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Sakura was one of the main characters in Naruto and is a supporting character in Boruto. Despite being a protagonist, in Naruto, Sakura was disliked and even hated by the audience. The main reason was her being weak and relying on others to save her. However, there is a significant change in her emotionally and physically in Boruto.

In this article, I will be discussing Sakura from the start of her days to her current self in Naruto. I will be discussing everything from her character development, appearance, abilities, and much more. Hang on tight because this will be an interesting article that might change your perspective of Sakura.

Bottom Line Up Front

Sakura Uchiha, previously known as Sakura Haruno, is a kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Uchiha Clan. She is the wife of Sasuke Uchiha and the mother of Sarada Uchiha. Currently, Sakura is the Head of the Medical Department and is the best medical ninja in the world. She is a former member of Team 7 along with Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki.

In the Naruto series, Sakura was a relatively weak character who often got in danger and had to be saved by her team members. This was the reason for the hate she got. However, after Sasuke and Naruto went to train under one of the three legendary Sanin, Sakura also decided to get stronger. She trained restlessly with Tsunade and became a powerful medical ninja.

In Boruto, Sakura is one of the strongest supporting characters and continues to love Sasuke, her now-husband, and does everything to protect Sarada and her other loved ones.


Sakura’s character design in Boruto gives her a mature, beautiful look while also looking like a badass. She has short pink hair, light green eyes, and a purple rhombus on her forehead, which is her Strength of a Hundred Seal mark.

Sakura wears a hot pink qipao dress with white lines on the sides. It is a sleeveless dress that reaches her upper thighs at the back and is trimmed from the front, showing her belly. The Uchiha crest is printed on the back of her dress. She wears white pants paired with high heels. She wears bracelets on her wrists and a dark pink headband for accessories.

Early Life

Sakura Boruto Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Sakura is a civilian girl born to Mebuki and Kizashi Haruno. Unlike her peers, Sakura had no Shinobi background and was not raised in an honorable clan. Sakura was often bullied in her school, which caused her to become insecure about her appearance.

When Sakura was a child, she was friends with Ino Yamanaka. However, as they grew up and entered middle school, they were distanced because of their crush on Sasuke Uchiha. Although later in the series, they do become good friends again.

During her time in Naruto, Sakura was a weak character who barely had mastered any strong Jutsu. She had a weak will and would often give up too quickly. Sakura had to rely on Sasuke, Naruto, or anyone else to save her most of the time. This may be because Sakura was always insecure, unsure of her abilities and had no shinobi background.

However, things change later in Naruto Shippuden. Sakura goes through extensive training under Lady Tsunade, one of the legendary Sanin. She becomes a powerful Shinobi, making her capable of defeating an Akatsuki, many other villains and healing a lot of people in the Third Great Shinobi War, and even assisting Naruto and Sasuke in defeating Kaguya Otsutski.


Sakura’s personality has changed a lot from her childhood to her teenage adulthood. Let’s go through these personality changes one by one.


Sakura Boruto Guide
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As a child, Sakura was shy and quiet, which often made others bully her. She is respectful towards her superiors, teachers and peers. She is friendly and quickly becomes friends with Ino Yamanaka. She shows herself to be confident even though she is very insecure and lacks a strong will.

She had a huge crush on Sasuke and would become very jealous or angry if someone tried to approach him. She becomes competitive with Ino Yamanaka because she is also interested in Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura would show herself as an angry young woman and often lash out at Naruto. However, deep down, Sakura had a much kinder and more gentle personality which she only showed in emotional moments.

Character Development in Teenage Years

Sakura Boruto Guide
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As Sakura goes on missions, faces danger and loses Sasuke, she begins to understand more about the people around her and the seriousness of life. Sakura starts to let go of her childish personality and works towards making herself stronger both physically and emotionally. This happened when Sakura faced multiple dangerous situations and was helpless because she wasn’t physically strong enough to attack or defend.

Because of his rapid growth, Sakura becomes inspired by Naruto and decides to become stronger to protect herself and her loved ones. This causes Sakura to build a strong will and gain more confidence. She develops a mindset that she must not be left behind anymore and fight alongside her team members.

Sakura no longer cries, gives up or wishes to be saved by others. Instead, she fights all out, using strategies and strength to defeat her opponent no matter how badly she is hurt. Sakura chooses to fight till her last breath rather than ask for help. Sakura becomes the one to save, rather than being the one to be saved.


Sakura Boruto Guide
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Sakura is a loving, friendly, and strong-willed woman in Boruto. However, she is not as violent as in childhood and has a more feminine and calm personality. Sakura mostly smiles, motivates people around her, and manages all her responsibilities as the top medical ninja.

Even years after their marriage, Sakura remains deeply in love with Sasuke. She is very patient with him as she spent all her time alone in pregnancy and even raised Sarada alone.

With Sasuke mostly being outside of the village and only visiting once in a while. Sakura is a very loving and caring mother. She constantly assures her daughter that her father loves her and will be back soon. Sakura is a very protective mother and loves showing affection to her daughter.


As a genin, Sakura lacked combat skills and was too weak to fight. However, she goes through strict training under Lady Tsunade and becomes so strong that she even surpasses her Tsunade in strength and medicine. In the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sakura even achieved the Strength of a Hundred Seal, which means she inherited the power of a Kage and a Sanin.

Chakra Control

Sakura Boruto Guide
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Ever since she was a little girl, Sakura has been skilled in Shurikenjutsu. After training with Tsunade, she becomes a powerful Taijutsu user. In the Boruto series, Sakura battles against Shin Uchiha, the user of the Mangekyo Sharingan and destroys his organs with one punch.

Sakura has always been excellent in chakra control. She learned to control her chakra before Sasuke and Naruto. Sakura’s excellent chakra control allows her to use powerful Jutsu with the minimum possible chakra.

Sakura can make her Taijutsu skills much stronger by building chakra in her fists, and Sakura punches her opponents, which inflicts more damage on them. Using this ability, Sakura has been able to destroy objects such as giant rocks and even break her target’s bones and rupture their organs.

After the seal’s release, Sakura can perform Jutsus on a much larger scale. She can also transfer her chakra to others, which helped a lot in the Fourth Shinobi War. Over time, Sakura’s chakra control further improves. She can even use a sensory Jutsu to detect any traps or threats in a room and make structures by channelling her chakra through objects.


Sakura’s chakra affinities are Water, Earth and Yin and Yang release. In her adulthood, she also learns the Fire Release techniques. Sakura can use the Summoning Technique to summon the giant healing slug, Katsuyu. Sakura can have Katsuyu split into many smaller slugs, which can heal multiple people and replenish their chakra at one time.

If a target comes in contact with Sakura, she can implant a seal in the shape of cherry blossom. Sakura can control this seal to release red chakra threads that would stop any movements.

Medical Ninjutsu

Sakura Boruto Guide
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Sakura is so proficient in Medical Ninjutsu that her master, Tsunade, remarked her skills as very rare. This is because Sakura mastered much of the basic healing ninjutsu in only three months. She can quickly heal herself in the middle of battles which means she has achieved the peak of external injury treatment. Sakura has already become the best medic ninja at such a young age.

When Sakura fights an opponent again with a very sturdy body, she inflicts chakra in her fists and medical ninjutsu. The mix of medical ninjutsu allows her to quickly recover from the damage her hand inflicts by hitting the opponent.

When Sakura releases her Strength of a Hundred Seal, she almost becomes immortal in battle because she can use the Creation Rebirth ability. A forbidden Jutsu allows Sakura’s body to regenerate constantly, so her body doesn’t get affected by the injuries.

When healing Jutsu isn’t working effectively, Sakura makes small and sharp chakra blade incisions. She uses this ability to perform surgeries on her patients. When someone is poisoned, Sakura can cure them by extracting their poison while also healing the damage on their bodies. To further ensure their recovery, Sakura can analyze the poison’s contents and create a special antidote for them accordingly.

After Naruto loses Kurama, Sakura is able to save Naruto, who’s on the verge of dying. She made an incision on the side of his body and pumped his heart with her hands while also doing CPR; this process saved him. She once again saved Naruto by pouring her chakra into Naruto and Kurama. His chakra deprivation was so much that it took Sakura three days until Naruto was finally out of danger.

Sakura also had a vast knowledge of genetics, allowing her to examine cells and perform autopsies. Sakura is a fast learner; under the guidance of Tsunade, she learned how to create a sleeping gas, and from Shizune, she learned to make poisons that can be coated on bullets, and upon hitting the target he would quickly become paralyzed.


Sakura Boruto Guide
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Sakura constantly scored well in the exams in her school. Even during the first exam, she could attempt the paper without cheating, unlike others. Ino even cheated from her in the exam. Her intellect and knowledge were why she was put into Team 7, as Sasuke and Naruto were good in battle, but Sakura was knowledgeable.

Sakura uses her intellect and observational skills to analyze and predict the opponent’s move, as seen in her battle against Sasori. As an adult, Sakura is excellent at decoding and deciphering; this is why she helps at the Department of Analytical study whenever her level of expertise is required.


Sakura has a strong memory. She often uses her previous encounters and memories to build up a hypothesis to understand a situation. During combat, Sakura plays mind games with her opponents by making them believe she has made a mistake, causing them to lower their guard and approach her. At that moment, Sakura sees an opening and defeats them.

Sakura in the New Era

In Chapter 1 of the novel Sakura Hiden, Sakura opens a clinic in Konoha, after six months of the Great Shinobi War, to treat children’s mental health.

Sarada Uchiha Arc

Sakura Boruto Guide
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Sasuke is in the middle of a fight against Shin Uchiha, and Sarada is in danger. At the right time, Sakura arrives, and with a single punch, she ruptures the organs of Shin. However, Sakura is transported with Shin and one of his clone sons to their hideout. Shin performs surgery on himself, and after that, Sakura reveals she came here on purpose to get information from Shin.

Upon hearing Shin’s twisted ideals towards his so-called sons, Sakura decides to attack him. While Shin prepared to attack back, Sasuke came and crushed him with his Susanoo. Yep, Sasuke being cool as always with his amazing Susanoo.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

Sakura Boruto Guide
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Sarada leaves to train for the Chunin Exams, and Sakura sees her off. Sakura sits with Ino in the audience, cheering for Sarada on her first win. However, the exams are interrupted when Momoshiki Otsutski and Kinshiki enter and instantly begin to create destruction. The debris begins to fall on everyone, but Sakura punches the air, creating strong shockwaves that destroy the debris and save everyone.

Hinata becomes severely injured in her attempt to save Naruto. But Sakura heals her. When Boruto decides to go save Naruto, Sakura carries Hinata to Boruto so she can talk to him about this.

Time Slip Arc

Sasuke and Boruto went back to the past, where they encountered the young Sakura. She noticed the similarity between Boruto and Naruto, although Sasuke and Naruto denied this. Later on, she joined in helping Naruto and Boruto clean up the bathhouse because of the nuisance Jiraiya and Naruto had caused there.

A few days afterwards, Sakura again bumped into Sasuke after she was returning from training with Tsunade. He apologized and quickly rushed away but accidentally dropped a letter by Sarada. T

he letter had Sasuke’s name written on it. Sakura confronted Boruto since she suspected that they knew something about Sasuke. Boruto said he knew some other Sasuke. So, Sakura decided to ask Boruto’s master directly instead.

Later, Sakura found the strange man battling an unknown person who was after Naruto. Sasuke’s efforts were unsuccessful as he was tired, and his opponent had unique powers. Sasuke tackled the enemy into the river, but the enemy remained unwounded. Sakura took Sasuke out of the river, hid him and used her new medical ninjutsu to heal him.

When he woke up, Sakura asked him multiple questions, but she became tired and fainted because of using the medical ninjutsu. Sasuke laid her down on the ground and left.

Days after defeating Urashiki, Sasuke and Boruto were ready to leave. But Sakura once again came to them and requested to know about their relationship with Sasuke. Luckily, Jiraiya handled the situation. Before leaving, Sasuke used his Rinnegan to remove Sakura’s memories. When Sasuke returned to the current world, Sakura was seen sleeping at the table waiting for him. When she woke up, she smiled, greeted Sasuke and cooked him food.

Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy

Kakashi had found a book in the library of Redaku about the Sage of Six Paths. He had sent that book to Hidden Leaf Village and entrusted Shikamaru and Sakura to be able to decipher it.

Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Startdust

Sakura Boruto Guide
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Sakura infiltrates the Astronomy Institute of Redaku and saves Sasuke from dying due to the intolerable poison of Meno’s claws which is a special paralyzing poison. Sakura carries Sasuke to the infirmary to examine him, and after Sasuke awakens, Sakura reassures him that Sarada is safe.

Sakura finds out that Naruto has developed the same sickness as the Sage of Six Paths, which had stopped him from using his chakra. Sarada concludes that his illness can only be healed if the astronomical chart is found, which would locate Naruto’s polar parts.

Sakura and Sasuke begin investigating the archives in the basement. They discover that the astronomical map is a book with pictures used in Hoshinarabe created by Sage of Six Paths. Sakura thinks that the pictures can show the constellations, and the images of Ten-Tails and Kurama are related by the months of the year.

The next day, Sakura sneaks into Zansuru’s office and finds out that a messenger for Redaku’s Prime Minister will be visiting him. Sakura first questions Fundaru about the information he is to deliver and then knocks him down. Sakura transforms into Fundaru, and Sasuke transforms into his cane. Sakura then meets Zansuru and rolls Sasuke into the Hidden room she saw on the building’s map.

Some days later, Sakura again studies the astronomical map and finds out that the Hoshinarabe are a pattern of ninjutsu. Sasuke then takes Sakura to the area where there are the polar particles. Sakura obtains the container in the polar particles by using hand seals. Soon, the area around the institute begins shaking, and many revived dragons emerge from there.

Sakura begins guiding the prisoners to the safe area. But Sakura encounters Gigi in the hall, stabs her with a kunai covered with Meno’s poison and grabs the polar particles. Sasuke finds Sakura wounded and heals her. Sakura is determined to get up and fight against the dragons until the prisoner’s safety is ensured.

However, Gigi again engages in a fight with Sakura. Sakura attempts to distract Gigi by throwing debris at him, but he blocks her attack and comes in her way. Sakura traps Gigi by activating a seal she had put on his wrist on their first meeting.

Gigi accepts his loss, and while explaining his motives to Sakura, he gets his throat slashed by a Dragon, although the Dragon wants to attack Sakura. Sakura instantly begins to heal him. But he starts losing consciousness while wishing he was as strong as Sasuke and Sakura.

When Sasuke and Sakura return, they are having a family dinner together. Suddenly, Shikamaru Nara visits and gives Sakura the analysis of the Polar Particles. He updates her about the ongoing research about everything found at Sakura and Sasuke’s mission. Before leaving, Shikamaru concludes his conversation by saying that if they do not reach a breakthrough, Naruto might use his chakra using abilities forever.

Naruto Retsuden: Naruto Uzumaki and the Spiral Destiny

During the Naruto’s visit to the Land of Stairs, Naruto has an assassination attempt on him by Yanaru Aze, who uses a three Shadow Clone Kekkai Genkai ability. Sakura is one of Naruto’s bodyguards, and she successfully manages to defeat one of the clones.

A year later, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Shikamaru meet in a secret room and discuss Naruto’s illness, making him unable to use his chakra. According to Kurama, the Sage of Six Paths had also experienced this illness in Redaku. When she examined him, Sakura then confirmed she found nothing unusual in Naruto’s body.

The next day, Sasuke went to Redaku. While Naruto faints once again because of using his chakra and Sakura heals him. She concluded that his chakra pathway is shutting down, which isn’t allowing him to use his chakra. Sakura also decides to follow Sasuke to Redaku to investigate Naruto’s illness.

Days after their return from the mission, Sakura and Sasuke find out Naruto has lost the Polar Particles that they had received. Sakura discusses in the Hidden Room that the particles were from a celestial body in the sky which is 200km altitude from the Land of Fire. Sakura starts studying the record from Chihare with a plan to reach the location.
Sakura uses Chihare’s motorcycle to reach Naruto’s house. The plan is that when they reach the celestial body, Sakura is supposed to do chakra control and connect a needle between Sasuke and Naruto to supply chakra. A vertical Earth Release Pillar is created by Yamato and Kakashi, on which Sakura goes up on the motorcycle.

A lightning bolt hits Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke as the motorcycle reaches the clouds. There are many obstacles, but she reaches the path with Sasuke’s, Gaara’s, Kurotsuchi’s help, and Sakura’s chakra control.

When they reach the location, Sakura realizes they weren’t on time for the celestial body. Sasuke comes out of the motorcycle while holding Naruto to reach the celestial body. Suddenly, Sakura reaches Sasuke’s collar, kisses him and throws his headband in the direction of the celestial body. Sasuke switches places with the headband, which turns the mission into a success.

Key Relationships

Sakura Boruto Guide
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Sakura is good friends with almost everyone in the series. Especially her classmates. But there are some people who have a special bond with her.

• Sasuke Uchiha (Husband)
• Sarada Uchiha (Daughter)
• Naruto Uzumaki (Best Friend)
• Hinata Hyuga and Ino Yamanaka (Close Friends)
• Kakashi Hatake (Teacher)
• Tsunade Senju (Teacher)
• Kizashi Haruno (Father)
• Mebuki Haruno (Mother)

Fun Facts

• Sakura’s name means “Cherry Blossom”. Sakura is the national flower of Japan. According to Kishimoto, Sakura was even given pink hair to reflect her name as the Sakura flowers have the same colour.
• Like it or not, Sakura is a very popular Naruto character. She was voted number fifth in Naruto Character Popularity Poll.
• In the English Shonen Jump, released in June 2006, Kishimoto stated that Sakura could be the best ninja teacher compared with the other two Team 7 members. Although she has flaws in her personality, she is still closest to being considered normal.
• Sakura, followed by Hiruzen, is one of the only two characters who have had two Hokage as her teachers. Sakura is a disciple of Kakashi and Tsunade, both of who have been the Hokage.

Sakura & Sasuke- The Best Couple in Naruto?

Sakura Boruto Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Although many would disagree, the relationship between Sakura and Sasuke is the best in Naruto. Yes, Sasuke rarely shows affection and mostly stays out for missions. However, considering Sasuke’s tormented past, it is hard for him to show affection, yet he does wish he could be with his family.

In the Sasuke Retsuden light novel, Sasuke held Sakura’s hand and said to have wished he could have seen Sarada grow up alongside Sakura. Sasuke even gives her a ring with his Earth chakra infused, which later saves Sakura’s life when she is wounded under the rubble, and Sasuke is able to find her.

In the Sasuke Retsuden and Naruto Retsuden light novels, Sakura and Sasuke put together their intellect and strength to make their challenging missions successful. These missions could not have been successful without them working together. No couple in Naruto work together in missions as well as they do.

Being with Sasuke, Sakura has learned to push herself and become a stronger and more intelligent version of herself. While Sakura has taught Sasuke the importance of love and family. She never left his side, and this is why Sasuke eventually fell in love with Sakura and now even tries to become a good father to Sarada. Cheers to the young and beautiful couple, Sakura and Sasuke!

Sakura Boruto Guide: FAQs

Question: Is Sakura a Uchiha?

Answer: Yes, after marrying Sasuke, Sakura became an Uchiha. She is one of the only three members of the Uchiha clan and the mother of Sarada Uchiha.

Question: Is Sasuke related to Sakura?

Answer: Sasuke and Sakura are married, but they rarely spend time together. Sasuke is mostly out for his missions, so their relationship mostly has been long-distance. The couple spent the longest time together when Sakura joined Sasuke on his atonement journey after the Fourth Shinobi War. This would be when they became closer to each other, got married, and became pregnant.

Question: What is Sakura’s strong form?

Answer: Sakura’s strongest form is Sozo Saisei — Byakugo No Jutsu, also known as Ninja Art: Creation Rebirth. This is when her Strength of a Hundred seals power is released. Only she and Tsunade currently have this power. When Sakura is in this form, her body is constantly being healed no matter how badly she is wounded.

Remarks about Sakura

While watching Naruto, I never thought I would respect and like Sakura’s character so much in Boruto. However, she did win my heart. Sakura had a peaceful childhood, but her life after entering middle school was very hard. Unlike her classmates, she did not belong to a notable clan and wasn’t born with any special talent and power, like Sasuke with his Sharingan.

After suffering a lot, Sakura had to push herself very hard to become equivalent in power to her team members, and she succeeded and surpassed a Hokage. Sakura not only improved her physical strength, but also became very intelligent. As an adult, Sakura has been part of many difficult and important life-saving missions. Yet she has not become arrogant and still is a very gentle and kind person.

Sakura is selfless and values the life of others over her own. She perfectly balances her work life and motherhood. She is an important supporting character in Boruto and is why Sasuke has a warm, loving home to come back to. So, let’s end the stereotypes and love Sakura for who she is now, rather than who she was in the Naruto series. At the end of the day, it is a character’s growth that matters.

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