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Toji Fushiguro Guide

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Hi everyone, I finally got the time to put this one together. I’ve made this intro section into a weekly newsletter about my writing struggles. But well, I hope you all, who do read multiple of my articles, enjoy my guides. I planned this article weeks ago, and I’m way past my planned deadlines, but well better late than never. 

Well, as you might have already guessed from the title, this time, I will be sharing a guide about Toji Fushigoro, the Sorcerer Killer from Jujutsu Kaisen. I first saw the anime in mid-late 2020, just around when it first aired, and I was coming off my high from Gleipnir.

Does anyone remember that show? This was also around when I made my first YouTube video. I was trying my hand at video editing and made a Zoro AMV. Gleipnir was supposed to be the second video, but that just never happened because of college. 

Anyhow, Jujutsu Kaisen caught my eye, and the rest was history. I went after everything from Anime to Manga to wiki pages and everything else Gege Akutami had a hand in. Man, it was a fun experience. My fellow veterans would know the joy of finding a good anime after watching over 200 anime series, including all the long-running ones. Before making this into my rant guide, let’s talk about Toji.

Physical Traits and Appearance

Image from Wiki Fandom

Toji never got a chance to grow old. Albeit one of the series’s strongest and most talented characters, he died young. Later, he was in his prime physical shape when resurrected. Toji is a decently gifted man, around 6 feet tall, with a muscular body to die for. He has long dark black hair covering his hair and forehead—a haircut shared by typical anime protagonists if you are familiar with them. 

Add to that his good looks, which he inherited from the Zen’ins, dark eyebrows, sharp green eyes, battle-smart wits, and a cool on the side of his lips. He is one of the most well-designed characters in the series. If I were to compare and describe, I’d say he looks like a mixture of Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach and Izaya Orihara from Durarara!!

Coming to his attire, he shares my sense of style. He prefers casual long-sleeved shirts, pants, and sandals when resting. While on the hunt, he wears tight short-sleeved shirts and baggy training pants tied with a black belt.

He pairs that getup with black martial arts slippers for fast and stealthy movement during battles. While not an apparel, he also wears his Inventory Curse Spirit across his shoulder and chest like a bag.

Personality and Character

Image from Wiki Fandom

Personality and character. Hmmm. To be honest, I compare Toji’s childhood to a mix of Rock Lee from Naruto and Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter. He’s a gifted, hardworking master assassin who was looked down upon by society and his fellow clan members just because he didn’t have any Cursed Energy. (Asta from Black Clover would like to join the chat…)

Toji grew up under constant pressure and stress from his family, leading to him running away from the clan. He loves fighting as much as Goku and Zaraki while keeping a cool head during battles, similar to Byakuya and Kakashi. One would say he’s even like Ace in a way. Okay, okay, I’ll stop with these references.

Toji doesn’t mind doing dirty work as long as the money is right. He also doesn’t care what the consequences of his job could be for the sorcerer’s society at large. He hates the unfair and racist standards the Sorcerer’s Society runs on and rejects the values held by them. All this hatred stems from his harsh childhood and rejection by his clan. 

Despite this hatred, Toji has shown to be capable of loving. Upon leaving his clan, he fell in love with a woman from the Fushigoro clan, and he loved her dearly and had a son with her. He took her name and started calling himself Toji Fushigoro instead of Toji Zen’in. He even named their son Megumi because it means blessings.

But fate is cruel, and soon after Megumi was born, his mother died, and Toji was once again left alone. Her death left Toji deeply hurt and back in his broken state. He would do high-paying dirty work for the big players of the Jujutsu society and then move from woman to woman until he spent all his money. The cycle would keep repeating itself.

Ultimately, his hatred for these unfair standards and the ugly realities of the Jujutsu Society led to his demise. He charged the young Gojo Satoru despite knowing he would die just to slap the Jujutsu world by killing its most gifted sorcerer.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities

Gojo was an extremely talented assassin. He was born with Heavenly Restriction, a type of cursed restriction that affects the subject’s cursed energy in exchange for improvements on their body. However, his “restriction” became the reason for his harsh life.

Heavenly Restriction: Zero Cursed Energy

Heavenly Restriction Zero Cursed Energy
Image from Wiki Fandom

Toji’s Heavenly Restriction removed all cursed energy from his body and soul, making him immune to techniques that affect one’s Cursed Energy. While this is a disadvantage because he is a sorcerer in a world of cursed spirits without any Cursed Energy, this allows him to move past barriers that work by detecting Cursed Energy.

The fact that he is the only known human with zero cursed energy makes it hard to counter him. (Asta joins the chat forcefully!)

Heavenly Restriction: Senses Enhancement

In exchange for restrictions on his Cursed Energy, Toji was blessed with highly enhanced senses. His five senses were so sharp that he is considered the pinnacle of humankind. These enhancements, alongside his hard work and talent, enabled him to stand on par with the Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer ever, Gojo Satoru.

His assassination feats earned him the name Sorcerer Killer, as he would beat Grade 2 sorcerers to death with only his fists. 

Cursed Spirit Servant: Inventory Cursed Spirit

Inventory Cursed Spirit
Image from Wiki Fandom

Despite his heavenly restriction and body enhancements, Toji could not exorcise cursed spirits without using cursed energy. To overcome this demerit, Toji extensively trained in various forms of weaponry and martial arts.

He would purchase expensive high-grade cursed weapons with money from high-targeted assassination jobs and store them in his Inventory Cursed Spirit. Toji nurtured his cursed spirit and raised it as a pet; this allowed him to create a solid master-servant relationship with it. This protects the spirit from being absorbed as long as the master is alive.

Weapon Mastery and Collection

Weapon Mastery
Image from Wiki Fandom

As mentioned above, Toji was a master weapon user and trained himself with conventional and cursed weapons. In addition to his weapon mastery, he possessed an unprecedented yet significant amount of weapons which he kept in his Inventory Cursed Spirit. He owned a prized collection of potent weaponry, from swords and daggers to handguns and legendary cursed weapons.

Superhuman Strength and Reflexes

Superhuman Speed
Image from Wiki Fandom

Thanks to his enhanced senses from the Heavenly Restriction, Toji possessed superhuman strength and reflexes comparable to those of Yuji Itadori and Yuta Okkotsu.

Battle Smarts: Great Tactical Intellect

Tactical Intellect
Image from Wiki Fandom

Besides possessing physical strength and agility, Toji was also a great tactician who fought battles as hard with his head as with his body. He converted his Heavenly Restriction of no cursed energy into an advantageous trait that allowed him to bypass the sharp senses of the likes of Gojo Satoru.

He is one of the only characters in the series to beat Gojo’s Six Eyes and bypass his acclaimed impenetrable defense, Infinity. He was indeed a Sorcerer Killer and was arguably the second strongest person alive after Gojo Satoru in his time. And let’s all be honest, Gojo has too many hax.

The Tale of The Sorcerer Killer: Toji “Zen’in” Fushigoro

Before starting with the tale of the uncrowned king, let’s talk about his screen time. Toji is one of those characters who get very little screen time but establishes such a deep connection with the audience that you can’t help but love them. You know, much like Itachi, Roger, Dragon, and Shanks.

With that said, let me walk you through the whole life of this sad legend and tell you why I call him the uncrowned king of Jujutsu Kaisen. (PS: Yes, this is a Kuroko no Basuke reference.)

The Birth of The Zero Cursed Energy Zen’in

Toji Fushiguro
Image from Wiki Fandom

Toji was born on the eve of 31st December in the mid-late 1900s in the renowned Zen’in Clan. He was extremely talented and was gifted by the Heavenly Restriction. However, the same blessing traded his Cursed Energy for extremely sharp five senses, superhuman strength, and reflexes. He would have been in line for succession if he possessed cursed energy.

The Zen’in Clan was one of the three most prominent clans in the Jujutsu society. They prized power and cursed techniques above all. To them, unique cursed techniques meant power, and those who didn’t possess one were weak and stained the family’s name.

Even though Toji was a gifted child, his lack of Cursed Energy was looked down upon by his clan. He was constantly abused and hated for his Heavenly Restriction; he would be thrown to Cursed spirits in the name of training as a child in hopes that he would die. These abusive sessions gave him many physical and mental scars, one on the side of his lips.

Despite how his clan treated him, Toji was extremely powerful, and his physical strength was next to none. He was the only case in humanity’s history born with zero Cursed Energy. And he managed to turn it into one of his strengths through his genius tactical intellect.

He was an invisible man in a world full of tools and techniques to detect people through cursed energy. Besides the social status, many from the clan came to respect his physical strength, while others feared him. 

Meeting The Boy With Six Eyes

Meeting Gojo
Image from Wiki Fandom

The news of a boy from the Gojo clan with the Six Eyes spread during his early adulthood. This boy, of course, was none other than a young Gojo Satoru, who was in 1st grade at the time. Toji visited the young boy to see him with his own eyes. This must be when their fates intertwined. Only a couple of decades later, this same young boy will eventually spell the downfall of the curse-less warrior. 

Falling In Love and Toji’s Blessings

Fushiguro Megumi
Image from Pinterest

Toji would subsequently leave his clan behind to live his own life. Despite being a son of the Zen’in family, he didn’t inherit any fortune. He was compelled to become an assassin-for-hire to meet his living expenses.

At some point, he met a woman and fell in love with her. We will all come to know her as Mama Megumi. She became a big part of Toji’s life, and for the most part, it seemed that the good days for the tired warrior had begun. Together, they had a son, whom Toji named Megumi after its meaning, Blessings. 

A Heartbroken Walk Through Hell

However, soon after the child-birth, Mama Megumi died, leaving Toji heartbroken. He was once again left mentally unstable and to his stressful thoughts. He would eventually marry another woman and go with his son before disappearing from their lives forever.

After that, he negotiated with his uncle and the head of the Zen’in clan, Naobito Zen’in, regarding his son. He planned to sell Megumi back to the family, who was willing to accept the young boy for his prized Ten Shadows Cursed Technique.

We would later come to know that upon his death, Naobito even arranged for Megumi to become the head of the Zen’in Clan under certain conditions.

The Fateful Reunion: The Strongest of All, “Have I Met You Before?”

Toji vs Gojo
Image from Wiki Fandom

After this, Toji would indulge himself in gambling and would move from woman to woman until he spent all his money. He would then take up some high-paying jobs from shady organizations and do their dirty work. From killing cursed spirits to Jujutsu soccerers, Toji didn’t mind doing anything as long as the money was right. 

This line of work soon earned him the moniker “The Sorcerer Killer.” He was a curse-less fighter who would beat Grade 2 and higher sorcerers to death with his fists. In terms of battle prowess, he was on par with Special Grade sorcerers like Gojo Satoru and Yuto Okkotsu.

In 2006, Toji met Shiu Kong, a Time Vessel Association member, and accepted his assassination request of the Star Plasma Vessel. Coincidently, the two sorcerers tasked with body guarding and exporting the Star Plasma Vessel, Riko, are Gojo Satoru and his partner Suguru Geto.

Toji faces the two Special Grade sorcerers and easily beats them with his careful planning and perfect execution. He demolishes Geto while neutralizing Gojo and ultimately kills Riko to complete his mission.

He should have recalled at that point; however, his hatred for the Jujutsu society takes over him as he watches Gojo in front of him. For him, Gojo represents everything he hates, and killing the strongest sorcerer of the era would significantly hit Jujutsu society. He pushes on, ignoring his instincts, and this leads him to be caught in Gojo’s absolute power and gets half his body blown to pieces.

“I thought I had set aside such petty pride,” he exclaims as he goes down. Ultimately, his hatred for the inequality and abusive treatment by society led to his demise. He was one of the strongest Jujutsu sorcerers in the world, a king who could match Gojo in battle prowess, but he died uncrowned. To me, he was an Uncrowned King of the Jujutsu world.

During his last moments, he shares a respectful moment with Gojo where he tells him about the deal of selling Megumi, his son, to the Zen’in family. And tells him to do what he pleases with this info. This would later lead to Gojo taking Megumi under his protection and leading him into the Zen’in clan.

The Resurrection of The Uncrowned King: “Not Zen’in, Huh? Good For You.”

Resurected Toji
Image from Wiki Fandom

During the Shibuya Incident Arc, Toji is resurrected by Ogami using her Séance Technique on her grandson. However, much to her dismay, Toji’s body overwrites her grandson’s will and revives Toji fully, mind and body. Toji joins the battles and kills everyone in his path, eventually reaching the battle zone of Dagon, Naobito, and Megumi. 

Toji takes care of Dagon like the king he is and then leads Megumi away from the group to fight him one-on-one. At least, this is the impression we get at first. However, it is revealed that Toji remembers who Megumi is and asks his name. 

It is to be noted that Megumi doesn’t recognize Toji as his father as he doesn’t remember his face. Megumi tells Toji that his name is Megumi Fushigoro. This leads to Toji passing on a smile, implying his happiness that Megumi chose to keep his name rather than taking up the Zen’in name. Saying that, Toji commits suicide to not be forced to fight and kill his own son, and that is the last we see of this sad yet respectful legend.

Characters Closely Related to Toji Fushigoro

Being so impactfully powerful, many characters in the series admired Toji and looked up to him. While at the same time, many feared him due to his untamable nature.

Still, many looked down upon him due to his lack of cursed energy. While he impacted the lives of many, there are few he genuinely trusted and/or cared for. That’s why I have chosen the three people whom Toji loved and/or trusted the most.

Megumi Fushigoro, His Blessings

Fushiguro Megumi
Image from Wiki Fandom

Megumi is the first and only biological child of Toji Fushigoro. He is also one of the series’ main cast and a point around whom the plot revolves. He is a user of the renowned Ten Shadows Technique, a special cursed technique from the Zenin family. After Naobito Zeni’in’s death, Megumi was named the Head of the Zen’in Clan due to a clause in the will of the deceased head.

Regarding his relationship with Toji, Megumi doesn’t remember his parents much. He knows that his mother died soon after he was born, and his father married his stepmother and then left. Megumi was raised mainly by his step-sister, and Gojo Satoru was the closest to a father figure he ever had.

Despite that, Toji loved his son and Megumi’s mother, and her death broke him to the point of returning to the evil path. Toji gave Megumi his name because it meant Blessings and told Gojo about him, implying his caring nature towards his son. 

After being resurrected in the Shibuya incident, he committed suicide rather than fighting his son. He was happy to know that Megumi took up the Fushigoro name instead of the Zen’in.

Megumi Fushigoro’s Mom, The Woman He Loved

Toji had a crippled childhood full of abuse and racism from the Jujutsu Society, his clan, and his family. He hated these inequalities in the world and ran from the clan. He was constantly stressed, and his mental state was unstable.

This is when he met Megumi’s mother and fell in love with her. As we fans like to call her, Mama Megumi filled the hole in Toji’s life. She brought much-needed peace and stableness to his mind, and Toji loved her dearly, had a son with her, and named him his blessings.

However, soon after, she died, and Toji was left devastated. This was when Toji’s mental health became unstable again, and he returned to the dark side.

Gojo Satoru, The Embodiment of Everything That Traumatized Toji

Gojo Satoru
Image from Wiki Fandom

Gojo Satoru was the embodiment of everything that traumatized Toji. In the Jujutsu society, which created and upheld those standards of inequality towards those with no cursed energy, Gojo was the star sorcerer at the top of that chain.

Toji absolutely hated Gojo for the sole reason of what he represented. Ultimately, his hatred for this symbol causes him to ignore his natural instinct, walk right into Gojo’s attack, and die. He went for a kill he knew he couldn’t secure.

Despite that, he shared a unique dynamic with Gojo where he understood him the most in the most natural way as one of the strongest people alive. They both shared a similar sense of sarcasm and fun. 

To me, their bond seemed like that of Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp from One Piece. In fact, following that comparison, Toji indirectly asked Gojo to take care of his son and raise him, which the latter did.

Trivial and Fun Facts About Toji Fushigoro

Date of Birth! When Was The Sorcerer Killer Born?

Toji Fushigoro was born on 31st December. While we don’t know the exact year, it is generally deduced that he is 20 to 22 years older than Gojo Satoru.

Toji first met Gojo when he was a young adult, and Gojo was a 1st grader. It’s unknown if it is related to his birthday; Toji was blessed with the Heavenly Restriction, which gave him superhuman strength, reflexes, and sharp senses.

What Was Toji Fushigoro’s Jujutsu Sorcerer Grade?

Even though Toji Fushigoro was arguably the 2nd strongest person alive, he was looked down upon by the Jujutsu society due to his lack of any Cursed Energy. His reliance on cursed tools for exorcism and inability to perform cursed techniques made him a victim of extreme racism from his clan and family.

The Jujutsu society did not give those blessed by Heavenly Restrictions any sorcerer grades. Still, if we were to provide him with one based on his strength and ability, he would be easily a Special Grade Sorcerer on par with Gojo Satoru.

What Was The Cause of Toji’s Stress?

Toji’s lifelong stress stems from his abusive childhood. He would be thrown into cursed spirits by his family in the name of training due to his lack of Cursed Energy. Toji was discriminated against for the same reason and was always looked down upon by the Jujutsu society.

This unfair treatment would ultimately lead him to become an assassin who loved killing Jujutsu sorcerers, earning him the moniker “the Sorcerer Killer.” In his own words, Gojo Satoru embodied everything he hated as the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer of the era.

Famous Toji Fushigoro Quotes

  • “Take care of Megumi, okay? That place is useless for someone like me. But for him…For someone with potential…It’ll be a little better.”
  • “I don’t care…I don’t care anymore.”
  • “At that point, I had already lost. I thought I had set aside such petty pride.”
  • “Not Zen’in, huh? Good for you.”
  • “But you guys, with all your blessings…lost to a monkey-like me who can’t even use Jujutsu.”


Question: What hobbies did Toji enjoy?

Answer: Once Megumi’s mom died, Toji was left heartbroken, and due to his stressed and unstable mind, he picked up on gambling. He would crash from woman to woman until he spent all his money. He was intoxicated. He occupied his time killing people to earn money and gambling. 

Question: What are Toji Fushigoro’s favorite and least favorite dishes?

Answer: Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook says Toji’s favorite foods include meat and offal. According to the wiki definition, offal, also called variety meats, pluck or organ meats, is the organs of a butchered animal. The word does not refer to a particular list of edible organs, which varies by culture and region, but usually excludes muscle.

Offal may also refer to the by-products of milled grains, such as corn or wheat.
Toji’s least favorite edibles include alcohol. The sole reason is that he can’t get drunk and finds the drink useless. For a man with an abusive childhood and heartbroken from the loss of his only lover, alcohol was pretty useless a drink.

Question: If Toji was so strong, why was he looked down upon by his clan?

Answer: Toji was one of the strongest people alive in his time. In terms of battle prowess and talent, he was on par with Gojo Satoru, if not above him. However, his lack of cursed energy rendered him unable to exorcise cursed spirits without the help of cursed weapons. 
This reliance on tools and lack of cursed techniques led many in his clan to look down on Toji. It is noteworthy that the Zen’in clan is one of the major clans in the Jujutsu Society, and it cherishes cursed techniques above all.

Final Thoughts On Toji “Zen’in” Fushigoro: The Uncrowned King

Toji Zen’in is one of the most exciting stories in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s a unique character, a mixture of sad smiles who compels the readers and viewers to think and wish of a what-if scenario. In an alternate universe, he and Gojo could have been best friends.

He and Megumi could have one of the strongest bonds, and he could have led the Zen’in clan to be a place where sorcerers like Mai and Maki Zen’in could live proudly.

To me, he’s a well-written character that fulfills the purpose he was created for. He gives a certain level of depth to Megumi’s character and, like a father, builds a path for Megumi to walk. My only regret would be that I wanted to see him and Gojo as best friends, and they both have such good chemistry in that regard, but Alas!

Anyhow, I hope you guys learned a lot about Toji Fushigoro from this Character Guide and had a lot of fun reading it through. Finally, thanks a lot for reading it through. I’ll see you guys soon with another guide; until then, practice those Black Flash punches.

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