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From his strict beginnings to his current respectable persona, Tenya Lida embodies personal growth, introspection, and the ideals of becoming a hero in the truest sense. Kōhei Horikoshi does a fantastic job showcasing his journey.

I kept getting shocked by how he rose above the typical tropes of the familiar supporting characters and became a hero in the truest of sense, making his place in the series(even though he still doesn’t believe it). I will be discussing Tenya Lida in detail, his personality, quirk, and journey to date. (Warning! Spoilers.)

“I’m a novice. I can’t measure up to their standards! Be that as it may… I have to stand up! Never again! Never again will they… or my brother… leave me behind in the dust!”

Tenya Lida “Ingenium”

Born to a Family of “Turbo Heroes” and part of class 1A, Tenya Lida is currently 16 years old and studying at the best hero school in Japan. He works hard to carry on his family’s legacy and become a great hero. He is overly academic and uptight, focusing on the rules and obligations of a hero trying to follow in his brothers’ footsteps, who he considers a great hero.

I believe Tenya Lida is one of the best students at U.A and possesses the power of extreme speed, which is the quirk passed to his family members through generations. This power evolved to help his body function as an engine.

His character has grown astoundingly well. Even though his motivations kept changing or even improving, his goal remains to become a hero in the truest sense, which is to help others in need.


Tenya Iida

Tenya is a muscular young man, standing 179cm (5.11ft) tall. He has a fit aesthetic to his face with a pointed chin, dark hair parted to the right side, deep blue eyes in the Anime (which suit him very well), and red eyes in the manga. He has long, thin eyebrows that are pointed inward, helping him maintain a stern expression, and their edges are outwardly hooked.

He sports a pair of glasses which are rectangular. His quirk is visible on his body with six silver exhaust channels sticking out of his heavy muscular calves in vertical pairs of three. His left arm has scars on where Stain attacked him.

School Attire

He wears the standard U.A school Uniform, neatly following all the dress codes with the red tie tied neatly and the coat buttoned up. His gym or sports attire is similar to everyone else’s, except him wearing shorts instead of pants to access his quirk easily.

Hero Costume

Tenya wears an entirely black outfit with a high collar. He has light metal armor pieces on his body, mainly his forearms, biceps, and a chest plate with two pointed fronts joined by an inward curve. He wears greaves and poleyns on his legs, covered with gold attachments that help support his quirk for better functionality.

The pipes with a blue band in the middle cover his torso and exit behind him, acting as exhausts for his quirk. He wears a helmet covering his head with two horns pointing outward from the sides. The helmet has several holes that allow Tenya to breathe and speak easily.


Tenya’s character has progressed throughout the show, slowly discovering what it means to make the right choices and be a true hero. While being highly intelligent, disciplined, and noble, the prim and control freak identity of Tenya has slowly softened, including the whacky hand gestures.

With us noticing the highlights of kindness and his love for friendship that he holds above all else, shine. His nature tends to be a bit socially awkward at times. Still, he overcomes these minor problems through effort and his attitude. Tenya is the sound voice of reason that is always present to support his friends even if the situation looks grim.

Straight Laced


Tenya Lida always maintains a proper attitude doing everything that would be expected of him as a model student. He always does well in school, being one of the brightest students in the U.A. His room is filled with books, showcasing his intellectual nature.

During the initial entrance exam, he reprimanded Midoriya for muttering because he thought it disturbed everyone else who was trying to listen. When the Class chose the class representative, he came off as abrasive. Still, he held that the Class should democratically decide the representative. Tenya voted for Midorya Izuku because he felt he displayed great heroic ability during the entrance exam.

Tenya holds his position with great honor and respect, portraying the best behavior a hero course student should and expecting his classmates to follow suit.


Tenya Lida has a solid moral compass and isn’t afraid to state his opinion. His high sense of morality stems from his family’s influence and expectations. His code did break once when Stain attacked his brother. That ordeal had a considerable impact on his personality and allowed him to rethink his motivations as a hero. He even apologized to Shoto and Izuku because his actions did not reflect a true hero.

While his personality was strict initially, I saw him gradually understanding the need to break the rules for the greater good. It was prominent when Bakugou was kidnapped; he was against going after the villains to save him because he was worried for the well-being of his classmates.

He later agreed to the stipulation that they would not engage in combat. Tenya’s strong moral compass and gradual growth show exceptional leadership capabilities, along with his consideration. He is never hesitant to admit his mistakes. He always makes an effort to better himself as a hero and a person.

Duty and Kindness

Tenya’s sense of obligation and kindness is next to none. His priority is always his duties as a hero and his comrades. He performed the role of a villain to the best degree he could out of obligation to portray an authentic scenario.

Tenya conducts all of his duties as the class representative with sincerity and helps anyone in need. When Yuga thought the situation was getting worse and was on the brink of accepting failure, he rose to motivate him. His sense of obligation was very prominent during the Paranormal Liberation War. He ensured that even the older adults and children were evacuated from the buildings.

He was worried about Izuku and Shoto and was the only one who decided to help while fighting against Shigaraki Tomura. Even though he was disobeying direct orders, he did it because he wanted to help his friends.


Tenya Iida

Even though this side of Tenya has shrunk quite a bit, it is still pertinent at times. After Stain attacked his brother, he threw all of his duties out the window and focused solely on revenge. He realized the error of his ways after the battle, but recklessness was in his nature.

Similar moments have existed showcasing such behavior; when Tenya judged Midoriya Izuku too quickly at the entrance exam but agreed that he had made a mistake.

When Bakugou needed to be saved, he punched Izuku because he was frustrated and could not express his feelings to his friends (he apologized later on). He has been working on being more rational, which makes Tenya so impressive, even with his flaws.

Quirk and Abilities


Tenya Lida’s quirk is called Engine, one of the coolest ones. His calves manage as vehicle engines. The protruding exhausts allow him to exert strong force, which can be used for fantastic kicking abilities and to travel at extreme speeds.

He needs to fuel his quirk with orange juice. He can travel at varying speeds by putting his quirk in different gears. The exhausts cannot be clogged; otherwise, his quirk will cease to function.

During the quirk test, Tenya ran 50 meters in 3.04 seconds. His speed has dramatically increased due to the multiple battles and consistent training he has undergone. He learned a family trade from his brother, which would help him raise the strength of his abilities before the Training Arc.

It required him to remove the exhausts from his legs to grow stronger manually, new ones comparable to forcibly removing a tooth. This shows his ability to withstand pain and the versatility of his quirk.

Fighting Prowess

His fighting style focuses on leg movements and kicking, using his quirks and extreme speed. He can defeat strong enemies and withstand strong attacks because of his skills. Tenya managed to defeat Ibara Shiozaki, a formidable opponent, using his speed and skills.

Tenya, along with Midoriya and Shoto, managed to defeat the A rank hero killer: Stain. The fight was intense, and Tenya’s quick thinking and maneuverability helped them win. Tenya held his own against several High-End Nobu during the paranormal liberation war against whom even the pros struggled.

Perception and Intellect


Tenya, one of the brightest Heroes on the roster, can be very strategic and tactical. Tenya managed to discern the logic behind the entrance exam and how to succeed.

During the Final Exams, Tenya managed to create a strategy with Mashirao Ojiro against Higari Maijima (Power Loader). Tenya used his legs to boost Ojiro, resulting in a scheme to allow his escape while Tenya focused on Maijima.

He can make tough decisions at crucial moments, like when he calmed the Class when the school declared a state of emergency or during the fight with All For One, Tenya carried Bakugou to safety after he was gravely injured, making that his priority.

His ability to analyze and discern the situation helps increase his fighting ability and allows him to challenge and stand against many strong enemies.

Move Set

Engine Boost

This ability allows Tenya to move at a much higher speed. It is one of his more basic moves.

Recipro Burst

By forcing the engines in his calves to go into overdrive, Tenya gains extreme speed levels that the naked eye is difficult to keep up with for 10 seconds. The only drawback is that he cannot use his quirk for a short period. He can still maneuver and attack during this move resulting in highly damaging attacks.

Recipro Extend

An extension of his original technique Recipro Burst, He uses the radiators to rapidly cool his Engine to exert another substantial amount of force.

Recipro Turbo

His family’s most potent ability and maybe one of the coolest things a character can do, the move has been passed down to Tenya. By removing his exhausts, he can grow newer ones that withstand substantial force. Tenya can use this ability to enable Recipro for about 10 minutes, increasing his power and speed substantially.

A True Hero: The Path to Ingenium

Tenya Lida


Born into a prestigious family of heroes, Tenya Lida has always been proud of his family’s legacy. As a child, he always looked up to his older brother “Tensei Lida,” a pro hero who strived hard to help all those in need. The love and admiration for his brother fueled his desire to become a hero and stand alongside him. Before joining U.A, Tenya attended Soumei High School, a prestigious private school.

The Entrance Exam

At the ceremony, he reprimanded Midoriya twice at different instances, presuming that he was misbehaving on purpose, negatively impacting the two’s first few encounters.

He was the only one who noticed Midoriya paralyzed with fear. When he saw Midoriya saving Ochaco, he questioned if the situation was not an exam citing that he would do the same—showing his need for continuous growth.

Introductions and the First Trial

Tenya was one of the first students to arrive in class. He reintroduces himself to Izuku and apologizes for his behavior at the entrance exam, saying that Izuku is the superior student. Aizawa then takes the Class for their quirk test and Tenya manages to get 4th  position.

During the battle trial, Tenya is partnered with Katsuki Bakugou against Midoriya Izuku and Uraraka Ochaco, who leaves him to deal with the bomb alone, which leaves Tenya exasperated. Due to Bakugou’s inability to work in a team, Tenya loses concentration, forcing them to fail.

Enter Villains (USJ arc)

Tenya proposes a democratic vote in choosing the class representative even though he wishes to become the class representative. Tenya voted for Midoriya Izuku, who became class representative. As the siren goes off in the Lunchroom, Tenya proves to be proactive in calming the crowd and helping them smoothly move through the room.

Witnessing his ability, Midoriya chooses to step down as class representative and gives that position to Tenya Lida, to which everyone agrees. He changes into his hero costume to go for rescue training, where they are interrupted by villains. He helps by saving his classmates and then is asked by thirteen to go back to U.A to inform the pro heroes of the scenario.

He manages to pull off actively helping everyone there. He quickly started to display acts of heroism which improved Tenya’s overall outlook.

The Sports Festival

On the day of the festival, Tenya manages to use his quirk and maneuver through all the obstacles with speed, granting him 6th place.

Tenya politely declines Izuku’s invitation to the Human Cavalry Battle and joins Todoroki Shoto’s team. He manages to steal the Ten Million Band from Izuku due to his Recipro but suffers from an engine stall. Izuku then manages to steal a headband from Shoto, and their team begins to counter, but the match ends with Tenya’s team coming in the first place.

At the Final Tournament Event

Tenya Iida

First Match: Tenya’s first opponent was Mei Hatsume. She uses the entire match to advertise her products and politely exits the ring.

Second Match: For his second match, he faced Ibara Shiozaki, who attacked Tenya with her thorns, but Tenya used his Recipro burst to throw her out of bounds resulting in his win.

Third Match: Tenya’s third opponent (Semi-final) was Todoroki Shoto, who was now using both fire and ice. Tenya decides to finish the match quickly, but Todoroki uses ice to clog his exhaust. Due to his ignorance, he forced Tenya to halt, then froze his body, resulting in Tenya’s loss.

After the semi-finals, Tenya receives a phone call from his mother. After hearing what had occurred, Tenya rushes to Hosu General Hospital, where he finds his brother Tensei gravely injured. Tensei, with guilt, expresses that he can no longer act as a hero because he can’t feel below his body and apologizes to him for being weak. Tensei then asks Tenya to carry on the Ingenium name.

A Dark Turn: The Hero Killer

Two days after the tournament, Tenya chooses his given name as his hero name instead of Ingenium. Later on, Aizawa announced Pro hero nominations received by the students, and Tenya received 301. Tenya decides on Hosu City for his training. Initially, Tenya goes out on patrol with Manual, silently finding clues about the Hero Killer Stain so that he can exact revenge for what he did to his brother.

On the third day, while on patrol with Normal hero, a state of mayhem occurs where Nobus begins attacking. In the alleyway, Tenya notices the Hero Killer Stain.

Tenya succumbs to Stain’s quirk and ability as their battle commences, even after putting forward his best efforts. Stain then admonishes Tenya for being a fake hero like his brother, citing that he should’ve focused on saving the pro-hero instead; he was fueled by hatred and revenge. As the fight gets rough, Midoriya and Todoroki arrive at the scene.

The two help Tenya get back on the right path and together go head to head against the Hero Killer. They manage to defeat Stain after a grueling near-death battle.

After the fight, the three land in the hospital for treatment. They are greeted by the Police chief Kenji Tsuragamae, Gran Torino, and Manual. The Chief then elaborates that since there weren’t many witnesses, the force would cover up the fight.

The three won’t receive any punishment, but the police shall hand out no merit to them. Tenya refuses to get surgery on his left arm, where Stain managed to hurt him, exclaiming that he will do so once he becomes a true hero.

I believe this was a significant turning point in Tenya’s life. He made another friend (Shoto), it changed his approach to heroism and showcased how well designed his character is. It portrayed how no one is perfect, but we can always strive to be.

The Final Exam Arc

Tenya scored 2nd on his exam and is paired with Mashirao for their final exercise exam against a U.A teacher, Power Loader. The team needs to escape the area in 30 minutes to win.

Tenya and Mashirao cannot move due to Power Loaders’ intense digging and trapping abilities. Still, by using his keen intellect, Tenya uses his kick to allow Mashirao to fly through the air and escape the area, winning the exercise.

The Forest Training Camp

Iida Tenya

Upon reaching the forest destination lodge, Pixie-Bob and Mandalay(The Pussycats) are greeted by the entire Class. They leave them to traverse the forest as their first exercise, overcoming challenges and fighting beasts.

The following day, the Class is scheduled for training. Tenya is tasked with quickly running large distances to strengthen his legs, stamina, and quirk. At night he took the simple task of making curry as necessary survival training.

The next day, the training camp is invaded by villains. Spinner (one of the attackers) notices Tenya, who brought down Stain. Wanting to continue Stain’s legacy, Spinner tries to attack Tenya but is stopped by Pixie Bob. The latter instructs Tenya to lead the Class back to safety.

During the events, Katsuki gets kidnapped. When the students meet up at the hospital, Tenya realizes that they want to rescue Katsuki Bakugou. He is hesitant to agree and believes that Katsuki should be left to the pros.

The Rescue Operation

Eijiro Kirishima, Momo Yaoyarozu, Todoroki Shoto, and Midoriya Izuku meet up at night to go and rescue Katsuki. Tenya invades their meeting, frustrated that they would be making the same mistake he did against Stain.

After Izuku refuses to listen, Tenya punches him, saying that they aren’t considering his feelings because he doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt. Tenya joins them and allows them to go only if they would accomplish the mission covertly. He ensures their movements are hidden and prevents everyone, especially Izuku, from making rash decisions.

As the fight rages on, Izuku comes up with a plan, and Tenya realizing it’s a gamble, still agrees since it would entail no combat. Izuku using his full cowl, and Tenya using Recipro, carry Eijiro and use his hardening to break through the wall from where Shoto creates an ice ramp which allows them to shoot off towards Bakugou and rescue him.

This point revealed how Tenya’s straight-laced nature has softened and that he prioritized his friends over all else.

The Provisional License

As the school now has its dorms, Aizawa Shota scolds Midoriya, Yaoyarozu, Kirishima, Tenya, and Todoroki to take action into their own hands and go after Katsuki Bakugou. Shota then tells them to go through proper procedures next time so that they may be able to regain trust.

He helps Yuga during the provisional license exam, who couldn’t handle the stress. Tenya also notices the changes in the exam and strategizes accordingly, allowing him to succeed in gaining his License. Later on, after visiting his brother in the hospital, he learns about Engine Tuning (removing the exhausts so better ones come out).

The School Festival

Tenya took the helm in deciding the necessary action to relieve the students’ stress, which resulted in a performance put on by the Class. He was a great help in putting it all together.

Joint Training

Another training exercise was held where Tenya was paired with Mashirao, Shoto, and keno. This session turned into a heated battle that forced Tenya to use his new Recipro Turbo for the first time in combat. He captures Sen to put him in jail, citing that his brother would do the same.

When his other teammate Shoto seemed to be in a pinch, he focused on saving him rather than joining the fight showing how he has matured from the battle with Stain. The match then ends in a draw, with Tenya reflecting that he should become faster to be a better hero.

(Warning! This part has not yet been animated; continue at your discretion)

The Paranormal Liberation

Iida Tenya

After training against villain bots, the reports show that Tomura might be preparing for an attack. Tenya is assigned Team 3, tasked with rescue and evacuation of the people. After helping in the evacuation, he could not leave his friends, so he decides to help the heroes fighting against the villains, citing that he is willing to take on any punishment they deliver.

Tenya is stopped due to the arrival of Gigantomachia. He is then faced with multiple high-end Nomus and holds his own against them as the battle rages.

To Bring Back a Friend

After the events of the war, Izuku decides to leave, but Tenya holds a class meeting where they all conclude that they will not let their friend suffer alone. Tenya leads the Class to get permission from Nezu and go forth on their search and rescue mission. When they finally reach Izuku, he is hesitant to return, putting up a powerful fight.

Tenya grabs him and repeats Izuku’s words, “giving help that’s not asked for is what makes a true hero.” This leaves Izuku in tears, and Tenya and class 1A manage to retrieve their friend.


After finding the traitor among them, Tenya supports the Class and is training for their upcoming battle against the villains. They came up with a plan to use the traitor against All For One, and all that’s left now is the execution of their plan.

The growth displayed from the tightly wound, strict, and straight-laced Tenya is terrific. He went from being socially awkward to having friends, demonstrating excellent leadership skills, and even breaking the rules for the sake of his comrades.

Tenya is a true testament to what a hero should strive to be and is truly one of the best characters in the series.

Notable Relationships

Iida and Ochako

Here are a few relationships that influence Tenya Lida’s life

Tensei Lida

Tenya looks at his brother as the goal he wishes to achieve and is very proud of his success. He wants to become a hero that can carry the Ingenium name. His brother is his role model of what a perfect hero is.

Midoriya Izuku

Even with their rocky upstart, Tenya has deep respect and love for Midoriya as a close friend and a hero. While Tenya appreciates Midoriya’s sense of heroism and kindness, Midoriya respects Tenya’s Leadership abilities and strong tenacity. Throughout the series, they both support each other.

The trust these two have is tremendous, even though Tenya sees Midoriya as a strong rival, they are best friends. They hang out a lot together after Class, and Tenya even assisted Izuku in creating the Full Cowl style.

Todoroki Shoto

While not even communicating much initially, after the Stain fight, Shoto and Tenya’s bond grew, and it strengthened with time. Tenya bears no grudge for his loss against Shoto and sees it as an opportunity to grow. They both have had several challenging encounters together and came out winning, showing that their trust has deepened. They both try to support each other to become better heroes.

Tenya Lida Guide: FAQs

Question: Is Tenya Using his Hero Name?

Answer: No, Tenya said he would use his hero name only when he becomes a true hero. The same was for his arm injury; he refused to get surgery until then as a reminder.

Question: Is Tenya the Fastest Hero?

Answer: Tenya, after learning Recipro Turbo, is said to be even faster than Gran Torino, who was previously known to be the fastest hero.

Question: Does his Armor Slow him Down?

Answer: No, Even though it looks heavy, Tenya’s armor is designed to have the least wind resistance and is very lightweight.

Fun Facts

  • Tenya enjoys studying.
  • His favorite food is Nikujaga.
  • He was 8th in the first two popularity polls and 6th in the latest one.
  • The name is spelled “Lida” but the “L” is silent.

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