Gaara Boruto Guide

Gaara Boruto Guide

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Hailing from one of the most famous and loved anime of all time, “Naruto,” Gaara is just one of the many unforgettable characters who made an actual impact on the life of Naruto and the whole of Shinobi World.

From a raging teenager to becoming the fifth Kazekage of the Sunagakure, Gaara has crossed many thorn-filled journeys. The wisdom, growth, and patience that Gaara has displayed after turning to the good side have been a blessing for both him and the ones he cares for. Gaara is one of many individuals influenced by Naruto’s iconic “Talk-no-Jutsu,” which helped him turn many foes into comrades.

From children to teenagers to adults, this masterpiece by Masashi Kishimoto has touched many hearts. Each character has a purpose of fulfilling, paving the way for others to move forward. The character of Gaara is one such remarkable fragment of Kishimoto’s imagination.

His life has been very similar to Naruto’s. One can even look at him in contrast to Naruto, meaning how Naruto would have turned out if he had given in to his despair. Luckily, Naruto was able to show Gaara that the world wasn’t as bad as he had made it to be. He became the light that purged Gaara of his past sins.

In this article, I will be touching on all the core memories and scenarios in great detail, giving you a much deeper insight into the life of the one-tailed Jinchuriki.

With the help of this guide, you’ll understand what forced Gaara into becoming such a raging monster and how against all odds, he developed into being the savior of the world. Now, before the sands of time run out, let’s begin with the Guide to Gaara Of The Sand.

Gaara Chunin Exam

Bottom Line Up Front

Born to the fourth Kazekaga and his wife, Karura, who died while giving birth to him, Gaara grew up in a broken family that inculcated a feeling of hatred and anger inside of him, compelling him to become a bloodthirsty monster that hated the very existence of human beings.

With the first tailed Jinchuriki sealed inside him, Gaara was born prematurely. Gaara’s mother glanced at her small baby on her death bed, promising to protect him forever before passing on to the afterlife.

Lust for power and showing the world that they were not weak, the fourth Kazekage chose Gaara to be the beast’s vessel because his other two children could not store such an enormous energy source. Gaara became the ultimate weapon of the sand, but it came at a price as he grew up into a vessel of hatred, unable to control the beast from time to time, causing his father great stress to stop him.

After meeting Naruto in the Chunin exams, where he showcased his absolute power and the release of the one-tailed beast, the two ultimately clicked. Call it fate or the connection of tailed beast users, but Naruto had a positive impact on Gaara, helping him overcome the demon inside of him and be friends with it.

A change of heart and mind paved the way for Gaara to become the next Kazekage and a close friend of Naruto. Gaara fought valiantly against the Akatsuki, who succeeded in extracting the one-tailed Jinchuriki from him but later, Gaara was able to release the beast. Gaara of the Sand fought many wars alongside Naruto, even in the fourth great Shinobi war, where they came out victorious.

Gaara has since looked over his country for many years, protecting it with the might bestowed upon him by Shukaku.

Gaara Of The Desert

Raised in isolation, with no friends and family members looking out for him, Gaara lived a horrible life. His father, the Kazekage, was out to make him a machine of war for the sand, with his other comrades bent on murdering him if he ever were to get out of control.

Gaara had quite a painful childhood, prompting him to become a menacing devil out for blood. But deep inside, he was still just a boy who only craved a little love.

Known as the holder of the first Jinchuriki, Gaara grew up to take his father’s place on the throne as the 5th Kazekage. With an enormous burst of chakra and power, funded by being the host of the tailed beast, Gaara as a child, could never control himself or the demon inside of him.

Similar to Naruto Uzumaki, but with personalities opposites of each other. Both he and Naruto had almost the same horrible childhood, because of which one understood the pain and suffering that the other had undergone.

He was never one to talk much. Gaara just let his actions do most of the talking. After crossing over to the good side, he worked tirelessly to turn the hate his people had for him into trust and love. Gaara grew up to be not just an exemplary leader but a great person, as was seen by his touching and encouraging speech to the Allied Shinobi Forces, where he got all five shinobi countries to join hands against one common enemy.

His outstanding capabilities, excellent leadership, and sense of judgment granted him the title of Regimental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

Early Life

Gaara Boruto

“I finally understand… I’m alone. I won’t believe in anyone or love anyone. I’m alone.”

As hurtful as it sounds, Gaara led an awful early life with nothing but pain and suffering. The paved road for him was littered with thorns and needles, making every step painful and every breath a burden for his existence. With the death of his mother, Gaara’s father used his son as a machine of war to showcase his utmost strength and might. But all that power went down the drain when he couldn’t control Gaara and the demon he had imprisoned inside of him.

Since childhood, Gaara only learned one thing: to be a weapon. He was exceptionally strong for a child and could easily kill the assassins sent to murder him by his father. As a genin, his reputation spread internationally for completing B-ranked missions.

Raised in isolation, Gara never had real friends, and since the sand that he carried was filled with his mother’s love, protecting him from every type of harm, he never felt actual physical pain either. Gaara had one person who loved him: his uncle, Yashamaru, who also was his sensei.

Gaara once asked Yashamaru to explain “pain” to him, to which he explained the concept of physical pain to him. But the pain that Gaara felt was of the heart, a pain only curable by love. Sometime later, he got ambushed by Suna’s Anbu, whom Gaara easily bested.

Upon unmasking him, Gaara was devastated to find it was his uncle. Yashamaru revealed that he never loved Gaara; he resented him for causing Karura’s death and called him a “failed experiment.” Yashamaru went on to say that Karura never loved him either and named him after the phrase “a self-loving carnage” 我を愛する修羅, before blowing himself up with explosive tags.

Having lost everything that he loved and cared about, plus after the piercing words of Yashamaru, Gaara promised himself that he would love no one other than himself to the very end.

He then used his sand to inscribe the word Kanji “love” onto the left side of his forehead. Wrapped with grief and hatred, he transformed into Shukaku, the tailed beast, and raised havoc onto Suna, completing his father’s wish to become a real monster.

His First Appearance

Gaara First Appearance

Gaara made his first appearance in the Chunin exams alongside his siblings, Temari and Kankuro, while their real mission was to destroy the hidden leaf village. As cool as ice, Gaara kept an emotionless attitude and did not attempt to interact with anyone during the exams.

He took part in the first phase of the exam using his third eye technique to pass the written exam. During the second phase of the exam, he got tasked to pass through the Forest of Death. Gaara used this opportunity to kill Shigure, a shinobi from Amegakure, and mercilessly murdered his teammates because they “looked at him awkwardly.” They then proceeded to steal their scroll and passed the second phase of the exam.

Gaara continued to act as the group leader, mainly because everyone feared him. During the third exam round, he got chosen to fight Rock Lee, a student of Might Guy. Rock Lee proved to be a formidable foe but was nowhere near as strong as Gaara’s Sand, which protected him from every blow thrown his way.

Determined to win, Lee took off his leg weights, which gave him ten times the speed. This time Lee gave Gaara one hell of a beating. But in the end, he still lost to the sand’s brutality. Using the last bit of his strength, Gaara crushed Lee’s leg and arm.

Their first mission to destroy the village came to hold as the Chunin exams were disturbed by the appearance of Orochimaru, who had his eyes fixed on taking Sasuke. Gaara then fought a battle with team 7, where he, for the first time, saw Naruto’s determination and love for his teammates, which resulted in the defeat of Gaara at the hands of Naruto.

This event changed Gaara for good, as it made him see that love can exist and the sense of friendship he longed for he found in Naruto. Gaara safely returned home with his siblings after completing his mission. On the way, he apologized to his siblings for his harsh attitude, which greatly surprised them since he had never behaved this way before.

His Rise To Kazekage Status

Gaara Kazekage

After the traumatic past that Gaara went through, there was only one place that he ended up in, and that was a deep, dark hole filled with nothing but hatred, misery, and loneliness. All those emotions instilled in him a feeling of contempt for everyone but himself, where he promised to love only himself.

Thus, creating an unstoppable monster that brought fear wherever he stepped. Gaara was infamously known as “Gaara of the Sand Waterfall” during his years of caring only for himself. Though he could be viewed outwardly as calm but deep inside, he was unbalanced and utterly indifferent to the pleas of the mercy of anyone.

Gaara and Naruto Uzumaki lead parallel lives. Both suffered traumatic losses in their past life, had no friends or a proper family, and lost someone very close to them. However, Naruto chose a brighter and more positive path, whereas Gaara went the opposite direction seeing only malice and poison in everything or person he saw. Indebted to Naruto for taking him out of a very dark place, Gaara saw him as his best friend and savior, but above all, he saw him as family.

As an adult, Gaara showed promise in his behavior and used his actions to gain the trust of his people. His wisdom and intelligence surpassed others and greatly impressed the current Kazekage. All these attributes, behaviors, and leadership skills are what brought Gaara to become the rightful fifth Kazekage.

After his selection as the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara forgave his father for trying to kill him, knowing it was for the greater good of the village. His empathy, love, and support gave Naruto hope that his long-sought dream of uniting all the five nations could finally come true.

Extraction Of The Tailed Beast

 Gaara Extraction Of The Tailed Beast

After being selected as the fifth Kazekage, Gaara had a huge responsibility to protect the village from its enemies. While watching over his village, he got attacked by one of the Akatsuki members, Deidara, who had bomb-wielding abilities.

The two went toe to toe, where Gaara came out on top due to his strong close combat abilities and kept Deidara on the run for most of the battle. Seeing that Gaara cared a lot for his village, Deidara used his trump card and let his biggest bomb drop on the village.

Gaara used the remaining amount of his chakra to save his village but ended up fainting. Using his tricks, Deidara kidnapped Gaara, took him back to the Akatsuki hideout, and painfully extracted the tailed Jinchurkii out of him, ultimately leading to Gaara’s death.

Fortunately, Chiyo, an elder of Sunagakure, revived Gaara with her forbidden technique, giving Gaara a second chance at life. Gaara once again took his rightful place as the Kazekage of the sand.

Reunion With His Father

gaara fights his father

In the fourth great Shinobi War, Gaara got appointed as the Regimental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Force. With a confident and strong speech, he invoked a feeling of power amongst his comrades, making them ready to face the storm up ahead.

In the battle against the Zetsu and the revived Shinobi warriors, amongst whom was the 4th Kage or, in other words, Gaara’s father. The two-faced each other, with Gaara not holding back his attacks, knowing fully well if they lost, it would mean the end of the shinobis.

Gaara used his Quicksand Waterfall Flow Technique to attack the fourth Kage, but he deflected all his attacks with his Gold Dust Wave.

During their battle, Gaara told him about all that happened after his death and the progress he made. Gaara ultimately won the battle, and as he was about to seal his father again, Rasa took a moment to remember Gaara’s mother, also stating how proud he was of Gaara. The heartfelt reunion brought Gaara to tears, as he could never have imagined being accepted by his father.

Gaara In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

Gaara In Boruto

Jumping ahead a few years, from Naruto to the Boruto series, Gaara is still the kind and caring leader, doing everything to protect his nation. Though, he did start combing his hair to the side. Somewhere along the time skip, Gaara adopted a gifted iron sand user named Shinki, finally taking a step Into fatherhood.

He trains Shinki in the art of the sand, making him a Shinobi respected by his peers. During the chunin exams, where Shinki is also partaking, Gaara and the other Kage are attending as judges by Naruto. Unfortunately, before the exam can end, the venue is attacked by Momoshiki Otsutsuki and Kinshiki, who manage to capture Naruto.

Taking on his responsibility as a Kage and a good friend to Naruto, Gaara, along with the other Kage, embark on a mission to retrieve Naruto and end Momoshiki. And with some effort, Boruto ultimately manages to defeat the divine being, allowing everyone to return home safely.

Gaara: Appearance, Personality, Abilities, And Much More

Gaara Abilities


Gaara has fair skin, green eyes, and short auburn hair with spiky ends. Throughout his childhood, he had spiky hair, but by the time he reached adulthood, he started combing it to the right side. He doesn’t possess any distinctive pupils or eyebrows.

He has tanuki-like black rings around his eyes, which Gamabunta said are due to insomnia. As a child, out of hurt, he carved the Kanji, which means “love,” on the left side of his forehead while promising to love only himself throughout his life. On a side note, by the time he reached adulthood, many girls now started to consider Gaara as handsome, mainly in a less frightening way.

He wears full-body armor and a white cloth wrapped around his shoulder. He has a massive sand gourd that he carries around with him and contains the sand embodying his mother’s love. In the early chapters of the manga, he had several earnings and a meaner look compared to the anime.

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Gaara changes his appearance to wearing a crimson long-sleeve shirt with several buttons and pants with a crimson shade. Around his hip was a brown belt, along with a small sand gourd held onto it. By adulthood, Gaara starts wearing a trench coat.


Gaara had a very loving and caring personality as a child, but due to the fears of others caused by him possessing the tailed beast, he wasn’t able to make many friends and was, for the most part, hated by everyone. The village alienated him, which pushed Gaara to feel as if no one loved him, and he started to develop resentment toward everyone.

During his infamous days as the villain, Gaara’s reputation spread under the title “Gaara of the Sand Waterfall,” where he instilled fear amongst his friends and foe alike. He may look calm on the exterior, but Gaara was mentally unbalanced, which he showed when pushed to his limits.

After his whole encounter with Naruto, Gaara went through a life-changing experience. He felt a dramatic change in his personality and grew up to be a better version of himself: kind, considerate, loving, caring, and a very headstrong commander.


Trained from a very young age to become a human killing machine, Gaara possessed beyond exceptional abilities and fighting skills. Boosted by the one-tailed Jinchuriki sealed inside of him, Gaara could easily complete B-ranked missions as a child.

Having the ability to control sand to his will, Gaara was infamously known to bury his enemies in the sand. His fellow Kage doubted his abilities but came to respect him after he displayed excellent leadership skills in the Fourth Shinobi War. His father, who appeared in the war, appreciated Gaara for how far he had come and acknowledged the fact that he had surpassed him.

Fighting Style

Gaara Sand Style

Gaara had a bursting amount of chakra since he possessed Shukaku, but even after the Jinchuriki got extracted, Gaara showed no signs of weakening but grew stronger with time.

His outclass ninjutsu techniques, including Earth, Lightening, and wind release, often mix with his sand to give him speed and power. Gaara has also inherited the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai from Rasa, which he uses as his trump card.

His sand manipulation technique acts as an attack and a defensive mechanism whenever he is in danger. His most notorious manipulations were Sand Binding Coffin and Sand Waterfall Funeral, where he would bury his opponent deep into the sand.

Finally, his Jinchurki transformation is what he used when forced or pissed off to the maximum. As a child, due to his anger issue, he would resort to the one tail to gain the upper hand against his opponent, but later, he would use the ability to protect his village from outside forces.


The man of few words but all about actions, Gaara went from being a hopeless and depressed man to a wise leader who could perfectly control and motivate his army of Shinobi when they needed him the most. Let’s go over a few of his most memorable quotes.

  • We have walked through the darkness of the world. That’s why we are able to see even a sliver of light.
  • If all other people exist to magnify that love, then there is no more a splendid universe than this one.
  • Peace under an illusion is not peace. It is only meaningful if the real world manages to accomplish it.
  • Between those who experience the same pain, there can be no hate.
  • This is where it all starts for me. Starting with this small bond. I too, want to become someone who is needed instead of a weapon that is feared. And as the Kazekage of Sunagakure.
  • If they take him, if we hand him over, our world is finished! I want to protect him, and I want to protect our world! But I’m too young to protect it all on my own! All of you lend me your aid!
  • Just like mine, your eyes tell me how badly you wish to kill the one who put you through the hell called loneliness.
  • I finally understand… I’m alone. I won’t believe in anyone or love anyone. I’m alone.

Fun Facts (And Not So Fun Facts) About Gaara

There’s a slight chance that you might think how many fun facts could a serious character such as Gaara have. Well, allow me to surprise you:

  • His absolute defense ability, which caused the sand in his gourd to protect Gaara without even trying, was because of his mother. Her love for Gaara and the desire to protect him is what powered that particular sand.
  • Gaara’s name means “Self-Loving Demon.”
  • In the Boruto series, he is shown to have adopted a very skilled iron sand user, Shinki.
  • His original design by Kishimoto depicted him as a drug addict.
  • Gaara and Naruto are of the same weight, height, and hairstyle.
  • Gaara’s birthday is on January 19th.
  • When not saving his country, Gaara busies himself with his hobby of cultivating cacti.
  • He rarely uses Tai-Jutsu. And Thanks to his absolute defense, no Tai-Jutsu user can come close to him. In fact, Lee was the very first person to land a blow on Gaara.


Question: What Does The Symbol On His Forehead Stand For?

Answer: The symbol on his forehead stands for love. He carved this mark onto himself, promising that he would only grow up to love himself and no one else. This mark symbolized his despair in life, but now it represents his undying love and loyalty to his loved ones.

Question: What Are The Dark Rings Around Gaara’s Eyes?

Answer: The dark rings around his eyes are due to insomnia. For most of his life in the sand, the tailed beast residing inside him, Shukaku, wouldn’t let him sleep. Gaara fought to stay awake because if he were to fall asleep, Shakuku would gain the upper hand and try to take over his body. Shukaku often succeeded, resulting in mass destruction to the Sand Village and its residents.

Question: Did Gaara die?

Answer: Kinda. Yes, Gaara died when Shukaku was extracted from him by the Akatsuki. However, he was brought back to life by Chiyo, who gave away half her life to save him. Chiyo also happens to be the one who sealed Shukaku in him under the orders of Rasa.

Question: Why Does Gaara’s Sand Protect Him?

Answer: The sand’s protective character is a mixture of Gaara’s chakra and his mother’s love, who promised to protect him before her death.
During Gaara’s battle with his resurrected father, there came the point where his father got the upper hand. But moments before his attack connected, the sand residing in Gaara’s gourd enveloped him, taking the form of his mother.

Gaara Boruto Guide: Final Thoughts

However, Gaara turned that sadness and loneliness into hatred which made him into a monster. There was always good in Gaara. He just needed a little bit of light to guide him out of the dark tunnel.

Naruto coming into his life, pulling him out of that hole, and changing him for good is something that we should all appreciate and realize that no matter how difficult life was for Naruto, he made use of every opportunity to do good for others and to save others from a horrible end that he himself feared.

Finally, Gaara showed us that there is always room for a second chance. No matter how beat up or broken you are, picking yourself up and being a better version of yourself can help improve everything around you. At the end of the day, Gaara found real love, friendship, and family that valued him for who he was, which made him become the leader he was destined to be.

That is all for Gaara’s Character Guide. I hope it has answered all your questions regarding Gaara and given you a deeper insight into his life. I’ve been Emad, and I’ll be seeing you in the next one.

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