Stefan Stevanovic

Stefan has been reading manga from a very young age, identifying that this was the best way to keep up with the latest antics of his fictional heroes. He's a huge fan of MHA, Naruto and is always open to trying a hidden gem if nudged in the right direction. As for his private life, Stefan loves yoga and swimming. If he isn’t working, you will likely see him in a studio doing Mountain pose. He also plays guitar, likes to learn foreign languages, and reads fantasy books.

tenten naruto guide

Tenten Naruto Guide

Tenten is a female ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. She belongs to the Team Guy and, as such, is often shown alongside Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga during the show. Tenten is a forgettable character. Unlike most other Team 11 ninjas, she doesn’t have much of a backstory or development, making her rather irrelevant. […]

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yamato naruto guide

Yamato Naruto Guide

Yamato, also referred to as Tenzo, is an Anbu member who would turn jonin and take control over Team 7, featuring Sai, Naruto, and Sakura. Even when Kakashi came back, Yamato was often seen with the young squad, assisting them during their missions. Yamato is a unique character who can control the wood element. He

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konan naruto guide

Konan Naruto Guide

Konan is one of the founding members of Akatsuki. After suffering a childhood trauma, she would form a group with Yahiko and Nagato. Although portrayed as antagonists in the anime, their initial attentions were rather altruistic. They saw war as a means to an end to preventing future wars. When both Yahiko and Nagato died,

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karin naruto guide

Karin Naruto Guide

Karin was a former Hidden Grass ninja that accompanied Sasuke during his adventures. Interestingly enough, she was a member of the Uzumaki clan, the same clan that Naruto is a part of. Initially, she was Orochimaru’s assistant acting as the protector of the Southern Hideout. When she met Sasuke, she was instantly taken by his

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Mina Ashido Guide

Mina Ashido Guide

Mina Ashido, referred to as Pinky, could just be the most courageous girl in the My Hero Academia 1-A class. She uses a quirk called Acid that allows her to produce acid from any part of the body. Although it seems like a very generic superhero power, Mina can utilize this ability to launch projectiles,

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Ino Naruto Guide

Ino Naruto Guide

Ino Yamanaka is one of the Hidden Leaf children who eventually grew up to be a fearsome ninja. Ino is often portrayed through her relationship with Sakura; the two of them are fierce rivals but also very good friends. Like many girls in the village, she had a crush on Sasuke but would eventually end

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Nejire Hado Guide

Nejire Hado Guide

Nejire Hado is a bit older student that is introduced a bit later in My Hero Academia. She is a part of class 3-A and a member of the Big Three alongside Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki. The character is introduced in the 122nd manga and 62nd anime episodes. Nejire Hado utilizes a powerful quirk

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Momo Yaoyorozu Guide

Momo Yaoyorozu Guide

Momo Yaoyorozu, alias Everything Hero: Creati, is one of numerous My Hero Academia students. She is a natural-born leader who, despite having a relatively weak quirk and physical attributes, can win a lot of battles with her superior intellect and strategy. Creati possesses a very interesting and flexible ability. She can make numerous objects that

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