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Naruto is a reasonably popular manga with a massive fan base worldwide and selling over 250 million copies. This manga was serialized back in 1999 in Shueisha’s magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. Later on, I got two anime adaptations produced by Studio Pierrot and Nippon. The first adaptation was released on 3 October 2002, and the second part got its airing on 15 February 2007. 

Naruto is one of my favorite manga series, and as much as I would like to delve deep into its story, I have to refrain from it for this product guide.

This story, illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, is about a young boy who wants to reach his goal even though his whole village discriminates against him. Still, he decides to never back down from his dream and make everyone acknowledge him for who he is.

Because of its massive fan base, Naruto merchandise is trendy as people worldwide want to collect a merch for themselves.

This product guide will introduce you to some of the most attractive Naruto posters on the internet. Check out my top picks at the end for a detailed look at these options, their features, pros, and cons. Let’s begin this journey to find the Naruto posters you like without further ado.

The Best Naruto Posters Guide: Bottom Line Upfront

Suppose you are a fan that can’t get enough of Naruto. In that case, the Naruto Shippuden Group Wall Poster is something you shouldn’t overlook. It has high-resolution artwork printed on the poster featuring the main cast and the villains you dearly love. It also has an affordable price tag of just 11.89$, making it a must-have item.

My Top 10 Best Naruto Posters At A Glance

  1. Naruto Shippuden Group Wall Poster: An all-in-one poster for every Naruto fan. You don’t have to buy a separate poster for each favorite character.
  2. Naruto Shippuden Poster Book: A complete poster book with many small-sized posters to highlight the main plot points that you love about the series.
  3. Naruto Poster Past And Future: There is no better feeling than filling your wall with the series’s main characters that you love. 
  4. U-N Prints Painting Modular Pictures Canvas 5 Panel Akatsuki Anime Wall Art Room Poster Frame: A massive 5-panel poster to rekindle the deeply hidden emotions of the loved villain organization Akatsuki.
  5. Naruto Poster Shinobi Happiness: A poster with a pleasant design to make your day better and hark back to your love for the series.
  6. Naruto Poster Naruto Hokage: A poster with a treat to the eyes of the fan showing the main character reaching his goal and entrusting his dream to the next generation.
  7. Naruto Vs. Sasuke The Rivals Ninja Anime Poster: A poster with an abstract background highlighting the dynamic rivalry between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.
  8. Naruto Poster Itachi’s Sorrow: A meaningful but straightforward poster depicting the struggles of Itachi Uchiha and making you truly feel for the character.
  9. Naruto Key Wall Poster: A light-themed poster defining the story’s main plot with all characters shown on the poster.
  10. Kakashi Wpap Metal Poster: The Poster shows a serious and level-headed Kakashi living through his life. The poster also portrays his dark and gloomy life with a grey and white aesthetic. 

My Experience With Naruto Posters

Naruto has given a new life to my bland and straightforward lifestyle. So, to express my love and gratitude for the series, I buy all kinds of merchandise related to the series. One of my favorite products is posters. As Naruto is one of the beloved series of all time, my room is incomplete without any of its posters. Naruto has a cheerful yet dark atmosphere, and with posters, this atmosphere is easily expressed. Moreover, to have a good conversation with your fellow manga fans, Naruto posters provide an excellent milieu. 

Buying Guide: Tips, Tricks, And Advice

Naruto Poster_Buying Guide

Before entering the market to buy your beloved posters, you should carefully decide your every step. So, to get the products you want, the following tips will be helpful even if you are a newcomer or a merchandise veteran. 

The Space

Many impatient fans do not realize that posters come in many sizes and shapes. This leads to a significant problem they face while placing the posters in their room: space.

So, while buying a poster from a shop, one should not be hasty and first check the wall measurements of one’s room and the size of the poster to get the optimal result. Usually, people do not buy large posters. Buying relatively small posters is very beneficial as you can place the poster where you want and how you want, without worrying about the space. 

The Attachment Style

Posters usually require glue or adhesive to be attached to a wall. However, suppose one is allergic to glue or adhesive. In that case, one should take precautionary measures as health matters more than a simple poster. The case is different when a poster is attached to the wall with a nail or a clip.

Usually, the poster that you hang on a wall with nails or clips shouldn’t be too heavy as the nail or clip might not be able to withstand the poster’s weight.

Moreover, this might result in the poster suddenly falling off, which wouldn’t be good for you or the poster. Furthermore, this is not an ordinary case; however, a nail can also bend under the weight of the poster. So, one should carefully decide which attachment should be best for your wall and how you can affix it.

The Conditions

A poster is designed in multiple styles. The buyers often neglect the material or items used to produce this artwork. One should be mindful that if the artwork is an oil painting, it should be kept in the proper environment optimal for it.

The atmosphere, in most cases, should not be humid. To help the buyer indicate this case, the seller usually includes the material and quality of the poster in the description. However, suppose one cannot find it in the seller’s description. In that case, he should be careful and do his research and ask the seller before rushing to buy the poster.

My Selection Criteria: Things I Look For When Buying Naruto Posters

Naruto Poster_Selection Criteria

Good Aesthetics

Naruto itself has a very endearing character loved by its large community. However, when it comes to posters, the artists take their creative approach targeted to a particular audience. However, there are some posters with fascinating visuals loved by all. These eye-catching posters create an ambiance in your room that is very pleasing and pleasant. However, posters that have some creative designs are usually limited. So keep your eye out there in case you want one.

Excellent Paper Quality

Recently, there has been a high spike in paper prices. Most posters are printed on low-quality paper and sold in excess. The quality of the paper material can be easily known when shopping physically. However, this is not the case when shopping online.

The best way to deal with issues while shopping online is to check the rating of the poster. Moreover, one should check any good reviews about the poster as these are usually constructive indicators. 


As the posters give color to the bland walls of a room, the walls should do the same for the posters. Both go hand in hand. Moreover, as each poster has a different design and aesthetic, the poster will look the best depending on the wall’s size, shape, or color.

My Top 10 Must-Have Naruto Poster Recommendations

#01 Naruto Shippuden Group Poster

Naruto Shippuden Group Wall Poster


One of the fascinating aspects of the series is its large cast of loveable characters and their uniqueness. Moreover, they are shinobis who go on missions to support their village.

The poster displays the complete cast of characters. The poster’s artwork has an appealing design and shows each character in great detail. The poster is made as the main leading cast is on the front with the supporting characters at the back always ready to help.


  • Design: The Poster is made of FSC certified gloss poster paper and comes without frames. However, it can also be made into a framed poster.
  • Price: $49.99
  • Material: Paper
  • Size: The Poster comes in the perfect sizes of 22.375 x 34 and 14.725 x 22.375 inches.
  • Brand: This is an officially licensed poster from Trends international.


  1. It can be easily decorated according to the room it’s placed in.
  2. The artwork is high resolution, and the details are evident.
  3. It is also very lightweight and can be easily hung.


  1. The print on the poster can be worn out with time.
  2. It is very simplistic and doesn’t have popping visuals to catch the eye.

#02 Naruto Shippuden Poster Book

Naruto Shippuden Poster Book


Naruto is a long ongoing series with many events in its arsenal. With its many posters, the poster book portrays some of the events in the series. This poster book is filled with many characters printed on small-sized posters. It can be seen in the posters as each event of the series is shown in some form, mainly by highlighting the main characters related to the event.


  • Design: A poster book explaining the long story of the series through visuals and showing the main highlights of the series in detail. Moreover, the Naruto Shippuden title is written on each small poster.
  • Material: Paper.
  • Brand: Trends International.
  • Price: The complete poster book comes at a low cost of $11.99


  1. The artwork has vibrant and detailed designs.
  2. It can be easily handled as the poster is lightweight and reliable.


  1. The artwork is made with ink, so the poster should be kept in suitable conditions.
  2. As the poster offers different small posters, it will be challenging to make it blend into the room.

#03 Naruto Poster Past And Future

Naruto Poster Past And Future 


The main attraction of the series is the bonds and friendship between the two characters and their adventures. Their clashing personalities made them take a different approach to the issues of their world. The poster shows how close those two are to each other, even if they didn’t like each other at the start.

Sasuke Uchiha, the main antagonist, is painted on the left. In contrast, Naruto Uzumaki, the main protagonist, is painted on the right. Their younger versions are shown to hate each other. However, as they grew up, they got closer. 


  • Design: The Poster is made on a canvas. The painting is bland, with both the characters standing opposite each other on the poster. Moreover, the poster comes without a frame.
  • Brand: Discount HEH
  • Material: Canvas
  • Price: The Poster is available at a discounted price of $16.97


  1. The poster has vibrant colors, and the style of the poster is modern.
  2. It is not very expensive.
  3. The painting is made with non-toxic paints.


  1. The painting is made with watercolors which makes it vulnerable to humid environments.

#04 U-N Prints Painting Modular Pictures Canvas 5 Panel Akatsuki Anime Wall Art Room Poster Frame

U-N Prints Painting Modular Pictures Canvas 5 Panel Akatsuki Anime Wall Art Room Poster Frame


The Akatsuki is a terrifying villain organization that wants to revolutionize the very system of the world itself. This 5 Panel Wall Poster portrays the 5 most prominent criminal organization members in their full glory.


  • Brand: U-N
  • Material: Canvas
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Size: 12 x 16 inches
  • Price: This Poster is available with a price tag of $76.90


  1. It is made with a mixture of vibrant colors.
  2. The canvas used is high quality and eco-friendly.


  1. It’s a massive piece of decoration with 5 posters, the size itself can be considered a con as it won’t be able to fit everywhere you want.

#05 Naruto Poster Shinobi Happiness

Naruto Poster Shinobi Happiness


The series revolves around the new generation of the ninja academy from where our main character Naruto also graduated. So in the poster, the large cast of all the young ninjas is shown in one poster. Everyone is seen sitting near a table, eating, or standing beside a wall.


  • Design: The Poster has a light background with the characters having an eye-catching aesthetic. Moreover, the environment has a light-colored theme with some details relating to the series. 
  • Material: Silk
  • Shape: It is a big rectangular poster with a horizontal orientation.
  • Price: The Poster can be bought for $16.97


  1. The poster has all the lovable characters of the series all in one place.
  2. The painting is made with high-quality ink to appeal to the audience.


  1. The poster is not available with a frame.
  2. It is not officially licensed from a brand.
  3. The material used to make the poster is silk which is highly sensitive to water.

#06 Naruto Poster Naruto Hokage

Naruto Poster Naruto Hokage


This is one of the most meaningful posters around. Even though it is not aesthetically extraordinary, it still has a very defining feature that presents the series.

The poster shows Naruto’s victory with a simplistic design. The poster shows Naruto becoming the Hokage, with the poster having dynamic colors and background. It clearly shows that he has reached his goal, and it’s now passing on the torch as he is facing forward.


  • Design: The Poster has a light-themed background to highlight the meaning shown in the poster, and the poster comes without a frame. 
  • Brand: Tie Ler
  • Size: 50.5 x 35 cm
  • Material: Paper.
  • Price: It has a very affordable price of $16.97


  1. It is a wall sticker meaning it can easily be attached to the wall.
  2. The style is cartoonish yet not childish, meaning it appeals to various fans.


  1. The light background doesn’t provide color and life to the room it’s placed in.

#07 Naruto Vs. Sasuke The Rivals Ninja Anime Poster

Naruto Vs. Sasuke The Rivals Ninja Anime Poster


This is a very aesthetically pleasing poster and is available for a short time. The main focus of the series Naruto is the interactions of the Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto is a cheerful childish boy, while Sasuke is a rude and serious boy. Sasuke, in search of power, leaves the village.

Epically, the poster presents the battle between the two close friends as they both clash to get their desires to come true. One wants to save his friend, while the other wants to revolutionize the world. This is clearly presented in the poster’s painting.


  • Design: The Poster has a simplistic yet artistic design, and the print is of high resolution.
  • Brand: Displate
  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Material: Metal
  • Price: $69


  1. It is a high-quality metal poster.
  2. The framing has 5 solid material potions.
  3. The style is minimalistic yet eye-catching.
  4. 100 days return policy!
  5. Eco-friendly, they plant 1 tree for every poster bought!


  1. These are heavy posters. As much as I like them for their sturdy material, it can sometimes be challenging to store them, unlike paper posters.

#08 Naruto Poster Itachi’s Sorrow

Naruto Poster Itachi's Sorrow


Itachi is one of the characters that became a victim of the cruel world of Naruto. He had to live his life in the shadows facing hatred from people wherever he went, and he still kept his cool and endured his sorrow with each passing day. The poster catches his sadness in-depth, showing his former and latter lifestyles beside each other.


  • Design: It has a high-quality canvas and design; moreover, the material is eco-friendly. It comes without frames.
  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: 50x38cm.
  • Price: $16.97


  1. The quality is premium as it is made on a canvas.
  2. The color scheme will easily blend with the wall it’s attached to.


  1. It is made with watercolors and can be affected by a humid environment.
  2. The sorrow and grief portrayed in the poster will not be liked by children.

#09 Naruto-Key Wall Poster

Naruto Key Wall Poster


The series Naruto is about the growth of the new generation. As the new generation tries to reach its goals and fulfill its purpose in life. The poster beautifully portrays this by showing all the previous Hokage in the background with the main leading cast at the front.


  • Design: The Poster is available with or without frames. Moreover, it is made with high-quality premium paper.
  • Brand: Trends international
  • Size: Comes in variety of sizes 22.375x 34 or 14.725x 22.375
  • Price: $49.99
  • Material: Paper


  1. The design is aesthetic and displays quality.
  2. It is not very expensive.


  1. The colors might worn out with time.
  2. It is costly.

#10 Kakashi Wpap Metal Poster

Kakashi Wpap Metal Poster


Kakashi is the supporting character of the main cast. He is their teacher who teaches them many life lessons in the story. However, he is also a victim of the harsh world of the Naruto series. The poster elegantly depicts Kakashi’s expressions and shows why he’s called Kakashi of the Sharingan. Furthermore, he is shown to be angry and ready to fight.


  • Material: Metal
  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Brand: Displate
  • Price: $44
  • Frame Material Options: None, Natural Wood Pattern, Graphite, White Wood Pattern, Black Wood Pattern.


  1. High-quality artwork.
  2. The style is modern and appealing.
  3. 100 Day return policy!
  4. Eco-friendly, they plant 1 tree for every poster bought.
  5. Matte and glossed surface finishing options.


  1. It’s a heavy poster and can be challenging to store when not on display.


Question: What is the ideal size of a Naruto poster?

Answer: If you don’t want your walls to be filled with unevenly sized posters, you should look out for the ideal sizes a poster can be in. The sizes that will fit your need are usually 11×17, 18×24, or 24×36. These sizes are easily manageable and won’t make your room look out of touch.

Question: What is the best website to buy Naruto posters?

Answer: If you are a fan of the Naruto series and want to buy a poster but can’t find a good website. Then you should look out for amazon or check the website that sells official merchandise of the Naruto series.

Question: Are Naruto Posters still worth purchasing?

Answer: As it’s been a pretty long time since the Naruto series first aired, it has become a rather old series. However, it is a classic Shonen manga, and there are many Posters available for purchase. Moreover, the series is still loved worldwide, so yes, Naruto posters are still worth purchasing. 

Best Naruto Posters Guide: Wrapping Up

Naruto is a long ongoing series and a classic Shonen in the hearts of the fans. If Naruto were to be broadcasted to the world in the present time, it would undoubtedly become the talk of the town. It is one of my most beloved manga, so I might be going overboard in describing its greatness.

However, still, it’s an outstanding series if you ask any manga fan, and its writing clearly shows how well it has aged over time.

If you love the Naruto series with all your heart and want to keep a part of it close to you, posters are there to fulfill your desires. My favorite posters are the Naruto Hokage Poster and the Naruto Shippuden Group Wall Poster.

In a world where everyone is cruel to Naruto and hates him for no reason, he tries his best and never gives up. Moreover, by the end of the series, he accomplishes his goal and gets accepted by everyone. If this Naruto Hokage poster is not to your liking, there are many more options available in this guide.

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