Momo Yaoyorozu Guide

Momo Yaoyorozu Guide

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Momo Yaoyorozu, alias Everything Hero: Creati, is one of numerous My Hero Academia students. She is a natural-born leader who, despite having a relatively weak quirk and physical attributes, can win a lot of battles with her superior intellect and strategy.

Creati possesses a very interesting and flexible ability. She can make numerous objects that simply pop out of her skin. However, she needs a lot of food to use it properly. Furthermore, when creating larger objects, Momo needs some time to materialize them.

While her quirk can be used for just about anything, it does require thinking on your feet. Aside from standard weapons, Momo can create different objects that would allow her to adjust on the fly.

Key Info Up Front

Momo Yaoyorozu, or Creati, is a student who can materialize objects by changing her cellular structure. This allows her to adapt to various battle situations. Momo’s superior intellect also helps her devise great strategies giving her a chance to win regardless of the odds.

Momo Yaoyorozu Personal Info

As previously mentioned, Momo has all the aptitude to be a great leader, which can also be seen several times throughout the series. Her classmates would often commend Momo for her calm and rational demeanor, and they love teaming up with this versatile hero.

Always trying to maintain control, she can make split-second decisions. Classmates also like Momo because she is very conservative, polite, and knows how to treat people the right way. If you’re trying to develop your practical or theoretical skills, Creati can be a superb teacher. Straightforward and critical, she can also be very patient when dealing with slow learners such as Kaminari and Mina.

Momo doesn’t always care about the opinion of others. The student is so focused on the task at hand that she sometimes tends to forget her manners. This is best depicted in a few situations where Creati would destroy her clothes when making weapons. As a result, some of her friends perceive her as an exhibitionist and attention-seeker.

Despite being outspoken, she doesn’t tolerate vulgarities and bad manners. This is best shown through her relationship with Katsuki and Mineta.

While creators gave Momo a large, mature body and would portray her as rational, there are some situations where you can see her innocence. For example, even when she tears her clothes, she doesn’t perceive that as a vulgar exhibition, as she can’t comprehend the issue. This reminds us that Momo is still a young person that’s growing and learning.

Momo’s Struggles

Like all other students, Momo is flawed and occasionally shows signs of insecurity. After battling Todoroki and Tokoyami, she realizes the limits of her power. The frustration deepens after a lackluster apprenticeship. For the most part, she felt neglected by her tutor, as if the pro hero didn’t see any potential in Creati.

However, things slowly start to turn around for Momo after speaking to Shoto. The student managed to regain her confidence and would focus on her best trait: high intelligence. From this moment onward, you can see a completely different Creati. She would take a mantle of a leader and would devise awesome strategies by analyzing battle situations and making the best with available resources.

Momo always tries to be levelheaded. However, there are a few situations where you can see her childish side and willingness to do the same things as her immature classmates. Throughout the story, we learn that Creati comes from a rich family.

Momo Yaoyorozu Appearance

Momo is the tallest female student at 5.8 inches. She is relatively lean but isn’t necessarily strong. She is classified as one of the physically weaker female students despite the fact she looks big and strong. This might have to do with her quirk, which requires a lot of energy to use. So, in theory, Momo doesn’t have enough strength after using her Creation.

Yaoyorozu has long black hair that she keeps in a ponytail. Her eyes match her character; they are black and sharp, oozing confidence. Like all other female students, Momo wears a standard U.A. outfit.

Creati has one of the raunchiest female outfits. It is a kind of open red leotard that showcases her neck to her midriff. The reason behind this is so that Momo could pull out a weapon from the front side. The student has long boots with heels, red shorts, knee pads, and two large utility belts with several important items, including Yaoyorictionary.

Momo Yaoyorozu’s Appearances in Manga and Anime

Momo Yaoyorozu

Similar to other students, Momo is introduced in the 6th episode of manga and the 5th episode of anime. At first, she looked like a generic nerd character. However, as the story progressed, we learned more and more about this interesting student and her cool quirk.

Battle Trial Arc

Although a minor appearance, we can see glimpses of Momo’s intellect during Battle Trial Arc. After incurring his first loss during a 2v2 battle, All Might would criticize Katsuki Bakugo. He would pose an interesting question to the students, asking what went wrong for Katsuki’s team. Momo would provide a quick answer pointing to various flaws all his strategy.

Later on, Momo Yaoyorozu would team up with Minoru Mineta to take on a team of Kyoka Jiro and Denki Kaminari. Unfortunately, we don’t know how this battle went.

U.S.J. Arc

At the start of the U.S.J. Arc, Momo is elected as a class vice president. During this series of episodes, our young students face the first real threat in the League of Villains. As they were training at the U.S.J. compound, they were ambushed by an overwhelming enemy force.

Although two teachers, Thirteen and Shota Aizawa, did their best to protect the students and get them out of combat, they were eventually forced to fight.

Creati was paired with Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro. The three of them would form a team at Mountain Zone. Momo’s quick thinking saves the day; she created an insulation sheet and ordered the other two students to get beneath it. After that, she told Kaminari to release a powerful electric discharge maiming all the nearby opponents.

Despite attaining the initial victory, the trio would be ambushed by an electric villain who took Kaminari hostage ordering Momo and Jiro to stand down. However, he was struck down with a bullet shot by one of the pro heroes who came out of nowhere to protect the students.

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Momo Yaoyorozu

Although very confident by nature, the events during U.A. Sports Festival Arc shook Momo. During this set of episodes, our protagonists would battle each other in three events that were broadcast across Japan.

Momo was first featured during the cavalry event. She was paired with Shoto Todoroki, Denki Kaminari, and Tenya Iida. The point of this event was to get as many headbands from the other teams while protecting your own. On a few occasions, Creati saves her team with quick thinking. Eventually, team Todoroki would go on to win the event.

Later on, there is a small scene where Momo and other girls are tricked into wearing a cheerleader outfit. Although initially happy to represent the school, they quickly find out that that was a ploy by two resident perverts Denki and Mineta. All the girls are upset for being tricked into cheerleading, with Momo being the most infuriated.

During the third event, students are pitted against each other in an elimination-type battle event. Yaoyorozu would go against Fumikage Tokoyami. As she was preparing her weapons through Creation quirk, Tokoyami would strike quickly and decisively, eliminating Creati from the competition. This would make her doubt herself and her quirk.

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

In this arc, students get apprenticeships. Momo and Itsuka, a student from another class, go to Uwabami’s agency. Uwabami is known as the Snake hero and is very popular among the fans, so for the majority of the apprenticeship, Momo would go between special events and photoshoots.

Final Exams Arc

Momo Yaoyorozu

In Final Exams Arc, the students have to perform written and practical exams. As a reward, those who pass the test can go on a field trip. A few students are stressed about the upcoming written tests. Momo offers her assistance, and soon after, a study group featuring Mina, Kyoka, Hanta, Denki, and Mashirao is formed.

After the written tests, students are put on a practical trial. Shota Aizawa throws a curveball when he reveals that students will be paired together and will go against one of the teachers. Creati and Shoto Todoroki will form one of the teams and will go against Eraser Head.

Momo and Shoto

The students can pass the practical exam either by one of them fleeing or by handcuffing the teacher. The plan is for Momo to escape while Shoto fights Shota Aizawa. In preparation, Creati starts making various objects, such as Russian dolls.

Aizawa attacks them out of the blue and quickly captures Todoroki by suspending him above telephone wires. According to the plan, Momo starts running towards the escape, but Shota quickly catches up to her. The student manages to evade his capturing attempt and starts running back to Todoroki.

By throwing a Russian doll in the air, which contained a flashbang, she temporarily blinds her teacher. This gives her enough time to release Shoto. The duo continues fighting Eraser Head and would eventually manage to capture him.

When everything’s said and done, Shoto will commend Momo for her quick thinking to which she burst into tears.

Forest Training Camp Arc

Although a few students failed the practical exam, they all passed theory, so Eraser Head decided to bring them all to the forest training camp. Here, they are attacked by the League of Villains, the same evil faction that previously challenged.

Students were stuck in the woods, in small groups, when villains made their move. They started their attack by creating a thick sleeping gas over the whole area. Luckily, due to quick thinking, Momo managed to create a few masks, thus saving nearby students.

In the following moments, Creati was injured by an enemy and would require assistance from Yosetsu Awase, who carried her around. They were escaping from a vicious Nomu. Luckily, the monster was summoned back and would start pursuing them. As Nomu was getting ready to run back to its masters, Momo instructed Yosetsu to weld a tracker onto it so they could find the enemy hideout.

Later on, Yaoyorozu is hospitalized with numerous other students. She would be commended for her quick wit.

Hideout Raid Arc

Hideout Raid Arc

During Forest Training Camp Arc, Bakugo was captured by the enemy. Not wanting to wait for pro heroes to handle the situation, our young protagonists decide to use the transmitter to track down Katsuki and save him themselves.

A group of Kirishima, Momo, Midoriya, Tenya, and Shoto gathers during the night and decides they should take action. Despite having the upper hand, the students realize that this will be a hard mission to pull off. The tracker takes them to Yokohama City, where the enemy hideout is located.

Momo decides to buy disguises for the entire team. Shoto criticizes her, saying that she could’ve made them herself, to which she defends herself that she wanted to support the local economy.

Our team is now in front of the hideout, scouting the situation and hatching a plan. While all of that is happening, a team of pro heroes suddenly makes their move and engages the opponents. After some back and forth, a few Nomus appear, followed by All For One.

Struck with fear, it takes a while for students to make their move. Eventually, they created a cool plan that would help them recapture Bakugo, who was surrounded by all sides. At the end of the arc, All Might completely loses his powers, but the heroes manage to capture All For One.

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

In one of the first episodes, we see Shota Aizawa scolding the students. He tells them that their actions were reckless and that they should go through standard channels next time.

At the Provisional Hero License Exam, students from various schools are pinned against each other in an elimination test. 1-A classmates quickly realize that the best way to overcome their opponents and get their temporary licenses is by working together. They proceed by making smaller teams.

Creati forms a group with Mezo Shoji, Kyoka Jiro, and Tsuyu Asui. While inside one of the buildings, they are ambushed by a master tactician Saiko Intelli and a few of her classmates. Our group is held within one of the rooms and is exposed to extreme cold.

Momo’s levelheadedness saves the day once again. Instead of creating winter clothes, she creates a massive amplifier and blasts the opponents with Jiro’s sound quirk. All of them are knocked out except for Intelli. They managed to free themselves and would eventually beat Saiko.

Later on, a group of several students rushes to a disaster site during a rescue exam. Once again, Momo shows perfect control and calmness. While Ochaco wants to rush in and save one of the victims, Creati decides to reinforce the rubble so that it doesn’t collapse mid-rescue.

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Yaoyorozu briefly appears during this arc. First, you can see her during a group conversation with some other students where they discuss work studies. Later on, she is quickly defeated by Mirio during their exercise and would go on to have a few other minor scenes.

U.A. School Festival Arc

Momo Yaoyorozu
Image from My Hero Academia Fandom

In this arc, our protagonists are meant to organize an event for the whole school. They talk about different activities and stalls they can create. As the class representatives, Tenya Iida and Momo take charge of things. Eventually, the students would agree to form a bend with Katsuki, Yaoyorozu, Fumikage, and Denki. Momo would play on the keyboard, and they would perform splendidly.

Joint Training Arc

In this set of episodes, classes 1-A and 1-B would go against each other in a simulated battle. The point of the exercise was to capture the entire enemy team and put them in jail. Momo and her team would face team Itsuka Kendo in the second round.

At the very start of the battle, Kendo issues an open challenge to Momo, saying that she always liked her quirk and that she thinks Yaoyorozu is beautiful. Like in many other situations, Creati makes a battle plan for her team. Initially, the enemies had some success when Shihai Kuroiro captured Yuga. However, Tokoyami manages to save his friend by showing off a new move that allows him to fly.

After that, the team is attacked by Kinoko, who starts growing mushrooms on Toru and Momo. This is followed up by Manga’s attack, which manages to separate Creati from other students. The enemy wants to eliminate her from the equation, fearing Momo’s great tactical skill.

Itsuka’s attack

As soon as Yaoyorozu is separated from the rest of the group, Itsuka takes the initiative. She attacks the student with her quirk, Big Fist, forcing her to backpedal. In a last-ditch attempt, Momo creates a cannon. Itsuka quickly realizes that she doesn’t want to shoot her but instead, to break the wall that separates Creati from her teammates.

This was also a ruse. Momo never intended to escape, but instead, she launches a bag with night goggles and anti-fungal sprays, which should help her teammates win against the enemy. Unfortunately, despite all her efforts, the team loses to well-prepared enemies.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

In this arc, our students go against Paranormal Liberation Front. They want to stop Tomura, who is currently receiving genetic enhancements. Pro heroes and students form two raid teams meant to strike at an enemy hospital and villa.

During the initial episodes, students show off their new moves and improvements. Momo has managed to improve her strategic ability once again. She will have a crucial role in the upcoming episodes as a part of the villa raid team.

The students face one of their biggest challenges yet when facing Gigantomachia. Midnight leads the team and tells Creati that the only way to beat the monster is by sedating it. Momo is supposed to create a drug, which they would put in the giant’s mouth.

At one point, Yaoyorozue would take charge of the team and would gather the troops as they started scattering around. The young students manage to lure Gigantomachia into a deep hole, thus reducing his mobility. While the giant is squirming, Kirishima manages to administer the drug. Later on, they would fire Momo’s cannon at the monster forcing it to move, which would quicken the impact of the drug.

Despite winning the battle, the raid team would take heavy losses.

Quirk and Abilities

Momo Yaoyorozu

Quirk – Creation

Momo Yaoyorozu can break down fats in her body, change their molecular structure and create different objects from them. She just needs to understand what this item looks like and to understand its properties.

While she can create just about anything, Creati is limited by the number of fats in her body. Furthermore, the bigger the item, the more time it requires to make it. To maximize the quirk’s potential, Momo needs to think on her feet. She also carries Yaoyorictionary, which helps her remember some of the combinations.

She doesn’t necessarily have special moves, unlike other students.

High Intellect

Creati is one of the smartest students in the anime, which can be seen on numerous occasions. Her quirk matches well with her intellect, allowing her to adapt to just about any combat situation.

Not only that, but she demands respect from her classmates. They fully trust Momo in combat situations but also for tutoring and other needs. Creati is mature beyond her years, allowing her to observe situations with levelheadedness.

Weapon Skill

Although not as strong or agile as some of the other students, Momo is very proficient with weapons. She can quickly make poles and other stick-type objects and rush into the battle. Furthermore, Create can also be very efficient at a long range.




Like many other students and heroes, Momo’s outfit doesn’t necessarily provide any utility. Instead, it allows her to utilize her quirk without a hitch. Leotard, with an open front, allows Yaoyorozu to draw objects from her chest, which is optimal as they fall directly into her hands. Also, the open section allows her to create objects without having to think about wardrobe malfunctions.

Belt and Yaoyorictionary

Yaoyorictionary is a unique item for Momo. It lists various items that Creati can make in combat situations. That way, she can remember a useful weapon or an object. The Yaoyorictionaryis attached to her utility belt that holds it firmly in place.

Momo Yaoyorozu’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Despite all her innate skills and abilities, Momo is heavily reliant on the items she produces. However, it is worth mentioning that, even when her quirk is unavailable, she has an important role on the battlefield.


  • Momo’s intellect and strategic skills make her an important cog in any team.
  • Her quirk has seemingly unlimited potential, although, like all other powers in My Hero Academia, it has its weaknesses.
  • Momo is proficient with various weapons and can work as a melee or a ranged hero.
  • Due to the nature of her quirk and her high intellect, Momo can rival just about anyone.
  • Great teamwork ability and can work as both a leader and a follower.


  • To maximize the quirk’s potential, Momo needs to eat a lot of fatty food. So, her success is largely dependent on preparation (especially given that she needs time to create certain objects).
  • Momo is weak against quick attacks and opponents.
  • The choice of objects is crucial for her success during a mission.

Momo Yaoyorozu Trivia

Momo Yaoyorozu

Overwhelming Intelligence

Despite being portrayed as a very smart person, this doesn’t do her justice. Keep in mind that Creati needs to memorize hundreds of schematics and make them at just the right moment. In the series, we can see her making incredible contraptions while under stress. According to the lore, she has a 6 out of 5 intellect score. Her quirk and her intellect are a perfect blend.

Powerful Family

Although the show’s creators didn’t want to put too much emphasis on this, it is obvious that Yaoyorozu comes from a very wealthy and powerful family. Unlike most other students, who had to battle to get to the school, Momo came through recommendation.

This could indicate that her family used their influence to get her into the school. We can also notice her status when students showcase their rooms, and Momo’s is adorned with expensive objects.

Russian Matryoshka Doll

Russian matryoshka dolls are small, but with complex paint making, you wonder why Momo relies on this item so much. This reason is simple: the Russian doll is the first thing she ever created. So, from this point onward, she would use the figurines to store various other items.

Yaoyorozu’s Lucky Bag

Officially, Creati has just one special move in Yaoyorozu’s Lucky Bag. As the name implies, it is a bag with all sorts of items. She can use the move to supply her allies with the necessary weapons and tools without enemies realizing what’s inside.

Prefers Melee Combat

Interestingly enough, Momo is often seen in melee combat despite the fact she isn’t the best melee combatant. In some situations, she is forced into this situation when enemies rush her. However, Creati often puts herself in this position out of her own volition. So, it makes you wonder if it would be better if she just attacked enemies from a distance.

Overly Sexualized

As it goes in anime and manga, there are a lot of overly sexualized characters, and Momo is one of them in My Hero Academia. Not only does she have skimpy clothes, but she needs to rip them to extract items from her body. The good thing is that she can easily replicate these clothes. However, that doesn’t change the fact she is exposing herself to onlookers for a brief moment.

Battling with Insecurities

Momo is no different from most other characters when it comes to insecurities. There were a few situations where she faltered mentally, not being able to cope with the quirk’s inadequacies. However, as the show progresses, she manages to come to terms with these weaknesses and turn them into strengths.


Question: Who is Momo Yaoyorozu’s Crush?

Answer: Like many other protagonists in My Hero Academia, Momo is “paired” with one of the boys. She is often seen together with Shoto Todoroki, and some of these scenes are very cute. Although there aren’t obvious signs, like with Midoriya and Ochaco, many fans consider them as a potential couple.

Question: Who is Momo’s Best Friend?

Answer: Momo and Kyoka Jiro are often seen together. They are first shown battling as a team during the U.S.J. attack. They also have a cool scene during the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, where they manage to pass the exam together. Lastly, they both performed during the school festival, Momo on keyboards and Jiro as a singer/bass player.

Question: What is Momo’s Hero Name?

Answer: Momo Yaoyorozu is also known as Everything Hero: Creati. This refers to her ability to create just about anything by changing the structure of her fat cells. Momo has a very flexible power, which can be utilized in just about any situation.

Momo Yaoyorozu Guide: Conclusion

Momo Yaoyorozu is one of the most featured female characters in My Hero Academia. She has a very interesting power in Creation, which she can use to turn the tide of almost any battle. Despite being a great skill, Creation takes time, and Momo needs fat to utilize it.

Creati is rational and a natural-born leader. She has a lot of shining moments, and you never know what will happen next in the scenes featuring this ingenious character.

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