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Although Demon Slayer‘s characters are fictional, you must agree that many of them have fully fleshed-out characteristics similar to real people. You might have even thought that a particular character reminded you of someone you know. Maybe a friend or a relative?

For me, what I saw were distinct personality traits belonging to specific zodiac signs. At some instances, I’d think to myself, “This guy’s probably a Sagittarius, cause that’s how they react,” or “This is something that a Cancer would do.” Now, you might not believe in supernatural stuff like this, but when you take a hard look at their behavior, you should see the same resemblances that I do. And who knows, you could end up a believer too.

Bottom Line Up Front

There’s no scientific basis for Zodiac signs, so what I’ll be talking about will be based on the observations and records of experts in the field.

Cause even though the characters from Demon Slayer aren’t real, the attitudes that they show are as real as you and me. After all, it’s quite common for artists to use real-life people or situations as inspiration for their creations. Art often imitates life, right?

With that said, when you’re a fan of Demon Slayer, you should be able to tell if the characters indeed match their Zodiac signs cause of their attitude in the anime TV series and manga. To help jog your memory, I’ll be citing moments from the source material that will solidify the trait of the signs.

What Is Astrology?

The zodiac signs fall under the astrology category. In case you don’t know what that is, astrology is the ‘divination’ or forecasting of human personalities and events based on the influence of the stars and planets. This is cause astrologers, or those who practice astrology, believe that the stars play a huge role in guiding a person’s life. And as I mentioned earlier, this topic isn’t connected to any form of science at all.

Yet even without any proven scientific backing, many people choose to put their faith and fate in astrology. Men and women usually depend on it to seek out potential romantic partners and make decisions for their careers. In addition, many Asians continue to believe in astrology since it’s been ingrained in their traditions and mindsets.

What Are The Zodiac Signs?

There are 12 zodiac signs, and the day of your birth determines which sign you are under.

The Characters of Demon Slayer and Their Zodiac Signs


  • Represented by the water-bearer
  • Air element
  • Tomioka Giyu – February 8

The most recognizable water Hashira of the Demon Slayer universe, Tomioka Giyu, was born on February 8, making him an Aquarius. You don’t even have to take a closer look at him to confirm this, as the way he’s portrayed in the anime perfectly shows the typical Aquarius traits.

Characteristics of Aquarius:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They’re independent so they can stand on their (He’s pretty much a lone wolf in the series)
  • They like to think for themselves (Giyu went against the other Hashiras’ judgment and single-handedly decided to give Tanjiro a chance to become a Demon Slayer)
  • They’re open-minded (Giyu didn’t kill Nezuko even when she turned into a demon and accepted Tanjiro’s promise of keeping her in check)
  • They have a humanitarian side (Giyu saved Tanjiro and Nezuko from being killed by Shinobu in season 1)
  • They have a strong sense of justice (This sums up how Giyu acts in the series)


  • They can be somewhat eccentric (Giyu can’t tell when he is being hated or picked on by others, and he’s teased by Shinobu because of it)
  • They are cold (Accurately describes how Giyu appears to those around him)
  • It takes them a long time before they open up to others (Giyu isn’t close with anyone)
  • Other people find them hard to understand since they are often lost in deep thought (Giyu doesn’t speak much and prefers to think to himself in the anime)
  • They’re patient but are fierce when they finally get angry (Remember how Tanjiro pushed his buttons when they first met in episode 1 season 1?)


  • Represented by the fish
  • Water element
  • Kocho Shinobu – February 24

There’s no better embodiment of the saying, “float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee” than Shinobu Kocho, the insect Hashira of Demon Slayer. You can even say that her elusiveness isn’t just due to her skills since it’s also a classic trait of Pisces.

Characteristics of Pisces:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They’re quick to adapt (Shinobu changed her battle style to compensate for her lack of physical strength)
  • They have creative minds (Since Shinobu can’t decapitate demons, she chooses to poison her enemies with her sword)
  • They have curious minds (Shinobus always talks to the demon she fights and asks them questions such as how many people they’ve killed)
  • They tend to have a knack for moving their bodies gracefully (Shinobu is exceptionally agile, and her movements resemble dance moves)
  • They’re selfless (Shinobu’s life goal is to avenge her sister, Kocho Kanae)


  • They’re evasive (Shinobu doesn’t reveal her real feelings and always puts on a cheerful facade in front of others)
  • They’re very secretive (Nobody honestly knows what’s going on in Shinobu’s mind since she keeps everything to herself)
  • They like to delay things (This is evident in season 1 when Shinobu ‘plays’ with the demons in Natagumo Mountain before killing them)
  • They’re moody (Shinobu’s gears can change from being friendly to murderous in a split second)
  • They have a hedonistic side (Out of all the Hashiras that I’ve seen on the anime TV series, Shinobu’s the one who enjoys slowly torturing demons the most)


I’ve scoured all of the pages about Demon slayer. Unfortunately, none of the characters have a birthday that falls under the Aries sign. However, from what I’ve seen on the anime TV series and read from the manga, Kibutsuji Muzan appears to be the personification of an Aries since the series’ mega villain meets all of the criteria.

Characteristics of Aries:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They are ambitious cause they have the drive to excel (Muzan main aim is to be the perfect being)
  • They’re courageous (Muzan fears no living creature on earth, only the sun)
  • They have a positive mindset (Muzan has repeatedly stated that he will always be superior to everyone else)
  • They’re born to be leaders (Muzan is the top honcho of all the demons in the series)
  • They’re excellent at organizing things (Muzan controls nearly all of the demons in the series and formed his elite group as well)


  • They get bored easily (When Muzan’s underlings can’t fulfill his orders, he kills them without hesitation regardless of their loyalty to him)
  • They can be aggressive (Muzan repeatedly kills demons and humans when he gets annoyed)
  • Their boldness often leads to recklessness (Remember when Muzan just scratched a man’s nape out of nowhere when he met Tanjiro for the first time in episode 7 of season 1?)
  • They’re self-centered and only think of themselves (Muzan’s sole concern is his survival, and he doesn’t care about anyone else)
  • They have a rebellious streak (Muzan willingly strayed from the right path and is the mega villain of the series)


It makes complete sense why these two Demon Slayer characters remind me so much of each other – they’re both Taurus signs! The Flame Hashira and Beast Breathing practitioner display Taurus attributes that no one will be able to ignore. You have to acknowledge that they share a lot of qualities that other characters don’t have, such as their loud voices and intensity.

Characteristics of Taurus:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They have an extravagant aura (Inosuke and Kyojuro have flashy personalities that instantly overwhelm the people they’re with)
  • They seek greatness in life (Kyojuro wanted to rid the world of demons, and Inosuke’s target is to be the strongest demon slayer ever)
  • They will persevere in their goals (When the going gets tough, Kyojuro and Inosuke get going even when they’re at a disadvantage)
  • They’re loyal (Once a person has earned Kyojuro and Inosuke’s trust, they’ll fight to the death for them)
  • They work hard (Both demon slayers never give up on improving themselves)


  • They get angry easily (Say the wrong thing to Inosuke, and he’ll flare up, while Kyojuro killed demons the moment they offended him)
  • They’re stubborn and find it difficult to change their ways (Inosuke doesn’t care about anything except fighting, and Kyojuro never gave in to Akaza’s offer to become a demon until his death)
  • They’re blunt (They have no filter and will tell things as they are)
  • They’re selfish since they’re mainly preoccupied with their desires (Inosuke’s only concern is himself, and Kyojuro valued his honor above everything)
  • They’re a bit greedy towards food (Both guys have large appetites)


Mitsuri may have only been on screen for a short while in the 24th episode of Demon Slayer’s first season. Yet that was enough to show me a glimpse of the Gemini qualities she possesses. The Love Hashira presented a true-born Gemini’s kindness and sharp eyes in just a few minutes.

Characteristics of Gemini:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They’re passionate about what they want in life (Mitsuri desired a husband so badly that she joined the Demon Slayer Corps to find one)
  • They’re kind (Mitsuri is one of the few Hashiras who willingly listened to Tanjiro’s plea about Nezuko)
  • They’re observant of others (Mitsuri takes mental notes of everything that happens around her)
  • They have lively mindsets (Despite her shyness, Mitsuri’s actually got a perky disposition that’s apparent when she talks)
  • They’re self-reliant (Mitsuri decided to search for a man that’s stronger than her to become her husband rather than rely on her family to match her with someone)


  • They’re picky people (After being fed up with her family’s choices for her potential husband, Misuri decided to look for a man that suits her tastes)
  • They can be nosy about other people’s business (Mitsuri paid close attention to Tanjiro’s life story and was interested in what the other Hashira’s were up to during their time apart)
  • They have a childish side (Mitsuri inwardly fawns over the other Hashiras like a kid)
  • They’re rather strange (Mitsuri is considered an odd woman in the Demon Slayer universe cause of her strength)
  • They get anxious quickly (In the manga, it’s shown that Mitsuri needs support from other people to feel confident in her decisions)


By nature, those born under the Cancer sign are very loving and caring individuals, especially when it comes to those close to their hearts. So it’s not that surprising that Tanjiro is famous for having the core attributes of this sign. I can even bet that he’s the first character that comes to your mind when you think about who’s the most doting character in the Demon Slayer.

Characteristics of Cancer:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They’re innately nurturing, making it perfectly natural for them to act like caregivers (This summarizes Tanjiro as a person)
  • They have compassionate souls (Even when he faces evil, murderous demons, Tanjiro still has the heart to sympathize with them when they die)
  • They’re highly devoted to their loved ones (Tanjiro’s always ready to sacrifice his life for Nezuko and his friends)
  • They’re family-oriented (Family is everything to Tanjiro, which is why he never gives up on Nezuko’s humanity)
  • They’re sensitive towards their surroundings (Tanjiro’s insanely strong sense of smell)


  • They’re well-known for being extremely emotional (Tanjiro listens to his heart more than his head)
  • They can be negative about things (Tanjiro always feels heavy guilt for not being able to help everyone he meets)
  • They go out of their way to protect the people they love (Tanjiro dedicates his whole life to Nezuko and often neglects himself)
  • They’re too sentimental (Tanjiro keeps having flashbacks of his family throughout the entire series)
  • They’re unpredictable (Tanjiro keeps surprising the people around him with his skills and heart)


This Mist Hashira has a lovely face, but don’t let his petite size and cuteness fool you. Cause he’s, without a doubt, a proud Leo through and through. From his short air time in season 1, you’ve already caught a peek at his fiery temper when he knocked down Tanjiro with just a couple of pebbles in episode 23 of season 1.

Characteristic of Leo:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They’re confident in their abilities (Muichiro knows how capable he is, and he’s not afraid to shove it in people’s faces)
  • They’re strong (I’ve finished the manga and have seen how badass Muichiro is in the Swordsmith Village arc. He’s one of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer)
  • They’re generous to the people close to them (Muichiro shows this side of him to Tanjiro after the latter gains his friendship in the Swordsmith Village arc)
  • They fully support the people they treasure (Once Muichiro and Tanjiro become close, he starts teaching Tanjiro on his own how to improve his skills)
  • They’re protective of their loved ones (In the last arc of the Manga, Muichiro does his best to protect his comrades from a strong enemy)


  • They’re arrogant cause they’re aware of how great they are (Muichiro belittles everyone around him)
  • It’s normal for them to be domineering (Muichiro doesn’t hesitate in putting people in their place)
  • They have a one-track mind (Before he opened up to Tanjiro, Muichiro only thought about killing demons)
  • They’re vengeful (Muichiro hates demons with a passion and this hatred is what drives him)
  • They have a diva attitude (He thinks lowly of everyone and only shows respect towards his master, Ubuyashiki Kagaya)


Since Virgos are ordinarily known for being perfectionists, Zenitsu may not seem like one due to how he acts. If you’ve read the manga, though, you’ll see that he behaves the way he does because he fears failure and desperately seeks success deep inside. On that note, when you break down his overall behavior, you won’t be able to dismiss how much of a Virgo he truly is.

Characteristics of Virgo:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They approach life logically (Zenitsu always considers his survival rate before he takes on anything)
  • They’re gentle (Zenitsu’s got the softest personality amongst all the characters in the series)
  • They’re dedicated (You can tell how driven Zenitsu is when it comes to chasing after girls)
  • They aren’t afraid to speak their minds (Zenitsu always screams what he wants, no matter the situation or who he faces)
  • They’re humble (Zenitsu believes he’s just an average joe as a fighter and, as a result of this, he consistently asks help from other demon slayers)


  • They tend to overthink (Every time Zenitsu faces a demon, he immediately worries about the many ways he and his companions could die)
  • They’re critical of themselves (Zenitsu hated being the ‘leftover’ ugly girl from the entertainment arc)
  • They’re secretly wild (Once he’s knocked out, Zenitsu turns into a savage, unstoppable killer)
  • They’re skeptical of others (Zenitsu doesn’t easily accept that things will be ‘fine’)
  • They’re fussy about things (Zenitsu makes a scene over everything, be it girls, fights, and other stuff)


  • Represented by the scales
  • Air element
  • Doma

Like Muzan, Doma’s birthday hasn’t been revealed to the public yet by Demon Slayer’s creator Gotouge Koyoharu. Despite this, I have a strong gut feeling that Doma, the upper rank two of the 12 Kizuki or Demon Moons, is a Libra. As a human or demon, how he behaves demonstrates the standard qualities of Libra.

Characteristics of Libra:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They like to frequently socialize (Due to his high position as a religious head, Doma frequently mingles with tons of people)
  • They have a strong influence over others cause of their charisma (Doma’s followers love him so much that they willingly sacrifice their lives to him)
  • They’re friendly (Doma puts up a cheerful and amiable persona in front of others)
  • They enjoy challenges (Throughout the series, Doma only ever shows genuine excitement when he fights strong opponents)
  • They’re smart (Doma can quickly think up effective strategies against his opponents and has been tricking the followers of his cult for decades)


  • They manipulate others to get what they want (Doma offers people sanctuary in his religion only to devour them later)
  • They desire to be in control (Doma’s been the leader of his cult since he was a young human boy)
  • They’re vain (Doma thinks his followers are lucky to be absorbed by him)
  • They have a sense of entitlement (This is Doma’s identity to a tee)
  • They’re fickle-minded (Doma’s quick to lose interest in people who are weaker than him)


  • Represented by the scorpion
  • Water element
  • Uzui Tengen – October 31

Yes, Tengen doesn’t have the expected aura or appearance of the dark and brooding Scorpio. Regardless of this, his habits and actions on the whole in the series unquestionably point to Scorpio’s trademark properties.

Characteristics of Scorpio:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They have an intense nature (Tengen wants to be consistently ‘flamboyant’ in every single thing)
  • They’re calculating (Tengen planned the undercover mission in the entertainment district to locate his missing 3 wives)
  • They trust their loved ones wholeheartedly (Tengen respects and believes in the capabilities of his wives)
  • They’re seductive and sensual (Every woman who talked with Tengen couldn’t say no to him)
  • They have great intuition (Tengen senses Gyutaro’s and instantly attacks him before he can even leave Daki’s body in episode 7 of season 2)


  • They have big egos (Tengen refers to himself as a God, while he calls Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are trash)
  • They’re doubtful of others (Tengen is one of the Hashira’s that didn’t believe in Tanjiro and wanted to kill Nezuko in season 1)
  • They’re too competitive (Tengen tells Gyutaro that he feels lacking in comparison to the other Hashiras)
  • They’re ruthless when it comes to their goals (In season 2, Tengen just picks up 2 servant girls of the Butterfly Mansion against their will to use in his mission)
  • They’re insensitive to people’s feelings (Tengen constantly ridiculed Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu in season 2, even when the boys hated it)


Being a Sagittarius, I had a hunch that if someone were to have the same zodiac sign as me, it would be Sanemi. And I was right! The harsh and short-tempered Wind Hashira exhibited all the fundamental components that make up a Saguitarius when he was on screen in season 1.

Characteristics of Sagittarius:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They’re never dull to be with cause of their spontaneity (When Sanemi found out that Nezuko was a demon, he slit his arm without warning to prove her ugly demon side)
  • They have an adventurous spirit (Sanemi has been searching for a chance to fight Upper Moon demons)
  • They’re enthusiastic people (Sanemi gave a passionate and angry speech about killing Nezuko to Ubuyashiki Kagaya)
  • They hate selfish individuals (Sanemi doesn’t accept Tanjiro as a demon slayer because he believes that the boy is putting other people in danger by allowing Nezuko to live)
  • They’re assertive (Sanemi went after demons as a child to release his anger against them)


  • They’re brutally honest (During Sanemi’s report to Kagaya during the Hashira meeting, he bluntly pointed out everyone’s flaws)
  • They need to have their freedom (As a child, Sanemi roamed the lands by himself to kill demons)
  • They often act carelessly (This is how Sanemi behaves when he’s pissed off or angry)
  • They have unforgiving hearts (Sanemi refuses to accept Tanjiro even when his master Kagaya gave the boy his approval)
  • They enjoy proving people wrong (Sanemi stabbed Nezuko and tempted her with his blood to show everyone that she is evil)


  • Represented by the goat
  • Earth element
  • Kamado Nezuko – December 28

Throughout the entire story of Demon Slayer, only Nezuko has been able to repress her cravings for human flesh from the very beginning. She can endure any pain and hunger, all for her brother’s sake. This tremendous love for family above all else and faithfulness to her humanity showcases the best parts no other sign but the Capricorn.

Characteristics of Capricorn:

Image from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki


  • They’re relentless when they have a goal (In episode 9 of season 1, Nezuko kept on losing her legs but continued to fight to protect Tamayo and Yushiro)
  • They’re disciplined (From the start until the end, Nezuko has never eaten a human even when she’s in her full demon mode)
  • They’re responsible (Nezuko recognizes Tanjiro as her brother and protects him whenever he needs help)
  • They work well with others (Even as a demon, Nezuko fits in with the humans when she needs to)
  • They’re obedient (Even in her childlike state, Nezuko always listens to Tanjiro)


  • They have a naughty side (Nezuko repeatedly slides up and down the floor while Tanjiro’s having a serious talk with Tamayo in episode 8 of season 1)
  • They’re hard to calm down when they get mad (When Nezuko gets angry, it takes great effort to bring back her sanity)
  • They don’t like to wait for other people (Nezuko combusted into flames in frustration when she couldn’t wake up Tanjiro in the Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train)
  • They’re shy (Nezuko only approaches other people when Tanjiro tells her to)
  • They can be a loner at times (Nezuko doesn’t interact much with other people since she’s always inside the box)


Question: Are These The Real Zodiac Signs Of The Demon Slayer Characters?

Answer: Yes. The birth dates listed came directly from the official Demon slayer Twitter account and webpage.
The only exceptions are Aries’ Kibutsuji Muzan and Libras’ Doma cause the characters’ birthdays have yet to be revealed by the Demon Slayer creator or any official websites.

Question: Are Zodiac Signs Important In Demon Slayer?

Answer: No. The Zodiac signs of the characters don’t affect the story’s flow and how their journey unfolds. I’ve read the manga until the final chapter, and no part of it focuses on the topic.
But since Asian culture is heavily intertwined with mystical beliefs, you might see terms or references related to the Zodiac signs or Astrology.

Question: Who Came Up With The Birthdays of the Demon Slayer Characters?

Answer: There hasn’t been any direct report on who chose the characters’ birthdays. But it’s safe to assume that the manga creator, Gotouge Koyoharu, selected them. It’s cause the creator, whose gender is officially unknown, is credited as both the writer and artist of the manga.

Demon Slayer Zodiac Signs: Conclusion

Zodiac signs and astrology, in general, have different impacts on people. It essentially depends on how a person wants to be influenced by them. If you’re into the mystical stuff, it’ll always be on your mind every time you watch the series. If not, you won’t even remember any of the Zodiac signs or their traits unless it’s brought up.

This topic shouldn’t negatively affect how you enjoy the show and its characters. Cause from what I can recall from reading the manga, their birthdays don’t affect the story’s direction. I think there’s just a mention of a character being born under ‘an unlucky star,’ and that’s it.

Though I do feel that it’s possible that the creator of Demon Slayer intentionally made some of the characters with their zodiac signs in mind, like with Inosuke and Kyojuro. On the other hand, it could have been simply done randomly since some of the characters have unknown birthdays.

All things considered, what’s important is that you gained some additional info about the characters that you like. The only thing you’ve got to do now is sitting back and enjoy Tanjiro and the others’ adventure.

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