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Tsunade Naruto Guide: A Comprehensive Guide On The Greatest Medical Ninja Ever

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Naruto is Japanese manga series that was written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It was published in the Shueisha Magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump, on 21 September 1999, and the series ended on 10 November 2014. Later on, it was adapted into two anime series and many anime-only movies.

The first anime series Naruto aired from 2002 to 2007 and was produced by Studio Pierrot. Then the second anime series named Naruto Shippuden aired from 15 February to 21 March 2017. This series is set in a non-technological era, and the World is separated into five big continents. 

The continents are always on the brink of breaking out into a war against each other. These circumstances kept the nations under constant fear of danger. This atmosphere makes the series filled with intense action and unpredictable plots.

Moreover, every fan loved this story aspect, which made Naruto a top-rated series back in the day. Thus, the series sold over 250 million copies.

However, always being on the edge of your seats is not what every fan wants. The series also has many moments to make you burst out in laughter to keep its fans engaged. Furthermore, being a long ongoing series, it takes time to make every aspect of the series stand out, one of which is the large cast of loveable characters. 

There are all sorts of characters in this cast, including strong, admirable female characters. One of these female characters is the Legendary Medical Sage, Tsunade. So let’s dive in to understand who she is and what her significance is in the series.

Senju Tsunade: The Legendary Sucker



When Tsunade was introduced in the series, she was very pessimistic and afraid of looking at blood. She didn’t accept that a person could achieve his goals, but after meeting Naruto, her thoughts changed. Tsunade decided to believe in Naruto and planned to help him reach his goal.

Tsunade was a very outspoken woman who was really confident in her abilities and never backed down from a challenge. She always looked forward and wished for the greater good. Tsunade deeply cared for her village and had a good sense of justice. Furthermore, she was a very short-tempered person, quickly getting angry over just getting called old.

However, Tsunade had impressive analytical skills and assessed her situation in intricate moments. Moreover, she cautiously moved forward by checking the details of her vicinity. After deciding if the problem could be handled, she quickly took action.

She had gone through many life-threatening scenarios, which made her a quick, decisive person, thus being the best for running the job of Hokage. Being the capable shinobi, Tsunade managed any case she faced wisely.


Tsunade, in her childhood, was a skinny kid to the point that she was called flat-chested. However, later in her adult age, she became a slender woman with an above-average height and a curvy frame. Her breasts also became large, which Jiraiya noticed to be 106 centimeters.

Tsunade had fair skin with long blonde hair and shoulder size bangs. She kept her hair in a ponytail, which she later changed to two loosely made ponytails. She also had a clearly visible violet-colored diamond-shaped mark on her forehead, which symbolizes her Byakugou seal. Furthermore, Tsunade had big brown eyes and wore a grey mesh shirt over which she wore a teal-colored kimono. 

Moreover, she had a big blue sash on her waist. Tsunade also wore shinobi sandals, but she didn’t wear any forehead protection.

Abilities And Techniques

Ninjutsu and Summoning Techniques

Ninjutsu and Summoning Techniques

Tsunade is a very capable shinobi with many techniques at her disposal. Tsunade can use Lighting, Water, Fire, Earth, and Yang release. In the anime, she is also able to use Yin release. It is said that Tsunade can use lightning on a person to confuse the commands that his body is trying to give. Thus quickly changing the battle to her advantage.

Moreover, Tsunade can summon Katsuyu, which can heal injured people and go anywhere to find more people with an injury. Tsunade can also use Katsuyu for long-distance communication and use Katsuyu to assess situations so that Tsunade can make her next plan.

Furthermore, Katsuyu is very helpful as it can also replenish the strength and chakra of its summoner. 

Medical Ninjutsu

Tsunade is one of the greatest medical ninjas in the Naruto world. With her vast knowledge of medicine and medical ninjutsu, she can perform many tasks that other medical ninjas deem impossible. Even Orochimaru believed that she could even reverse the demon seal’s effect on his arms. 

Furthermore, Tsunade was the only one people thought could heal rock lee’s damaged spine, legs, and arms. However, this is not what was truly exceptional about her. Tsunade’s Creation Rebirth Technique is truly the pinnacle of medical ninjutsu. As this can instantly heal any damage caused to the user. 

It heals any wound on a cellular level. Using it, a person fights at his maximum for a reasonable amount of time. What really makes this power of Tsunade shine is that it just instantly activates, and it doesn’t need any form of hand sign to be started. However, it is a double-edged sword as it decreases a person’s lifespan. 

Even though she is in her fifties, the stored chakra in her seal enables her to look younger. This effect puts no stress on her as this seems to be permanent. This transformation only seems to stop when Tsunade is out of chakra, which is rare. She often uses this effect to deceive her opponents while gambling.

Physical Prowess And Chakra

Physical Prowess And Chakra

Tsunade has immense physical strength, as noted that she was able to lift Gamabunta’s sword. Hashirama, her grandfather, also stated that she possessed tremendous physical power even when she was only five years old. Furthermore, she can use her excellent chakra control to amplify her strength. She can easily break walls and wreck large buildings.

Furthermore, being the descendants of the Senju and Uzumaki clan, she has very high reserves of chakra. Tsunade was able to fight Madara Uchiha for over half a day easily. Moreover, with her chakra reserves, she even survived being bisected. 

The Tale Of The Greatest Medical Ninja In History, The Fifth Hokage, Senju Tsunade


Tsunade is a member of the Senju clan as Hashirama Senju was his grandfather. Tsunade also had a brother named Nawaki, which she dearly loved. She was also part of the team, along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru, led by Hiruzen Sarutobi, later known as the Third Hokage. 

Tsunade trained hard under the guidance of Hiruzen Sarutobi and became a strong shinobi. She went on many missions and completed many of them successfully with her team. After her grandfather’s death, Tsunade obtained a necklace he had, and she wore it from time to time. However, when her brother’s birthday came, she gave it to him as a birthday gift. 

She also acknowledged his dream of becoming the Hokage and gave her a kiss on his forehead. Sadly, her brother died the next day, becoming a victim of the ongoing Second Great Shinobi War. This experience made her very sad. Even so, with the support of her boyfriend, Dan Kato, she kept on fighting.

Tsunade and her team members gathered and had a face-off against Hanzo the Salamander. They bravely fought against him. They impressed Hanzo with their impressive fighting abilities and willpower, and he gave them the title “The Legendary Sannin.” After this raging battle ended, all three team members went separate ways. 

Jiraiya planned to train the orphans he found. At the same time, Orochimaru searched for more knowledge to get even more robust. Meanwhile, Tsunade set off to explore more areas where the battles were going on. By this time, Tsunade had learned to use medical ninjutsu very well and was holding her against the poison of Chiyo of the Sand village. 

Tsunade learned medical ninjutsu as she didn’t want any casualties like Nawaki to happen again. However, her fate again took a miserable turn as she lost her boyfriend Dan Kato as he had lost too much blood in the fight.

As Tsunade went through all these tragedies, she developed hemophobia, a fear of blood. Now unable to use medical ninjutsu herself, Tsunade took Shizune Dan Kato’s niece as her pupil and trained her to be a medical ninja. Furthermore, watching all her loved ones die before her eyes, Tsunade thought that dreams are impossible to reach and becoming Hokage is a “Fools” job.

Tsunade’s feelings toward fulfilling her dreams and becoming Hokage were finally changed when she met the knucklehead ninja named Naruto Uzumaki. Like Tsunade’s brother and boyfriend, he also had the goal of becoming a Hokage. Tsunade met Naruto after the death of the Third Hokage. As Jiraiya thought that Tsunade would be the best option for being the Hokage, he pursued her. 

Naruto was angered at how little worth Tsunade gave to being a Hokage, even though it was one of the most challenging jobs. Being the naive kid he was, Naruto challenged her, and Tsunade quickly showed him who he was challenging and knocked Naruto out with a finger. Tsunade developed a liking for Naruto as he reminded her of her brother and boyfriend. 

She, later on, fought against Orochimaru and overcame her fear of blood. Moreover, she saved Naruto from dying as Kabuto had stabbed his heart using his medical ninjutsu offensively. Tsunade then passed on the necklace from her as a gift and protection charm to Naruto. Furthermore, she also accepted the job of Hokage and became the fifth Hokage and showed her impressive skills in managing a village.

After Sasuke Uchiha left the Village, Naruto also went to do some heavy training with Jiraiya. Furthermore, Tsunade took Sakura as her pupil and taught her all about medical ninjutsu. After two years, Naruto finally came back, and Sakura had just finished her training. 

The team was finally grouped together and had many missions waiting for them. Naruto and his team’s reunion was short-lived as they were quickly sent to the sand village to save Gaara. They fought the Akatsuki and saved Gaara.

After successfully finishing the mission, they returned to their respective village to tell Tsunade that they might have found Sasuke Uchiha’s location. In a hurry, they quickly went on the mission to find Sasuke Uchiha. However, they came back with the task being a failure as Sasuke had become too strong for them. 

After some time passed, Jiraiya Tsunade’s teammate found the Akatsuki’s leader’s hideout. Being the logical one, Tsunade stopped Jiraiya as she always did, only to find him highly motivated in getting the job done. Unfortunately, Jiraiya wasn’t able to survive. 

Even so, Tsunade kept herself calm and collected in the eyes of Naruto and fellow colleagues, showing how much she had developed as a character. Following Jiraiya’s death, the leader of the Akatsuki then attacked the Hidden leaf village and, being the Hokage Tsunade, took on her duty to protect the Hidden Leaf village. She summoned the animal she had made a contract with, named Katsuyu, and sent her to Konoha to protect everyone. 

Furthermore, she kept her head high and stood against Pain, the Akatsuki leader, not telling him what she wanted. Even how much chaos and agony he caused her, showing her resolve as the Hokage. Later on, Naruto came back to take over the fight.

sunade movie

After this tough battle, Tsunade goes into a coma due to losing too much chakra. Many days later, she finally wakes up to learn that Tobi, the Akatsuki leader, has declared the fourth great shinobi war. Tsunade, with no hesitation, quickly gets up to go on the battlefield. 

On her way, she learns that every village has joined together to form an alliance so that they can protect Naruto and Killer B from getting captured. Reluctantly agreeing to their plan, Tsunade also starts to fight against the enemy. The battle begins, and Tsunade effortlessly beats much of the enemy force by herself, only to be encountered by her boyfriend. 

He was brought back using the reanimation Jutsu. Tsunade shows her resolve and tells her boyfriend that she has moved on from the past. Then she defeats her, showing how much she has grown as a character. 

However, to shift the tide of the battle, the enemy takes a big step forward, bringing back one of the strongest villains, Madara Uchiha. Yet again, with her strong belief and abilities, Tsunade stood against Madara Uchiha and fought him, even getting close to killing him many times. Madara himself recognized her healing power and brute strength. After enduring fights for a long time, Tsunade finally steps back as her pupil takes over for her.

Major Characters That Are Related To The Legendary Sannin, Tsunade



Nawaki was a young 12-year-old boy who was the grandson of the First Hokage. Nawaki was very energetic similar to Naruto. Nawaki also had a strong sense of justice and dreamed of becoming the Hokage, the dream he shared with his sister Tsunade. He had short light-brown hair, brown eyes, and noticeable blushes on his cheeks. He wore a dark teal poncho top and light green pants for attire. 

He also wore a necklace around his neck which he was gifted on his twelfth birthday by Tsunade. Tsunade really cared for him and tried to teach him all sorts of things. Unfortunately, he died as he ran into an explosive trap. 

Dan Kato

Dan Kato

He was Tsunade’s boyfriend and was very dear to her heart. Dan Kato was a very tall man. He had pale skin, long pale blue hair, thick eyebrows, and dark green eyes that just added to his beauty. He wore the standard Konoha shinobi outfit, complete with a forehead protector and a pocketless flak jacket.

Moreover, Dan was a very kind person, and he loved his village profoundly and had a strong of justice. Knowing that Tsunade’s brother had the dream of becoming a Hokage, he listened to Tsunade’s wish and made his goal to become the Hokage. However, he died during the Second Great Ninja War, leaving Tsunade devastated. 

Naruto Uzumaki

naruto uzimaki

Naruto was a young knuckleheaded ninja. He wore an orange outfit and shinobi sandals, and his forehead protector, which he really loved. He never backed down from anything he decided, and one of his goals was to become the Hokage, just like Tsunade’s late brother and boyfriend. 

Naruto had the nine-tailed fox sealed inside of him, due to which the whole village feared him and never paid any attention to him. Rather than helping the orphan boy, the villagers stared at him with hatred. Even so, he kept trying his best. 

Tsunade was one of the people who accepted Naruto for who he was and never hurt his feelings. Moreover, Tsunade, the female with a strong sense of justice, taught Naruto to behave and made him care for others. 

Furthermore, Tsunade really cared for Naruto, and he was the only that was allowed to call her “Grandma,” as she knew it was out of affection. Tsunade later on gifted Naruto the necklace she had with her for years showing how much she believed in him.

Sakura Haruno

sakura haruno

At the start of the series, Sakura Haruno was a timid kid and was very insecure about her broad forehead. She kept her thoughts to herself and didn’t interact with many kids of her age until one day, Ino, her only close friend, helped her open up a little bit. Later on, in the ninja academy, she became more confident.

While studying in the ninja academy, Sakura Haruno wore a long red shirt with short sleeves stretched to her knees. Sakura had pink hair and big green eyes. She also wore shinobi sandals along with a forehead protector on her head. Over the time she did some missions, she realized that her teammates were getting stronger and she was being left behind. This sparked an urge to become stronger, so Tsunade took Sakura as her pupil.

Tsunade made her go through strenuous training by not letting her have even a moment of rest. This difficult training really helped Sakura as she gained Tsunade’s monstrous strength and impressive healing abilities. 

Furthermore, Tsunade also made Sakura believe in her abilities, which later helped Sakura awaken her Byakugou seal and help out millions of people. Tsunade made Sakura a powerful female character to which many characters looked up. Furthermore, this was one of the reasons which made Sakura a loveable character among the fans.



Jiraiya, in his childhood, was a troublemaker and never listened to whatever his elders said to him. Moreover, Jiraiya was a very perverted kid since his childhood and expressed this by peeking at Tsunade when she was bathing.

Tsunade caught and broke two of his arms, six of his ribs and damaged several of his organs as his punishment. Thus Tsunade taught Jiraiya to be careful about his actions, as there can be consequences for any careless mistake. Later as an adult, Jiraiya changed his looks. As he grew his spiky white hair and mostly kept it in a ponytail. Moreover, Jiraiya wore a short green kimono, matching pants, and old-fashioned sandals.

Furthermore, Jiraiya had armor mesh below his shirt, and he wore a red Haori over his kimono. He also kept a large scroll behind his back. Jiraiya had a different type of forehead protector, which had “Oil” written on it, showing his loyalty to Mount Myoboku.

After Tsunade became the Hokage, she stopped Jiraiya many times in his tracks from doing his so-called “research.” As the years continued, Tsunade started to fall in love with Jiraiya, and however, he died.



He was a member of team Hiruzen along with Tsunade and Jiraiya. Orochimaru always had a mysterious personality and didn’t talk much during childhood. However, he became much more outspoken and rebellious while searching for knowledge and power as he grew up.

Orochimaru had pale skin, golden eyes with slitted pupils, purple markings around his eyes, and fang-like teeth. He is usually seen wearing plain grey garbs with a black polo and pants underneath, a thick purple rope belt tied in a large knot behind his back. He also wears shinobi sandals and has bandages on his calves.

Orochimaru became an enemy of the Konoha, so Tsunade went to fight him. Tsunade defeated Orochimaru many times when his hands were sealed and tried to talk sense into him. However, it never worked. 

Orochimaru always became a hurdle in the plans of the hidden leaf village. However, at the end of the series, Orochimaru finally accepts the truth that it is impossible to learn everything and become a good person. Tsunade finally took him and brought him back to the village.

Rock Lee

Rock Lee

He was a lively character in the series. With his fiery and positive attitude, he lived his life. Rock Lee had large circular eyes with big black pupils. Furthermore, Rock Lee had huge eyebrows and a bowl hair cut similar to his teacher. He also wore the same green jumpsuit as his teacher. He earned the title of the bushy brow from the main protagonist. 

Rock Lee couldn’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu, so his only way of fighting was by using Taijutsu. Taijutsu meant that he could only fight by using physical attacks such as kicks or punches. However, after a tough battle against Gaara of the Sand village, his legs and arms were terrible.

He was about to lose his carrier as a shinobi. However, he was saved by Tsunade. Being the best medical ninja, Tsunade cured Rock Lee’s body. Rock Lee, indebted to her for his carrier, trained and lived his life happily.



Shizune was a young lady with fair skin when she was introduced in the second part of the series along with Tsunade. Shizune, at the time, wore a long bluish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi. Her open-toed sandals with low heels can also be observed in the series.

Moreover, she is a cool-headed person who stopped Tsunade from getting angry many times. Shizune was Tsunade’s personal assistant and pupil. Shizune was Dan Kato’s niece, and Tsunade took Shizune as her pupil so that she could train her to be a capable shinobi.

Tsunade was able to make Shizune a capable shinobi. However, Shizune couldn’t surpass her mentor, which Tsunade hoped wouldn’t happen.

Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju

He was the First Hokage of Hidden leaf village, and Tsunade was her granddaughter. He was a very traditional Japanese man as he wore armor of the old times, which was colored red. He also wore a protective forehead made by the Senju clan. 

He was a very kind and loving man, and Tsunade loved her dearly. However, as he kept fighting his enemy, he got wounded and died one day. Tsunade was only five at that time.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi

He was the Third Hokage of the Hidden leaf village and the mentor of Tsunade when she graduated from the academy. Hiruzen wore a black jumpsuit, mesh segments over the lower portions of his limbs. He can also be seen wearing a green gauntlet that covered much of his right arm during his prime. Moreover, when he became Hokage, he kept a goatee for fashion on his face.

Tsunade trained under him and showed her exceptional skills to him. She became a capable shinobi and made her mentor’s name shine many times by being victorious in many brutal battles. Tsunade even took his title and became the Fifth Hokage.

How Do I View Tsunade?

Tsunade is a solid character, even more than many male characters in the series. She stands up in the sight of danger and shows great conviction making even the strongest of enemies run away. Furthermore, she risks playing and fails many times due to lousy luck while gambling. This makes for many comedic moments and makes me burst out in laughter which is why I like her as a character.

However, due to her bad luck, she fails even in situations in real life. She even gets very close to dying, which can become annoying while watching the series. This aspect of her is what I hate as it shows her being weak many times.


Question: Are Tsunade and Naruto related?

Answer: Yes, Tsunade and Naruto are distantly related. As Tsunade is the descendant of the Senju and Uzumaki clan while Naruto is of the Uzumaki clan, this makes both of them related to the Uzumaki clan.

Question: Why does Jiraiya name Tsunade the legendary sucker?

Answer: Tsunade was named “The Legendary Sucker” (Densetsu no Kamo) by Jiraiya due to her poor bets and lousy luck while gambling. Moreover, she never won anything by gambling and kept raking up huge losses.

Question: Is Tsunade the last Senju?

Answer: As little is known about Tsunade’s past, we do not know who her parents are and what happened. Moreover, we only know that she is the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju (the first Hokage). Thus making her the only Senju alive that we know of.

Question: How old is Tsunade in Naruto?

Answer: Tsunade was introduced in the second half of the series after the Third Hokage died by fighting Orochimaru. As Jiraiya was searching for a new leader for the village. Tsunade was fifty-five years old at this time in the series.

Senju Tsunade Character Guide: Final Thoughts

Naruto was getting popular around the globe, so to appeal to a bigger audience, another good character was needed. Tsunade certainly filled the job. 

A trustworthy and caring character with unmatched physical strength, Tsunade was undoubtedly one of the best female characters. She stood firm for her village and friends through thick and thin and never gave up. Furthermore, she cared deeply for those close to her and did anything to protect them.

Moreover, she played a vital role in the series and helped many characters to stand up on their own two feet. Furthermore, the way she believed in the main protagonist when no one else did. This was indeed a treat to see. 

Tsunade had a cool-headed personality most of the time. However, you don’t want to get on her wrong side, or else she will beat you up. The writer depicted her character very well, which made her one of the favorites of boys and girls all around the globe.

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