Elitz Caballero

Elitz has always been an avid reader of manga. She started reading in her early teens and has never looked back since. She's read the most popular ones, from Death Note, Promised Neverland, HxH, Food Wars to the underrated ones like Suicide Island, Bambino, and more. Outside of anime/manga, Elitz is also a keen gamer with L4D, Stardew Valley and Undertale being some of her favorites.

delta boruto guide

Delta Boruto Guide

Female characters in the Naruto Franchise are underrated and underappreciated. It is understandable because they don’t have any significant roles in the series, but it still makes me sad that they are underutilized. Many female characters are likable and have so much potential. Their struggles and relationship would have made the plot much more enriching […]

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teka todoroki guide

Teka Todoroki Guide

Years ago, my friend recommended My Hero Academia when it first came out. He told me the series is like Harry Potter, but the school is for superheroes instead of wizards. I was initially hesitant because there are tons of anime series that came before with similar premise, such as Ao No Exorcist. Despite my

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jigen boruto guide

Jigen Boruto Guide

The Infinite Tsukuyomi is considered to be the ultimate genjutsu. Those under this genjutsu are trapped in the dream they desire, and they will never know that everything is just an illusion. Many villains wanted it because they believed it could end the world’s suffering and wars forever. But there is one thing that they

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indra naruto guide

Indra Naruto Guide

No matter how much we strive to improve ourselves, there are still other naturally better people than us. We sometimes tie our value as a person by comparing ourselves to other people’s accomplishments. Envy and jealousy will fester once we see others become better than us because our self-worth is at risk. It poisons your

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kabuto naruto

Kabuto Naruto Guide

Millions have grown together with Naruto and have become a part of their childhood. The reason for the show’s success is because of its characters. Kishimoto created many fun, strong, and relatable characters to inspire and root for. Apart from the heroes, Naruto also has sympathetic, tragic, and not wholly evil villains making them appealing

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kawaki boruto

Kawaki Boruto Guide

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations follows Naruto’s son Boruto on his journey to becoming a ninja or shinobi. In the new world of Boruto, we see his father Naruto and his friends living with their loved ones peacefully. It is a society completely different from that of which we saw in Naruto. One great thing about

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Haku Naruto

Haku Naruto Guide

Naruto introduced us to many unique sets of characters that breathe life into the world. I am attached to many characters in this show because I can relate to their dreams and struggles. I cheered when they did something awesome, cried when they were hurt, and prayed that they would be safe whenever they were

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