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Girls Naruto Guide: The Most Monumental Women

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Girls are heavily featured in Naruto. The show’s creators wanted to make a nice balance between male and female characters, where female characters are not just an afterthought but valuable contributors to the storyline.

Most girls in Naruto perform roles of healers, scouts, and support. However, many of them are hand-to-hand combatants (such as Hinata or Sakura) or weapon masters (Tenten). While they were kids, most female characters were portrayed as weaker compared to boys but would eventually challenge them in terms of speed, stamina, and strength. Among others, they would do so by developing new techniques or by getting better at their proficiencies.

In this Girls Naruto guide, I will analyze some of the main female characters in the show, their techniques, and how they affected the storyline.

Key Info Up Front

Naruto has a lot of strong female characters. Like male characters, they have to overcome numerous obstacles to become competent shinobis. They usually serve as support and medical experts, but some of them are also great at ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu.


Sakura’s Backstory

Sakura is the most important female character in the show. A member of Team 7, together with Naruto and Sasuke, she provided an extra layer of complexity to Sasuke’s and Naruto’s relationship. Since the start of the show, she had a major crush on Sasuke and would eventually go to marry him. Two of them had a child called Sarada.

At first, Sakura felt like a rather lackluster character. Although she had a great chakra reading ability and all the basics covered, she never excelled at anything. To make matters worse, unlike most ninjas in the series, she didn’t have any definition trait or genetic advantage that would provide an edge on the battlefield.

Often feeling like a burden, she had to develop medical jutsu to remain useful to the team. As the story progressed, she managed to improve her chakra utilization, allowing her to become a destructive melee threat.

Sakura’s Defining Moments

Sakura had quite a few incredible moments in the show. She was never a world-beater like some other ninjas. Nevertheless, she was a part of numerous emotional moments, usually with Sasuke and Naruto.

Chunin Exams

The female ninja had two cool moments during one of the first arcs. In the Chunin exams arc, Team 7 was attacked by an experienced squad of ninjas called Team Dosu. At one moment, Sakura was captured by one of the enemies and would cut her hair to break free. This signifies the sacrifice that the character was willing to make to beat the opponents.

Sakura suffered major injuries during this fight. When Sasuke saw the extent of damage Sakura endured, he wanted to he went on to break the arm of a Team Dosu villain. Sakura stopped him from doing anything more, mostly because she was worried about her teammate and didn’t want him to go overboard for her sake.

Although eliminated during the first round of the tournament, Sakura once again showed her resolve and stubbornness when she went against Ino in her first match. The two of them would go toe to toe, eventually knocking each other.

Sasuke Recovery Mission

At the start of the arc, Sakura is deeply worried for Sasuke because of all the injuries he suffered during the clash with Itachi. Later on, Sasuke and Naruto would clash against each other. As they were preparing to launch their most devastating attacks against each other, Chidori and Rasengan, Sakura jumped between them, sacrificing her body just so the two of them wouldn’t kill each other. Luckily, Kakashi would step in and stop the fight.

After the fight, Sasuke defects from the village. Sakura is shown sitting on a bench close to the village’s exit, lamenting the departure of her friend and crush. She, later on, begged Naruto to bring Sasuke back, and Naruto responded by swearing an oath.

Kazekage Rescue Mission

In this arc, Sakura masters Cherry Blossom Impact, a devastating attack that allows her to focus chakra in his first. You could see the power of the attack when she fought Kakashi, ravaging the land beneath in order to force him out of his hiding. Later on, she would use the same strike against Akatsuki, demolishing Hiruko and beating up Sasori.

Five Kage Summit

During Five Kage Summit, Sakura has shown us a completely different side of her character. She was willing to kill Sasuke, who was her longtime teammate and love interest, to protect Konoha’s reputation.

Sakura went alone to Sasuke using the pretext that she wanted to join his team. The Hidden Leaf outcast told her that she needed to kill Karin to prove her resolve. Sakura could bear herself to do it, after which Sasuke attacked her. Luckily, Naruto’s quick intervention prevented a disaster.

Birth of the Ten-Tails’ Jinchūriki

Another great Sakura moment occurs during Birth of the Ten-Tail’s arc. Gaara brought Naruto’s lifeless body to Sakura, knowing that she was one of the few people who could save him. After trying basic healing techniques, Sakura made an incision on his chest and started pumping his heart directly, thus bringing the main protagonist back to life.

Sakura was also the first person to attack Madara after his revival. She went head-on against this massive ninja threat but, unfortunately, was no match for his devastating power. Once again, she had to be saved by Naruto.

Sakura’s abilities

In terms of elements, Sakura can control water, fire, earth, Yin, and Yang. She is most famous for her medical ninjutsu and would go on to save numerous allies during the course of the show (she saved Naruto several times, for example). The female character has incredible chakra control, which she uses for her taijutsu but also other abilities.


Hinata’s Backstory

Although not as important as Sakura, Hinata is heavily featured in the show. She is mainly judged through her childish behavior around Naruto; the two of them would eventually marry and have children. Regardless of her antics, Hinata is very driven, and throughout the show, she tries to step out of brother Neji’s shadow.

Hinata has inherited family Byakugan allowing her to see any chakra movement in 359 degrees around her. She is a proficient taijutsu user who managed to master the Gentle Fist technique. She is very timid by nature and would rarely confront others. However, she almost never shows emotions or cries. Despite the initial impression, Hinata is strong-willed, disciplined, and believes in hard work.

Hinata’s Defining Moments

In many ways, Hinata is defined through her relationship with Neji and Naruto. She often bawls around Naruto, and it would take her a lot of time to get accustomed to his presence. As for Neji, the two of them always had an interesting relationship that combined competitive and protective episodes.

Chunin Exams

Like most other main characters, Hinata is defined during the initial arcs and, in particular, Chunin Exams. The show’s creators instantly made it clear that Hinata has a crush on Naruto. The female ninja tried to help him out, but Naruto thought that she was just trying to trick him and that this would eventually lead to both of them getting disqualified. Being such a knucklehead, he didn’t even notice that Hinata fancies him.

Later on, during the one-on-one tournament, the relationship between Neji and Hinata is better defined. They were paired against each other, and Neji immediately told Hinata to surrender as she was born to be a failure. This cockiness enraged Naruto.

Despite being much more powerful than Hinata, the female ninja doesn’t back down. She took lots of pummeling and, in an attempt to finish the fight, Neji even attacked her heart, which could’ve been fatal. Regardless of everything, Hinata fought for as long as possible, showing the character’s resolve and strength of spirit.

Three-Tails’ Appearance

In these episodes, Kakashi works with Team 8 in an attempt to analyze one of many of Orochimaru’s bases. They are attacked by Team Guren. Hinata does a good job supporting Kiba, who was stuck against a smoke user. Unfortunately, the whole team is later on imprisoned in crystals and has to be rescued by Team 7.

Hinata was one of the ninjas in charge of sealing Three-Tails. Unfortunately, they weren’t lucky, and the procedure was stopped by Team Guren. Eventually, the beast is suppressed only after Anbu’s intervention.

Pain’s Assault

A lot of Konoha 11 members are out of the village when Pain’s Assault occurs. Hinata is one of the few young ninjas still present in the area, and she had a few brilliant moments. When Pain destroys the village, Hinata is barely saved by Katsuyu. Unfortunately, her bodyguard was not so lucky, and Hinata had to watch him as his soul left his body.

Later on, Pain captured Naruto in Deva Path. As soon as that happened, Hinata scoured to help him and would move the technique away from him. Worried about her safety, Naruto tells the female protagonist to flee as Pain is too much of a threat for her. She rejects the notion saying that it’s time to shine and protect Naruto. This is the moment when Hinata professes her love to Naruto.

She used Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists to battle the enemy and had some limited success. Unfortunately, as Naruto predicted, Pain was too much for her, and he would go on to defeat the brave female ninja. Hinata receives a dire wound which prompts Naruto to go into Tailed Beast mode. Luckily, Sakura managed to heal Hinata, and all of them would celebrate Pain’s defeat later on.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

Hinata and Neji are a part of the Second Division during the war. The squad battles a large contingent of White Zetsu units, during which Neji and Hinata fight back to back. After a day of continuous fighting, Neji is exhausted, and Hinata takes scouting duty.

Later on, Hinata is knocked out, and one of the Zetsus poses as her. However, Kiba and Shino discover the imposter and go on to rescue Hinata.

During the second day of fighting, Hinata was crucial for saving a large number of allies. At one point, she finds her brother’s unconscious body. Hinata acts quickly, asking Inoichi Yamanaka for assistance. Her quick reaction eventually helped save Neji.

For a while, Naruto fought alongside Second Division. Neji was suspicious that this Naruto was actually an imposter, but Hinata assured her brother that this was the real Naruto. He would go on to thank Hinata for all the help she has provided him in the past.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes

During this last arc, we can see Hinata as she is under the influence of Infinite Tsukuyomi genjutsu. Within the illusion, she enjoys herself sitting with Naruto while Neji and Hanabi are looking at them from afar.

When all is said and done, ninjas are released from the illusion, and they attend Neji’s funeral upon returning to Konoha.

Hinata’s Abilities

Hinata can utilize lightning and fire elements. Although she is mainly known for her taijutsu and chakra-powered palm strikes, she can also use her hands for healing.

While not the strongest fighter, she is very agile and dexterous. Hinata can utilize Byakugan for detecting enemies’ chakra signatures, thus gaining an advantage in melee combat but also allowing her to scout.


Ino’s backstory

Ino is another important character featured since the beginning of the show. She is most commonly portrayed through her relationship with Sakura. The two of them are childhood friends but also fierce competitors for Sasuke’s love. Eventually, Sakura would end up with Sasuke, while Ino would find a new love in Sai.

Ino’s parents were florists, and the female ninjas eventually inherited this business. She is loyal to the core but can also be critical of her friends and teammates. Ino is a part of Team 10 (also referred to as Team Asuma), and she utilizes a special combat formation with Choji and Shikamaru called Ino-Shika-Cho.

Like her father, she can utilize advanced mind control and telepathy abilities. Over time, Ino has also developed incredible healing techniques.

Ino’s defining moments

Ino’s character is defined by her relationship with Sakura, but also Shikamaru and Choji. The death of Asuma had a major role in the development of the character. Like Sakura, Ino often felt useless in combat situations and would ultimately start working toward developing medical techniques.

Chunin Exams

When Sasuke first appeared in school, he instantly sparked a conflict between Sakura and Ino. Like other girls in the class, they were starstruck by the handsome Uchiha. So much so that it affected their relationship, causing them to become fierce rivals.

However, the Chunin Exams arc also shows us that Ino is a faithful friend. During the written test, she used mind techniques to extract answers and transfer them to her teammates, Choji and Shikamaru. Team 10, later on, intervened on behalf of Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke, who were cornered by a team of older, powerful ninjas. In these scenes, you can see Ino reminiscing about her relationship with Sakura and everything they’ve gone through together.

Regardless, that doesn’t stop Ino from pummeling Sakura during one-on-one combat. The two of them have shown incredible competitive spirit in this competition, ultimately knocking each other out and getting disqualified from the competition with a double KO.

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission

In this arc, Team 7 experienced a few major changes. Instead of Kakashi as the team captain, they received Yamato as the new leader. Also, Sasuke was replaced by Sai.

After failing to retrieve Sasuke, the team ends up in Konoha hospital licking their wounds. This is when Ino first noticed Sai. She immediately forgot about Sasuke and developed a major crush on the new male character. Furthermore, her feelings become even stronger when Sai calls her beautiful and Sakura ugly.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

This set of episodes is crucial for the development of Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino. This arc turns them from newbie ninjas into powerful combatants that can hold their own even against Akatsuki.

Asuma goes on a scouting mission trying to find Akatsuki, who was spotted near Konoha. He stumbled on Hidan and Kakuzu. After a brief battle, the team leader is mortally wounded. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji managed to reach Asuma just as he was breathing his last breaths, but his wounds were too big to heal. The inability to heal her master had a deep impact on Ino, who would become more dedicated to her medical training after this episode.

Team 10 swore revenge after Asuma’s death. The three of them made thorough preparations and engaged the enemy in the upcoming episodes without any backup. Shikamaru managed to take down Hidan alone, but Choji and Ino weren’t as lucky against Kakuzu. They were saved by Naruto, who used his new move to annihilate the opponent, thus exacting revenge on Asuma.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

In the war, Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino are a part of the Fifth Division. They engaged Kinkaku by utilizing the Ino-Shika-Cho formation. After defeating the opponent, they go against resurrected Asuma. The team is very reluctant to engage their former master. So much so that Choji almost gets killed by one of the former master’s attacks. Luckily, he is saved by Ino at the last moment.

Later on, Ino has probably the most masterful moment of her whole ninja career. The Sound Four utilized Underworld Turnover, thus removing the souls of many Recovery Team members, including Choji and Shikamaru.

Without thinking about her own safety, Ino starts pouring her chakra into debilitated allies, thus keeping them in life. Eventually, the Sound Four is defeated, and souls return to their respectful owners. Ino goes to Shikamaru and Choji, and the three of them have a tearful reunion.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Ino was once more invaluable during the war’s climax. By using her mental powers, she managed to relay information around the battlefield and rally the troops. Once again, she saved Choji when he was almost killed by Obito’s wooden spikes.

Ino’s abilities

Ino can utilize various elements, including fire, earth, water, Yin, and Yang. Like all medical ninjas, she has great control of chakra. In later arcs, she is able to transfer large amounts of chakra to numerous allies at once. She can use mind control, mind reading, and telepathy. This makes her an invaluable member of intelligence and communication teams.

Ino’s medical techniques become better and better as the story progresses. Despite not being portrayed as a melee combatant or especially agile, she saved Choji on numerous occasions.



Tsunade’s backstory

Tsunade is a valuable member of the Legendary Sanin group that also featured Jiraya and Orochimaru. They were considered Konoha’s most promising and powerful ninja teams. Although they would eventually disband, each one of the members had an illustrious career, becoming respected not only in Hidden Leaf Village but also beyond.

After Fourth Hokage’s demise, Tsunade took the role of Fifth Hokage. She is a well-versed medical ninja also known for her devastating melee power. Besides these abilities, she can also utilize fuinjutsu, space-time ninjutsu, and barrier ninjutsu.

Tsunade is an embodiment of a strong female character. Although placed in the position of power, she has no problem fighting on the frontlines and would save Konoha villagers numerous times. She becomes a tutor for young Ino and Sakura, having a major impact on their development as medical users but also ninjas.

Tsunade’s Defining Moments

We learn a lot about Tsunade through her relationship with Jiraya and Orochimaru. Although she wasn’t particularly fond of Orochimaru, she built an incredible bond with Jiraya that lasted till his death. Given her immense power, Tsunade gave us numerous incredible moments showcasing her power but also wisdom.

Search For Tsunade

The character was first featured during the Search For Tsunade arc. We quickly learn that she likes to drink and gamble. The female ninja is constantly accompanied by Shizune. At the very beginning of the arc, she confronts former ally Orochimaru. He offers Tsunade to revive Dan, her former lover if she heals his hands. Orochimaru gave her one week to decide.

Later on, Jiraya and Naruto track down Tsunade, who is, per usual, drinking in a bar. They try to persuade her to become the new Hokage, which she quickly refuses. The two of them make a bet, where Naruto needs to master an incredibly difficult technique, Rasengan, in three days. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful in making Tsunade the winner of the bet.

After a week, Tsunade met with Orochimaru to once again revise their deal. Tsunade approached Orochimaru as if she was going to heal him. However, Kabuto quickly realizes that this was a ruse and that Tsunade actually intended to kill him.

The fight ensues where Naruto shows his true colors. Tsunade was impressed by his performance, although he was beaten up and didn’t have that much impact in the end. As a result, she agrees to become Konoha’s next Hokage.

Sasuke Recovery Mission

During this arc, Tsunade takes her position as the head of the village. As soon as she comes to Konoha, she starts healing the wounds of many warriors. The experienced female ninja is quickly getting overworked, having to deal with the consequences of Orochimaru’s attack during the Konoha Crush arc.

One of the first orders of business was Sasuke’s apprehension. Tsunade formed a team that included numerous Konoha 11 members, with Shikamaru as the lead. Even though they were joined by three sand ninjas, the team was unsuccessful. Upon returning home, Tsunade tends to their wounds. At the end of the arc, Sakura asks Tsunade for her assistance in mastering medical jutsu.

Itachi Pursuit Mission

Naruto is an anime with lots of sad scenes. One of the most delicate ones features Jiraya and Tsunade.

The perverted Sanin has finally found Akatsuki headquarters, or, at least, he believes so. He invites Tsunade for a few drinks so he can better explain the situation. They have a friendly banter that extends deep into the night. Finally, Tsunade gives Jiraya permission to go alone to Hidden Rain Village and investigate the situation.

The scene is very flirtatious, revealing that Jiraya and Tsunade have deep emotions for each other, although not necessarily romantic ones. Tsunade orders Jiraya to come back alive from this perilous mission. Unfortunately, he was killed during these episodes, and Hokage is devastated by his passing.

Pain’s Assault

Although Tsunade is constantly featured throughout various Naruto arcs, most of them are not that dynamic or character-altering. One of the more important arcs for character development is Pain’s Assault. At the start of the arc, Tsunade invites Naruto for a brief conversation, during which she reveals that Jiraya is dead. This enrages the young ninja, who blames Hokage for this blunder.

Suddenly, Pain attacks the village. Tsunade wants to summon back Naruto, who is away on a mission, but the village council forbids her from doing so. She goes to the rooftop and deploys Katsuyu around the village to heal all the wounded ninjas and civilians.

After a bit, she clashes with Deva Path. Tsunade recognized him as one of the orphans Jiraya trained. She engages in Six Paths of Pain while simultaneously healing villagers. The battle is grueling and is ultimately interrupted by Naruto, who comes to the scene. Gamakichi evacuates Hokage from the scene, and once safe, Tsunade collapses to the ground.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Like always, Tsunade is in the midst of battle. She goes directly to the area where Madara is spotted and uses Creation Rebirth to heal the fallen ninjas. Other Kages arrive at the scene, and after healing some of them, the squad confronts Madara.

The villainous shinobi quickly analyzes the situation realizing that Tsunade should be the primary target. Not only is she one of the weaker Kages, but she also served as a healing and support, so eliminating her first would make things much easier. Madara confronts her directly, saying that she’s pitiful, to which Tsunade responds that she doesn’t have the same characteristics as her predecessors, but she has the Will of Fire.

As the battle continues, Tsunade is stabbed by Susanoo’s sword and almost split in half. She managed to pull the sword out of her body and attacked Madara with it. The other Kages join her in attack, after which Madara goes on to say that the battle is finally fair. At one point, Tsunade is completely drained out of chakra and is prone in front of Madara. She is saved by Dan’s spirit, which was released from the other world with Impure World Reincarnation.

After some back and forth, Madara eventually got bored with Kages’ antics and went on to find Naruto. Tsunade uses her remaining chakra to heal all other Kages, which leaves her powerless to heal her own wounds. Luckily, Karin came to the scene bringing back the fallen Hokage into life.

Tsunade’s Abilities

Tsunade is recognized as one of the strongest ninjas in the world and probably the strongest healer there is. According to many, she is the main reason why Konoha prevailed during the Shinobi War.

Tsunade has incredible stamina and chakra reserves. She can battle for hours without end while simultaneously using her chakra to heal the wounded. The female ninja can utilize Strength of the Hundred Seal to store chakra in her body and release it when needed. By doing so, she gains access to a hundred times more chakra than usual.

Hokage can utilize this chakra in numerous ways and can even empower her strikes with it making her a very potent melee fighter. She can also transfer chakra to other allies. Tsunade can use earth, fire, water, lighting elements, and yang. However, you rarely see her using elemental attacks.

Lastly, I need to mention her pet, Katsuyu. This is a giant slug that can split itself, healing numerous wounded on the battlefield.


Question: Who are the best girls in Naruto?

Answer: It is hard to say which girl is the “best” in Naruto. Tsunade is definitely a fan favorite, but we also need to mention Sakura and Hinata. In terms of raw power, Tsunade is definitely the strongest female character in anime.

Question: Which girl has a crush on Naruto?

Answer: Although many girls grow to respect Naruto and find his power and will charming, only one of them shows a clear love interest, and that is Hinata. This female character has been attracted to Naruto since the start of the show, and the two of them would eventually marry and have a child called Boruto.

Question: Who is the most beautiful girl in Naruto?

Answer: Over the years, there have been numerous debates as to which girl is the most beautiful in Naruto. According to numerous fan polls, Kushina Uzumaki is probably the most attractive female character in this anime, followed by Hinata, Temari, and Sakura.

Girls Naruto: Conclusion

Girls are well represented in Naruto. Some of the most powerful characters in this show are females, including two Kages. Furthermore, there is almost an equal split of girls anFd boys within the series. Although they don’t necessarily carry the story (Sasuke and Naruto are focal points), they are very important to the ninja world.

In Naruto, girls can do everything that boys can because ninjas are dependent on chakra reserves, not necessarily physical power. This gives equal opportunities to both sides, making it feel realistic that a small girl can easily beat a much larger, burly man.

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