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Naruto Weapons Guide

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Naruto has been there throughout my childhood; my fond memories are those moments when I eat my favorite snacks while watching my favorite show. I could say that I grew up with Naruto even though I knew that he did not exist. Nonetheless, I learned many things from this show, such as never giving up, cherishing our friends, and achieving our dreams no matter how impossible it seems.

The World of Naruto is not only filled with lovable characters and beautiful locations but also filled with sadness and horror akin to our world.

With a world ravaged by wars, it is natural that the inhabitants made numerous dangerous weapons with abilities to fight their enemies. In this blog, I would like to list down a couple of weapons whose abilities and lore make it really cool to own one.

Bottom Line Up Front

In Naruto, relying on jutsus alone will not make you a good shinobi. You must also be proficient in using different types of weapons. These weapons also possess unique abilities that range from ordinary to weapons of mass destruction.

There are plenty of weapons in Naruto that is unique from our world. These weapons come in different shapes and types. Some of them could not even be considered weapons in real life. This article will tell you a list of weapons I find interesting. These include weapons used by our favorite characters, weapons used by literal gods, and cursed artifacts that endanger anyone who dares to possess it.

Common Weapons in Naruto

You have to undergo basic training in the shinobi academy before graduating and becoming full-fledged shinobis. A shinobi must be proficient at handling the most basic weapons as part of their training. These include the shuriken, scrolls, and the kunai.

The Shuriken

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The shuriken is a small four-pointed weapon that you use to throw at your enemy. You can even use these projectile weapons as part of your jutsus. The shuriken is one of the most iconic weapons in the Naruto World. There are plenty of variations of it used throughout the series.

  • Giant Shuriken – is a large shuriken with a hole in the middle used as a handle. Mizuki used one of these to kill Naruto in the first episode. Fortunately, Iruka-sensei is there to save him.
  • Fuuma Shuriken – is an intimidating-looking shuriken that has foldable arms. Sasuke first used this shuriken when he fought Zabuza in the Land of Waves.

The Kunai

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Kunai is another weapon that you use to throw at your opponent. The difference between and the kunai is that the latter can also be used to stab your opponents. The Kunai can also be used as a handheld weapon during close combat.

  • Three-pointed kunai – is Minato’s signature kunai. These kunai have a special seal used as his marker for the Flying Thunder God Technique.

Flash bombs and Smoke bombs

Naruto Weapons Guide
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There are times when you want to disappear for a variety of reasons. These reasons could range from an awkward family dinner to being surrounded by an enemy clan that is ready to kill you at any moment. Flash bombs and smoke bombs are made just for that.

These bombs emit bright light and a cloud of smoke respectively, allowing you to cover your track and survive to fight another battle.

Explosive Tag

Naruto Weapons Guide
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In Naruto, even papers can be weaponized. These are pieces of paper that are charged with chakra that explodes if detonated. There are plenty of ways you can use it to deal damage to your enemies. You can tie the Explosive Tags to your kunai and throw them at your opponent. You can stick it to any surface and wait for the right moment to detonate it.

You can even hide the explosive tags on tight surfaces because of how thin it is making them a perfect weapon to set up a trap for your unsuspecting opponent. Gaara’s uncle hid multiple explosive traps beneath his jacket and detonated them when Gaara approach him. Gaara survived unscathed thanks to the Shukaku’s Ultimate Shield but it is safe to say that Gaara’s mind wasn’t so lucky.

Interesting Weapons in Naruto

Many Naruto Characters possess numerous distinct weapons with their own set of unique abilities. Some of these weapons have design choices and history shown in the series. Here is the list of weapons in the Naruto franchise that I find interesting.

Adamantine Staff

Naruto Weapons Guide
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What makes the Adamantine Staff unique is that the staff is an individual. The real name of the Adamantine Staff is Monkey King Enma, a personal summon of Hiruzen. Enma is a capable fighter in his own right, but the two are stronger if Enma transforms into a staff and lets Hiruzen do the fighting. Orochimaru even panicked and ordered the resurrected First and Second Hokage to prevent Monkey King Enma’s transformation.

As the Adamantine staff, Enma is said to be as sturdy as a diamond. Enma, in his staff form, can expand and extend to any length at a given time.

The Monkey King’s abilities gave Hiruzen enough flexibility and mobility while fighting. His ability to extend his length can even push back the gigantic nine-tailed fox out of sight of the village. Enma can move while on his staff form, allowing Enma to return to Hiruzen if ever the latter was disarmed.

I think this weapon’s greatest asset is not only its unlimited length but the camaraderie and loyalty that you can forge with Enma. Enma is wise there will be times that he will not agree with some of your decision but at the end of the day, he will always have your back.


Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Hidden Sand Village specializes in Puppet Jutsus. This technique weaponized puppets by controlling them with invisible chakra threads. These puppets have numerous compartments inside, which you can place with weapons and poisonous gas, thus creating opportunities for you to set up surprise attacks and traps.

You can change the length of the Chakra Threads allowing you to use the puppets defensively and offensively, depending on the situations. Notable users of Puppet Jutsus include Kankuro, one of the sand siblings, and Sasori, an Akatsuki member. Both of them hailed from the Hidden Sand.

I find Human puppets are the creepiest variation of this weapon. They are human corpses preserved and modified into puppets. Human Puppets possess the abilities of the dead person making it much more dangerous. That is, if you are willing to ignore that the puppet you are using was once a living human being that was probably murdered.

Temari’s Giant Folding Fan

Naruto Weapons Guide
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When you look at Temari’s appearance, the first thing that you will notice is the giant fan that she carries on her back. Temari can create strong gusts of wind by swinging it.

The more purple dots that appear, the stronger the guts that she can make. She can also use her fan defensively by blocking any possible projectiles thrown at her and other jutsus by opening her folding fan. Temari used it to prevent Shikamaru’s shadows from reaching her during the Chunin Exams.

Even while being closed, the fan is still a formidable weapon. Temari can use the closed fan as a blunt weapon for close-combat situations and is sturdy enough to block shurikens and kunais. You may think that her weapon is lame but don’t be fooled by its absurdity; her fans can create gusts of wind so powerful, that Madara Uchiha was blown far away from where he originally stood.

Triple-Bladed Scythe

Naruto Weapons Guide
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This intimidating-looking weapon belongs to Hidan, one of the members of the Akatsuki. Its blood-red color and three blades made it my personal favorite and the personal favorite of many Naruto fans. The scythe is attached to a cable allowing Hidan to utilize the weapon at long range. The scythe is used to collect the blood of Hidan’s target in order to complete his ritual to become a living voodoo doll.

Personally, I think that the addition of two more blades does not add to the lethality of the scythe. Hidan is better off with a one-bladed version because his current one made him slow to fight due to its heaviness. I can say it is effective in terrorizing Hidan’s victims in their last moments.

Sword of Kusanagi

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Sword of Kusanagi is Orochimaru’s weapon throughout Part 1 and early parts of Part 2. The sword can also extend and retract its blade, making it formidable even in long-distance combat. The sword could also cut through anything. Enma noted that the Sword of Kusanagi can hurt him despite being made of Adamantine. However, the sword cannot pierce through the Nine-tails’ chakra cloak.

Orochimaru’s way of summoning the sword made him all the creepier. He unnaturally opens his mouth, letting a snake emerge from his throat. The snake would then open its mouth and vomit out the saliva-covered sword. I am not surprised about Orochimaru giving nightmares in a shonen anime.


Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Gunbai is the weapons used by the legendary Madara Uchiha and later by his clansman, Obito Uchiha. It is a non-foldable fan with a tomoe painted on it. It can convert chakra into wind transformations allowing Madara to reflect his opponent’s attacks and send it back to them. The fan’s durability makes it a great defensive weapon as it can withstand a tailed-beast ball.

Banana Palm Fan

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Banana Palm Fan is a large red and white fan that can release all five chakra elemental natures. You just command and wave the fan in order to produce a large amount of a chakra element. It could also block elemental attacks.

The Banana Palm Fan is one of the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths, a mythical god-like shinobi who sealed the original ten tails and split them into nine beasts. Like the other treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths, the fan absorbs a large amount of chakra. A normal human being could actually die if they use these weapons for a short time. I am actually surprised that Tenten manage to survive after using it in order to seal the Gold and Silver Brothers.

Amber Purifying Pot

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Amber Purifying Pot is a large pot capable of sealing anything inside. It is one of the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths. The pot seals your target if it responds to your call. The pot is powerful enough to seal the eight-tailed beast. Kurama noted that it is impossible to escape once the entity is trapped.

Like the other Tools of the Sage of Six Paths, the Amber Purifying Pot will consume a large amount of the wielder’s chakra. Only powerful shinobis can wield the Amber Pot, such as the Third Raikage can use it without endangering their lives.

Golden Canopy Rope

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Golden Canopy Rope is one of the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths. You can command the rope to draw out the word soul of those who touched it. The Golden Canopy Rope also possesses a golden aura that allows it to extend its reach. Once the word soul of your target exits the body, the Seven Star Sword can severe it.

Like the other tools of the Sage of Six Paths, the Golden Canopy Rope will consume a large amount of the wielder’s chakra. Since the Gold and Silver brothers consume the flesh of Kurama, they manage to obtain a large reserve of chakra, allowing the brothers to use such weapons without endangering their lives.

Seven Star Sword

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Seven Star Swords is one of the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths. The sword cuts off the word soul extracted by the Golden Canopy Rope. The word soul is then embedded on the sword’s blade revealing the most spoken word of your target.

Your target is sealed to the Crimson Pot if they will utter their most spoken word once inscribed in the blade. The Seven Star Sword can prevent your target from seeing their most spoken word by folding the blade and covering up the word.

Like the other treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths, the Seven Star Sword absorbs plenty of chakras. Using these weapons could potentially be life-threatening to an ordinary person, even if used for a short time.

Darui is really stronger than he appears as he managed to use all three tools to stop the Gold and Silver Brothers. Unlike the Gold and Silver Brothers, Darui did not even have any tailed beast chakra which means that he is strong in his own right. That is why I have no doubts that Darui became the Fifth Raikage by the end of the series.

Crimson Gourd

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Crimson gourd is one of the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths. The gourd seals your target who utters their most spoken word written on the Seven Star Sword. The gourd also traps your target if they refuse to utter a word for a few minutes.

According to Kurama, an entity could not escape the Crimson Gourd once trapped inside though the wielder can release the sealed entity. You can cancel the gourd’s sealing by changing your most spoken word mid-sealing, like in the case of Darui.

Darui unintentionally changed his most spoken word from “Drab” to “Sorry” giving him a new opportunity to stop the Gold and Silver brothers.

Between the Crimson Gourd and the Amber Purifying Pot, I think the Amber Purifying Pot is the better sealing weapon. Both weapons will absorb a massive amount of your chakra but what makes the Amber Purifying Pot better is that you only need a response from your target for the pot to work. The Crimson Gourd on the other hand requires you to use two more sacred tools in order for you to seal the target.

The Sword of Nunoboko

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Sword of Nunoboko is hands down the best-designed weapon in the franchise, even cooler than the Triple-Bladed Scythe. It is a massive black sword with a double-helix design that resembles the DNA. According to Obito the Sword of Nunoboko was used by the Six Paths to shape the world.

Sadly, we really did not get to see how powerful the sword is because it was only used once to counter Sasuke’s attack. I am not really convinced of the holy relic’s strength as it was destroyed right after it first appeared.


Naruto Weapons Guide Kiba
Image from Wiki Fandom

Hiramekerai is one of the seven mystical swords of the Hidden Mist village. The sword has a flounder fish-like design, wrapped with a bandage similar to the Samehada. The sword can store a large amount of chakra that coats the sword’s blade.

I can say that this sword is a versatile weapon since you can release the stored chakra and shapes it into any weapon that you wish. The sword can even be split into two allowing you and your friend to double the trouble.


Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Kabutowari is one of the seven mystical swords of the Hidden Mist. For me, this is more like a two-in-one weapon composed of an ax and a hammer that is attached with a wire. If you are a fan of combos, this weapon is for you as you can slash and smash your opponents with the ax and hammer respectively.


Naruto Weapons Guide
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Kiba is one of the seven mystical swords of the Hidden Mist. It is a twin sword with “fangs” that prongs on the sides of the blades hence its namesake. The Kiba is known as the sharpest sword in the Naruto World. The swords have high-frequency vibrations because of the imbued lightning, which significantly increases the swords’ cutting power.

If you like flashy weapons, The Kiba is just for you since it has the ability to summon and manipulate lighting. You can control the battlefield as the swords could easily electrocute the surrounding enemies. Kiba could also electrocute your enemies from far away and with deadly accuracy.

Executioner’s Blade (Kubikiribōchō)

Naruto Weapons Guide
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The Executioner’s Blade is one of the seven mystical swords of the Hidden Mist. It is a massive sword with a hole in the middle that is big enough to fit a person’s head. Aside from its awesome-sounding name, the sword becomes a lot cooler when you know that it possesses the ability to repair itself using the blood of your enemies.

The Executioner Blade has been passed around throughout the series but the sword’s most notable owner is Zabuza Momochi. Zabuza is a dangerous missing-nin from the Hidden Mist that is said to have murdered his fellow students just to graduate from the academy. With the number of people that Zabuza killed, the sword’s unique ability is being put to good use.


Naruto Weapons Guide
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One of the Seven Mystical Swords of the Hidden Mist. It is a thin sword resembling that of a needle hence its namesake and has a thread attached at the base of its hilt. It can pierce into multiple enemies and stitch them together into jumbled corpses making a disturbing sight.

Hebiichigo is the last person to possess the Nuibari but she definitely pales in comparison to Kushimaru. Kushimaru deserves his sword as he is the only known user demented enough to enjoy sewing his enemies together.


Naruto Weapons Guide
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Samehada is one of the Seven Mystical Swords of the Hidden Mist. It is a large sword similar to that of the Executioner’s Blade. The sword is made of shark scales instead of a traditional blade with a mouth. What makes this sword unique is that it displays sentience as it is known to be notoriously picky over who its owners should be. You cannot simply choose the Samehada, it is the Samehada that chose you.

The Samehada absorbs a large amount of Chakra from its enemies which enables it to disrupt jutsus and devour the protective chakra cloaks of Jinchuurikis. The Samehada absorbs so much chakra that its user, Kisame has the same amount of chakra as that of a tailed beast.

If push comes to shove, you can even fuse yourself with the Samehada. The Samehada will restore your chakra reserve, heal your injuries and recover your stamina. In your fusion form, you will gain superhuman speed and strength to overpower your opponent.

The Samehada is one of the most recognizable swords of the hidden mist. If you are the type of person who likes to bond with sentient swords, the Samehada is definitely for you.


Naruto Weapons Guide
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Shibuki is one of the Seven Mystical Swords of the Hidden Mist. This sword has a blade covered by a large scroll filled with explosive tags. Each swing from the Shibuki can create multiple explosions creating a destructive spectacle. People who like to watch everything explode might be interested in this sword.

Chakra Canon

Naruto Weapons Guide
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Technology in Naruto evolved significantly after the events of the 4th Shinobi World War. Everybody loves big canons because they look awesome. How about a canon that is powerful enough to destroy the entire moon?

It will be no secret that I will have fun destroying meteorites with such weapons. Though how I wish I could see the chakra canon’s moon-destroying power but I do agree with Killer Bee’s sentiments; I don’t want to kill Naruto and Hinata, who are stuck on the moon, either.


Question: What Happened to the Treasured Tools of the Six Paths?

Answer: Following the defeat of the Gold and Silver Brothers, the Amber Purifying Pot and the Crimson Gourd were under the possession of the allied forces. Unfortunately, Obito Uchiha stole the two weapons and fed them to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Since the Amber Purifying Pot and the Crimson Gourd contained the chakras of the nine-tails and eight-tails, Obito managed to resurrect the Ten-tails.
Ten-ten obtained the Crimson Gourd, Golden Canopy Rope, and the Banana Palm Fan, and displayed in her shop. The whereabouts of the Seven Star Sword and Amber Purifying Pot are currently unknown.

Question: Why are there no guns in the Naruto World?

Answer: Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, said that there are no firearms in the franchise. Interestingly in the early part of the manga, a shotgun can be seen in a shop. Modern weapons were actually used during the Pain Arc, when the Asura Path launched multiple missiles and rockets against Naruto.

Question: What Happened to the Seven Swords of the Hidden Mist?

Answer: The Seven Swords of the Hidden Mists were returned to the Hidden Mist sometime after the 4th Shinobi World War. Throughout the years between Naruto and Boruto: the Next Generation, no new members of the Seven Swordsmen were chosen, which means the swords has no owners. In Boruto, a group of teenagers stole the swords in an effort to return the Hidden Mist back to its bloody days. Fortunately, Boruto and Chojuro thwarted their plans.

Question: Who is the original owner of the Treasured Tools?

Answer: Hagoromo Otsutsuki, also known as the Sage of the Six Paths, is the original owner of the Treasured Tools. He is the son of Kaguya Otsutsuki and the twin brother of Hamura. He liberated the world from his mother, who became the ten tails and sealed her body, which led to the creation of the moon. His contribution to the world is immense; he is the founder of ninshu, which served as the foundation of the ninja world. His sons, Ashura and Indra, became the founder of the Senju and Uchiha clans, respectively. Both warring clans has produced great men that shaped history.

Question: Who mastered all the Seven Swords of the Mist?

Answer: Mangetsu Hozuki, is said to have wielded all the seven swords of the mist. He is one of the most powerful ninjas ever produced by the Hidden Mist. Unfortunately, Mangetsu died prematurely, leaving his younger brother, Suigetsu, demotivated by their dreams.

Final Thoughts

From explosive papers to holy swords, the franchise has given us tons of cool weapons. Masashi Kishimoto’s creativity has made the world of Naruto a colorful place to live, one that is filled with great and tragic moments. After almost a decade, our favorite orange ninja’s adventure has finally come to an end.

We have followed Naruto dealing with many adversaries and terrifying weapons in order to reach his dream of becoming the Hokage. I still remember how happy I was watching Naruto stand in front of thousands and being proclaimed as the 7th Hokage. Him achieving his dream made all the years rooting for him worth it and it also inspired me and millions of others to do the same; never give up.

The torch is now passed down to Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki. I look forward to seeing how much our favorite character has grown up. I also look forward to the new weapons that will be shown considering that Scientific Ninja Tools will play a big part.

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