the traitor amongst them as Yuga and his parents. In my opinion, this is Toru’s most significant role throughout the manga.

Toru instantly informs Midoriya about what she has heard, and they can capture Aoyama, thanks to Midoriya’s speed and Toru’s Light refraction technique. After exposing the culprits, she focuses on her training and wants to become the number one hero of all time.

My Thoughts On Toru Hagakure

Toru Hagakure
Image from Wiki Fandom

Toru Hahakure, a student of class 1-A, is one of the most lively characters in this manga, especially for all the female My Hero Academia fans. 

Despite her odd quirk, which is totally against girls’ nature, literally not to be seen, she copes up with it excellently. Toru is a symbol of women’s empowerment and confidence. In my opinion, her character will inspire millions of girls having flaws.

Toru has always been loyal to her friends and school. We fans doubted her to be spying for All for One, but she proved us wrong. Her quirk and personality tricked us initially, but all suspicions were proven wrong. She established her innocence by demonstrating that she could play a significant role in this manga by uncovering the actual traitor, Yuga.

The producer of this manga has a multifarious mindset, and he will utilize as many characters as possible to diversify this manga with different plots. With her quirk, Toru is eligible to become one of the front-liners of this manga. 

In my opinion, as the manga progresses, she will be given different vital roles. Toru’s quirk can be utilized to gain critical information on enemies without being spotted. I think the cute girl is best to spy because she can go to many places unnoticed and unopposed. 

After all, no one would suspect a pretty girl like her. Would you? I believe we must support Toru Hagakure to achieve the status she deserves. And following her steadfastness, we must keep our heads up in every situation that comes our way.

Characters That Impacted Toru’s Life

Mashirao Ojiro

Mashirao Ojiro
Image from Wiki Fandom

Mashirao Ojiro and Toru Hagakure have a special bond and connection from the start of My Hero Academia Manga. Among all the male class 1-A students, Toru is inclined towards Ojiro. Most of the time, and in difficult situations, they are together. 

When Mashiro loses his memory during the sports festival, Toru comforts him and motivates him to continue. She patched up with him during the entrance test and, to date, is closely attached to him.

Yuga Aoyama

Yuga Aoyama
Image from Wiki Fandom

Toru Hagakure, our invisible girl, has grudges against none; the same goes for Yuga. Toru and Yuga had quite a friendly relationship and were usually seen talking to each other in a chill manner. Yuga has a girly nature which Toru likes in him and supports him in this aspect. 

When she discovers that Yuga is the traitor and the one working for All for One, she is devastated and heartbroken. She could not believe that a friend and a class fellow could betray her and all of the U.A. school. She does not hesitate at all in turning him in because honor and dignity are the two things Hagakure has never compromised.

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya
Image from Wiki Fandom

Izuku Midoriya is the successor of All Might and the leader of class 1-A heroes. Toru has always accepted Midoriya as her mentor and boss, and she wants to follow in his footsteps. Toru is constantly amazed by Midoriya’s perseverance and never giving up attitude. 

Toru learns essential rules for becoming the best hero from him and being the best in her class. She is frank with him and worries when he leaves U.A. for training. Toru keeps her eye open during his absence, eventually discovers the traitor, and busts him bare-handed.

Trivial and Fascinating Facts About Toru Hagakure

Meaning of The Name Toru Hagakure

The name Toru Hagakure mirrors her quirk. Toru literally translates to invisible. Ha in her surname is kanji for leaf, and Gakure translates to disappear. Toru Hagakure means a fragment of a fragile leaf that is hard to see and contemplate.

Toru’s Battle Stats and Hero Rank at U.A.

U.A., the best superhero school in the country, ranks its students precisely. She categorized 16th based on her seating arrangement and also 16th when it comes to her overall grades. Toru was ranked 42nd in the annual U.A. sports festival.

Classification of Toru Hagakure’s Quirk

There are three quirk types explained in My Hero Academia manga: mutant, emitter, and transformation types. It is popularly believed that her quirk is a mutant type because she is always invisible and cannot turn it on and off like transformers and emitters.


Question: What is Toru’s Zodiac sign?

Answer: Toru is a Gemini. As a typical Gemini, she is always playful and in a good mood. Her zodiac sign is in line with her friendly behavior, and she gets along with everybody despite being invisible all the time.

Question: What is Toru Hagakure’s favorite activity?

Answer: Toru Hagakure’s favorite activity is hanging out with friends and shopping. Toru wants to chill out and have fun with her friends. Before going to the boot camp, she convinces everybody to go on a combined shopping trip.

Question: Why is Toru always talking to Mashirao Ojiro?

Answer: Toru and Mashirao were close from the beginning of this manga, and I think the other reason they are close to each other is that both of their quirks are of mutant type. I guess this attracts Toru toward Majirao because, as a girl, she has feelings and sees a future with him.

The Best Toru Hagakure Guide: Final Thoughts

My hero Academia is one of the most adaptable and spoiling mangas ever. With soo many stories and characters, it spoils us readers and viewers but in a good way. It teaches us to never give up on our dreams in life while maintaining justice and equality in society. 

Every second of My Hero Academia is exciting, with various heroes and villains. Its plot fascinates us as it perfectly blends school life shenanigans, science fantasy, and superhero action.

Toru Hagakure, though not one of the main characters, is full of thrill and excitement. She has one of the coolest superhero quirks, which is invisibility. Throughout the manga, she supports her class fellows and friends. The author utilizes her fun nature as comic relief in many harsh and brutal scenes. 

I think Toru Hagakure deserves much love from us fans because we blamed her for being the traitor back in the day. But in the end, she was the one to uncover the traitor. I firmly believe Toru deserves all the limelight and love we never managed to give as fans.

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