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Itchi Uchiha Boruto Guide: All-Time Favorite Villain

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“You don’t become the Hokage to be acknowledged by everyone. The one who is acknowledged by everyone becomes the Hokage.” – Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi Uchiha is more of a hero turned villain than turned back to hero kind-off character. Itachi is my favorite character from Naruto, and I just can’t get enough of him. Itachi’s background story broke the internet, making all Naruto fans fall immensely in love with him. Itachi is one of the most well-written characters in the Naruto manga, and just like everyone else, I wish we could have seen him more.

Itachi sets himself apart from all other characters because he is selfless, wise, and extremely powerful. I mean, one can’t stop himself from looking into those deep eyes of his and falling right into his Genjutsu.

I’m excited to write about this character because I will discuss some fascinating Itachi Uchiha facts and much more. Keep reading this Itachi Uchiha Boruto guide to know everything available about this one in a million-anime character.

Bottom Line Upfront

Itachi Uchiha was a ninja of the Uchiha Clan in the Hidden Leaf village. He was an Anbu Captain and later became a criminal after slaughtering his entire Uchiha clan, allowing only his brother, Sasuke, to live.

Afterward, Itachi became a member of a criminal organization called Akatsuki. This caused him to often be in conflict against shinobi of Konohagakure, especially Sasuke, whose sole purpose was to take revenge from Itachi for slaughtering their clan.

After Itachi’s death, it was found that his reasons for killing his clan were much more complicated than what had seemed. In fact, Itachi was the one to sacrifice his family and honor only to save the Hidden Leaf and his younger brother.

After some time of the Fourth Shinobi War, Kakashi Hatake became the Hokage. He awarded Itachi the Fourth Shinobi World War Hero title for the whole village to acknowledge Itachi as a very loyal citizen who saved the peace of the Hidden Leaf.


Image from Naturo Wiki

Itachi is a tall man with a fair complexion. He has dark black eyes and long, tear-troughs under them. Itachi has long black hair tied in a ponytail and long straight bangs that fall from both sides of his face. During his time in Konoha, Itachi wore a black plain shirt with the Uchiha logo on the back.

When doing his Anbu duties, Itachi would wear the standard Anbu uniform. After joining Akatsuki, Itachi wore the Konoha headband with a slash, Akatsuki cloak, and a mesh shirt. Itachi wore a necklace, the Akatsuki ring on his right hand, and light blue nail polish on his fingernails and toenails.

Background Story

Early Years

Image from Naturo Wiki

Itachi was the first child of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. Itachi Uchiha began experiencing violence at an early age. He was only four years old when the Third Shinobi World War started, which caused him to experience many casualties of war closely. Seeing so many deaths made Itachi become a pacifist and develop a wise way of thinking at such a young age.

Itachi begins training hard to become a ninja strong enough to end fighting in the world. Itachi became an older brother to Sasuke when he was five years old. Itachi was a quick learner and was approached by Shisui to train with him. Itachi and Shisui became best friends and developed a brotherly bond, becoming stronger by training.

Itachi protected Sasuke during the Nina Tails Attack in Konoha. After the attack, relations between Konoha’s leaders and Uchiha worsened as they believed the Uchiha clan to be responsible for the attack. Hence, the Uchiha Clan was ordered to live at the edge of the village, where they could be easily monitored.

At the age of six, Itachi was enrolled in the Academy, and he excelled in academics and skills significantly more than his classmates. Seeing his talent, Itachi was allowed to participate in the graduation exam only after four months, and he quickly passed and became the youngest Genin after the war.

Life as a Shinobi

Itachi joined Team 2 and quickly became Chunin-level skilled. Itachi became acknowledged by his clan members because of his intellect and skills, so he was allowed by Fugaku to participate in the clan meetings at the Naka Shrine Basement.

A year after his graduation, Itachi had become proficient in ninjutsu, making him over-skilled for his missions. At age eight, Team 2 went on the mission to guard Fire Daimyo for his annual Konoha trip. During this mission, a masked man attacked them killing his teammates, Izumo and Tena, right in front of him, causing him to awaken his Sharingan, which he soon mastered. Itachi then became a Chunin at the age of 10.

Itachi joined the Anbu when he was 11. Itachi’s achievements made his father prideful of him, and his younger brother looked up to him. However, no one could genuinely understand Itachi and his motives. Soon, the Uchiha began developing hate because of the unjust treatment against them and started plotting a coup d état.

The leader of the coup d’état and head of the Uchiha appreciated Itachi’s participation in the Anbu as a spy for the Uchiha. Itachi was farsighted.

He knew the coup d état would lead to another world war as other villages would also intervene. To prevent this, Itachi became a double agent and began reporting the Uchiha meeting updates to the leaders of Konoha and Third Hokage.
Itachi and Shisui continued betraying the clan until they realized there was no peaceful solution to this conflict.

Shisui having his left eye stolen by Danzo, entrusted Itachi with his right eye and the future of Konoha. He suicides in front of Itachi, which awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan. People began suspecting Itachi of murdering Shisui, causing him to conflict with some clan members and rifting from his parents. At age 12, Itachi became the Anbu captain.

Murdering his Clan

Itachi after murdering his clan
Image from Naruto Wiki

Contradictory to the Third Hokage, Danzo Shimura cleared it to Itachi that there were no possibilities for the Uchiha clan’s survival. Itachi was given two options by Danzo, either to participate in the Uchiha’s coup and have his whole clan wiped out, or assassinate his clan before the coup’s beginning and spare his brother Sasuke. Itachi chose to put a stone on his heart and save his brother by killing his clan members, including his parents and lover.

Moreover, Itachi was aware that Madara Uchiha was plotting a new conflict. He offered Madara to wipe out the Uchiha clan alongside him because revenge against the Uchiha clan because they abandoned him decades ago; in exchange Madara would spare Konoha.

Madara accepted the offer, and on a tragic night, he and Itachi murdered the entire Uchiha Clan. Having sacrificed his whole clan, Itachi only wanted his brother to grow stronger. For that, when Sasuke entered their home, he tormented him by using his Tsukuyomi to show Itachi killing his parents repeatedly.

As Sasuke ran away to save himself, Itachi reached to him and told him he killed everyone to test his abilities, and now he wants to try himself against his younger brother, Sasuke, by fighting against him. Sasuke ran after Itachi with his newly awakened Sharingan but failed and fainted right before seeing tears in Itachi’s eyes.

Joining Akatsuki

Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi stayed far away but protected Sasuke. He threatened Danzo to leak Konoha’s secrets if he ever hurt Sasuke. As his last mission, Itachi told the Third Hokage that his mission had been completed and requested him to take care of Sasuke. Itachi became a rogue ninja and joined the Akatsuki to keep an eye on this mysterious organization.

He first partnered with Juzo Biwa and went on their mission to the Land of Water. On their way back, they were attacked by a Yagura and his ninja squad. Itachi defeated him with his Amaterasu, but his partner was killed. Later, Orochimaru attempted to take over Itachi’s body, but Itachi easily defeated him with his Genjutsu. Later, Itachi partnered with Kisame Hoshigaki. Itachi recruited Deidara in Akatsuki by beating him with his Genjutsu.

After some time, Itachi became ill. However, he still kept himself alive with willpower and self-medication only so he could fulfill his wish of being defeated by his brother.


Image from Naruto Wiki

The one thing which makes Itachi so loved by fans is his personality. Since a very young age, Itachi began showing a lot of talent. Itachi was very mature for his age. He noticed the social issues around him and started wondering about life and its importance at a young age.

Although all his clan members appreciated Itachi because of being a prodigy, Itachi never showed any signs of arrogance. Nor did he ever use his power and intellect to belittle and misuse others.
At only 7, Itachi’s reasoning was at the level of a Hokage.

Itachi studied history, which made him understand the situation and issues around him and gain foresight of what could happen in the future. Itachi was never proud of himself and was keen on learning from others. He was very observant and would learn about people and situations while maintaining a distance.

Itachi’s distance from people prevented him from making many friends but still allowed him to gain insight into more important matters. Unlike other clan members, Itachi was not overly proud of the Uchiha name and only supported right and wrong without any biases.

Itachi was a pacifist. He hated war and wanted to create a world where there would be no fights, and he was willing to go to any extent to maintain peace. Itachi hated fighting, yet he trained hard to become a powerful shinobi so that he could be strong enough to maintain the world’s peace and use his strength only when it was necessary for the peace.

Itachi’s peace-loving personality contradicted the rest of the Uchihas, who had a more violent nature and resorted to fighting to solve conflicts. This is why Itachi could not stop the Uchiha Coup d’etat despite being such a prominent member of the clan.

Itachi had an ability that very few characters in Naruto have, such as Naruto himself, which is the ability to understand the reason behind one’s actions. Despite sacrificing his own clan, Itachi never blamed Konoha’s leaders or Danzo as he understood that their decisions were for the village’s best interests. Moreover, Itachi rarely ever showed his emotions.

He was a part of Akatsuki, but he never let anyone have a hint about what was going on in his mind, and neither did he let his past trauma affect him from achieving his goals.

Itachi was very kind-hearted and loving. He took care of Sasuke since he was an infant and showed much love and affection towards him. He made a considerable sacrifice only for his brother’s safety; Itachi’s love knew no boundaries. Itachi never cared about his image among others.

He did not care for the village’s admiration but only wanted their safety and protected them from behind the shadows. Itachi’s actions towards Sasuke led him to train hard and become a powerful shinobi.

He was willing to let Sasuke hate him forever in exchange for Sasuke to become stronger.
After reincarnation, Itachi began to see flaws in his plan. Despite being so strong and wise, Itachi often questioned himself and wanted to improve himself.


Itachi was a prodigy and one of the strongest Shinobi and Uchiha. His talents were next to Shisui, regarded as the strongest Uchiha of that time. He was excellent in all three ninja sets, and even Orochimaru admitted that he was stronger than him. Obito said that Itachi was ill and Sasuke had absorbed Orochimaru‘s power, yet Itachi was powerful enough to defeat him if he had the will.

Chakra Nature

Itachi's fireball
Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi’s chakra nature transformations were Wind, Water, Fire, and Yin and Yang Release. He mastered the Fire nature and could release a very powerful Fireball Jutsu. Itachi would make his attacks stronger by covering his Shuriken with fire. His Water Release was so powerful that he could perform the Water Dragon Bullet Technique without needing a water source nearby.

Chakra and Physical Strength

Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi had a strong and large amount of Chakra. However, his chakra reserves became low because of becoming ill, which is why he had to rest a lot after using Mangekyo Sharingan greatly and wouldn’t be able to use his Sharingan more.

However, Itachi had a very refined chakra control which allowed him to inflict damage on his opponents by only using a small amount of Chakra, and he could use one-handed seals for performing attacks.

Itachi was mostly seen using Genjutsu, but he was also proficient in Taijutsu. At the age of eleven, Itachi’s Taijutsu was already strong enough to defeat members of the Konoha Police Force. Itachi had excellent reflexes and was extremely fast. He made hand seals with such speed that the opponent couldn’t even see the movement, including the Sharingan users.


Itachi Power
Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi could summon crows to distract his opponents. He often made his clone out of his crows and even shadow clones. Itachi was also proficient in Fuinjutsu. From working in Anbu, Itachi also became excellent in assassination and infiltration


Image From Naruto Wiki

Itachi Uchiha was very skilled in using a sword. He often used his as an Anbu member, which was his primary weapon when slaughtering the Uchiha clan. He became proficient in Shurikenjutsu at a young age and could easily hit eight targets simultaneously, including one in a blind spot.


Itachi's Kenjutsu
Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi was a pacifist, so he mainly chose to use his Genjutsu. His Genjutsu was so strong that it managed to defeat many strong opponents such as Orochimaru and Kakashi.

Itachi’s Genjutsu was considered one of the best in Konoha, and even without using his Sharingan, he could attack his opponents and put them in his Genjutsu. Itachi can use his Genjutsu to show others his past or even psychologically disturb them so much that they would be defeated to fight immediately.



Image from Naruto Wiki

At the age of eight, Itachi awakened his Sharingan, and in the same year, he mastered it. Itachi made it evident that he was a prodigy child because, after Shisui, there was hardly anyone else in his clan who was such a skilled Sharingan user.

Itachi mostly keeps his Sharingan active, yet his chakra levels do not deplete because he uses minimal Chakra for it. Using his Sharingan, Itachi can predict movements, see the flow of Chakra, and enhance his Genjutsu abilities. Moreover, Itachi’s Sharingan allows him to perform Izanami, a counterpart of Izanagi.

Mangekyo Sharingan

Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan at the age of 12-13 after seeing Shisui’s death. Using both eyes, Itachi can use the Tsukuyomi, which traps his opponent in a world of illusion where he can torture his opponents and alter the time.

Seconds in the Tsukuyomi are equivalent to days in the real world. Itachi can use his right eye for performing Amaterasu. The Amaterasu technique allowed him to burn everything he saw with black flames. His Amaterasu could burn fire itself and extinguish the black flames.

Itachi’s Chakra and awakening of Mangekyo Sharingan gave him the power to use Susanoo. In its simple form, the Susanoo could produce a strong structure of arms and legs to assist Itachi in combat. In its complete form, the Susanoo had a tall, robust armour that could attack and defend.

Most Susanoo wielded the chakra sword called Yasaka Magatama, but Itachi’s sword wielded the Sword of Totsuka. A sword that could seal any person it hit into its gourd and an ethereal shield called Yata Mirror, which is endowed with the five chakra natures. The shield could transform the nature of any attack it receives, making the attack futile. Itachi’s Yasaka Magatama sword, combined with the Yata Mirror, makes his Susanoo almost invincible.

However, using the Mangekyo Sharingan techniques required a lot of Chakra. So, he could only use these techniques for a limited period of time. After which, he would become so exhausted that his Sharingan would deactivate.

Using the Mangekyo Sharingan came with a cost. Every time Itachi used it, his eyesight progressively worsened. Like most early users of Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi’s eyes bled after using it, and close to his death, Itachi’s vision began becoming blur. Although in his reincarnated form, he does not face these issues.


Itachi was one of the most intelligent characters in Naruto. His Chunin exams scores were second-highest, the first being of the Fourth Hokage. Itachi was very observant and noticed the most minor moves of his opponents. During combat, Itachi remained calm, analyzed his opponents’ movements, and made every move with thorough thinking. Ever since he was young, Itachi always analyzed the reasonings for a situation and the possible outcome.

This allowed Itachi to gain foresight and predict the result of his actions. This allowed Itachi to rarely make mistakes and be efficient in his missions. Itachi had taken precautions to protect Sasuke and took measures to protect the village even after his death.

Moreover, Itachi was more like a spy in the Akatsuki, yet no one was able to doubt him.

Plot Summery

Return of Itachi Arc

Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi infiltrated the Hidden Leaf village with Kisame, but they are encountered by Kurenai Yuhi and Asuma Sarutobi, who intend to know their motive for coming to the village. Itachi engages in battle against Kurenai and Kisame with Asuma.

However, Kisame and Itachi easily overpower them, but Kakashi arrives on time and saves them.
Kakashi engages in battle against Itachi, but Itachi uses the power of his Tsukuyomi to defeat Kakashi, leaving him helpless and wounded instantly. When Itachi finds out that Kakashi knows their motive for capturing the Nine-Tails, he orders Kisame to capture Kakashi to interrogate him and kill the others.

When Kisame is about to attack them, Might Guy arrives and saves Kakashi. Seeing the change in circumstances, Itachi and Kisame retreat. Itachi pursued Naruto with the hidden intention to tell Konoha about the Akatsuki’s motives. Itachi and Kisame find Naruto’s location and ask him to come with them.

Itachi tricks Jiraiya into keeping him away from Naruto so he can capture him. Itachi is about to capture Naruto when Sasuke suddenly intervenes and attacks him with his Chidori. Itachi quickly stops his Jutsu and breaks his wrist. Before the situation got worst, Jiraiya returned.

Itachi does not intend to engage in battle against Jiraiya, but he confronts his younger brother, who is eager to take revenge on him. Itachi deflects each of his attacks and overpowers him. He mocks his weakness and makes him relive the day of his clan’s slaughter by using his Tsukuyomi.

He attempts to escape but is stopped by Jiraiya’s summoning: Toad Mouth Bind. Itachi uses his Amaterasu to burn the wall and escape.

Itachi showed everyone that he came to the village to capture Naruto. However, his real motive was to remind the Hidden Leaf leaders, Danzo, and the Third Hokage, to ensure Sasuke’s safety because if they do not, he is still alive to harm them if needed.

Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant

Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant
Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi sends a shadow clone to Naruto to meet him. Itachi asks Naruto what Sasuke means to him and what he will do if Sasuke goes against the village. Naruto replies that Sasuke is like his brother, and he will defend the village without harming Sasuke.

Itachi is pleased with his answer and stores a crow in Naruto‘s body for protection. Afterward, his shadow disappears. Itachi sends a shadow clone to Sasuke to lead him to an Akatsuki lair. Sasuke convinces Itachi of his strength by using his new techniques against Itachi’s clone.

Then the shadow clone makes preparation for Sasuke’s battle with Itachi at the Uchiha Hideout and then disappears.

The Fated Battle Between Brothers

Sauke vs Itachi
Image from Naruto Wiki

Itachi and Sasuke began their battle with Genjutsu. During their battle, Itachi tells Sasuke about Tobi and the mysteries behind the Mangekyo Sharingan and expresses his desire to use Sasuke’s eyes to achieve an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Then the Genjutsu ends as Sasuke releases himself from the Tsukuyomi and their real fight begins.

Itachi and Sasuke use fireball Jutsu against each other, followed by Itachi’s Amaterasu, which ends Sasuke’s flames. The battle continues with Sasuke using his new Jutsus and even the power of his Cursed Seal. However, Itachi defends all his attacks and finally uses his Susanoo.

Itachi’s Susanoo steals Sasuke’s cursed seal, and while Sasuke is trying to move back from Itachi, Itachi walks toward him, telling him that he will take his eyes. But Itachi’s illness takes over him as he starts coughing blood.

Itachi reaches Sasuke but only pokes his forehead. The poke seals Itachi’s Amaterasu in Sasuke’s eyes which would protect him from Tobi. Itachi apologizes to Sasuke and smiles while saying this is the end. Then he falls to the ground and dies.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown

Kabuto approaches Tobi, and as a support to his war plans, Kabuto reincarnates Itachi and four other members of the Akatsuki.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

Itachi and the rest of Akatsuki are reincarnated and in control by Kabuto for fighting against others. Itachi is paired with Nagato, and they discuss how they were used by Tobi previously for his benefit and are now being used by Kabuto even after their deaths.

Itachi and Nagato encounter Naruto and Killer B. While Itachi is being forced to fight by Kabuto, he conversates with Naruto. He learns about the current situation in the world and Sasuke’s motive to destroy Konoha after hearing about Itachi’s truth. While fighting against Naruto, Itachi brings out the crow he had previously implanted in Naruto, and this frees Itachi from Kabuto’s Jutsu.

Itachi then battles against Nagato along with Naruto and Killer B, defeats him. Afterward, Itachi leaves to battle against Kabuto and end his Reincarnation, Jutsu. Itachi trusts Naruto to look after Sasuke and destroys Shisui’s eye before leaving.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

While on his way to Kabuto’s location, Itachi crosses paths with Sasuke. Itachi feels ashamed of what he had done to Sasuke, so he is hesitant to talk to him. But upon Sasuke’s request, he talks to him and expresses his guilt for leading Sasuke towards a path he had wanted, not Sasuke.

When Itachi reachers Kabuto’s location, Sasuke tries to kill him, but Itachi blocks him, saying he must be alive to undo the Impure World Reincarnation Jutsu. Sasuke agrees to assist Itachi if he would talk to him afterward, to which he agrees.

After a difficult battle, Itachi successfully makes Kabuto undo the Reincarnation Jutsu by making Kabuto perform hand seals by using his Genjutsu on him. Sasuke tells Itachi that he will never forgive the village for making Itachi sacrifice his whole clan and will continue to conspire against the villages. Itachi quietly listens to Sasuke.

When Itachi’s Reincarnation is about to end, Itachi expresses his regret towards his actions and shows Sasuke some of his memories that Sasuke did not know about. During his last moments, Itachi gives a head bump to Sasuke and tells him he doesn’t want forgiveness and he will always love him.

Key Relationships

  • Fugaku Uchiha (father)
  • Mikoto Uchiha (mother)
  • Sasuke Uchiha (brother)
  • Shisui Uchiha (best friend)
  • Izumi Uchiha (lover)
  • Sakura Uchiha (sister-in-law)
  • Sarada Uchiha (niece)

Interesting Facts About Itachi Uchiha


• Itachi was the favorite character of Masashi Kishimoto.
• Itachi’s name means ‘weasel.’
• According to one of Itachi’s Novels, Fugaku apologized to Itachi for putting his selfish wishes over his son’s wise advice. He even admitted that Itachi could have been the first-ever Uchiha Hokage.
• Itachi’s original design was given to Danzo. In Itachi’s original character design, he was going to be the head of a group called “The Itachi Squad,” which consisted of 70 ninjas that would carry out secret tasks such as assassinations. Itachi was supposed to have an X scar on his chin and bandages on his arms.
• In Team 8, Itachi’s rival was Tenma Izumo, and it was his death that awakened Itachi’s Sharingan.
• Itachi loves Dango.


Question: Will Itachi return in Boruto?

Answer: Itachi was 21 when he died in Naruto. So far, there has been no hints of Itachi’s return in Boruto. Nor has Masashi Kishimoto said that he will return. The chances of Itachi’s return in Boruto are highly unlikely.

Question: Is Itachi a villain or a hero?

Answer: Itachi is regarded as an anti-villain of the series. However, after Kakashi became the Hokage, he granted Itachi the title of Fourth Shinobi War Hero. This assures that Itachi’s actions made him seem like a villain at first. Still, the reality behind them is proof that Itachi was the hero this whole time, having sacrificed almost everything for the village’s peace. Undoubtedly, Itachi’s sacrifice for Konoha was the greatest of all.

Question: Why is Itachi so loved?

Answer: Itachi is equivalent to Jiraiya for the strongest shinobi in Naruto data books. Itachi is good-looking, intelligent, and strong and was one of the saddest background stories in Naruto. Itachi all alone carried the burden and hurt of killing his clan. Despite being so strong, Itachi admired others, including Naruto, and was never arrogant. His strong, passionate, and loving personality makes him everyone’s favorite.

Question: Did Itachi have a girlfriend?

Answer: Izumi Uchiha deeply loved Itachi. According to a data book, before killing Izumi, Itachi put her in a Genjutsu where they spent their lives together, had children, and grew old. This shows Itachi’s love for Izumi. Before Itachi killed Izumi, she thanked Itachi for giving her this beautiful life, even if it was only in a Genjutsu. She accepted Itachi’s decision for the village and was willing to die from his hands.

Last Words About Itachi

Honestly, words cannot describe my love for Itachi Uchiha. He is not only my favorite character in Naruto but my favorite character in all of the manga. Itachi is unlike any character. Despite being strong, Itachi never looks down on people and respects people.

His respect is not because of people’s power but rather because of their ideals and passions, such as his respect for Naruto. He was one of the few people in Konoha who did not hate Naruto for being the Nina Tails Jinchuriki; instead, he thought of him as the village’s savior.

In my opinion, Itachi could have been a great Hokage, and I wish he would not have died and could have seen the world be a more peaceful place. Itachi will always be an ungrateful character, and he reminds us to do the best for our loved ones even if we are not going to get popularity for it.

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