Nejire Hado Guide

Nejire Hado Guide

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Nejire Hado is a bit older student that is introduced a bit later in My Hero Academia. She is a part of class 3-A and a member of the Big Three alongside Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki. The character is introduced in the 122nd manga and 62nd anime episodes.

Nejire Hado utilizes a powerful quirk called Wave Motion. She can utilize inner vitality to turn it into blast waves. Although this is considered a ranged attack, it doesn’t travel too far. The biggest issue with the quirk is that it can quickly drain Nejire’s stamina.

Unlike most other protagonists in the series, the viewers are not introduced to Nejire’s hero name or an alias. In this Nejire Hado guide, I will talk more about this hero, her quirk, and all manga appearances.

Key Info Up Front

Nejire Hado is a member of 3-A class at U.A. She can utilize Wave Motion quirk to blast enemies at a limited range. Hado is full of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness, and she easily makes friends.

Nejire Hado’s Personal Info

Nejire Hado

Nejire is a really warm girl who, although she can be a great communicator, often asks invasive questions. So much so that people are often confused by her inquiries. She is portrayed as very persistent and curious and would stop at nothing to get her answer. Nejire is especially interested in other students’ physical traits, which you can notice during the scene with Mina Ashido.

As you can presume, Nejire is very open and direct during any conversation. Her questions are sometimes very strange, but this is all because her brain functions differently compared to other students. Despite all her qualities, some protagonists perceive her as very nosey. In a few cases, she was compared to kindergarteners who are just starting to grasp what are acceptable social norms.

In most scenes featuring Hado, she is going somewhere or doing something. This gives an impression of a very dynamic character and goes well with her inquisitive nature. Although you might think that she is slightly asocial, she shows her interpersonal skills when communicating with Eri. Nejire looks like a perfect guardian for this small, confused girl.

Nejire Hado’s Behavior in Battle

Hado rarely panics, even when things go awry. In fact, she is a very rational character, although you might not initially notice this. You can notice this when Tamaki Amajiki is in peril, and she isn’t the least worried about his safety, knowing that he will pull through.

However, the show’s creators plant a seed of doubt in our heads, making us think that Nejire’s rational behavior is because she is an airhead.

The student shows her true colors in battle. She is dauntless in the face of danger, and, if necessary, she can slow the pace and devise a strategy in a blink of an eye. Although very curious about quirks, she doesn’t show the same inquisitive nature when facing enemies. Instead, Hado focuses on beating them down as soon as possible.

All of these things are demonstrated during the battle with High-End Nomus and Tomura. Despite the chaos on the battlefield, Nejire made all the right decisions, something that most students cannot do. Considering all of that, it makes sense that she has become a part of the Big Three.

Nejire Hado’s Appearance

Nejire Hado

Nejire is a 5.4-foot tall girl with long periwinkle hair that almost reaches the ground, twisting and curving on its way down. She has a good weight for her height and wide blue eyes. Unlike most girls, Hado fashions a bit thicker eyebrows. Male students usually refer to Nejire as cute, not necessarily sexy.

Her regular school uniform is a tad bit different from what 1-A students are wearing. She has a gray waistcoat that replaces the regular blazer. This makes her stand out from younger students and is probably done, so we can easily tell that she’s from an older class.

Nejire’s Battle Costume

Nejire’s costume is pretty cool, and it goes well with her eyes and hair color. She wears a tight body, one-piece with royal blue leggings, and a white/mint top. The upper section has a white stripe in the middle and mint on the sides.

Hado has really long boots that go all the way to her knees. Another really cool detail is the turquoise section around the ankles, the same color used for her wrists and gauntlets. Speaking of gauntlets, they are probably the most impressive part of the outfit. These tools are rather massive, and they help Nejire utilize Wave Motion quirk.

You might also notice black straps around her thighs. Each one of them has a satchel attached to them. Another thing I really liked is the hair spirals that emerge from behind her ears. They look like energy spirals that Nejire creates with her ability.

Although a young, luscious girl, Hado has seen the ugly side of war. During one of the arcs, Dabi burned her hair down to her shoulders. As if that wasn’t enough, there was even a scar on her right cheek. Luckily, the wounds healed after Paranormal Liberation War. After the incident with Dabi, Hado started wearing shorter hair that goes to her chin.

Nejire Hado’s Appearances in Manga and Anime

Although Nejire appeared much later in the story, she had a few defining moments. She is often portrayed as a senior mentoring figure that fights with the younger class of 1-A.

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Nejire Hado

This arc revolves around two things: the introduction of the Big Three and saving a young prodigy known as Eri. Nejire Hado was introduced during one of the initial episodes of the arc, alongside her Big Three partners, Tamaki Amajiki and Mirio Togata. The trio is sent to teach class 1-A about work studies.

Hado was the first to introduce herself. However, given her nature, she would quickly lose track of thoughts, and instead of talking about work studies, she started inquiring about different members of the class and their physical perks.

As previously mentioned, she asked Mina about her horns but also about Shoto’s burned face, Mezo’s mask, Mashirao’s tail, Asui’s frog species, etc.

In one of the later episodes, we see that Tsuyu Asui, Ochako Uraraka, and Nejire Hado have work studies with Ryukyu, the Dragon Hero. A few enormous villains are attacking the city and causing havoc all over the place. Nejire faces them and blasts them with Wave Motion quirk.

She mocks them by saying that they shouldn’t form a team together because their abilities are too similar. Tsuyu and Ochaco arrive at the scene and bring the villains into submission by combining their quirks. After the right, Hado gives the young students a tap on the back and congratulates them on their post, to which Tsuyu and Ochaco reply that they had good leadership.

Battling Overhaul and Shie Hassaikai

As the arc progresses, we see that the villains are starting to use drugs to modify their power. They’ve also developed a drug that can nullify any quirk. The substance is tracked back to Shie Hassaikai and their leader, Overhaul.

Numerous heroes gather at Nighteye’s Agency, including the Big Three. True to her nature, Nejire asks Ryukyu why where they were summoned to which the hero gives a vague answer. Soon after, Nighteye starts the meeting and tells the other characters about the presence of a new dangerous drug.

During an encounter with a criminal, Kirishima acquired a bullet containing the drug. While doing so, he also managed to save his senior Tamaki.

Girls praise Eijiro for his courage and resolve. Later on, Sir Nighteye also mentions the groups of villains that  Tsuyu Asui, Ochako Uraraka, and Nejire Hado previously defeated and implies that they were probably the distributors.

After some back and forth, we discover the Shie Hassikai yakuza clan is the most likely creator of the drug. By the end of the meeting, heroes have decided to raid their headquarters in an attempt to break the illegal drug trafficking.

Once the meeting ended, Midoriya, Ochaco, Nejire, Kirishima, Tamaki, Mirio, and Tsuyu went downstairs and sat at a table together. Izuku laments over his inability to save a little girl known as Eri, whose blood is probably used to create the drugs.

Mirio is also devastated as he was there with Midoriya and could’ve helped him recapture Eri. Nejire and Tamaki try to cheer their friend.

Raid on Shie Hassaikai’s Headquarters

Nejire Hado

While some of the main protagonists, including Kirishima, Midoriya, Mirio, and Tamaki, go downstairs into the Shie Hassaikai’s headquarters, a team of Tsuyu, Nejire, Ochaco, and Ryukyu remain on the surface. They faced a powerful villain in Rikiya, who could sap other people’s stamina. Like most other Shie Hassaikai villains, Rikiya relies on the drug to enhance his powers. Although initially knocked out by Ryukyu, he gets back to his feet thanks to the drug and starts absorbing the vitality of the surrounding heroes. After a longer standstill, Nejire decides to take action and blasts the enemy with her waves.

In an attempt to finally subdue the villain, Ryukyu charges and grabs the opponent. She commands Nejire to blast both of them. With little reluctance, Hado listens to her mentor. Both of them are blasted into the ground, but the threat is eliminated without Ryukyu taking too much damage. As the battle concludes, Nejire tries to assess the damage to the area. She is actually surprised by how little the surrounding structures are affected. Only three houses were destroyed, which is probably because of Midoriya’s quick thinking and the ability to take the battle with Overhaul into the air.

U.A. School Festival Arc

Nejire Hado has a short but important appearance during the school festival. During this event, the class of 1-A is instructed to provide entertainment for the whole school. Eventually, they would form a school band and a dance group creating a great atmosphere during the festival. Nejire Hado decides to participate in a beauty pageant. She is the dark horse of the competition, going against Bibimi Kenranzaki, who has already won the competition twice in a row, and Itsuka Kendo. During the preparation phase, girls would treat each other with snide comments.

Each of the girls has the opportunity to present talent and put on a show. Bimibi has a pompous entrance, riding a large, decorated vehicle with her face on it. Kendo focuses on her martial arts skills, trying to impress the students with a few cool moves. Nejire takes a more mellow approach. She took a rose and made it hover above her head while she twisted and turned beneath it.

Nejire Hado would go on to win the competition dethroning undefeated Bimibi in the process.

Pro Hero Arc

Nejire Hado

The Pro Hero Arc revolves around Endeavor and his new position as the number one. During this set of episodes, the fiery hero goes against advanced Nomu. The monster gave him a lot of trouble, scaring his eye in the process, but Endeavor would ultimately go on to win the battle.

Nejire Hado would act as a villain, together with Tamaki Amajiki, during an emergency drill. Nejire manages to surprise the 1-A class students and capture Mina Ashido. The students didn’t expect Nejire and Tamaki as villains and were very shocked by the revelation. Hado explains to them that everything can happen during a battle and that they should be prepared for the unexpected.

While Hado is holding Pinky hostage, Tamaki is reluctant to attack, going through one of his moody phases. Students take this opportunity to rush Nejire, who was thinking on her feet, and proceed by blasting them away. Although he didn’t want to, Tamaki would eventually join the fight as a villain. According to Amajiki, he would much rather stay home, but he doesn’t want to disappoint Hado.

By combining forces, the students managed to save Pinky from Nejire’s grasp. As soon as Mina is secure, Invisible Girl blinds Hado with Warp Refraction. Sero continues the attack and binds the villain with a tape. Momo would cast a makeshift net on Hado, finally managing to capture her.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

During Paranormal Liberation War Arc, our heroes go against Meta Liberation Army led by Tomura Shigaraki. For most of the arc, we see Tomura battling adversity. Although named the successor of evil, he still needs to prove himself in front of the mad doctor and Gigantomachia, who previously served All For One.

After overcoming all the obstacles, Tomura is about to receive special treatment that will make him even more powerful. Once the heroes found out, they decided to raid the hospital, where Shigaraki is held, as well as the Meta Liberation Army villa.

Nejire Hado is a part of the hospital raid team. Initially, she is grouped with Tenya Iida. The two of them proceed toward the battlefield, where Midoriya Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo fought against Tomura. Despite the grueling battle and all the injuries, Shigaraki is still on his feet.

Appearance of Gigantomachia

While Iida provides support to Shoto and other heroes on the battlefield, Nejire engages Tomura head-on. She delivers a powerful Wave Motion blast onto the villain. During all of this, Shoto and Tenya are trying to gather the forces and evacuate the injured allies. Hado notices that Ryukyu is one of the injured heroes requiring immediate medical attention.

In the following scene, we can see Shoto Todoroki, Midoriya, and Nejire together, preparing to face Tomura. To their dismay, Gigantomachia appears on the scene carrying the rest of the League of Villains on his back. Faced with this new, overwhelming threat, the young heroes have to make a quick decision. Shoto suggests that he and Nejire should strike at Tomura while he’s still regaining strength and completely ignore Gigantomachia.

The duo manages to knock him out, but Gigantomachia saves the day by swatting them away. Spinner, who is still on Gigantomachia’s back, notices the extent of Tomura’s injuries. Suddenly, Dabi jumps off the monster’s back and reveals his true identity as Toya Todoroki. He also talks about all the abuse he has taken from Endeavor during his childhood.

The whole event is recorded by a video crew, and the news spreads like wildfire across Japan. Shoto and Nejire jump in front of Dabi, preparing for his attack. Just as he was preparing to make his move, wires descended from the sky. Best Jeanist makes his appearance and manages to capture Dabi.

Severe Injuries

Nejire Hado

At the moment, the League of Villains is against the ropes. Gigantomachia is fatigued from running all the way to Tomura, while Shigaraki is barely conscious. Hado notices an opening and tries to finish Tomura in his prone state.

Alas, she is burnt by Dabi, who somehow manages to break free from Best Jeanist’s grasp. As previously mentioned, this attack completely destroyed her hair and left a large mark on her face that would eventually regenerate.

Luckily, Ingenium managed to catch Nejire as she was falling down from the sky. Despite severe injuries, Hado is still able to fight. Suddenly, Mirio appears on the battlefield with his quirk completely restored. He manages to buy some time for the students, engaging High-End Nomus who just arrived to back up Tomura and Gigantomachia.

Nomus focus on Beast Jeanist. Mirio tries to help him out but realizes that his power alone will not be enough to drive back these monstrosities. Luckily for Mirio and Beast Jeanist, Bakugo and Nejire join the fray.

The students manage to save the pro hero but quickly realize that they’re in a dire position with all the injuries they’ve suffered during the battle.

Regardless of their efforts, Tomura and Gigantomachia managed to flee the scene leaving the wreckages behind them.

Quirk and Abilities

Quirk – Wave Motion

Wave Motion is an interesting ability allowing Nejire Hado to utilize her internal energy to create blast waves. They have the appearance of golden spirals, and visually, they are the perfect complement to her hairstyle.

Nejire has full control over Wave Motion. She can decide how much life energy she wants to utilize for these blasts. Although Wave Motion is a ranged attack, it doesn’t have a long reach. Nejire can also utilize this power to increase her own mobility and even fly. The student can release the energy from her feet or hands.

In many ways, Nejire’s quirk is similar to Bakugo’s Explosion. The main difference is in the manifestation form. Both of them can be really devastating but can also serve utility purposes.

The biggest disadvantage of the quirk is that Hado needs to utilize her own life force to power it up. Overuse can lead to extreme fatigue, decreasing the student’s mobility and preventing Hado from defending herself. Over time, Nejire has managed to enhance this power by increasing her life force.

Her super moves are Nejire Flood and Nejire Wave. These are basically the same moves but with different energy outputs. While Nejire Wave is utilized at 30% capacity, Nejire Flood utilizes 100% of the potential capacity.

Incredible Stamina

Nejire Hado

Given how Nejire trains her quirk, she has much more energy than some other students and even pro heroes. Hado has an incredible energy pool that can be utilized not only for discharging Nejire Waves but also for other purposes.

For example, we can see this during the Shie Hassaikai arc. When facing Rikiya, who can drain stamina, she still manages to stay on her feet and battle numerous yakuza members for 20 minutes straight. Similar can be said for her battle with Dabi. Although thoroughly scorched by his Blue Flames, to the point of receiving a scar, Nerije got back to her feet and continued battling High-End Nomus.

Power of Flight

The student can release the energy through her feet, which allows her to hover and fly around. In fact, in most of Hado’s battle scenes, you can see the character mid-air. Although she is generally a slow character, this power allows her to quickly move around the battlefield and help out in a pinch.

Nejire Hado’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Although not necessarily portrayed as the strongest character, we shouldn’t disregard Nejire’s power. In the end, she is a member of the Big Three, which is considered one of the biggest student forces on the U.A. campus.

While her physical traits are not that impressive (except for stamina), she manages to compensate for her weaknesses through the versatile use of Wave Motion.


  • Hado has a cool-headed and analytical approach to battles despite her otherwise jovial and relaxed character.
  • Her high energy pool makes her very efficient in drawn-out battles. Furthermore, she is very resilient to energy-draining quirks.
  • High endurance also helps Nejire withstand injuries and battle through the pain.
  • The power of flight gives her a tactical advantage against grounded opponents.
  • Like many other heroes in the manga, Nejire can control her output, dishing stronger or weaker attacks depending on an opponent.
  • In a few situations, we saw that Hado is more than capable of taking several opponents at once.


  • Although Nejire has increased her overall stamina as the story goes by, she is still highly dependent on it. Although this can be classified as her weakness, we need to consider the fact that other heroes and students are also dependent on stamina, including some hard hitters like Endeavor, Midoriya, and Dabi.
  • Despite her waves being categorized as a long-ranged attack, they don’t reach very far, nor do they work in a wide radius.

Nejire Hado’s Trivia

Nejire Hado

Nejire is a Hard Worker

Although Nejire is presented as an elite student, being a part of the big three, she wasn’t always that strong. In fact, this is something that could be said for all the members of the trio. For example, Mirio wasn’t even supposed to be a hero; his parents never were as they couldn’t control the Permeation quirk.

All three members of the group ranked pretty low during their second year. Their results during the second-year school festival were moderate and best, and no one expected they would have such a major surge in year three. What made it even harder is the fact that all three members have specific, odd characters, which made them outcasts in the eyes of students and pro heroes.

However, talent rose to the surface, and Nejire, Mirio, and Tamaki would eventually take their rightful place as some of the most powerful third-year students.

Nejire and Tamaki

While Nejire and Tamaki are not romantically involved, you can notice that their relationship runs much deeper than a simple partnership. Although you might argue the same thing for all the members of the Big Three, it is noticeable that Hado has a much better relationship with Tamaki than Mirio.

For example, Nejire is constantly trying to cheer Tamaki when he underperforms and is always there to support him during the battle. She is also kind to Mirio, but not in the same manner. Furthermore, she calls Mirio by his last name while using the first name for Tamaki.

Nejire “The Ugly Duckling”

The show’s creators subverted our expectations by crowning Nejire as the winner of a beauty pageant. During the show, she is presented as a cutie, but not necessarily sexy. Prior to the competition, none of the students gave her a chance to win. So, it came as a real shock when she managed to dethrone Bibimi, who was a clear favorite.

To do so, the creators focused on Nejire’s cuteness and lighter personality instead of her talents or extravagance.

Nejiri’s Name

Like many other students and heroes in the show, the creators used Nejiri’s name to refer to her power. Nejiri is somewhat translated to “distortion,” while Hado can be translated to “wave,” “wavelength,” or “change.”

Wasted Potential

Nejire Hado

Despite a few shiny moments, the creators could’ve done much more with this student. In fact, many critics would say that the Big Three should’ve been named the Big Two.

Nejire is extremely underutilized, especially when compared to her teammates. Hado’s two defining moments occurred during the beauty pageant and Paranormal Liberation War Arc. The beauty pageant win is a nice moment, but at the same time, somewhat degrading for a hero of such enormous power.

As for the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, she was portrayed as really strong but was eventually wounded by Dabi, which did a major disservice to the character. Regardless, we cannot overlook Hado as a hero. According to the official stats, her intellect, power, strength, and speed rank well above the average. It is just unfortunate that we haven’t seen more of that in the show.

The Wave Motion can be Confused for Electric Quirk

Due to the nature and appearance of her quirk, you can easily mistake it for electric power. It is yellow, and the hero shoots it from her hands as if it’s thunder. Having a spiraling instead of edgy design can indicate that this isn’t an electric power but, instead, something a bit different.


Question: Does Nejire Hado have a Crush?

Answer: Like with many other characters in My Hero Academia, there are a few indications that Nejire has a crush, but the signs are not that obvious.
She definitely has a close relationship with Tamaki and would often encourage him when he becomes moody. However, Hado behaves more like a big sister than a love interest.

Question: How Strong is Wave Motion?

Answer: By reading the manga, you can’t actually tell if Hado’s quirk is strong or weak. There are a few situations where she completely decimates enemies, but it doesn’t feel as powerful as some other abilities in the show.
Only by checking her stats, displayed in Ultra Analysis Book, can you tell that this is an enormously powerful quirk that can compare to some of the strongest abilities in the show.

Question: Who are the Other Two Members of the Big Three?

Answer: Aside from Nejire Hado, Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki are the other two members of the Big Three. Mirio can use a quirk called Permeation, turning any body part untouchable at will. Tamaki has the power called Manifest that allows him to gain the physical properties of an animal after consuming its meat.

Nejire Hado Guide: Conclusion

According to many fans, Nejire Hado is an underutilized character in My Hero Academia. On many occasions, she is depicted as very average, although this isn’t the case. The student has a very jovial and curious nature, but most fans don’t see her as a relevant character.

Nejire Hado utilizes a quirk called Wave Motion. It allows her to discharge energy waves from her feet and arms, which can be used for striking down enemies and levitating. Nejire can adjust the power output, allowing her to take down much larger enemies.

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