Boruto Characters Guide: Naruto Next Generations

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Boruto is a manga series sequel to the acclaimed manga/anime Naruto. Although not written by the original author, Boruto has still managed to establish itself as one of the most-watched series across the world. It tries to establish itself in its own right while taking along the elements that made Naruto great. The series ‘Boruto’ represents that change is the only constant. 

Written by Ukyo Kodachi and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto, Boruto follows the journey of Naruto’s son. The series consistently emphasizes that Boruto is not Naruto, and he has his way and method of approaching issues. With new characters and their dynamics and the antagonistic Otsutsuki clan, Boruto is an enjoyable series.

Naruto was a great story on its own, and it is among the Top 5 of my favorite and most respected Animes list. Boruto was teased in the finale of the Naruto series with his marriage to Hinata. The final scene of the Naruto series showed an adult Naruto in his house with his two kids, Boruto and Himawari, playing around.

That was a heartwarming scene for the fans who had just finished reading 700 chapters of Naruto’s tragic birth, lonely upbringing, and hateful childhood. Watching Naruto finally have a happy family just made our hearts cry tears of joy.
Boruto brought new hope and lots of smiles with it. For older audiences like me, the comparison of Boruto came naturally. The story of Boruto takes place in a peaceful era which Naruto and all worked so hard for. Due to that, many early fights in Boruto feel lackluster compared to Naruto’s early days.

The older fans feel Boruto is too easy and childish, but that’s just a side effect of subconsciously comparing it to the 700 chapters of greatness that Naruto built. For me, Boruto is a great story as well, and I like the new Nindo in the modern world with the added twist of the alien species of Otsutsuki.

Boruto certainly has some great mysteries and moments to look forward to, and that, to me, makes it an excellent show to watch. Now, without further ado, let us dive into this character guide.

First Learn These Common Terminologies

The story of Naruto began in 1999. Its lore kept building with time, as many complex elements and their relations with each other were introduced as the story progressed.

Many things and terminologies that came into being and developed in the Naruto series were carried on to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. To understand what a character represents clearly, here is a summarized explanation of some essential terminologies.

Ninja Tech

Ninja Tech is an advancement in technologies made after the Fourth Great Ninja War. Ninja technology comes in a variety of shapes and forms. They can be used as weapons and aid in daily tasks, and they can also make, store, or restore Chakra.


Image from Naruto wiki

Chakra is the energy in the Ninja world to perform ninja techniques. Chakra flows through the Chakra points, and the amount of Chakra a person has depends on one’s genes. Through Chakra, a Ninja can perform three types of techniques: Ninjutsu for offensive attacks, Genjutsu for illusions, and Taijutsu for fighting. There are also healing techniques that can be done with Chakra.

Ninja Ranks

Different villages have different ranking structures. But overall, they are almost the same. At the top is the Kage, and he oversees the affair of an area with a council. The Ninjas under the Kage are divided into three categories.

The first is the Genin. They are young, recent graduates from the Ninja Academy. The second is the Chunin, who undergo rigorous tests and are middle ninjas. Finally, there are the Jonins, who take on the most demanding tasks, while also acting as team leaders.


Image from Naruto wiki

The Tailed-Beasts are mythical creatures in the Shinobi world created from the Ten-Tails. The Otsutsuki clan plans to gather the tailed-beats for their massive Chakra and reinitiate the Divine Tree plan.

After the Fourth Great Shinobi War, all the tailed-beasts were released except for Kurama, the nine-tailed, and Gyuki, the eight-tailed. They decided to remain with their Jinchuriki (human containers). The tailed-beasts left Naruto with their Chakra, so his body becomes a telepathic meeting ground for them.

Otsutsuki Clan

The Otsutsuki Clan are intergalactic beings that travel from one planet to another to suck the life force from their inhabitants. They initiate their plan by firstly sending the Ten-Tailed Beast, which becomes a God Tree. They aim to eat the Divine Fruit from the Tree to evolve and become gods.

Whenever an Otsutsuki is done with a planet, he moves on to the next one. One Otsutsuki sacrifices himself to become the Tree while the other gathers the nourishment. The sacrificed Otsutsuki revives himself through Karma.


Image from Naruto wiki

The genetic data of a dead Otsutsuki is stored in the symbol of Karma. The Karma serves to revive the dead Otsutsuki. It slowly takes over the body of its vessel until it is time for the Otsutsuki to resurrect. Due to the immense strength of the Otsutsuki clan, the Karma can be fatal for unsuitable holders. The Karma may revive the dead Otsutsuki or may create a new Otsutsuki.

The Most Important Characters of the Series

Now, as we are done with the common terminologies related to the series’s main characters, let’s delve into these specific characters.

The Boruto series offers a lot of different characters. With surviving characters from Naruto and the new characters introduced in Boruto, the world of the Shinobi is large. Here is a list of a few characters that I feel are important to discuss:

#1 Boruto Uzumaki

Image from Naruto wiki

Boruto is the main character of the series and the son of Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage, and Hinata Hyuuga-Uzumaki. His younger sister goes by the name of Himawari Uzumaki. Boruto seems unconcerned about proving himself to anyone, and he only feels neglected by his father. As Naruto is the Hokage, he is too busy to spend time with his family. For this reason, Boruto has an interesting dynamic with his father.

Boruto has spiky blonde hair and his father’s blue eyes. His teammate and friend, Sarada, remarks that his eyes are even bluer than Naruto’s. Boruto wears a black tracksuit with red stripes and a red hidden leaf symbol at the left breast of his jacket. Around his neck, there is a bolt necklace. As the series progresses, Boruto’s personality depicts many changes.

Boruto is a rash child. He tries to get attention from his father by engaging in delinquent behavior. But he is also caring. When he learns about his father’s history, he reconciles with him. But he aims to become Sasuke Uchiha, who ultimately takes Boruto as his pupil. Boruto also has a Karma seal of Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

#2 Sarada Uchiha

Image from Naruto wiki

Sarada is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno-Uchiha. Sasuke is always on a journey and barely comes home. For this reason, she, just like Boruto, feels abandoned by her father. But Sakura tries hard to convince Sarada that her father loves them both. 

Sarada becomes pretty confused about her identity at one point in the series. She does not understand what her aims are. She even thinks that Sakura is not her real mother because she does not wear glasses, and Sarada does. But inspired by Naruto, she wants to make connections with other people. To achieve this, she decides to become the Hokage to establish relations with the whole Hidden Leaf Village. 

Sarada looks like her father, while her personality resembles that of Sakura. Her spectacles have a red frame. Her bangs are angled towards her left eye, and her hair is shoulder length. She is dressed in a qipao shirt with no sleeves, light-colored shorts, and stockings. She is also seen wearing a dress with a slanting belt. 

Sarada has a hot-head personality. She gets emotional. But while she has a hot temper, she is also intelligent. She and Boruto are regularly at odds with each other. They both have their own approaches while dealing with matters. But where they fight, they also care for each other and support the ambitions of one another.

#3 Mitsuki

Image from Naruto wiki

Mitsuki was created in a vat-tank to become the vessel of Orochimaru. But after meeting Boruto, he realizes he does not want to become a vessel and wants to support his Sun, Boruto. Mitsuki has a calm and collected disposition, and he is blunt about what he wants to say. Possessing high intelligence, Mitsuki is often seen calmly analyzing a situation. Being related to the fact that he was created, not born, Mitsuki often conflicts with his identity.

He is minimalist by nature and prefers not wasting money. Like Orochimaru, Mitsuki has pale skin and serpentine-shaped yellow eyes. He has messy blue hair over his thin eyebrows. Over black trousers, he wears a kimono shirt in two colors, and a large brown belt ties the kimono. He is portrayed as an attractive character in the series. 

After a certain age, potential ninjas are trained in the ninja academy. When they pass the graduation test, they are put in teams under the supervision of Jonin. Boruto and Sarada with Mitsuki come under the Konoharamu Sarutobi. They refer to themselves as Team 7, becoming Mitsuki’s new family.

#4 Konahamaru Sarutobi

Image from Naruto wiki

Konahamaru is the grandson of the Third Hokage and idolizes Naruto. He is Naruto’s protégé and aims to become the Hokage to establish his legacy. After becoming a Jonin, Konohamaru leads the new Team 7.

The respect Konohamaru has for Naruto translates his love for Boruto. He appreciates the opportunity to become Boruto’s sensei and similarly tries to guide him as Naruto did Konohamaru. He adores the other genins of his team as well. Upon learning the truth about Mitsuki being the son of Orochimaru, some conflicted emotions arise in him. However, he does not let go of his maturity as he deals with his feelings.

Konohamaru has standing brown hair and angry blue eyes. Like other Jonins, he wears the green Konoha Shinobi jacket and the dark-blue tights underneath. Konohamaru has the Sarutobi clan’s emblem on an armband of his left arm.

While being talented, Konohamaru is also portrayed as dense and gullible. He learns many high-level techniques at a young age. As time progresses, Konohamaru adopts a hard-working mentality. He can use fire and wind ninjutsu as well as forms of Rasengan. He is good at hand-to-hand combat too.

#5 Shikadai Nara

Image from Naruto wiki

He is the child of Shikamaru Nara, the advisor to the Hokage, and Temari Nara, the sister of the Kazekage. Shikidai has inherited both the traits of his parents. Like Shikamaru, he is reserved and unambitious. Although lazy, he is also intelligent. Like his mother, he does not mince his words either. Even though not expressive, Shikadai is usually under pressure to live up to the expectations of his clan. 

Shikadai resembles the younger days of his father except for his facial features. He has the same black pointy hair tied behind in a ponytail. Shikadai wears a light-colored jacket with his clan’s symbol embroidered on the back. Matching with his upper, he wears bluish trousers. The Hidden Leaf forehead protector is tied to his left arm. Shikadai can also be seen wearing earrings.

In his class, Shikadai becomes the first Chunin. He attains this rank by displaying his exceptional talent throughout. Having inherited his clan’s shadow tactics as well as his mother’s wind talents, Shikadai is a powerful opponent. Shikidai learns to perform genjutsu too. Like his predecessors, Shikadai also becomes a part of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio with Inojin Yamanaka and Chocho Akimichi.

#6 Chocho Akimichi

Image from Naruto wiki

One of the most adorable additions to the sequel is Chocho. She is the daughter of Choji Akimichi and Karui. Her personality may appear obnoxious at first. But as she gains more depth, she gets more charming. She likes to eat like her father and does not get agitated if called fat. She is confident with herself, an endearing quality indeed! 

Chocho has a strong personality. She seems ruthless but is also a hopeless romantic. A good quality about her is that she does not get overwhelmed and decides to do things her way. On the other hand, she also has a wild imagination. In the series, it can be seen that, due to a misunderstanding, she thought she was adopted. 

She has blonde-colored hair, fashioned in a baby-styled ponytail. Her skin has a dark complexion that she inherited from her mother. Her left eye usually seems covered by her long bangs. Chocho’s attire consists of a sleeveless white kimono shirt with a skirt. A net t-shirt can be seen underneath her kimono. Chocho is also seen wearing black stocking boots.

#7 Naruto Uzumaki

Image from Naruto wiki

Although the attention grabber of the prequel, Naruto is a titular character of this series. Through an arduous journey of ups and downs, Naruto finally becomes recognized by everyone. Years after the passing of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto becomes the Seventh Hokage after his mentor, Kakashi Hatake. Although still the same personality, Naruto has become more mature with his age.

With age, Naruto becomes wiser. As a Hokage, he thinks of everyone in the village as family. Even though he cares for his family very much, he cannot make time for them, creating friction between him and Boruto. But after realizing that he can rely on others, Naruto tries to develop healthy bonds with his family again.

Naruto is a Jinchuriki of the nine-tailed beast. Other than the Nine-Tails’ huge reserve of Chakra, his Chakra capacity is also great. Therefore, he can perform many Chakra taxing techniques with ease. Naruto’s Baryon Mode, in which his Chakra and Kurama’s Chakra combine, is one such technique. During this form, Naruto has to be intensely focused. The Baryon Mode puts a great deal of strain on Kurama. 

Throughout the series, Naruto wears orange-colored clothes. Even after becoming the Hokage, he wears the Hokage robes over a black sweatshirt with orange stripes, black-colored pants, and black sandals. He has blue eyes and short-cropped blonde hair. Naruto lost his right hand during the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

#8 Sasuke Uchiha

Image from Naruto wiki

Other than Sarada, Sasuke is the last surviving member of the Uchiha clan. Due to his actions before the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Sasuke is termed a criminal. But he is redeemed by his actions. In the Boruto series, Sasuke works in the shadows, protecting the village. For this reason, he is always away from his wife and daughter.

Sasuke matures a lot with his age. Although emotionally distant, he still cares for his family. Even though he is trying to protect the village, he regrets not being close to Sarada and watching her grow. Sasuke also takes Boruto as his pupil. He recognizes the strength of Boruto but at the same time condemns his approach of attaining power by any means necessary.

He is usually seen wearing a dark-blue cloak which is purple on the inside. He wears a purplish shirt with black sleeves over dark-greyish trousers beneath it. Sasuke is also seen carrying a small ninja sword around his waist. He has long black hair that he uses to cover his right eye.

Sasuke has Rinnegan’s power in his left eye and Mangekyou’s in his right. Usually, Sasuke hides his Rinnegan with the help of an eye patch. Sasuke is one of the strongest characters in the series with his natural gifts and abilities.

#9 Kawaki

Image from Naruto wiki

Kara is an organization formed by the Otsutsuki, Isshiki. It is a secret organization created to serve him to create a new God Tree. Kawaki is raised by Kara to become the vessel for Isshiki. But subsequently saved, Kawaki is accepted by the Hidden Leaf Village as he is adopted by the Uzumaki family. 

Kawaki was sold to Jigen by his abusive father. He was taken to Kara by Jigen, where he was experimented upon. There were fifteen children selected to be the potential vessel of Isshiki. Transferring Karma is a strenuous one that predominantly results in one’s death. Kawaki survived with the Karma seal on his left hand. As a future vessel of Otsutsuki, Jigen made Kawaki undergo rigorous training.

Kawaki has a crude attitude due to his rough childhood. But he still has a kind heart. Although easily irritable, Kawaki is thoughtful and composed during battles. But his difficult time with Jigen weighs heavily on his mind.

Kawaki has dark spiky hair with short blonde hair at the sides. He has sleek grey eyes. Pierced through his right eyebrow, he has two rings. The roman numeral of nine is also tattooed under his left eye. Kawaki also has his ears pierced. He can be seen wearing a sleeveless blue jacket over a green shirt. Down his black pants, he wears black sandals. 

#10 Jigen

Image from Naruto wiki

Jigen was a monk during the time when Kaguya and Isshiki first invaded. Isshiki besieged Jigen’s body in his weak form. But seeing that he was not strong enough, he nourished his body until he was strong enough. Slowly, Isshiki influenced more control over Jigen until he was in the pilot seat. But Jigen was not powerful enough to hold Isshiki’s Chakra. So, he waited for a more suitable vessel to come along.

Jigen is a tall young man, and the presence of Isshiki enables him to retain his youthful features. Jigen is bald from the side but has hair in the middle, and it extends into a ponytail. He has large dark eyes with no eyebrows over them.

Jigen has his Karma on his chin. The roman numeral of four seems to be tattooed under his left eye. He also wears earrings. As far as his attire is concerned, he wears a white robe with black stripes on the sleeves and the legs. Under the robe, he wears black trousers.

Having his body modified and the power of Karma, Jigen is absurdly strong. Both the strength of Naruto and Sasuke combined could not defeat him. Not only is he strong physically, but he also has access to various powerful Otsutsuki clan’s abilities.

#11 Himawari Uzumaki

Image from Naruto wiki

The younger sister of Boruto Himawari is a talented girl, Himawari Uzumaki. Kind and caring, Himawari is shown to be a loving character towards everyone around her. But where she has a good heart, she also has violent outbursts of anger. Usually, when angry, she becomes pretty aggressive. Comically, everyone is afraid of her temper.

Himari’s looks and hair are similar to those of her mother. However, she does have her father’s eyes and whiskers. Her outfit consists of a light-colored sweater over a dress shirt, black slacks, and pink sandals. Himawari is considered cute by many other characters of the series.

#12 Denki Kaminarimon

Image from Naruto wiki

A shy friend of Boruto, Genki is based on a classic nerd troupe. While his family is wealthy, Genki wants to become a ninja. At first, Genki was one of the weakest members of his class. But, with time, Genki honed his skills. Although modest, Genki is sort of a coward.

He usually wears blue colored shorts and a jacket. Genki needs glasses for his poor eyesight, and his height is also pretty short. 

Although appearing weak, Genki is physically strong. Even though he does not have a colossal Chakra reserve, he effectively uses it with his nature transformations. Due to his skills, he becomes a chunin shortly after graduating.

#13 Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Image from Naruto wiki

After Kaguya had failed to complete the God Tree plan, Momoshiki was sent to see what had happened to her. Boruto kills Momoshiki. But before he dies, he leaves his Karma mark on him.

Momoshiki has a carefree personality, but he is committed to the goal of the Otsutsuki clan to attain godhood. For non-celestial beings, Otsutsuki has a sort of disdain, and he views them as weak and pitiful. He is calm and collected. But when things get tough for him, he loses his cool.

Before inhabiting Boruto’s body, Momoshiki had his light blue hair in a long braid and had fair skin. His hair was partitioned in a crisscross example down the center, and he wore a couple of levels, bent horns that seemed like bull horns on his head. His foreheads were shaved very short as a sign of nobility, and he had sensitive facial elements.

#14 Sumire Kakei

Image from Naruto wiki

Sumire is the daughter of Tanuki Shigarki, a cult follower of Danzo. Sumire’s mother instilled in her a desire to avenge Root when she was a child. When she becomes an orphan, she decides to go undercover in the Ninja Academy and wait for her opportunity to strike. 

While weak and easily excitable, Sumire acts like she is putting up a façade. But during her time spent with her classmates, she cultivates valuable bonds with them. She gives up on fulfilling the wishes of her father. Following certain events, Sumire becomes more confident in herself.

The character of Sumire is immersed in purple color. Her eyes, hair, and dress shirt are all purple. Her hair is pulled back into ponytails, and her bangs hide her brow. Her purple dress has small sleeves, and her arms and legs are covered by stockings. 

The abilities of Sumire include using water-based ninjutsu with her summoning techniques. She is also good at hand-to-hand combat. Other than fighting techniques, Sumire is also adept at healing.

#15 Hinata Hyuuga-Uzumaki

Image from Naruto wiki

Hinata is the mother of the protagonist and the wife of the Hokage. Other than this, Hinata was previously heiress to the Hyuuga clan. But after her marriage, her sister, Hanabi, becomes the heiress.

Hinata was a shy girl that was motivated by Naruto to become stronger. She respected Naruto’s perseverance at first. But, over time, adoration turned into love. She marries Naruto after the Fourth Great Shinobi War, becoming more expressive afterward. With growing children and Naruto becoming Hokage, Hinata expertly manages the affairs of the home.

She is characterized as kind and thoughtful. She can assess a person’s emotional state well because of her considerate personality. Hinata is also a good fighter and is willing to protect her family and friends at all costs.


Question: Are the Boruto characters in the anime series canon?

Answer: Yes, the anime production and its character’s development is a canon. It follows the events of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. It builds on the origins of Kaguya and shows how the characters we loved in Naruto grew. Although not written by the original author, the story is supervised by him.

Question: Does the Boruto series have all the same characters as Naruto?

Answer: No. The Boruto series is not like Naruto exactly. One of the distinguishing factors between the two series in terms of their character development is the introduction of sci-fi elements in the sequel series.

Question: If Naruto is the strongest Ninja, what is the need for Boruto?

Answer: While Naruto was strong in the original series, the members of the Otsutsuki clan are far superior. Naruto had trouble beating Kaguya. And that too with the help of Sasuke. Boruto’s dream is to surpass his father, and the world around him is built to accomplish that.

Boruto Characters Guide: Final Thoughts

Boruto is one of the most-watched shows worldwide, and it is popular, especially among children. Most of its fame can be credited to Naruto. It has successfully transitioned from the old characters to the new characters. However, the new characters are the real players this time.

Following the new Team 7’s journey, the main Boruto characters try to capture the minds of the loyal fans and new audiences. With fantastical elements, they try to merge the fantastical proponents of the Shinobi with that of science fiction elements. Besides this, some character developments also deal with children’s complex relations with their parents. This is an attractive dynamic in the show.

The characters shine in Boruto. Each has its peculiarity on how they fit in the world. Although Boruto takes most of its cues from Naruto, it does attempt to establish the very own identity of its characters. After reading this guide, I hope you are better positioned to support your favorite character.

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