Hidan Naruto Guide: The Immortal Villain

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I know it’s annoying, but it’s my Religion.”

Naruto is filled with multiple interesting characters. Each villain has a unique background story and powers. Of course, that is one of the reasons why Naruto is amongst the best anime series of all time. Each character of Akatsuki is unpredictable and has different and strong superpowers. The hype of Akatsuki was worth it, and Hidan proves it.

Although Hidan is a villain who committed many crimes and took away a wonderful supporting character, many fans still love him. Including me. Why? Hidan is annoying, but his character is so fun to watch. Let’s go ahead and talk about this unforgettable villain from the legendary Akatsuki organization.

Bottom Line Up Front

Hidan is an S-ranked ninja whose an antagonist in Naruto. After abandoning Yugakure, Hidan joined the Akatsuki as its second newest member. During his missions, Hidan partnered with Kakuzu. Although the two often argued and disliked each other, they would have the perfect chemistry when battling against an opponent. Kisame Hoshigaki even called them “the Zombie Combo” because of this.


Hidan Naruto

When Hidan was a child, he visited the Valley of Hell after hearing multiple rumors. There, he smelled sulfur and saw corpses all over the valley. He told everyone about the corpses after his return.

Everyone did not seem surprised because that valley was always considered inhabitable. However, Hidan’s story caused people to suspect him of murder. Later, Yugakure ninjas went to the valley and confirmed that everyone was slaughtered because of a clan act.

Soon, Yugakure became a tourist site from a shinobi village. Infuriated by this change, Hidan left the village after slaughtering his neighbors and joining the faith of Jashin, a religion with a same-named God.

The main concept of this religion is to slaughter. It is considered a sin not to perform destruction. After every slaughter, Hidan performs a long ritual to Lord Jashin. Due to his slaughters and strong belief, Hidan became the first to be granted immortality by Jashin God.

In Naruto anime, Akatsuki is requested by Yugakure to kill Hidan because of his murders. Itachi, Kakuzu, and Konan reach and encounter Hidan to eliminate him. But Hidan is able to kill one of Kakuzu’s hearts. Seeing his strength, Konan offers Hidan to join Akatsuki. Hidan accepts her offer mainly because he develops an interest in Kakuzu after seeing him have somewhat immortality.

Soon after joining Akatsuki, Hidan leaves and goes on a mission to capture two tails with Kakuzu. Afterward, he captures the seven tails as well with Kakuzu.


Hidan has purple eyes and straight, medium-length silver hair slicked back. Before joining the Akatsuki, Hidan would be shirtless and wear bandages around his stomach. Along with maroon pants and black shinobi shoes with zippers.

After joining the Akatsuki, Hidan continued to be shirtless but would wear the long Akatsuki cloak and keep the upper half open. His rogue Yugakure amulet could be seen around his neck, and his Jashin amulet hanging on a chain. He started wearing gray pants and dark purple shoes and kept green nail polish on his toenails and fingernails.

He wore a ring on his index finger that had the letter of kanji for “three” written. Hidan is usually seen with his red Triple-Bladed Scythe that he keeps on his back when he is not engaging in a battle. Hidan lost his left ear after his fight against Asuma. His head was stitched back on his head by Kakuzu but not his ear.

Hidan’s appearance would change when he would transform after activating his curse. His body would turn black, but his bones would be distinctively shown through his skin in the color white.


Hidan Naruto

Contrary to being a religious person, Hidan was very disrespectful and foul-mouthed. He would often mock, belittle and use foul words for his opponents and allies.

He would rarely use honorifics, and even when he would, it would be sarcasm, such as calling Deidara “Deidara-chan.” Hidan was the only one amongst Akatsuki who showed no respect to Pain. He would openly declare his desire to kill him.

Respect for His God

The only existence which Hidan ever respected was his God, Jashin. He would sometimes use his name as an insult and would sometimes claim his rituals to be too tedious and annoying. During his battle, he would often call out his God’s name and ask him to see Hidan make a sacrifice. Even if he found the rituals annoying, he continued to perform them after every slaughter.

He would often get angry at Kakuzu because he committed blasphemy, criticized Hidan’s rituals and battle style, and Kakuzu’s love of money. Yet, he perfectly battled alongside him and even panicked for his life when he killed one of Kuzaku’s hearts by being fooled by Shikamaru’s tactic.

Hidan would also show respect for people who were interested in his God. This is seen when he talks about his God and rituals to Ameyuki and shows respect to him. Even delaying killing him when Ameyuki talks about making his own sacrifice. Hidan also respects other religions because he showed discontent towards Kakuzu’s desire to attack the Fire Temple, calling it an act of blasphemy.


Hidan was a sadistic. He felt no remorse for killing people. He considered killing people a normal sacrifice and would enjoy making their deaths very painful. He believed that killing others and being killed is what shinobis are for, which is why he when his village became a tourist site from a shinobi village.

Before killing anyone, Hidan would request to his God for a good kill or forgiveness when he wasn’t allowed to kill. Hidan was also a masochist side because he would enjoy injuring himself in every battle.

After all, that would injure his opponent. Hidan would feel the same pain as his opponent, yet he would happily stab himself multiple times. Moments before killing Asuma, Hidan laughs out of joy and shrieks. This abnormal behavior clearly shows he is a maniac.


Hidan realizes that he is an immortal, which makes him very arrogant. He would always underestimate his opponents and engage in battle without devising a strategy. Due to this, he is often ridiculed by Kakuzu. In his battle against Shikamaru, Hidan agrees that he is not very smart, yet he figured out Shikamaru’s limitations of the Shadow Imitation Technique.

However, Hidan still lost Shikamaru because of his carelessness. Hidan was too proud, so he wouldn’t allow Kakuzu to assist him in his battles, except when he was in danger from Shikamaru. Hidan overestimates his abilities and looks down on others.

This is proven when Shikamaru defeats Hidan; his dismembered head still curses at Shikamaru, threatening to kill him. Even in that condition, Hidan swears to Shikamaru and is confident that he will kill him. Not once did he think about asking for mercy from him.

Hidan hates being told what to do, which is often the cause of his arguments against Kakuzu because he wants to do what he likes rather than following the given orders.



Hidan is so powerful that his village had to ask the Akatsuki to kill him because they did not have a ninja strong enough to go against him. Hidan is an S-class Ninja; his exceptional skills and immortality got him recruited into the Akatsuki.

Only he and Kakuzu were enough to defeat Yugito Nii, the two-tailed Jinchuriki in her beast form, Fū the seven-tailed Jinchuriki, and Asuma, a strong Jonin.


Due to making a lot of sacrifices, performing rituals after every slaughter, and overall being a devoted follower of the Jashin God, Hidan is granted the power of immortality. Hidan does not die no matter how severe his injuries are. He has had many fatal blows, but nothing happens to him.

Even after he was decapitated, Hidan could easily speak, and his head was stitched back on his head by Kakuzu.
Shikamaru blows Hidan’s whole body, yet he perfectly retains his all senses. He can only die from malnutrition or, as released in Naruto’s third databook, that Hidan can also die if his head is decapitated and kept separated from his head for a long enough time.

Hidan does not die from blood loss either. He loses a lot of blood every time he stabs himself in battle. Yet, he shows no signs of feeling tired or weak. He does not seem to have any negative consequences from having an immortality ability either.

Jujutsu- The Jashin Ritual

Hidan uses his weapons to attain a few drops of his opponent’s blood. He consumes it once he has their blood and draws the Jashin symbol on the ground with his blood.

This process connects his and the opponent’s bodies to each other. After this process, Hidan’s appearance changes to black skin and a white skeleton. In this condition, Hidan becomes a human-sized voodoo doll of his opponent. Whatever he does to his body happens to his opponent’s body.

Hidan calls this power his “curse,” which he would often use on his opponents to torture them. In this state, Hidan stabs himself in different parts of his body to give pain to his opponent. When he finally wants to kill them, he pierces his own heart, and then his opponent dies.
Although Hidan’s technique is very dangerous, it can be avoided if one figures it out before Hidan completes the Jutsu process. The implementation of this Jutsu is slow as it requires the opponent’s blood and the creation of the symbol.

The Jutsu will be broken if someone interrupts the battle and takes Hidan out of his Jashin symbol. However, once Hidan is back in the symbol, he can instantly continue the Jutsu as he remains in his transformed state even if taken out of the symbol.

Physical Ability

Hidan wields a long and huge Triple Bladed Scythe, which can be used for long and short-ranged attacks. As Shikamaru analyzed, this weapon’s main purpose is to acquire blood rather than land a fatal blow on the opponent. The weapon is connected to a lengthy, metal cable connected to a coil that he hides inside his robe.

Hidan is very skilled at short-range attacks as he is seen deflecting multiple Shurikens thrown at him. Hidan is good in both long and short-range attacks. He can throw his weapon at such accuracy that it makes it hard for the opponent to predict where it’ll hit; the accuracy maintains itself even when he throws his scythe at a far distance.

However, during his fight against team Asuma, the scythe’s cable is destroyed by Shikamaru’s kunai attack. Hidan then admitted to being the slowest attacker in the Akatsuki because of the large size of his scythe. Hidan has exceptional reflexes and flexibility as he quickly avoids Shikamaru’s shadow from reaching him multiple times. Even in mid-air, he uses his scythe to avoid Shikamaru’s shadow.

When Shikamaru sends his Chakra Blade at him, Hidan can dodge it by throwing his scythe into the tree and using it as a stand. Avoiding a hit from the blade and a fall.

Stamina and Durability

Hidan does not feel fatigued even after inflicting many fatal blows. He can even fight long battles without showing any signs of reduced stamina. His immortality makes him so durable that he can withstand any attack, whether it’s being bombarded by bombs or decapitated.

Hidan does not get the effect of having his fatal organs stabbed or his bones broken. Even after Shikamaru uses his Shadow Sewing Ability to break Hidan’s arms, Hidan can still wield his weapons perfectly.

Plot Arcs

Hidan Naruto

Hidan participates in the sealing of the One-Tailed beast, Shukaku. Zetsu reveals the presence of Might Guy, and Hidan offers to fight against him as compensation for his failure to capture jinchūriki. However, Kisame instead requests to fight against him because he wants to take revenge on Might Guy. After all, he attacked him three years ago.

Pain agrees to send Kisame because him having the most chakra out of all members, making him suitable for being Might Guy’s opponent. Hidan is annoyed by his decision but quietly accepts it. Later on, more enemies approached the hideout, and Hidan was eager to battle against them, but Pain chose to send Itachi instead.

Capturing the Two Tails

The first official appearance in the manga of Hidan was with Kakuzu on his mission to capture The Two Tails Jinchuriki, Yugito Nii. The two encounter Yugito in the sewers of Kumogakure. Firstly, Hidan offers Yugito to allow them to capture her as his God didn’t allow him to fight an opponent and leave him undead.

He was told he captured her alive for the tailed beast extraction. Yugito disagrees and transforms into the Two Tails. However, the duo defeats her and gives her to Zetsu.

Battle in the Land of Fire

Hidan and Kakuzu reach the Land of Fire, and Hidan hesitantly agrees with Kakuzu to attack the Fire Temple so they can take the monk, Chiruku’s head, to collect the bounty. The duo easily kills Chiruku and his multiple subordinates. Afterward, he performs a long ritual for the slaughtered. Then, Hidan travels with Kakuzu to deliver the monk’s body to a nearby bounty station.

When they reach the bounty station, Hidan chooses to stay outside as he doesn’t want to go to a station hidden inside a washroom that also smelled horrible. While waiting for Kazuki, Hidan gets ambushed by Kotetsu Hagane , Asuma Sarutobi, Izumo Kamizuki and Shikamaru Nara.

Shikamaru immobilizes Hidan using his Shadow Paralysis, and Izumo and Kotetsu stab him with two large kunai. Yet, to their surprise, Hidan shows no surprise and easily talks.

Soon, Kazuki arrives, causing Hidan’s opponents to fall back and Shikamaru’s Jutsu to break. Hidan instructs Kakuzu not to interfere and begins his battle against Asuma. Hidan and Asuma exchange blows, and Hidan acquires some of Asuma’s blood.

Hidan activates his Jutsu right before Asuma releases his Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning on Hidan. This causes Asuma to have three-degree burns.

Asuma doesn’t realize Hidan’s Jutsu technique and once again charges toward him. Only to fall to the ground when Hidan stabs his leg. Hidan finally prepares to kill wounded Asuma but is immobilized by Shikamaru, who understands the situation.

While keeping him restrained, Shikamaru begins to analyze all of Hidan’s words and actions, allowing him to find out his weakness. With this information, Shikamaru forces Hidan out from the Jashin symbol, which releases Asuma from his curse.

Asuma cuts off Hidan’s ear to confirm his release from the curse. Afterward, he decapitates Hidan. Surprisingly, Hidan’s decapitated head begins to swear at Asuma for cutting his head and Kakuzu for not saving him. Kakuzu didn’t care because he blamed Hidan for being arrogant and telling Kakuzu not to interfere. While the Konoha ninjas stood there shocked, Kakuzu stitched Hidan’s head back on his body.

Kakuzu then begins to battle against Izumo and Kotetsu. At the same time, Hidan connected himself with Asuma again by re-entering the symbol. Hidan attacked Asuma with his scythe, which Asuma dodged, hitting Hidan in his vital organs. Asuma fell to the ground, in shock and pain while heavily bleeding.

Shikamaru rushed towards Asuma while Hidan fatally injured Asuma by stabbing his own heart with a spear. Shikamaru, Kotetsu, and Izumo helplessly looked at Asuma while Hidan smiled out of enjoyment. Shikamaru swore at Hidan and rushed towards him but soon fell from exhaustion.

Hidan was excited about killing Shikamaru as well. But was called back by the Akatsuki leader. Hidan became frustrated and swore to kill Shikamaru later. Hidan and Kakuzu then departed from a hidden area and stayed there for three days sealing the Two-Tails, and Three more days sealing the Three-Tails.

Hidan vs Shikamaru

Hidan Naruto

After finishing the sealing process, Hidan and Kakuzu left for Konoha to finish their battle. On their way, they are ambushed by Team 10 and Kakashi. Shikamaru possesses Hidan with his shadow, while Kukazu doesn’t get caught by it.

He forces Hidan to fight against Kukazu, who moves him to the back. Kakashi pierces through him using Chidori, but he doesn’t die.

Hidan becomes freed by Shikamaru’s shadow as he reaches its limit. Hidan rushes toward Kakashi, and Kukazu attacks him with fire blasts. At this moment, Shikamaru decides to separate the powerful Akatsuki duo and begins attempting to capture Hidan with his shadow again.

Hidan is annoyed from constantly getting caught by Shikamaru’s shadow. Hence, he starts to carefully avoid his shadow, but he doesn’t notice Shikamaru come close enough to punch him.

Hidan blocks his punch, but their shadows get connected, which once again possesses him with Shikamaru’s Jutsu. He forces Hidan to throw away his scythe and leads him towards a secluded area filled with traps and explosive tags, which were prepared beforehand for this purpose. However, Hidan knew the limits of Shikamaru’s technique and was confident in defeating him.

Soon, Shikamaru’s shadow Jutsu broke off, and Hidan attacked him with his spear and seemed to have taken some of Shikamaru’s blood. Hidan then consumed the blood, drew the symbol, and transformed.

He stabbed himself in the heart, and Shikamaru fell to the ground, making it seem like he had died. Hidan moved out of the symbol and transformed back to his normal self. Suddenly, Shikamaru jumped back up and tried to behead Hidan. But the cut wasn’t deep enough to kill him.

Shikamaru once again caught Hidan in his shadow and revealed to him that all of this was pre-planned. He had tricked Hidan into consuming Kakuzu’s blood, so he killed one of Kakuzu’s hearts instead. Hidan thought he won when he got released from the shadow for a moment.

But once again, Shikamaru captured him using Shadow Summoning Technique and restrained Hidan with many explosive tags.
Hidan was hung between the center of the spot, and Shikamaru broke the ground by activating a prepared mark. Shikamaru told Hidan this forest is of his clan, and they will ensure Hidan remains here forever.

Shikamaru then lit a cigarette and threw it towards Hidan, detracting all the bombs. Hidan is fully blown, but his head is still intact. He swears to Shikamaru and tells him he will take revenge. Shikamaru leaves, and the hole becomes covered with rubble.

Rock Lee & his Ninja Pals

Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals is a chibi-spin off of the Naruto manga series. Fortunately, fans get to see an adorable chibi version of Hidan in this series. Opposite to the original series, Hidan is completely harmless in this series.

In manga chapter 27, Akatsuki’s Summer Vacation, the whole Akatsuki organization goes on summer vacation because Pain believes this would give them immense power. Hidan was supposed to be working at the beach house because that would make some money for the Akatsuki.

However, he spends most of his time cooling off in the air conditioner, which Kakuzu finds very creepy. Hidan finally steps out of the beachouse and keeps half of his body in the sun and another half in the shade. But the side of his body in the sun becomes very weird and creepy.

Later on, Hidan joins the rest of the Akatsuki outside to play a competition to check whose sparkler can last the longest. But Deidara and Tobi get into a fight against each other, so the competition’s winner isn’t shown. Then the Akatsuki choose to have a sparkler competition using their Jutsu, but this leads to the beach’s destruction.

Soon, Kakuzu and everyone else starts noticing that their skin gets darker. They believe that this means they have acquired power like Pain had said they would. Little did they know that they had only gotten sunburned.

Interesting Facts


  • In the manga, the triangle in Hidan’s amulet is pointing upwards. But in the anime, it points downwards, except in episode 75, where it points upwards on the minute 19:05.
  • Before Hidan’s debut in the manga, a character with unclear similarities with Hidan appeared in the Akatsuki meetings. It is unknown if this was Kakuzu’s previous partner or Hidan’s early character design.
  • The first kanji in Hidan’s name (飛) means “rook” in shōgi, and the first kanji in Kakuzu’s name means “Bishop.”
  • Hidan is the only member of the Akatsuki group who has never encountered Naruto.
  • According to Kishimoto, the black and white appearance of Hidan after his curse was activated was supposed to make him look like a Shinigami. Kishimoto also wanted Hidan’s scythe to have various qualities. However, Kishimoto could not illustrate them because of the limited time available. Unfortunately, details of the possible attributes were not disclosed.
  • A few facts were revealed about Hidan from the official data books, which said: that doing “Jashinistic” activities are their favorite hobby of Hidan. Hidan desires to have heretic opponents. “Massacre” and “Jashinism” are the favorite words of Hidan. Hidan likes eating ribs the most, hates vegetables, and is dedicated food which is the specific diet of a Buddhist monk.

Hidan Naruto Guide: Final Thoughts

Hidan is one of my favorite villains from Naruto. Similar to other Akatsuki characters, Hidan has a bizarre set of powers. Many people seem to dislike him for killing Asuma, but not to forget, he’s a villain and a great one of them. Hidan’s crazy personality makes him a memorable villain from the Naruto manga.

His fighting style is extraordinary and something I did not expect to see. He is a follower of a creepy cult-like religion, which sets him apart from other villains in Naruto. I believe if Hidan had been smarter, he might have survived the fight against Shikamaru and would have had more potential.

He uses foul language and has very indecent behavior, yet, I love him for the entertainment he adds to the manga. In my opinion, Hidan is an underrated villain from the Naruto manga.


Question: What is Hidan’s Weakness?

Answer: Hidan’s weakness is that he must remain the Jashin symbol to keep the curse activated. Once he steps out of the symbol, his link with the opponent breaks.
This means it is relatively easy for an outsider to attack Hidan or force him out of the symbol while he is busy hurting his opponent. Moreover, Hidan can only activate the curse on one person at a time, as seen in the manga.

Question: Why is Hidan Immortal?

Answer: Hidan’s strongest ability is his immortality. After offering many sacrifices and performing all kinds of rituals of the Jashin faith, he was gifted with immortality by Jashin God.
His immortality allows him to live even if he has many fatal blows. Any kind of dismemberment cannot kill him. This is proved when he can speak and see even after being blown to bits.

Question: Is Hidan Alive?

Answer: Hidan is immortal, and he cannot die regardless of how dismembered. After being hit by so many explosive tags, he was completely dismembered into bits. His head only remained, and he was still conscious and could talk.
The Akatsuki had declared him dead, yet it is believed that he is still alive but is dying because of malnutrition. Moreover, When Kakuzu was reincarnated during the Fourth Shinobi World War, he saw that Hidan wasn’t amongst the reincarnations, and that’s why he believed that Hidan was still alive.

Question: Will Hidan Come in Boruto?

Answer: No one has referred to any of the Akatsuki members in Boruto. Although there are chances of Hidan still being alive as he was immortal, his coming out is very unlikely.
He may have already died from malnutrition, but his body was completely dismembered if not. His head was buried in the ground, making it very difficult to regain his strength, attach back his body parts, and come outside.

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