Killer Bee Naruto Guide: The Tale Of The Eight-Tails Jinchuriki, Killer B

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“I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee cause I’m the eight-tailed beast.”

Every fan who was fascinated by the debut of Killer B in the Naruto series can recall this heart-winning phrase. Killer B became a character known and loved by everyone through the series. Every fan wanted to support his exciting journey.

Naruto was a series that most fans grew up with. Watching the young boy’s adventures trying to reach his goal of becoming the Hokage in this vast world was just what the fans seemingly wished for. Having a long story and a large cast of likable characters took fans by heart.

The long ongoing shonen jump series gained quite popularity over the years selling over 250 million copies. Furthermore, the story was pretty long, going from 1999 to the end of 2017. With this in mind, the author of the series gave each character some spotlight. So with such a massive fanbase and an intense emphasis on each character, it seemed like each character had his fandom. 

Moreover, the series had a very tear-jerking and unpredictable plot. As this was an era of war, and peace seemed nowhere close. So being set in a non-technological period, the series took place with Killer B being a part of this era. Moreover, each fan then looked forward to how each character will make his breakthrough, with Killer B being no exception.

So, here is an informative guide that will help you understand Killer B. His significance in the Naruto verse cannot be overlooked! If you’re looking for Killer B’s relationships with other important characters in the manga, keep reading; we’ve done all the homework for you.

The Tale of Killer B

When Killer B debuted in the series, he was shown as a cool-headed adult that was careless but highly aware of his abilities. He kept calm even during the time of pressure writing his raps during ongoing battles. Furthermore, he forgave no one who criticized his writing. He was a funny guy with many comedic moments made by him.

Killer B was the adopted brother of Ay, who at the time was looking for a partner who could match Lightning Release Double lariat. Many children were gathered from whom only Killer B could match Ay’s strength. After Killer B became the tag team partner of Ay, they were assigned many missions to do together. However, due to the fantastic talent and chaotic energy that Killer B had, he did those missions alone, with Ay even realizing. 

Later on, after the battle with his rampaging cousin, the eight tails were sealed inside of Killer B. However, to keep his brother’s reputation high, he lived his life with a smile even though the villagers shunned him. Killer B then started doing intense training befriending the beast inside of him.

Moreover, during the third shinobi war, they fought Minato Namikaze. Minato gained great respect for Killer B and called him a true shinobi Killer B by assessing his tactics from where he earned the title “Killer.”

Furthermore, Ay became the Raikage of the village and made Killer B his guardian. Killer B was seen as a valuable asset in the eyes of Ay, so he was said to stay inside the village. As Killer B only listened to him, he took his words to his heart and remained in the village. However, due to the carefree nature that Killer B had, he didn’t like staying locked up and wanted to roam free. So after the attack of rouge Sasuke, who recently joined the Akatsuki, was just what he wanted.

Killer B showed his experience and talent by effortlessly wounding Sasuke with his fighting style. As the fight dragged on and according to Sasuke, Killer B was close to losing. Killer B took that moment and ran away by substituting his tentacle for himself, unknown to Sasuke. Ay thought that Sasuke captured Killer B but little did they know he only went for a vacation.  

After Killer B went away from the village, he encountered Kisame Hoshigaki, a formidable foe according to the people who knew him. Killer B showed his caring nature for his pet Ponta and the singing master took Kisame far away, where he later fought him. Even though Kisame had enough Chakra, like a tailed beast, B showed his skills and impressive chakra level and quickly took over the fight. This even made Samehada, The Living Sword that Kisame carried, betray him. 

After battling with Kisame, he was found by Ay and was taken back to the village. As time passed, Killer B showed great maturity in his character as he met Naruto, a fellow Jinchuriki who went through the same hardships that Killer B went through.

Naruto took Killer B’s assistance and learned to control the nine tails fox, and with Killer B earned his mentorship skills. During training Naruto, the fourth great shinobi war started. Killer B, alongside Naruto, went into it, making his comrades worry as Killer B had a chaotic nature and caused nothing but chaos during battle. However, Killer B showed significant development and made what looked like an impossible war to win closer to a safe victory.

The Jinchuriki Of the Hachibi, Killer Bee


Characterized by his dark skin and muscular build with oval-shaped sunglasses over his eyes. Killer B had blonde color hair since he was young, and his hair grew very long as he aged, and then he kept it in a backcombed type manner.

He also wore his village’s signature one strap over shoulder flak jacket and a white protector on his forehead. A white scarf rocking on his neck can be observed as well. Killer B also wears the Kumo hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a red rope around his waist.

Killer B is already a pretty tall guy in human form with a height of 192 cm. When he transforms, he gains a height of 17 meters, making him taller than many buildings in the Naruto series. Being this big and tall makes him very deadly, as getting hit by one of his tentacles can be fatal.

Killer B’s transformation altogether forms him into the eight tails rather than a cloak of the beast, similar to Naruto Uzumaki’s nine tails cloak. In this form, the eight tails head looks like a bull, whereas the rest is like an octopus.

Killer B formed into the eight tails after he learned to control it. Before that, the form was a partial transformation. It is created with a red cloak of dense Chakra around him and seven tails maximum. This is similar to Naruto’s enraged beast transformation when the Nine-Tails used to take over him. This is the form that is much smaller and weaker. Killer B gained the eight tails power after training in the fall of truth.

A forgiving personality

Killer B always had a forgiving nature and never took bad things too seriously. From a young age, Killer B heard hurtful things the villagers said to him due to being a Jinchuriki. He even forgave Motoi, whose parents were killed during the rampage of the eight tails.

He tried to avenge his father by killing Killer B, but Killer B quickly disarmed him and set him free. He kept smiling and learned how to rap as he passed his days. Killer B befriended the eight tails from a very young age and was quickly able to control its powers. 


Jinchuriki Transformation

Killer B is one of the individuals with one of the nine tails sealed inside him. Killer B is also one of the only few individuals that can use the power of the eight tails sealed inside of him to the fullest with no risks.

Furthermore, having a close relationship with the eight tails, he can use the massive level of Chakra that the eight tails have to his advantage. Being a Jinchuriki who can control the tailed beast, Killer B cannot be caught in a genjutsu as the eight tails dispel the genjutsu for Killer B.

Furthermore, Killer B can generate tailed beast bombs that instantly destroy villages in his tailed beast form. Killer B can also use the eight tails tentacles to form a tornado and regenerate its tentacles if they are cut off.

Nature Transformation

Killer B can use Yang release, as well as the Fire, Water, and Lightning nature transformation techniques. As shown in his battles, he can make lightning nature flow through his blades to increase their cutting capabilities or increase his speed and strength.

Furthermore, he can even use his lightning control to make a pencil cut through a tree. Kisame explained that he raises the vibration frequency of his lightning release to surpass that of a wind release technique.

Immense Physical Strength and Chakra

Being a Jinchuriki, Killer B possesses a massive amount of Chakra that can help him last throughout a day even while using his full-tailed beast transformation. Furthermore, he has excellent durability and strength as he can stand up unscathed even after getting hit by his tailed beast bomb. 

He showed his impressive durability by fighting the members of taka. He kicked Sasuke away while getting hit by Jugo’s living wall fist technique and Suigetsu’s water attacks. Like his brother, Killer B uses wrestling moves in his fighting style instead of Taijutsu to get the most out of his immense strength.


Killer Bee has an excellent sense of humor, and he does not fail to use it during his battles. He often writes his raps during his fights, ignoring the opponent at hand. However, despite this attitude, he still possesses a sharp wit, as depicted when he accepted Naruto’s request to train him. 

So that Killer B could distract him from sensing the war going on against the Akatsuki. He can also interpret someone’s heart and convey his thoughts only by a single touch.

Fist Bumping Telepathy

Killer B used to fist-bump people he got close to with his rapper personality. He was a very sharp person as only by fist-bumping did he convey his thoughts to the other person. He did when he was training Naruto in the Tailed Beast Temple. Later on, he showed this ability of his while encountering Iruka, Naruto’s beloved teacher.

Sword Skills

Killer B trained and honed skills to the fullest. He kept 8 swords before earning Samehaada’s trust. Furthermore, with those 8 swords, he effortlessly made unpredictable movements using them.

With this erratic movement of his quickly gained the upper hand over one of the best fighters, and when his foe lost his ground, Killer B swooped in for the kill. He defeated his opponents by quickly impaling them with 6 six of the swords right in the vital areas and with impressive accuracy ending the fight quickly.

An Analysis of Killer B’s Character

One of the characters introduced later in the series, Killer B was already in his prime; however, the author still had a lot of development for Killer Bee to go through. He had him coupled with the story’s main protagonist. However, this knucklehead ninja didn’t have good analytical skills like Killer B. So being together with the Naruto Killer B always backed him up and covered for any of his weaknesses.

This is an example of good writing as every developing character needs someone from whom he can learn and grow out his wings even more. Killer B had weaknesses like not being as strong as the main cast and being easily distracted by older women. This can be seen when he compliments Tsunade and later compares Yugito’s chest during a battle.

He, later on, became much more focused on the battles and thought of strategies to win the war, which was a massive change in his behavior. Overall, Killer Bee’s addition to the series had great significance as he was one of the reasons that changed the tide of war in favor of the good guys.

Characters Who Had An Impact On Killer B’s Life 

Before we get into the details about Killer B himself, let us see the characters he had a close relationship with and had a significant impact on his life.

The Eight-Tailed Beast; Ox-Octopus, Gyuki

One of the nine-tailed beasts was separated by Hagaromo Otsutsuki and was sold to the Hidden Cloud village by Hashirama to better the relations between the villages. He was called Gyuki and had an Octopus-like figure with tentacles and 4 horns on his head. Gyuki, one of the tailed beasts, had immense physical strength, and the horns on its head could easily impale a person. Furthermore, moving its tentacles could cause a massive typhoon, quickly destroying a village. 

Moreover, being a tailed beast, it could strike a barrage of tailed beast balls or a single supercharged ball that was strong enough to stop the ten tails later in the series. Gyuki was a serious individual with a rude dialect and an impressive analytical ability was an unstoppable rampaging beast who killed many inhabitants of the hidden cloud village. None of the characters in which he was sealed could control his wrath.

Blue B, unfortunately, was one of his victims. He was the cousin of the Fourth Raikage and the previous Jinchuriki of the eight tails before Killer B took the lead of becoming the eight tails Jinchuriki. 

It was told that Blue B had no recollection of going on a rampage. It was a plan orchestrated by Orochimaru, who gave genjutsu inducing pills. After succumbing to the rampage of Gyuki Blue, B, too, failed. Gyuki was sealed into Killer B when he was five. After having the eight tails sealed within him, Killer B trained hard so that he could control the beast inside of him. So by intense training, a Killer B managed to befriend Gyuki, thus ending his long rampage in the land of lightning. 

After that, they both had a very close bond. With the Gyuki’s analytical solid thinking, they became an unbeatable duo overcoming each obstacle they faced. Moreover, going through hardships together, as when Sasuke attacked the Hidden Cloud village, they both fought him together.

As Killer B did what Gyuki told him, he could easily defeat Sasuke. However, when things got out of hand, Gyuki, as close as he was to Killer B, took over Killer B and helped him fight Sasuke off, with which they both survived.

Ay, The 4th Raikage

Ay Raikage is a decisive and straightforward man who has a strong vision that actions are what truly matter. He is a man of great speed and strength, already faster than the average shinobi. Moreover, he also uses his lightning control to encase himself in it and become even quicker to dodge point-blank attacks.

His speed was just below the person called the fastest shinobi in the world, and his strength rivaled that of Tsunade the great Sannin. He was so fast that even the Sharingan had a problem keeping up with his lightning style. With his lightning style, he could easily take fatal blows as they were nothing and break absolute defenses like the Susanoo.  

Furthermore, being the outspoken man he is, he never thought of jinchurikis as anything but tools. However, he cared for his village deeply and would go to any lengths to protect it. Ay, the Third Raikage, his father groomed him to be his successor once he passed out.

Ay Raikage had no blood siblings of his own that could be his partner as it was a tradition of the Hidden Cloud village to have a tag team. So children were gathered to check who could match Ay’s Double Lariat. No one except Killer B could successfully use the double Lariat on the dummy with A Raikage. From there on out, Ay Raikage kept Killer B as his tag team partner and made him his brother.

Those two, later on, went on many missions together, one of which was subduing Ay Raikage’s cousin Blue B who had gone on a rampage as the eight tails took over him. Moreover, Ay Raikage, later on, fought in the third shinobi war against the yellow flash Minato Namikaze who was a fierce foe and scared many nations to their bones. They both did a battle of speed and strength in which both survived and left their ways.

Living with Ay Raikage since Killer B was a young boy, they have developed very close feelings of protecting each other and had their backs in any time of need.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto, the knucklehead ninja, is a boy with a very energetic personality that makes him liked by other characters. The other characters tend to be like him as his personality rubs off everyone. He is said to be the main protagonist of the story.

Naruto has been the kid who had always been shunned by his fellow village members, being an orphan from a very young age. Naruto always strived to get the attention of others so that he wouldn’t feel alone. Moreover, the villagers stayed away from him as he was the kid who had the nine-tailed fox sealed inside of him. As the people knew, the fox sealed inside him was nothing less than extreme danger.

Overcoming the challenging trial of defeating pain to avenge his master, he finally became a hero in the eyes of his village. Naruto quickly became a worthy asset after this who needed protection in his friends’ eyes. It was because Akatsuki’s leader going by the name Madara Uchiha at the time had declared the Fourth Great Shinobi War. So Naruto was sent to the Hidden Cloud Village, where he met Killer B.

Seeing that Killer B could easily control the beast inside himself, Naruto persuaded him. Killer B kept refusing, but as both were jinchurikis, they quickly made a bond. After that, Killer B trained him and helped him control the nine-tailed fox, who had been a nuisance to Naruto and hindered his goals since he was a baby.

By assisting Naruto to reach his goal, Killer B took the responsibility of protecting him. They both went into the Fourth Great Shinobi war to support their comrades, and they both fought against their mutual enemy and strengthened their bond even more.

Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame Hoshigaki, one of the seven swordsmen of mist, has a beast-like nature with a chakra level similar to that of a tailed beast. Being the lover of fighting, he had a very keen sense of battle and easily overpowered his enemies.

He had great control over his ability to use water style to close the source of air of their enemies. Moreover, he also had abilities similar to a shark. He became nearly invincible by syncing his power with the Samehada. 

Even though he loved fighting, he was partnered with Itachi Uchiha, who resented fighting if it didn’t come to it. He became one of the Seven Swordsmen Of The Mist by betraying his comrades. This was a thing both he and Itachi had in common as Itachi, too, had betrayed his comrades. Kisame joined the Akatsuki as the leader’s words of having a “World of Truth” sparked his interest. 

Moreover, after fighting for a long time, Kisame finally contacted Killer B, where he fought at his best. However, how much he tried the overwhelming strength of Killer B, a Jinchuriki got the better of him. 

Losing the battle against Killer B, he learned how strong he was as his sword Samehada too betrayed him after watching him get defeated. From there, Killer B got the Samehada which he used later on to tackle many new obstacles.

Even though Kisame lost his beloved sword Samehada, he didn’t give up and survived fighting against Killer B. He went into hiding to take Intel about Naruto, where he was caught. Seeing his impending defeat and learning about Itachi’s death, he too died while fighting against the Kyubi Chakra mode Naruto and Might Guy.

Kisame was a fearsome foe that Killer B faced after a long time in his life. It made him understand that he shouldn’t overestimate his abilities as he usually did and look for support. Otherwise, the foes he might face later on might get the better of him. 


Motoi’s parents were killed during the rampage of the eight tails when he was sealed inside of Blue B. He was the Jinchuriki before Killer B. Motoi tried to kill Killer B but was forgiven. This showed Killer B’s kind and forgiving nature, which developed even more after this encounter. He took people’s feelings more seriously.

Sasuke Uchiha

Another character worth mentioning who is related to Killer B is Sasuke. He was a rogue ninja from the hidden leaf village, and Sasuke himself is the antagonist of the series. He fought against Killer B after making the team called “Taka” and joined the Akatsuki.

Why Do I love Killer B?

Killer B having a carefree personality on the outside with a strong battle sense is just what I love about him. His easygoing nature quickly catches off his foes and even comrades’ guard. Then he uses it to his advantage to win. Furthermore, his acting carelessly brings great joy to the series and makes him an even more loveable character.

However, being the careless fool he is, his reckless acting sometimes makes situations worse than before. This quality of his makes him a little bit of an annoyance. Moreover, I hate it when this causes a problem for the other characters of the series.


Question: Why was Killer B named Killer B?

Answer: Masashi Kishimoto took many inspirations from his surroundings, and Killer B was no exception. He named Killer B after a Swedish Canadian band called Killer B, and this band was made back in the 1990s.

Question: Can Killer B’s swim after becoming the eight tails?

Answer: After transforming into the eight tails, even though Killer B becomes enormous, he still doesn’t lose any of his agility. Moreover, he can swim even faster at breakneck speed in a sea or ocean in this form.

Question: Did Killer B die at the end of Naruto?

Answer: No, Killer B does not die at the end of Naruto, although the movie implied it was like that. The Killer B that passed was a clone that Gyuki pulled out of the water and saved, showing that Killer B was alive and that he survived the fight.

Question: What is Killer B’s catchphrase?

Answer: Konoyaro! Meaning “Fools ya Fools” in English is a catchphrase used by Killer B. It is often put after his sentences, especially when talking to someone else. It is expressed in his form of speech pattern, mainly as a rap.

Killer Bee Character Guide: Final Thoughts

Naruto has been one of the mainstream manga, and almost every manga fan loves reading it. One of the reasons is its large cast of likable characters and their struggles, Killer B being among those characters.

Killer B plays a crucial role in the story. He is one of those people who made the central protagonist Naruto grow and carried him even closer to his goal. When Killer B was introduced, he was shown as a very carefree and outspoken character who took great pride in his abilities.

Killer B’s worth increases as his experience help the story get even better, making the fans like him even more. Looking at the other characters, Killer B has his own personality. He has a different sense of fashion compared to the others. Moreover, being one of the few rappers in the large character cast, he sticks out. Moreover, his rapping skills arent great, and looking at him making non-sensical rhymes makes for entertaining moments in the series. 

Furthermore, despite all the efforts Killer B has made in the series, he is not a very appreciated character in the Naruto series. He needs more love from his fans to get some spotlight.

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