Tokoyami MHA Guide

Tokoyami MHA Guide

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Fumikage Tokoyami, hero name Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi, is one of the more prominent students attending U.A. Academy. Although strong from the start, he has shown incredible progress as the show went on, ultimately gaining the ability to fly.

Tokoyami has a very powerful quirk in Dark Shadow. This ability allows him to create a bird-like shadow similar to him. What’s really interesting about Dark Shadow is that it’s a sentient entity that can even cooperate with allies. Depending on the amount of light on the battlefield, the quirk can be very powerful or extremely weak.

Key Info Up Front

Fumikage Tokoyami has the ability to summon and control an entity called Dark Shadow. This powerful being is strong at night and weak during the day. The hero is featured a lot during the show and is regarded as one of the strongest 1-A class students.

Fumikage Tokoyami‘s Personal Info

Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami has a very stoic approach to life. He is disciplined, focused, and doesn’t talk too much. However, when he does, other people tend to listen to him. Although he doesn’t look sociable in larger groups, his character starts to shine when in smaller teams. He always helps his fellow students, who consider him a strong and reliable ally.

Given the nature of his quirk, it makes sense that Tokoyami is enchanted by the nighttime and darkness. This gives him an aura of mystery and even morbidity.

He is sometimes reluctant to talk to others about his passions and interests as they might perceive them as strange. Despite being a closed person, he is very emotional, which can even affect his quirk making it more volatile and unpredictable.

Tsukuyomi is a reflective person. He can admit when he’s wrong and would even lament when his powers are not good enough to provide a victory. Tokoyami listens to fellow students when they criticize him and takes this as an opportunity to grow and improve.

Although most of the story revolves around Shoto, Midoriya, and Bakugo and their strides to get better, Tokoyami is every bit as adamant about improving his quirk. He would even challenge the top heroes such as Hawk. While Tsukuyomi is not concerned about material things, he is very proud and doesn’t allow others to belittle him.

Like all protagonists in the series, he occasionally shows reluctance and a lack of confidence. Even then, you cannot neglect the fact that he is very strong and confident.

Fumikage Tokoyami Appearance

Like all students, Tokoyami is often seen in the official school uniform. He is rather short compared to his peers at 5.2 inches and has a head of a black bird with a long yellow beak. Based on the beak, he looks a bit like a hawk or some other bird of prey. His eyes are also non-humanlike; Tokoyami has red eyes that are rather long. The rest of his body is the same as any other human.

As the show progresses, Tokoyami becomes much stronger, which is noticeable when he wears a battle outfit. Later on, he will also get a foot scar after almost getting burned alive by Dabi.

Tsukuyomi’s suit is, for the most part, black. When he wears it, the student looks like a spec-ops member. He also has two black wristbands, black shoes, a utility belt, and a red choker. Tokoyami wears a large cape that adds to his mysterious presence, and it really works well with Dark Shadow.

Fumikage Tokoyami’s Appearances in Manga and Anime

Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami is one of the more prominent characters in the manga. On a few occasions, he is shown as extremely valiant and team-oriented. This is best seen when he saves his mentor, Hawks. Throughout the story, he is shown as one of the top 4 students from class 1-A alongside Shoto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya, and Katsuki Bakugo.

Battle Trial Arc

Although first shown during the 3rd episode of manga and 5th episode of anime, we learn about the student’s quirk during Battle Trial Arc. In this set of episodes, the students compete in a 2vs2 battle where one team performs the role of villains while the other team acts as heroes.

Villains are protecting a nuclear weapon, while heroes need to capture it. Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui are paired together and go against Eijiro Kirishima and Hanta Sero. Although the creators didn’t show who won the battle, there is a good chance that Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui were victorious.

U.S.J. Arc

Although one of the more important arcs in the show, it doesn’t feature Fumikage. During the villain’s attack, he was paired with Koji Koda, but we don’t know how their fight went. After this, the student was shown more prominently in the future arcs.

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

U.A. Sports Festival is an annual event during which all the students have the opportunity to show their progress. It is a nationally-televised event that brings in numerous viewers and consists of several competitions.

We see Tsukuyomi for the first time during the second event called cavalry battle. He is paired with Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, and Mei Hatsume. Midoriya is the rider, being carried by other teammates. He wears a red bandana that, if removed, will bring points to the opposing team. Tokoyami and Dark Shadow serve as the horse’s head.

Several teams target Midoriya’s horse, but they manage to thwart attackers by combining Fumikage’s Dark Shadow, Uraraka’s gravity manipulation, and Mei’s tools. During these scenes, Tokoyami single-handedly blocks several opponents’ attacks.

Things don’t go well for Midoriya’s team. When the event is finished, Izuku thinks that the team has failed to qualify, and he apologizes for it. However, Fumikage surprises Midoriya and his teammates by showing a 615-point headband that he grabbed during the chaos of battle. This puts them in 4th place, allowing the team to play the next round.

Sports Festival Finals

Fumikage Tokoyami

In the following event, every student has to battle his peer in 1vs1 combat. It is an elimination competition that continues until there’s just one person left. Tokoyami quickly beats Momo Yaoyorozu by attacking her before she can create any tools.

Fumikage Tokoyami manages to reach the top 4, where he is paired against Katsuki Bakugo. During this fight, Tsukuyomi is at a serious disadvantage given that each Bakugo’s explosion weakens Dark Shadow. After playing defensively for a bit, Tokoyami ultimately surrenders, not being able to counter Katsuki’s quirk.

Fumikage places third in the event. He is congratulated by All Might, who advises him to strengthen his quirk. That way, he could tackle even disadvantageous matchups.

Final Exams Arc

In Final Exams Arc, the students are doing written and practical exams. As you can presume, the emphasis is on the practical exam where classmates are forced to fight teachers in a 1v2 battle. Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui are grouped together and go against Ectoplasm, a powerful pro hero who can create clones.

As soon as the battle starts, Ectoplasm acts quickly by creating several clones. Feeling disadvantaged, Tokoyami and Asui decide to go to higher ground. Later on, we see that Fumikage is under pressure from numerous Ectoplasm’s clones. Tsuyu saves Tsukuyomi by hitting a clone who almost backstabbed Fumikage.

The team approaches the gates, which they need to pass in order to win. Real Ectoplasm was waiting for the duo and had prepared a massive clone that swallows them both. Both of them are in dire straits; the students need to rely on Dark Shadow to save the day.

While the quirk is attacking the teacher, Tsuyu starts regurgitating the handcuffs that were stored in her stomach. After a short back and forth, the shadow returns to its master, collecting handcuffs from Asui without Ectoplasm noticing. Dark Shadow returns to battle and manages to constrain the teacher, which is the second way of passing the exam.

Forest Training Camp Arc

Fumikage Tokoyami

In this arc, the students go to a forest where they work on their quirks. They are split into groups where some students act as pursuers while the others are being pursued. While they’re split in an unknown environment, they are suddenly attacked by the League of Villains, the same faction that previously attacked them.

We first see Fumikage when Midoriya stumbles upon his Dark Shadow. The shadowy figure attacks Izuku, after which Mezo Shouji comes into the scene and saves the main protagonist. Suddenly, Midoriya realizes that the shadow belongs to Tokoyami. Mezo explains that he and Fumikage were attacked, which caused Dark Shadow to go rampant.

Right after that, Tokoyami arrives at the scene. Seeing the master, Dark Shadow attacks him instead of Midoriya and Mezo. Tsukuyomi urges his allies to flee, or else the shadow will attack them too. Mezo says that they should find a source of light so they can calm down the quirk. Luckily, Shoto and Bakugo arrive soon after, and by joining their powers, they calm down the rampaging Dark Shadow.

Bakugo’s and Fumikage’s Capture

Fumikage regrets chopping off one of Mezo’s arms, to which Mezo responds that it’s not a big deal. The four of them create a strategy that would help them escort Bakugo, the League of Villain’s target, back to the forest compound.

As they continue towards the compound, Mezo, Shoto, and Midoriya are surprised when they turn around and realize that both Bakugo and Tokoyami are missing.

Suddenly, a villain that goes by the name of Mr. Compress appears in front of the three students. He explains that his main target was Bakugo, but after seeing how, powerful Tokoyami is, he decided to capture him as well. Both of them are compressed in marbles, which he now holds in his hands.

Mr. Compress starts fleeing with students on his heels. He meets up with other villains, and they open a portal to their base. Just as they were going through the portal, Mezo managed to grab that marble containing Tsukuyomi. Soon after, Tsukuyomi is released from prison, but they can’t do anything about Bakugo.

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

During Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, the students have some time to work on new abilities. Fumikage develops a move called Black Abyss that allows him to envelop his body in Dark Shadow and use it as a melee offensive and defensive weapon.

In these episodes, Tokoyami battles several examines from other classes. He has the time to showcase his new power, emerging victorious from most of the conflicts and eliminating other participants. The scenes are rather scarce, but they help establish him as a badass.

Joint Training Arc

Tokoyami MHA

During Shie Hassaikai Arc, U.A. School Festival Arc, and Pro Hero Arc, Tokoyami is barely featured. The only thing that was important for his storyline is the fact he was accepted by pro hero Hawks, which will come into play later on.

Joint Training Arc couples 1-A students with students from other classes. They perform 5vs5 and 4v4 combat simulations where the goal is to capture all 5 opponents and put them in jail. Tsukuyomi appears during the second round. He groups up with Toru Hakagure, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Yuga Aoyama against a class 1-B team of Kinoko Komori, Shihai Kuroiro, Manga Fukidashi, and Itsuka Kendo.

Our protagonist is soon faced with Shihai, who says that the two of them are the same. Like him, Shihai uses a shadowy ability that allows her body to meld with darkness.

Battle with 1-B

Initially, Fumikage works as a scout, performing reconnaissance with his Black Shadow. He manages to find the opponents, but because the shadow strayed away too far, it would go rampant, attacking the team 1-B on its own whim.

Shihai tries to control Dark Shadow by entering it, but the hero manages to pull it back and regain full control. The shadowy opponent challenges Tokoyami to 1vs1, which Fumikage accepts. However, this was all a ruse that allowed Shihai to capture Yuga. After accomplishing her goal, she starts retreating through pipe shadows with Yuga in her arms.

Tokoyami manages to surprise both of them by turning his shadow into wings and quickly catching on to Shihai. Eventually, he would recapture Yuga. Several things occurred after that, and in the next scene featuring Tokoyami, we can see shadowy hero gliding around with Yuga in his arms. Unfortunately, Yuga Aoyama is once again apprehended by Shihai.

Suddenly, Tokoyami feels mushrooms growing on his face and notices an invisible girl struggling with the same issue. There is a loud cannon shot, and Tokoyami notices a bag flying in the air. The package contains ethanol, previously prepared by Momo, which helps stifle mushroom infestation.

Free from the plant, Tokoyami rushes forward through the darkness while wearing infrared goggles. They allow him to quickly apprehend Shihai while his quirk captures Kinoko.

As this was happening, Kinoko used her special attack to grow mushrooms within Fumikage’s lungs. This stops him in his tracks, and he almost chokes. The opponents carry Tokoyami to prison, and the fight eventually ends in full victory by the 1-B class.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Tokoyami MHA

Paranormal Liberation War Arc gives us another opportunity to see how awesome Tokoyami actually is. He has a major role in this arc and would once again show dedication and valor in the face of danger. Initially, we can see Fumikage at Hawks agency, as he is working diligently at improving his skills. Although his mentor is not currently present, that doesn’t stop Tokoyami from working on a wide array of moves.

In this arc, heroes attack Paranormal Liberation Front. They are split into two groups: The villa raid team and the hospital raid team. Tsukuyomi belongs to the former, together with students like Denki Kaminari, Juzo Honenuki, and Kiniko Komori.

During the initial episodes, there are a few scenes, including Denki and Tokoyami. Fumikage recalls all the sacrifices that Kaminari has endured in the past and how he was willing to put his health on the line for his friends.

While some other students are worried about how Denki Kaminari would perform in the face of an enormous threat, Fumikage is very confident that his friend will pull through for the hero team. Later on, we can see Tokoyami as he joins Suneater and Fat Gum. Their primary task is to close one of the exits, which should trap Paranormal Liberation Front members. In these scenes, we can see Fumikage’s full power.

His ultimate move, Ragnarok, is so powerful that it pushes all the enemies within the villain’s lair. Even Re-Destro, one of the most powerful enemies, is unable to contain it and would eventually get blasted by the quirk. Fumikage senses something ominous in the bottom sections of the compound.

Fumikage Helps Hawks

After this mission, Fat Gum evacuates a few students, including Tokoyami, within his body. As they are retreating, Fumikage notices a fiery blast within the mention carrying peculiar feathers. He immediately remembers that flames are the Hawks’ biggest weakness.

Realizing the danger his master is in, Tokoyami breaks free from Fat Gum’s body, something that no one has ever managed to do. He dashes towards Hawks, ignoring the retreat order. Fearing for the reckless Fumikage, Fat Gum releases other students from his body, telling them to escape by themselves. He rushes towards Tokoyami, trying to provide support.

Tsukuyomi’s assessment was on point. When he reaches the scene of the battle, he notices Hawks prone on his back as Dabi prepares to finish him. By using a powerful attack, he manages to blast Dabi back. Tokoyami puts his master in the cloak and prepares to retreat.

Shocking Revelation

Tokoyami MHA

Annoyed by Fumikage’s appearance, he criticizes heroes for having to stoop so low to involve students in an adult’s conflict.

He shows Tokoyami Twice’s dead body revealing the Hawks killed Twice by stabbing him in the back as he tried to help other Paranormal Liberation Front members. Dabi continues by saying that heroes are every bit as dirty and menacing as villains.

Right after that, Dabi attacks Fumikage with a massive blue flame attack. Due to tight space, the winged hero couldn’t dodge the ability, and his leg got burned.

Realizing the precarious situation, Tokoyami tries to find an optimal escape route. Dabi continues talking, which catches Fumikage off-guard. He realizes that Dabi needs time to recharge his power, which could provide an opening for Hawks and him.

Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow goes around Dabi as it tries to catapult the hero and his master. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t go as intended, and the duo falls to the level below. The bump knocks out the Hawks. Fumikage prepares a special move that would propel them to safety.

At that moment, Dabi descends from the upper floor, preparing for another devastating fire attack. The two of them are saved by Geten, who accidentally creates an ice shield protecting them from the incoming fire wave. Fumikage flies away with Hawks in his arms. Mid-flight, he tells the master to hold on and that he doesn’t think that he’s a dirty fighter.

Tokoyami safely evacuates his master to the field hospital in the back, and both of them manage to survive the ordeal.

Tartarus Escapees Arc

The villains have never been as powerful. The public has become distrustful of heroes after learning about Hawks’ misdeed during the villa raid and Endeavor’s abusive past. Midoriya and a few other students try to root out the League of Villains remnants.

Fumikage and a few other students believe that their mentors are hiding something from them. The school is in disarray; class 1-A hasn’t been promoted to the second year, and all the classes are suspended indefinitely. During the arc, Tokoyami has a few short appearances. We can see him with other boys as they wash battle-worn Midoriya and on a few other occasions where he is shown with other students.

Quirk and Abilities

Tokoyami MHA

Quirk – Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow is an enormously powerful quirk that has very troublesome weaknesses. It allows Tsukuyomi to create a large sentient shadow of a bird that somewhat resembles him. The shadow is almost an extension of his personality but has a will of its own.

Dark Shadow becomes stronger during the night and weaker during the day. Depending on the situation and environment, it can become almost unstoppable.

Basically, the only thing you can do to counter the quirk is to illuminate the room or attack Tokoyami directly. Unfortunately, as the shadow becomes larger, it is harder to control and would often go on a rampage (especially when Fumikage was younger).

The quirk is very flexible. Fumikage can place the shadow around him, creating a powerful armor. It can also carry the hero around, serving as wings of a sort. If the situation demands, Fumikage can force the Dark Shadow to go on a voluntary rampage, which allows the student to defeat just about anyone.

Tsukuyomi can utilize the following moves: Black Abyss, Covert Black-Ops Arms, Piercing Twilight Claws, Sabbath, Black Fallen Angel, Ragnarok, and Womb.

Power of Flight

Upon receiving Hawks’ tutelage, Tokoyami has learned how to use Dark Shadow to fly. As the shadow is not bound to the ground, it can fly around freely. Given that it can manifest itself physically, it can grab hold of objects and carry them around regardless of their weight. So, it can also fly around carrying Tokoyami in its hands.

Hand-to-hand and Armor Transformations

Like with Black Fallen Angel, where Fumikage coats himself in the shadow, he can use a similar technique to create a shadowy armor around himself. This technique makes him much stronger in hand-to-hand combat and transforms the hero, who previously focused on long-range attacks, into a powerful melee fighter.

Speed and Reflexes

Dark Shadow can add to Fumikage’s speed. He can use it in a plethora of ways to either deflect the opponents’ attacks or fly away from the battle. Even without his quirk, Tokoyami is rather fast, although he cannot compare to some of the top-tier melee fighters.


Tokoyami MHA

Fumikage doesn’t rely on equipment as much as some other heroes and students. Nevertheless, he can use it to slightly enhance his offensive and defensive potential.


Initially, you might think that cloak is only for show. However, it has a much more tangible purpose. The thick cloth increases Fumikage’s own shadow. It isn’t much, but it can add to the strength of his quirk. The clothing piece is especially important when Tokoyami is in an illuminated space, with little to no natural shadow to rely on.


You can’t see claws in the original manga, but they’re featured in one of the movies. Tokoyami wields a set of gloves with claws that are utilized in melee clashes. It seems that this tool is crucial when he cannot rely on the quirk.

Fumikage Tokoyami’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Fumikage is the best example of a hero who can be very weak and very strong at the same time. Small changes to lighting can completely ruin this student’s day.


  • In theory, Dark Shadow is one of the most potent quirks in My Hero Academia manga and anime. Besides the fact it is very flexible and can be utilized for various purposes, there is very little you can do to stop it during closed quarter battles and nighttime.
  • Tokoyami is one of the rare students who can fly. Not only that, but he can fly at a very high speed and attack from the air.
  • After mastering his quirk, the student can use Dark Shadow offensively and defensively for short-range combat and long-range combat.
  • In a battle of strength, Dark Shadow can overpower just about any quirk, even those that are portrayed as physically overwhelming.
  • Fumikage has lots of personal physical traits that can assist him during combat, such as fast reflexes, high intellect, durability, and such. Although he is reliant on his quirk like all heroes and villains, his innate abilities can help him survive certain situations even when Dark Shadow is unavailable.
  • It can be used for scouting, but it becomes harder to control as it gets farther away from Fumikage.


  • Reliance on darkness is the student’s glaring weakness. At times, he can feel completely useless. This is especially noticeable during the battle with Dabi, who can create a light source.
  • It took a while for Tokoyami to gain full control over the quirk. Even then, Dark Shadow can still go on a rampage.
  • The quirk can be affected by negative emotions making it harder to control.

Fumikage Tokoyami Trivia

Tokoyami MHA

Heavy Metal Persona

Fumikage’s persona and interests work well with his quirk. He loves heavy metal and punk, which we can see based on the room decoration. He is into the occult, vampires, and all these other gloomy stuff. So, it makes sense that he plays guitar.

Utilizing the Choker

The show’s creators gave Tokoyami a red choker. This was probably an anesthetic solution. Basically, the hero has a head of a bird and a body of a human.

In my opinion, it was probably hard to make a seamless transition between the two, so they just placed a choker to separate these areas of the body. According to the story lore, Tsukuyomi wears a choker to pay homage to Dark Crystal, his favorite pro hero.

Body Transformation

Although you can argue that all students have progressed during the show, this is most obvious with Tokoyami.

Initially portrayed as a character that likes to fight at a distance, Fumikage has gained lots of muscle mass and has improved his physical conditioning. Later on, during the show, he becomes a potent melee combatant, even wearing claws in the movie.

The Dark Shadow’s Persona

One of the things that stand out is Fumikage’s relationship with his quirk. Dark Shadow is a sentient entity, and sometimes, it is hard to say if this is a separate being or an extension of the student’s character.

Whatever the case may be, the two cooperate really well together. It is really interesting to listen to their banter, creating a dynamic that is very rare in the comic book and anime world. In some cases, Dark Shadow works as the second person, which is especially noticeable during the battle with Ectoplasm.

Name Origin

Like with many other characters, the show creators played a bit with the student’s name. Tokoyami stands for “eternal darkness.” On the other hand, Fumikage is a combination of “fumi” and “kage,” which roughly translates to shadow step or stepping into the shadow.


Question: Is Tokoyami Born as a Bird?

Answer: There are a few fan theories as to how Tokoyami was born. Some people suggest that he was born as a bird and would evolve into a human, but this is highly unlikely. He was probably born with the human body and bird head, in a similar way as other students with animal quirks.

Question: What is Tokoyami’s Weakness?

Answer: Despite having such an overpowering quirk, Fumikage has a few weaknesses. Most notably, he struggles to use his quirk during the day. The shadow is much weaker when there is a lot of light.
This can also pose problems when going against villains with fire quirks or those who can illuminate space. Additionally, when it’s too dark, the quirk can become hard to control, causing Dark Shadow to go on a rampage.

Question: Is Dark Shadow Tokoyami’s Twin?

Answer: It is hard to determine what Dark Shadow is. It is obviously a quirk, but it works as a separate entity. On numerous occasions, Fumikage will chat with Dark Shadow, and sometimes it seems as if the two are completely different beings. Nevertheless, the quirk still obeys Tokoyami’s orders.

Tokoyami MHA Guide: Conclusion

Fumikage Tokoyami is one of the strongest student characters in My Hero Academia. As the story progresses, he becomes extremely powerful. Although his quirk, Dark Shadow, is very potent, it can also be hard to control and has several other weaknesses.

Tokoyami likes to keep to himself, but at the same time, he is very sociable. Although he looks like a dark, gloomy character, he isn’t afraid to show his emotions and doesn’t mind crying in front of the others. Fumikage is a good teammate and will do everything in his power to improve his abilities.

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