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Female characters in the Naruto Franchise are underrated and underappreciated. It is understandable because they don’t have any significant roles in the series, but it still makes me sad that they are underutilized. Many female characters are likable and have so much potential. Their struggles and relationship would have made the plot much more enriching and diverse.

The series ended, and it was disappointing that these kunoichis became housewives of their husbands. Then I became excited again upon hearing that they would introduce another series featuring the next generation. I was hoping that female characters would have a bigger role because it is a new manga with a new author.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation has introduced us to Kara, another criminal organization headed by Jigen. The organization introduced many new intriguing characters, but the lone female member caught my eye.

The woman reminded me of Konan, the lone woman of Akatsuki, the previous villainous organization. I wondered if she is a great character like Konan because Konan was my favorite female villain in the franchise. The woman’s name is Delta, and she is really powerful.

A beautiful woman with an attitude who is strong enough to face Naruto one-on-one. If you want to know more about Delta, then this blog is just for you. I will tell you everything I know about the sole female member and my thoughts about her.

Bottom Line Up Front

Delta is one of the major antagonists in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. As a member of the Kara organization, she plays a vital role in being part of the inner circle. It’s incredibly exciting to see a strong female character in the series. I’ve always been fascinated by Delta ever since her debut. More than anything, she has an extremely creative character design.

Because she is a cyborg created by Amado, she underwent several body modifications to possess her multifaceted abilities. I can also deeply relate to her personality; she is not shy to voice her opinion. Her skill in battle makes her a powerful adversary, and she is not afraid to fight Naruto Uzumaki in a one-on-one battle. Her overall character makes me want to know more about her power, intentions, and history.

Who is Delta?

Delta is a member of Kara’s inner circle, which includes characters such as Jigen, Code, and Koji Kashin. She is a cyborg created by Amado, who gave her numerous abilities that allowed her to fight against powerful enemies. She was also tasked by the organization to locate and retrieve Kawaki, who was supposed to become Jigen’s next vessel.

Although she considered it an important mission, Delta’s impatience made her confront Naruto directly instead of planning. I agree with Koji that she is a fool for fighting Naruto. Based on what we saw in Naruto: Shippuden, he is not a person you want to mess with.

She has proven herself as a powerful adversary to Naruto. Not only did she manage to hold herself against our favorite Hokage, but she also was not afraid to sacrifice children if it could further her goal. Attacking our sweet little sunflower, Himawari solidified her as a 100% baddie for me.

As expected, Naruto manages to defeat Delta. But we all know that Naruto is a cinnamon roll, so he didn’t kill her, despite Kawaki’s protest. Delta self-destructed before Naruto could capture her. However, that will not be her last encounter of her. Turns out, Delta can transfer her consciousness to her backup bodies allowing her to escape capture and return to the Kara base.

Delta’s Biography

Since the manga and anime did not provide any backstory about her past, her history is still a mystery to everyone. However, it’s common knowledge that she has been a member of Kara for some time. She has hostile exchanges with many of the other members of the organization.

Delta appeared at a meeting for the inner members regarding the vessel that had recently escaped. Afterward, Delta conversed angrily with Jigen about Koji and his activities. He told her it was okay to look at what was going on with Koji’s mission. Delta appeared near a fellow Kara member, Koji Kanshin, and watched Kawaki.

Delta and Koji appeared at the Hidden Leaf Village’s border.

Delta and Koji
Image From Naruto Fandom

He told her that the village’s security could track the chakra signatures that entered the village. This meant it would detect that foreign chakra signature. After some time, Delta infiltrated the Hidden Leaf Village and set off security. I thought it was such a wrong move because she could have at least listened to her colleague. Her feelings got a hold of her more.

Delta encountered Kawaki, Naruto, Boruto, and Himawari.

This unplanned meet-up comprised the Uzumaki family. After some hostile exchanges of conversation, Delta and Naruto immediately fought.

The two faced off, with Naruto adamant about protecting Kawaki from her. The scene showcased Delta’s skills, like her laser eye beam and absorption of ninjutsu, to name a few. This was one of my many favorite scenes in the anime series. It had a lot of action, and this fighting scene kept me on the edge.

A battle ensues between Delta and Naruto

Delta Against Naruto
Image From Naruto Fandom

The battle reached a point where Kawaki lost pieces of his arm because of her laser beam ability. Naruto charged Delta Rasengan after Rasengan; then, she lost the vision in her eyes. He then charged a super ultra giant ball Rasengan technique that defeated her.

Before Naruto can get close to her, Delta’s body self-destructs in a colossal explosion at the bottom of the crater. Her suicide surprises Naruto and the others. But Kawaki tells them that is how the Kara organization operates.

Drone records Delta’s Fight and reports back to the HQ.

Unaware of Naruto and the others, there was a drone that witnessed the fight and kept data on Delta’s consciousness. It left the village undetected, made it to Kara’s headquarters, and landed on an instrument that connects to three pods, two of which contained replicas of Delta.

Afterward, Amado presses a few buttons, and the drone awakens one of the replicas of Delta. She angrily kicks open the pod upon her revival and storms out of the room. Delta is angry at the aftermath of the battle with the Seventh Hokage and wants to kill him to even things out. Afterward, she saw Amado and Koji go somewhere. She tried to stop them, but Amado could shut her down.

Delta: Appearance, Personality, Quotes, and More


Image From Naruto Fandom

Undoubtedly, Delta is one of the most beautiful characters in the Naruto and Boruto franchises. Her striking appearance gave a more ‘westernized’ vibe than other female characters on the show. I like her character design because it made her stand out among the new characters.

The first thing I noticed about her appearance was her long, curly blonde hair. Her hair is her distinguishing feature, so much so that we can immediately tell it is her even if she covered herself with a black cloak. Delta also wore yellow eye-shadow and lipstick that matched her hair color.

She also has purple eyes with lines running through her pupils. Delta also sports a Roman Numeral ‘I’ tattoo at the center of her forehead, a common theme among Kara members. Delta’s outfit shows us that she has a great figure that matches her beauty.

Her upper outfit has a triangular-shaped cut-out that exposes her cleavage, shoulder, and back. She also wore pink and black tights and a pair of white boots that reached her thigh. I guarantee that Jiraiya will die due to excessive nosebleed if he sees her. Let’s be honest that would have been a happier death for Jiraiya than his actual one.


Image From Naruto Fandom

Her quick-tempered and disastrous personality shines throughout the series. She involves herself in missions, and it irritates her when they cannot meet the expected time frame.

The anime showcases this on multiple occasions. She shows agitation when Koji is taking too long looking for Kawaki in Konohagakure. If you think about it, who wouldn’t be impatient when a task took longer beyond its deadline? Thus, I relate to this character in this specific personality of hers.

Another antagonist in the plot, Jigen, mentions that Delta worries about her weight previously. This might show that she cares about her looks. This personality caught me off guard since it is not a characteristic you expect from an anime.

Body insecurities are also a personality trait that I resonate with. She is also very confident in her abilities, as she faces Naruto unfazed. She also gives off a superiority complex attitude, viewing the Seventh Hokage as beneath her and fixated on killing him after he defeats her. Her actions make her proud, which I don’t really like about her.

Delta displays a sense of superiority during her fight with Naruto due to her confidence in her own strength. She views Naruto as beneath her despite his status as a living legend within the Shinobi World. Delta would later become obsessed with killing Naruto after the latter defeated her and bruised her ego.

She refused to take responsibility for her defeat and failure of the mission, pinning the blame on Kawaki instead. Delta also displays sadism and cruelty. She was willing to hurt children such as Himawari to further her mission, and she seemed to enjoy it.

That scene honestly made her heartless and unsympathetic for me, but her personality at least made her entertaining to watch.


Kara Organization
Image Of The Kara Organization From Naruto Fandom

Delta is a loyal Inner member of the Kara organization; she is pretty motivated to achieve the goals of the organization. When she feels things do not go her way, she appears angry, unlike her other colleagues. Her attitude seeps into her lines in the ongoing Boruto anime series.

I appreciate the creators making Delta confrontational and upfront about her emotion. She does not sugarcoat her words, which I admire.

From my perspective, she is a violent and impatient type of character. It is clear in her actions and the quotes from any watcher or reader that sees or hears. I don’t like her, but her character adds action and depth. Since I find her extremely aggressive and ill-tempered, I selected a few quotes that could clearly define her emotional state:

  • “That’s too bad. I wish the decrepit geezer had kicked the bucket along with that creep Deepa. It’s not just them. I really hate Code and Boro too! But the one who pisses me off the most is you, with all your annoying lectures!”
  • “It seems you remember how sublime my punishment is, judging by the look on\ your face.”
  • “I know all about you, Naruto Uzumaki. You’re the leader of the Leaf Shinobi, the Hokage, right? I’m very honored to meet you, but you are in my way. Could you move aside? My business is with the kid behind you.”
  • “It’s that so? You’re quite annoying. I think I’ll kill you.”
  • “That’s right. Various parts of me are scientific ninja tools.”
  • “Oh, that looks painful. I just stabbed you right through the gut! Seems you’re just as much of a monster as me.”
  • “Aww, you seem to be having trouble standing. You’re kind of a letdown.”
  • “There’s no need to hold back, little boy. I can send you both to the afterlife if you wish. So just stay there and wait your turn.”
  • “Not bad. I’m impressed. Excellent combat ability plus regenerative power. Quite a terrifying combination.”
  • “Good grief! It seems I had the wrong idea about you. I take that back. I’ve decided to tear you apart while you are still alive, for looking down on me!”

As you can see from this last quote, this Inner member of the Kara is pompous. She looks down at the main protagonist despite facing the Seventh Hokage. Call me biased, but I dislike her along with the other antagonists.

She does not think of any tactics and relies on her powers. Because of this, she cannot recognize her opponent’s capabilities. During her fight against Naruto, I think this trait is one reason why she lost.


Spy Drone

Spy Drone
Image Of The Spy Drone From Naruto Fandom

If you look at Delta’s character design, you will notice her back tattoo that is exposed by her outfit. That is not a tattoo but a drone that is attached to her back. She uses the drone to gather intelligence before she makes her first move. The drone does not use chakra, so it is not detectable by chakra sensors.

Delta could also upload her consciousness if her body is destroyed or captured, allowing her to safely escape from her enemies. The drone will return back to HQ and transfer her consciousness to another backup body. It was really satisfying to watch Delta fleeing after a humiliating defeat from Naruto.

Chakra Absorption

Delta’s eyes are modified to absorb chakra. She is capable of absorbing the entirety of a Jutsu such as the Rasengan and reflecting it back against her opponent. With that amount of chakra stored within her, she can create powerful beams to destroy her opponents.

However, there is a limit to how much chakra she could absorb. Naruto manages to defeat Delta by overloading her eye with an insane amount of chakra.

Body Modifications

Delta's body modifications
Image From Naruto Fandom

Amado extensively enhanced Delta’s body to the point where she became a full cyborg capable of body transformations. She can change her legs for high-speed travel, creating practical rocket legs. She could also create several wood-like protrusions from her legs that are strong enough to puncture even the defenses of Naruto.

Her modifications give her tremendous raw strength. Delta can casually grind her fingers through the trunk of a sturdy tree and injure Naruto with a single punch. She has also displayed the ability to cover herself with chakra to increase her physical abilities.

As mentioned above, she can alter the size and shape of her limbs and regenerate them. Her legs also allow her to travel long distances for flight as they can turn into a rocket. This can be handy for Delta because she can avoid certain attacks.


Taijutsu means it is a basic form of any technique involving martial arts. Delta is extremely skillful at this. She can go head to head with the Seventh Hokage despite him being in Six Paths Sage Mode, landing several powerful hits on her opponent. She can force Naruto to keep his guard up and pressure him when combined with her bionic scientific ninja tools.


It is very easy to read Delta’s thoughts about the people with that she interacted. A very confrontational person, she has no problem telling her teammates her dislike for them.


Image From Naruto Fandom

Amado is the one who created and modified Delta. You are very wrong if you expected Amado and Delta to have a father-daughter-like relationship. Delta is openly hostile to most Kara members, including her creator. Delta constantly blames Amado for her failures because he did not make her strong enough. When Jigen revealed that there was a traitor within the organization, Delta was quick to accuse Amado of the traitor.

She remained distrustful of him even if Amado explained that betraying Kara would do him more harm than good. Delta turns out to be correct, and it is revealed that Amado and Koji are conspiring to betray the organization.

She tried to stop them, but Amado deactivated her before she could do something. Amado reprogrammed her so that she would become more loyal to Konoha.


Image From Naruto Fandom

Delta never saw Kawaki as a person but merely a vessel for Jigen. She has stated multiple times to him that Kawaki’s body belongs to Jigen and that he should not damage it. That is why she became very angry at Kawaki for protecting Himawari by using himself as a human shield because it damaged ‘Jigen’s vessel’.

She also took part in Kawaki’s abuse, punishing him if he angered her. Although the abuse was not shown in the series, we could deduce that it was traumatic and mercurial through Kawaki’s expression when she arrived. Kawaki has no love for Delta and demands Naruto to kill her when she is defeated.

Koji Kashin

Koji Kashin
Image From Naruto Fandom

Just like Delta, Koji is an Inner member of Kara. Amado clones him as a clone of Jiraiya, a shinobi. She is wary of Koji because the latter looks like he is on the good side. Because of her hot-bloodedness, she blindly retrieved Kawaki on her own. She did not follow what Koji instructed her to do.

Later, she discovers both Koji and Amado attempting to leave without Jigen’s permission and tries to stop them. However, Amado issued a shutdown command and deactivated Delta. This worried Koji because the scientist could have put the same command on him. If I were in his shoes and saw my colleague shut down, I would also worry about my own safety.


Image From Naruto Fandom

He is a novice monk who becomes the vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki. While eating a meal with Delta, she voices her resentment at how long it takes to bring back Kawaki. Jigen gives her permission to recapture the vessel with the condition that she follows the ways of Koji.

Later, after her decisive defeat, he silences the argument between her and the other Inners and asks what Koji is doing. She reports that Koji postpones retrieving Kawaki to study Boruto Uzumaki after learning that the boy gets his own Karma.

I think Delta respects Jigen, but she does not filter her words, even around her immediate superior. I admired Delta’s loyalty to Jigen because it showed us that Delta is not 100% mean to the core.


Image From Narito Fandom

We all know how powerful Naruto was when Naruto: Shippuden ended, which means that we know that it is foolish to make an enemy of him. Delta had never seen Naruto’s strength and was not awed by his supposed reputation. Delta openly looked down on him, deeming him beneath her. That is why she was not afraid to confront him in an open battle.

Delta was even willing to hurt his children if it gave her an opportunity to win against Naruto. Delta became openly hostile and angry at Naruto when the fortunes began to tip in Naruto’s favor. The fight ended in her defeat, and she managed to barely escape capture.

After her return to the Kara HQ by transferring her consciousness to another body, Delta swore that she would kill him.

Interesting Trivia Facts about Delta

Naruto’s Rasengan destroyed Delta

Delta Defeated
Image From Naruto Fandom

Delta was also powerful in the anime series. This is apparent when she went into combat against Naruto Uzumaki in his Six Paths Sage Mode. Ultimately, his massive Rasengan destroyed her. Amado later regenerated her using his technology. Although Naruto technically killed her once.

Delta loses her sense of sight

The plot reveals that her technologically modified eyes can absorb Jutsu. However, Naruto pushes more chakra than she can handle into her body. Delta reaches her limit of containment and loses her sight.

Delta is a cyborg created by Amado

Amado is the one who modified Delta. Despite being the one who made her, Delta has no love for her creator. She constantly berated Amado due to his modifications were not up to her standards. She was also quick to accuse him of treachery.

Unknown to Delta, Amado embedded a code that allowed him to deactivate her instantly once his treachery was revealed. Amado would then defect to Konoha and reprogrammed Delta to be more loyal to the village.

Delta is similar to Konan

Delta is similar to Konan
Image Of Konan From Naruto Fandom

There is no doubt that Konan and Delta are being compared by Naruto fans because of the similarities in their characterization. Both Delta and Konan are the only female members of their respective villainous organizations, and both seem to be loyal to the leaders of the organization. Delta is loyal to Jigen and is willing to hunt down any traitor of Kara, while Konan is protective of Nagato.

However, unlike Konan, Delta is much more expressive about her thoughts and can be extremely rude to Jigen. I think Konan is a better character because I kind of empathize with both her and Nagato’s hardships during their childhood.

This hardship formed an unbreakable bond that humanizes the two characters. Boruto has not yet ended, and there are still a lot of twists that will be revealed, so Delta’s backstory might be revealed to us in the near future.

Delta is a Computer Term

Kara has an interesting theme when it comes to character names. Most members of Kara are named after computer terms such as Code, Bug, and Daemon. Delta is another term for Data Differencing, which gives a technical description of two sets of data.

I think it is intended for the Kara members to be named after recent technologies as a way to emphasize Kara being the representation of the dark side of the future. Technologies are being developed in order to improve the standards of living conditions, but they could also be used in order to instigate more chaos.


Question: Did Delta die in Boruto?

Answer: Technically, it would appear that Delta indeed dies since she self-destructs. The cyborg self-destructs her body to protect information about Kara and hopefully damage Naruto and the others. However, even though she “died”, her clones are a way for her to revive. Her drone contains all of Delta’s data and consciousness.
Afterward, the drone detaches from her body just before the blast and moves back to the Kara Organization’s secret base. Amado then resurrects her through one of her clones.

Question: Is Delta one of the strongest characters in Boruto?

Answer: Everyone agrees that Delta is one of the most dangerous characters in the Boruto series. Boruto fanatics regard Delta as a complete monster concerning her abilities in the show. Moreover, she can hold her own against the Seventh Hokage.
As an Inner member of Kara, she fearlessly faces the strongest shinobi in history. She keeps up with the Six Paths Sage Mode of Naruto during their fight. Despite her harmless-looking appearance, Delta is a very destructive person. We learn that one of the reasons Delta was so confident about getting into deadly combat is due to her character.

Question: What is the meaning behind the symbol at the back of Delta?

Answer: I think this is one of the Easter eggs the creators leave in the anime series. The sign on her back represents the Delta symbol in Greek. If you look at the shape of the drones of Delta, they are also triangular.

Question: Why do people hate Delta?

Answer: I do know where the people’s hate over Delta is coming from. After the end of Naruto: Shippuden, Naruto is definitely the strongest shinobi that is only rivaled by Sasuke Uchiha. That is why it was infuriating for many fans that Naruto was ‘nerfed’ in order to make the new characters appear stronger.
This dislike also extends to any opponents that Naruto and Sasuke faced throughout the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, such as Shin Uchiha and Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Delta Boruto Guide: Final Thoughts

It is quite clear that Delta is one of the most interesting characters in the anime series. Because she is a one-dimensional villain, I dislike her cold demeanor and short temper. Interestingly enough, she intrigues me. It excites me to see this cyborg in some great battles in the ongoing plot.

For me, Delta’s chaotic energy and her naivety are her biggest weaknesses, as she does things without thinking. The short fuse in her temper shows with every interaction she does with other characters. She focuses on getting what she wants immediately. However, this makes her one of the most dangerous characters.

On paper, she seems to be unlikable and unsympathetic, but Delta delivers a certain charm that makes Kara more dynamic as a group. I don’t have to sympathize with Delta to make her likable. I liked her simply because of her personality and her banter with the other members.

Delta was deactivated, several members are now dead, and Amado defected to Konoha. A lot has changed since her deactivation. In recent chapters, she was reprogrammed to be more loyal to Konoha but still retained her identity. I am looking forward to how the show will develop her character further because I believe that there is a potential for Delta to become an iconic character.

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