Kiba Naruto Guide: Everything You Need To Know About

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I have been reading manga for long as I can remember. The art style and the engaging plot of Japanese authors showed me something that other entertainment mediums could not. Manga, although comic books, convey so much more, and I learned this early on through Naruto.

Naruto is a manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It deals with the struggles of a twelve-year-old boy, Naruto, who is discriminated against for being the container of the Nine-Tails Fox. To gain the approval of his village, Naruto wants to become the Hokage.

What keeps us fans fanatic about the series is that the story is not only about Naruto. A lot of characters have played a vital role in his journey. Some good and some bad. Some served as rivals, while others held a different ideology. Kishimoto-sensei has beautifully displayed them in contrast with Naruto. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Naruto is a living world; each character has dreams and motivations.

One such character is Kiba Inuzuka. Kiba is a vibrant character, even though he has no substantial bearing on the main plot. His dynamic with the love-struck Hinata and the solemn Shino adds vibrancy to the world of Kishimoto. A young ninja, Kiba wants to uphold the name of his clan. As the story progresses, he also aims to become the Hokage. In that manner, he becomes a direct rival to the protagonist.

Kiba Inuzuka: The Ninja Dog Trainer


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Kiba has a feral appearance, and his brown hair looks untamed and untidy. Kiba has sharp, bruised eyes with vertical cuts, recognizable canine teeth, and long pointed nails. He conveys the Inuzuka clan markings, and they consist of red dagger-like symbols that extend on his cheek.

Before the time skip, Kiba wears a grey-colored hooded jacket. The arms and neck of the hood are black and fur-lined, and it is usually zipped up. The pants of Kiba are khaki-greyish in color. He wears blue ninja sandals for his feet, and the Hidden Leaf Protector covers his head. 

After the time skip, Kiba wears a different attire. His whole apparel changed to black, including his forehead protector. He wears a fitted-black leather jacket over a net shirt. The black trousers of Kiba complement his all-black attire. His ninja sandals also turn black.


The personality of Kiba is in complete alignment with his appearance. He is rough-spoken and tends to quickly get agitated. Due to his short temper, he is often taken advantage of. But there are advantages to his fierceness too. He can be devasting for an opponent up-close as he revels in combat. When he faces an opponent, his joy is often visible in his features as he smiles.

Kiba enjoys a fight that might stem from his asserting dominance like an alpha. Due to this belief, Kiba thinks of himself as the leader. He often tries to act like a leader, but his rash attitude makes him difficult to follow. Often, Shino, a teammate of Kiba, undertakes independent endeavors. This irritates Kiba as he interprets this as a transgression of his authority. Because he wants to be alpha, Kiba also dreams of becoming the Hokage.

But where he is rash and short-tempered, he is also caring. With his other teammate, Hinata, and with his partner, Akamaru, Kiba is empathic. To Hinata, Kiba appears as a well-wishing elder sibling. She is passive and not direct, which irritates him. Kiba wants her to be more open and candid in conveying her thoughts and emotions. One of which is her feelings for Naruto.

With Akamaru, Kiba has a great relationship, and it is one of his most endearing qualities. Each Inuzuka clan member is given a choice to nurture a partner dog.

However, Akamaru was given to Kiba by his mother. But since Akamaru was small, it was the responsibility of Kiba to properly develop Akamaru. He is really protective of Akamaru and thinks of Akamaru as a part of himself. Both with Hinata and Akamaru, Kiba shows his caring side.

Lastly, Kiba is dense. He does not seem to think things through. Although he sniffs out emotions, the simple-mindedness of Kiba is also taken advantage of. But the tact of Hinata and the intelligence of Shino compensate for this weakness. This is why he learns to be more trusting as the series progresses.

The Inuzuka Clan

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Kiba is a member of the Inuzuka clan, a ninja tribe forming a part of the Hidden Leaf Village. The distinguishing feature of the Inuzuka Clan is their partner dogs. The two work in tandem to complete various kinds of missions. 

Like Kiba, the clan members already have a natural affinity to animals when they are born. They get the clan mark painted on their faces from a young age to indicate their savagery. After some years of maturity, each child is given the option to choose their canine pets. The canines and the ninja work together to perform Inuzuka ninja techniques. 

Each member has a good understanding of their partner. Through years of growing together, their thoughts are intertwined with each other. Another ability that an Inuzuka possesses is the enhanced sense of smell. They use speed and feral traits to gain an advantage over their opponents. 

Powers and Abilities

Kiba is an adroit fighter. He has mastered many powers and abilities. Mainly, his techniques rely upon his synchronization with Akamaru. But other than Akamaru, Kiba can also work well with others. Even though he is good at ninjutsu, he lacks creativity due to his denseness. Also, the reason why he cannot perform genjutsu.

Feral Senses

In Naruto, clan members pass off some enhanced genetic abilities to their offspring. In some cases, it is the doujutsu (the kekkei Genkai of the eyes such as Rinnegan and Sharingan). In other cases, such as Kiba’s, these are enhanced feral senses.

The essential trait Kiba inherited was his extraordinary sense of smell. Due to this feature, Kiba can tell a lot about people because of their odor. This makes Kiba an excellent tracker. In fighting, his sense of smell plays a role too. He tracks the position of his opponents through the dynamic marking of Akamaru.

Physical Abilities

As a part of their clan training, Kiba, like the Inuzuka clan members, develops better physical strength and reaction times. He incorporates them into their fighting style and makes him absolutely ferocious in mid-range battle. His strength in close combat is inferior to none and knocks an opponent out with a few blows. Kiba has these same abilities. Like other Inuzuka clan members, Kiba uses the hit-and-run stratagem.

Ninja Techniques

Kiba uses the Inuzuka clan techniques. The primary technique is the Four-Leg stance. Kiba creates Chakra from this position, demonstrating his increased power and speed. Within this stance, the features of Kiba change. His teeth grow longer, his claws grow longer, and his pupils become slits.

Another ability is the Beast Human Clone Technique. In this technique, Akamaru transforms into a Kiba clone. But the clone is not perfect as Akamaru is a dog at the end of the day. Regardless, the two can perform several deadly attacks in this form.

The Fang Passing Fang attack can be used due to the clone technique. The Passing Fang is a technique where the attacker rapidly spins his body into an objective while moving at high velocity. The technique user rapidly rotates as they travel towards the target and destroy everything in their path.

This technique has a defect. Because of speed, the attacker cannot see where they are assaulting. Kiba uses the dynamic marking of Akakamaru. He can visualize his attack plan thanks to his increased sense of smell.

Kiba can transform into a gigantic wolf with the help of Akamaru and another shadow clone. The wolf has three heads, and the Fang Rotation Fang technique becomes deadly in this form.

The Story of Kiba Inuzuka

Academy Days

During the days of Academy, Kiba used to bunk his classes. He thought himself too cool for school. Though Kiba was not the only one of his classmates who skipped class. He was abetted by Naruto, Shikamaru and Choji. He found sitting in class to be a chore due to his denseness. The wild nature characteristic of the Inuzuka clan also makes it difficult for him to sit in the class.

Chunin Exams

The Hokage is at the top of the village hierarchy, followed by the jonin, the chunin, and the genin. After graduating from the Ninja Academy, a child becomes a genin. They are to deal with odd jobs and not matters of serious consequence. To be promoted into a chunin, a genin has to take several tests. These tests usually include collaborating with other Hidden Villages too.

The Chunin Exam arc was the first time where the readers explored multiple supporting characters such as Kiba. There were several phases to the chunin test. The first phase consisted of a written exam, and a scavenger hunt/survivor challenge was held in the second phase. Individual fights were fought in the third and fourth phases.

In the first phase, Kiba did not know the answers to the test. But the test was not to measure intelligence. It was to see how the potential ninjas use their techniques or wager under pressure. Kiba used Akamaru to cheat on the test.

In the second phase of the test, each team was given a scroll of two kinds. The objective was to take another scroll to pass the test. Kiba, Shino, and Hinata comfortably succeeded in getting the other scroll and passing the test. The second phase was to measure teamwork.

Naruto Versus Kiba

In the third phase, the passed genins from the second phase were to have individual battles against each other. The winner was to proceed to the next round. Kiba drew his fight against Naruto. Kiba was more talented and skilled than Naruto. But he could not keep up with the tenacity of Naruto. 

The fight started with Kiba not even thinking Naruto was worth his time. He took him down with a single blow. But Naruto got back up. And every time Kiba knocked Naruto down, the latter kept showing fight. Naruto outwitted Kiba into injuring Akamaru.

When his partner was down, Kiba went into a frenzy. But by a sudden chance, Naruto farted. This grossly affected the enhanced sense of smell of Kiba. Seeing the opportunity, Naruto knocked Kiba down by creating multiple shadow clones of himself and performing acrobatic taijutsu. Consequently, Kiba failed the exam.

Sasuke Recovery Mission

After Orochimaru failed in destroying the Hidden Leaf Village, he wanted to cut his losses. Sasuke Uchiha was a perfect vessel for him to transfer his body. On the other hand, Sasuke felt weak, and he thought that staying in the Hidden Leaf Village would stifle his growth. So he ventured out of the village by his own will with the henchmen of Orochimaru. 

The Hidden Leaf Village thought of it as a kidnapping. But most of the senior ninjas were on duty. The Hokage then made a time of five young ninjas under the leadership of Shikamaru to retrieve Sasuke. One of the young ninjas was Kiba.

Due to his nose, he tracked down Sasuke due to the smell and helped the retrieval team avoid traps. As they drew nearer to Sasuke, they became separated to fight their own individual battles. Kiba also fell down a cliff with Sakon.

Sakon was joined together with his brother Ukon in a single body. The two were also considered formidable, and Kiba held his own against them. But they proved to be too much against their second stage curse transformation. Fortunately, Akamaru and Kiba were saved by the Hidden Sand ninjas. Remarkably, Kankuro and he finished off Sakon.

After Time Skip

Following the failure of Naruto to retrieve Sasuke, Naruto decides to train with Jiraiya. The training lasts three years. The series picks back up following the return of Naruto. Kiba is now different, and Akamaru has also grown a lot. It also looks like Kiba has matured a lot during this time.

Itachi Against Sasuke

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Kiba is a side character, so he does not get much development. However, the Hidden Leaf makes an eight-man team under the leadership of Kakashi to capture the rogue ninja, Itachi. Kiba is a part of this team. To track Itachi, the tracking abilities of Kiba proved to be essential.

As Itachi was fighting Sasuke, Tobi stopped the team from proceeding further. He was successful in halting their progress until Sasuke had beaten Itachi. 

Pain’s Attack on the Village

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During the attack and the unrest brought about by Pain, Kiba was with his teammates. He joined his mother to face the Preta Path of Pain, and his excellent fighting techniques drove off the Preta Path. When Kiba is about to defeat the Preta Path, it is summoned away so that Pain can perform the Shinra Tensei. 

The Shinra Tensei was a technique belonging to those who had the Rinnegan. Basically, it repels whatever the user wants. The repelling force can be controlled. Pain used this to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. The destruction because of the Shinra Tensei led to Kiba being injured. After Naruto is done with his fight with Pain, Kiba shows gratitude to Naruto for prevailing.

The Summit of the Five Kage

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After the village is destroyed by Pain, the elders think it is time for a change. Danzo was always ready, and he stepped up as the new acting-Hokage. Furthermore, the Kage of the five Hidden Villages is meeting together in a summit to discuss the Akatsuki problem. Danzo represents the Hidden Leaf Village. 

Naruto and Kiba’s ninja academy classmates meet to talk about Sasuke and his current situation. Danzo declares Sasuke as a rogue ninja and orders a kill-on site. This troubles some, including Ino and Sakura. Sakura decides to go with Kiba, Sai, and Rock Lee to meet Naruto. Kiba was to track Naruto using his abilities and keep the others safe.

After Sakura confronts Naruto, Kiba feels annoyed. To him, it is strange why Sasuke is siding with Akatsuki even though Itachi was dead. Kiba is also irritated because Sakura does not tell Naruto everything. Afterward, Sakura asks Kiba to help her track down Sasuke, and he annoyingly agrees.

When Kiba located Sasuke, Sakura tried to go to Sasuke herself. Rock Lee and Kiba teamed together to stop Sakura and Sai, but they were quickly decapitated. Before being rendered unconscious, Kiba managed to inform Kakashi about Sakura and Sai. 

Sasuke manages to escape again. When Kiba wakes up, he blames Sakura and Sai for Sasuke running from the Hidden Leaf ninja again. When the rest of the classmates met together, Naruto informed them of the events that occurred during the summit. Kiba became annoyed at Naruto because the latter wanted to face Sasuke himself.

The Fourth Great Ninja War

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The Fourth Great Ninja War began with Kiba being placed in a particular division. Madara resurrected powerful ninjas from the dead and raised an army of many White Zetsus. The divisions were created based on specialties.

After the war starts, Kiba is sent to another division where he fights off White Zetsus coming out of the ground. He acts as a watch later to keep an eye out for any enemy surprise attacks. When the fighting resumes, Kiba again faces the resurrected Sakon and Ukon.

This time, however, Kiba prevails. But due to a technique of the Sound Four, the soul of Kiba becomes trapped in a barrier. He and others are saved by Naruto on the brink of time, and he breaks the barrier giving Kiba and the others space to return to their bodies. 

Later on, Hinata came into trouble. Kiba and Neji speeded towards her only to see her saved by a Naruto clone. Neji and Kiba did not recognize the Naruto clone. They thought it was a White Zetsu clone portraying Naruto, but Hinata put their minds to ease. Actually, it was the Chakra of Naruto mixed with the Nine-Tails.

The End of the Fourth Great Ninja War

When Kiba and his classmates from the Academy learn that Naruto and Killer B are facing off with Madara, they rush to his side. At this point, it was Madara against the world, and the Ten-Tails Beast had also revived. 

The circumstances were growing dire. With the help of Kurama, Naruto gave his friends Chakra to make them more robust, and Kiba received this Chakra too. Afterward, Kiba and Akamaru charged at the Uchiha and the Ten-Tails, cutting off Madara and Obito’s association with the monster and constraining them to withdraw to the ground with their joined efforts.

Soon after, Sasuke and the resurrected Fourth Hokage also joined the fray. To the annoyance of Kiba, Sasuke announced he wanted to become the Hokage. Against the Ten-Tails, Kiba uses the three-headed wolf transformation. In this form, Kiba ripped the Ten-Tail clones to shreds.

The Ten-Tails Jinchuriki

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The Ten-Tails was decimating the Great Ninja Alliance. But Naruto, with the help of the Fourth, helped the ninjas teleport out of the Ten-Tails attack range. During the fight, the Alliance begins to lose hope. The First Hokage attempts to inspire them but fails. 

The First Hokage and Naruto memories are shown to everyone by chance. The memories motivated everyone to gather their strength one more time. As far as Kiba was concerned, he was surprised at how much Naruto felt responsible for his failure to retrieve Sasuke three years ago.

Naruto uses telepathy to communicate with all of his fellows, including Kiba. He also gives them more of his Nine-Tails Chakra. They perform the Rasengan against Obito in this form. During the fight, Kiba acknowledged Naruto and claimed that he would aid Naruto through everything.

The Infinite Tsukiyomi Plan

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Everyone took a breath of relief as Obito was defeated. But soon after, another threat rose; Guruguru (also known as Tobi). It used the Gedou Statue to capture everyone, including Kiba. Also, the resurrected Madara Uchiha had become the title of Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails. Subsequently, he initiated the Infinite Tsukiyomi Jutsu.

The Infinite Tsukiyomi was a powerful genjutsu to put everyone into a peaceful sleep. In reality, it was a Chakra absorbing technique. When Kiba was put into this trance, he dreamt of becoming the Hokage and was making an annual holiday for dogs. At the end of the series, Kiba and the others are saved by Naruto and Sasuke.

Characters That Had a Great Impact on Kiba’s Life

The world of Naruto is a breathing world. This means that each character has their dreams, downfalls, insecurities, and anxieties. The characters undergo growth through these emotions. But development is not possible with others to influence it. Let us see which characters made a significant impact on Kiba:

Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto is the main character of the series. Being the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails Fox, he is shunned by everyone in the village. He also lacks talent and wisdom. But regardless of his deficiencies, Naruto never gives up. He dreams of becoming the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, so his existence is acknowledged by everyone.

Early in their Ninja Academy days, Kiba and Naruto are friends. But as the children grow older, they are told by adults to not get close to Naruto. Seeing that Naruto is talentless, Kiba thinks of himself as superior to Naruto. 

But as Naruto improves his skills and abilities and prevails over one adversity after another, he gains the respect of his peers. The chunin exam battle between the two made Kiba realize how much effort Naruto gives in trying to become stronger. 

As both want to become the Hokage, Kiba considers Naruto a rival. As Naruto becomes more able, Kiba is also pushed to give more effort. Ultimately, he acknowledges Naruto is an outstanding ninja and gives him considerable respect for the position he has reached.

Tsume Inuzuka

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Tsume is a jonin in the Hidden Leaf Village and also the mother of Kiba. She is a tough woman who scared off her husband, which led to raising her children alone. Since she is an Inuzuka, she also has a dog companion named Kuromaru.

Kiba is scared of Tsume. Since he was a child, she wanted to take his training seriously. But where she is tough, she also is caring. Tsume believes in the abilities of her child to overcome any adversity. Although she is not blinded by a mother’s love. Kiba can get arrogant and agitated, and Tsume recognizes this.

The drive to get stronger and to lead, Kiba gets that from his mother. Another aspect that he shares with his mother is being direct. He is irritated by indecisiveness and timidness.

Hana Inuzuka

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Hana is a chunin of the Hidden Leaf Village. She is also Kiba’s sister. But unlike her brother and mother, she is more composed. In fact, Hana is a medical ninja. This indicates that she has high intelligence. She has three pet companions, collectively known as the Three Haimaru Brothers.

Kiba and Hana are close. When Kiba was young, Hana looked after him since Tsume was always on missions. For this reason, Hana has a mother-like attitude towards Kiba, and she also reprimands Kiba if he gets arrogant. An example of this is during the Fourth Great Ninja War, where she tells Kiba to not underestimate war.

Shino Aburame

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Shino is a member of the Aburame clan and Kiba’s teammate. A characteristic of the Aburames is that they control insects using their Chakra. Shino has a quiet personality, and because of this, he has difficulty forming connections with others. Although seemingly stoic, Shino has been seen to hold grudges.

During the Academy days, Shino was irritated by Kiba and the former thought that the latter was loud and inconsiderate. On the other hand, Kiba thought of Shino as creepy because he was weird and only talked about his insects.

But the two became increasingly close to each other after becoming teammates. Shino recognized why being assertive like Kiba was necessary, and he even recognized Kiba as his best friend. Kiba also saw that even though Shino was quiet, he still deeply cared for others. Nevertheless, the two still argued a lot due to their personalities. The arguments between the two helped Kiba mature a lot.

Hinata Hyuga

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Like Shino, Hinata is also a teammate of Kiba. She is the Hyuga clan’s heiress. But her demeanor, on the other hand, is diametrically opposed to her position, as she is quiet and reserved. Because of her shyness, she was often bullied. But she was saved by Naruto, and this developed into admiration for Naruto and later into love.

Kiba is a brother-like figure to Hinata. He often gets irritated at her timidness and wants her to be more direct with her emotions. Kiba is supportive of Naruto’s fandom and is frequently seen encouraging her. But often time, Kiba teases her too.

Because of her timidness, Kiba is protective of Hinata. Even though he claims that she should be capable of defending herself, he still tells her not to seek out trouble. Ultimately, like a good friend, Kiba wants Hinata to be happy.

Fun Facts And Trivia

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What is the Date of Birth of Kiba and Akamaru?

Kiba and Akamaru share the exact date of birth, the seventh of July. Although it is only a date, the friendship of the two is solidified by this fact. A dog is a man’s best friend, and this is especially true for an Inuzuka.

How Fast Is Kiba?

Even though it may not seem like it, Kiba is one of the fastest characters in the series. Even though he is not as fast as the Fourth Raikage or the Fourth Hokage, he could keep up with Tobi and fight him despite the latter having teleportation jutsu. He kept up with him due to his sharp senses and speed.

What Does Kiba Inuzuka’s Name Mean?

The word Kiba means Fang in Japanese. On the other hand, the family name translates to dog hill. The family name is inspired by a character in a novel series called Nanso Satomi Hakkenden (literally meaning as, The Eight Dog Chronicles).


Question: Who does Kiba end up with?

The interaction between Tamaki, the cat-lady, and Kiba in the series was brief. She and Kiba hit it off. Not shown in the series for a considerable time, the two end up together. Contrary to popular belief, Tamaki and Kiba do not have children together.

Question: Was Kiba a popular character?

After a certain number of volumes are published, the manga magazine holds a popularity poll of characters. Kiba was consistently rated below ten in these surveys, showing that he is less popular than other characters.

Question: Does Naruto consider Kiba a rival?

Even though Naruto respects the skills of Kiba, he does not acknowledge him as a rival. Only Sasuke seems to be the rival to Naruto. This is not a slight against Kiba. But Naruto felt a closeness to Sasuke as both were orphans at a young age. They both wanted to achieve their dreams and work hard towards that aim, and it was not the same with Kiba.

Summing Up: Kiba Inuzuka Character Guide

Naruto is a manga series about a young boy who never gives up. He wants to prove himself against the world. To do this, he wants to become the Hokage and get acknowledged by everyone. But there are many obstacles in his path, and Naruto has to learn how to overcome them. 

Also, he cannot do everything himself, and other characters have to be there to help him along the way. This makes the world of Naruto vibrant and immersive. One such character is Kiba Inazuka. 

Although a side character, Kiba is a friend of Naruto. He undergoes a significant change in his views from his childhood to adulthood. At first, he does not consider Naruto his equal. But by the end of the series, he admires the tenacity of Naruto to come so far. I enjoyed this aspect of growth from Kiba a lot. It is also a testament to the excellent writing of the author. Characters such as Kiba encourage one to engage in introspection.

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