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In a way, Ging Freecss is why the entire Hunter x Hunter series exists. Because of him, Gon began his adventures, facing all these challenges and fighting monsters in search of his father.

Togashi, the mangaka of Hunter x Hunter, has created an incredible world. A world with a breathtaking setting, where adventures lay in every corner, and at the center of it is Gon Freecss, son of Ging Freecss. Hunter x Hunter, as a whole, has become one of the most popular fantasy series, both in Manga and Anime.

The fandom for this masterpiece stretches to the far reaches of the world, with it being nominated multiple times as The Best Anime of the last decade. Trust me; a decade is a long time. Ging Freeces’s role in this series, where his son is the main character, might seem trivial to some at first glance.

Start exploring the vast world of Hunter x Hunter, get immersed in this sheer masterpiece of this plot to see that Ging Freecss is more than just a side character. He’s not only here to play as Gon’s motivation in dire situations, but he is a separate self with an amazing story.

Bottom Line Up Front

Father to Gon Freecss, the protagonist, Ging Freecss , is a character-driven by his passion for adventure. He grew up on Whale Island, the same as his son, and around the age of 11, he passed the Hunter Exam on his first try, stepping into the adventurous world of Hunters.

About a decade later, he returned to Whale Island, where his cousin, Mito, and Grandmother resided. But with him was a young child of 2 years, whom he came to place in the care of his Grandmother. Mito, However, filed a case against Ging and took complete custody of Gon.

He then continued his journey as a Hunter, archeological Hunter to be exact, earning a good sum of money and reputation in his wake. He soon rose to the ranks of the Zodiacs, a group of only the most elite Hunters directly under the order of Netero.

After many years of adventuring, he does meet Gon again, and this time he tends to keep in touch with him. In the recent chapters of the manga, Ging is traveling into the very formidable Dark Continent.

Who is Ging Freeces?

Ging Freecss

Ging is an archeological Hunter currently adventuring into the unknown Dark Continent. Raised on Whale Island, Ging was a special kid from the beginning and passed his Hunter exam even before tuning twelve. That year, he was the only passing member on the exams, similar to Killua. He is also a former Zodiac, though he left after Netero passed away.

Ging has always motivated Gon to move forward and pursue in his man’s footsteps as a fellow Hunter. Ging has very few sightings in the show until now.

He mostly had unofficial appearances where Gon heard him or about him from some other source. He also created the Nen-based game Greed Island, a significant plot in Gon’s story. After the Hunter Election Arc, Ging decided to venture into the unknown Dark Continent with his somewhat rival, Pariston.

Early Life

During the early phase of his life, Ging, his cousin Mito and his Grandmother lived on an island named Whale. From the get-go, Ging’s curious and eccentric nature led him into dangerous situations, which only made him confident in his capabilities.

By the time he was almost 12, Ging had developed an interest in becoming a Hunter and Adventuring worldwide. Ging took part in the 267th Hunter Exam to make this dream a reality. There he faced many challenges and ultimately came out on top. He was the only candidate to pass the 267th Hunter Exam, similar to how Killua passed his.

Once an official Hunter, Ging left Whale Island and embarked on a journey to explore the very trenches of the world in search of heart-racing adventures.

I don’t know about adventures, but what he did find was a lovely woman who he fell in love with and had a beautiful kid named Gon. When Gon was around two years of age, Ging and his wife split up, leaving Gon in his care.

Feeling that he wouldn’t be able to raise Gon with everything going on in his life properly, Ging decided to travel back to Whale Island and leave Gon under the care of his Grandmother for a few years. Aunt Mito, However, deemed Ging unworthy of raising a kid and filed a case against him in court, gaining full custody of Gon. Now that Gon was safe with his aunt, Ging continued his journey as the archeological Hunter.

His Reputation as the Boar Hunter

Ging Freecss Hunter x Hunter

While exploring the great ruins of earth, Ging created a reputation for himself. His strength had earned him a spot in Netero’s Zodiac, a group of the most elite Hunters working directly under Netero. He was given the title of Boar Zodiac in light of his carefree and stubborn nature, often late for important events.

He is among the few Hunters eligible for a three-star Hunter’s license. However, he remains a two-Star hunter because he is too lazy to visit the headquarters and get his license updated. He also happens to have accumulated quite the fortune in his career. One of the reasons for this immense wealth was the game Greed Island, which he created with ten other members.

Greed Island is a Nen-based game playing a significant role in Gon’s journey. Ging left clues in this game, knowing that Gon would find his way to Greed Island looking for him one day.

Unofficial Appearances

During most of the show, Ging didn’t make an official appearance. The only contact Gon made with Ging was through his recording and the clues he had left for Gon to find. After the entrance exam, as Gon and Killua visit Mito, she gives Gon a box left by Ging for him. After successfully opening the box, Gon listens to the tape left behind by Ging. In it, Ging tells Gon to come to find him.

Another instance where Gon comes near to finding Ging is in the game Greed Island. After successfully finishing the game, Gon gets two cards, one leading to Ging and the other to Kite. However, Gon unknowingly chose the one that led him to Kite.

Official Appearance

Ging’s first official appearance came during the Chimera Ant Arc. Though not on the battlefield. After hearing about Netero’s resignation as the head of the Hunter Association, the Zodiacs were to choose a new head of the association.

This arc followed into the Hunter Election Arc, where in respect for Netero, Ging decided to intervene and, using his tactics, made Pariston the head of the association.

That is also when Gon was in the hospital, fighting to stay alive. Seeing Ging not worried about his son, Leorio, who was also present in the election, punches Ging with his ability, Remote Punch. Fortunately, Killua manages to save Gon when he and his father officially meet for the first time.

Dark Continent Arc

Ging Freecss Hunter x Hunter

After the Hunter Election Arc, Ging and Gon meet again on top of the world tree. Sitting there, Ging talks about a place unknown even to him. A place from where the Chimera Ants are said to have come. The name of this place is the Dark Continent, and Ging soon joins Pariston’s expedition into the Dark Continent.

While in a cave with Pasriston, Ging converses with Gon over the telephone, indicating his desire to keep in touch with his son.

Ging Freecss: Personality, Appearance, Strength, and Much More


Personality-wise, Ging is a wild, stubborn guy with eccentric enthusiasm. He keeps mostly to himself, often shy around others. This shyness doesn’t hinder him, as when needed, he can give speeches to a massive crowd, as seen in the Hunter Election Arc.

Since childhood, his curious and energy-filled self has been his driving force. Along the way, he found his passion in the archeological aspect of Hunting, often carrying out expeditions with his own money.


Ging is currently 31 years of age, 5’3 in height, and has a fair skin tone. He possesses dark spiky hair, black-brown eyes, and slight beard strands on his face. He wears a light bluish scarf, with small strands of hair sticking out from it.

He wears the typical archeological type dress, which consists of a white baggy shirt and pants, with a blue tank top-like cloth stretching down to his knees. Keeping it together is a Dark blue cloth he uses as a belt. Lastly, he wears long black boots and a long blue scarf.

He had the same outfit during his early days but without the scarf, tank top, and the hat/cloth on his head.


Ging Freecss

Until now, Ging hasn’t gone full power in any of his fights. Even the nature of his Nen remains a mystery. But considering that he was a former zodiac and that Netero considered Ging one of the most powerful Nen users in the world, it means that he possesses enormous strength.

During the recent Dark Continent Arc, Ging displays a fraction of his strength in his fight with destiny’s assassins. Using his ability to copy other techniques, Ging recreates Leorio’s Remote Punch with his little touch. Most of the attacks that Ging had displayed until now relate to the manipulation and emission state of Nen. Hopefully, the series’ return will clear the mystery around his actual strength.

Tactical Genius

One strength of Ging’s that isn’t hidden in mystery is his tactical brilliance. His ability to predict the outcome of certain events has enabled him to outclass even the likes of Pariston. From the beginning, Ging predicted Gon’s every move and placed clues in those specific areas for Gon to find, ultimately leading him to Ging.


Another of Ging’s unique features is his ability to speak many languages, even the ancient ones. During a confrontation with Curly, a brilliant linguistic professor, Ging outclassed him at how adept he was at learning new languages.


Ging Freecss

Ging appears to be a very carefree guy who keeps a distance from his responsibilities. Nonetheless, his intellect and maturity level could even be considered genius.

He tends not to interfere with others, but when the time is right, he shows why he is one of the strongest and why Netero acknowledges him. He doesn’t have many quotes throughout the series, but the ones he has hit differently. Let’s go over some of them.

  • Probably everyone’s favorite, “You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want”.
  • An apology is a promise to do things differently next time and to keep that promise.
  • If there is one person in this world, even if it is only one person, as long as someone believes in you, you will be saved.
  • If I can get my target to move as I want, I’ve succeeded as a hunter.
  • Hunters are a bunch of egomaniacs. We cast aside everything else to get what we want.
  • My son will come to Greed Island one day! When he does, remember to show no mercy, go all out.

Fun Facts about Ging Freecss

hunter x hunter gon and ging

  • The nature of Ging’s Nen hasn’t been made official yet. Mainly cause he doesn’t appear for too long at a time. But, during the Dark Continent Expedition Arc, Ging successfully copies Leorio’s ” Remote Punch” technique after seeing it once.
  • His character design looks similar to another character created by Togashi, Yusuke Uramishi from Yu Yu Hakusho. Togashi tends to use some of his designs more than once.
  • Netero once said to Biscuit that Ging was one of the world’s five most powerful Nen users.
  • He is currently a Two-Star Hunter but was qualified for the Third-Star long ago. He just never bothered to get his license upgraded. Too cool, ya know.
  • Ging speaks multiple languages, including a few ancient ones. In terms of linguistic intellect, he surpasses even Curly, a brilliant guy with immense knowledge of ancient languages.
  • He passed the Hunter exam before the age of twelve. Not only that, he was the only student to pass the exam that year.
  • In the game that he created, Greed Island, his character name was “Nigg,” but was changed by Viz translation to “Ngig.” For obvious reasons.
  • Lastly, even though Ging was never there for Gon in his childhood, he has been staying in touch with him after the Hunter Election Arc. Pariston witnessed Ging talking to Gon over the phone during his expedition to the Dark Continent.


Question: Was Ging’s Character Inspired by Another of Togashi’s Characters?

Answer: Yes, Ging’s character design and characteristics resemble another of Togashi’s characters. You’re probably familiar with the series named Yu Yu Hakusho. Ging bares a strong resemblance to its protagonist, Yusuke Urameshi.
This isn’t the first time that Togashi, the mangaka of Hunter x Hunter, has taken inspiration from his previous designs. When viewing Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho simultaneously, one can clearly notice the inspirations taken by Togashi in his newer series from the previous one.

Question: What is the Nature of Ging’s Nen?

Answer: The exact nature of Ging’s Nen ability is still unknown. In his appearance in the anime, Ging has since refrained from attacking or using any Nen-based abilities.
Though, in the manga, he is shown to not only copy Leorio’s attack, Remote Punch, but modify and use it against his enemies. Copying one’s ability is no ordinary feet, let alone upon seeing it only once.
This trait falls in the manipulation category of Nen. But, during the same expedition, Ging also uses emission-based techniques, such as ultrasound, another technique he copied, to examine the cave for other organisms. Nonetheless, the exact nature of his Nen remains a mystery.

Question: Is Ging Freeces Rich?

Answer: Yes, Ging is quite wealthy. During his tenure as an archeologist of the Hunter Association, Ging accumulated quite a handsome amount of wealth.
A fraction of his wealth can be estimated by the fact that he sold off only 100 copies of Greed Island, the Nen-based game he created, for more than billions.
Though he tends not to show off his wealth, some instances showcasing his well-being are that he conducted multiple archeological expeditions straight from his pocket. He also tends to give handsome amounts of cash to those in need and pays off Beyond’s entire team of assassins.

Question: Why did Ging Leave Gon with Aunt Mito?

Answer: Ging initially tended to leave Gon under the care of his Grandmother, but Mito deemed Ging unworthy of raising a child, so she filed a case against him and took complete custody of Gon.
A decade into the Hunter business, Ging returned with a two-year-old Gon following his separation from his wife. With all that was going on in his life, he couldn’t raise a child alone, so he came to seek help from his Grandmother.
Another reason was that Ging knew he wouldn’t be a good father. Well, it all turned out for the best. After many years, gon finally reunited with his father, and we got one hell of a story to experience.

Question: Why do People Hate Ging?

Answer: I don’t think Hate is the right word. The fans of this series dislike Ging due to his negligence towards raising Gon in the first place. It comes down to a matter of perspective.
Some understand Ging’s situation, accepting that he alone couldn’t raise a child on his own. While others don’t accept that and believe he should have taken responsibility for his child and should not have left him with aunt Mito.
I personally think that he made the right decision. After separating from his wife, a carefree and slightly childish man like him couldn’t have raised Gon properly.
Besides, after the Hunter Election Arc, Ging now seems to keep in touch with Gon over the phone, so he’s finally trying to fulfill his role as the father figure. I believe that must count for something.

Ging Freecss Guide: Final Thoughts

Ging is one of those characters with contrasting reviews. Some consider him a scum for leaving his child, while others understand his position as a hunter and a single father. They understand that he couldn’t raise a child alone, so it was better he grew up with Mito.

I agree with him leaving Gon in the care of his aunt. Ging was never one to take responsibilities seriously. His carefree nature compelled him to pursue his career as a Hunter. So even if he had decided to raise Gon by himself, I don’t think he would have been able to raise him. Not properly, at least.

Nonetheless, it all worked out in the end. Gon reunited with his father, and this time it seems as if he plans on sticking around. All’s well that ends well, I guess.

P.S: It’s far from over in the world of Hunter x Hunter. Togashi recently posted on his Twitter a picture of him drawing on a manga panel. This teased the return of the manga, and hopefully, the anime will follow soon. So be ready to see your favorite Hunters real soon. I’ll see you in the next one.

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