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Robin One Piece Guide: The Best Character Guide On Nico Robin (Spoiler Warning!!!)

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One Piece is the most popular manga. It is the most popular manga series in terms of sales, with 490 million volume sales at writing. In terms of comic books, it is the 2nd second-largest selling comic franchise.

The story of One Piece follows the grand adventure of a seventeen-year-old boy, Monkey D. Luffy, who wants to become the Pirate King. To become the Pirate King, he has to obtain the great treasure of One Piece left by Gol D. Roger in the treacherous ocean, the Grand Line. Luffy now gathers his crew, goes from island to island and has the adventure of a lifetime along the way.

One Piece is about Luffy, but the element that has made the series endearing to millions is the vast cast of characters. One Piece has been the top manga for nearly twenty-five years. One thing Ichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has done to keep readers engaged for such a long time is to create diverse characters with their own goals that are apart from Luffy. Nico Robin is one such character.

Nico Robin is the seventh member of Luffy’s crew, the Straw Hats. At first, she is shown to work with the bad guys. But the Straw Hats accept her as a fellow crewmate. Many fans of the series consider her character arc to be one of the greatest, if not the best, in the series. Here is a deep delve into Nico Robin and how she fits in the One Piece world.

The Tale of Nico Robin: The Last Survivor of Ohara

Before we talk about Robin in the world, let us first familiarize ourselves with her appearance, personality, and powers.


Nico Robin

Robin is a tall woman with slender limbs and black hair with bangs reaching her shoulders. After the Timeskip, she has grown her hair longer, going down to her upper back, and she wears them pulled back to reveal more of her ears and forehead. The color of her eyes is brown, and she has a distinctively thin nose. 

As far as her clothing is concerned, she changes her wear after every arc. Her preferences include revealing outfits. They are darker in tone before the time-skip but become light-colored after it. Following is a list of her clothing concerning each arc.

  • Arabasta: White-colored cowgirl attire with a purple bodice.
  • Skypiea: A yellow sleeveless crop shirt with squiggly designs and dark skinny pants.
  • Water Seven and Enies Lobby: A short, dark, cleavage-uncovering leather outfit over a dress shirt.
  • Thriller Bark: A short garnet dress with suspenders.
  • Sabaody Archipelago: A cleavage-exposing sleeveless shirt with a plunging neckline and matching pants.
  • Return to Sabaody and Fish-men Island: A light-colored sarong skirt with a cleavage-baring leather vest.
  • Dressrosa: A low-cut short dress with a hat and her trademark glasses.


nico robin one piece

Robin was initially shown to be apathetic to the concerns of others. She was always coy and loyal to the Baroque Works organization. But as her character unraveled, it was found that Robin had a complicated past. Due to her abilities to read the Poneglyphs, the World Government put a large bounty on her head. Because of this, everyone she knew betrayed her at one time or the other. 

This instilled trust issues within Robin. But seeing that she could not face the World Government alone, she joined sketchy organizations one after another. She worked for Crocodile only because he allowed her to fulfill her dream.

Having developed the need to be ruthless, Robin focused on only protecting herself. For twenty years, she was persecuted. But after meeting the Straw Hats, she begins to open up to them more. Initially, she only wanted to join them for a little while. But they became a family to her. Robin becomes caring for the Straw Hats. To help Luffy achieve his goal, she even becomes willing to sacrifice her life.

Even after being saved by Luffy and the others, Robin still has the same personality and sarcastic tone. But she also becomes bolder in teasing the other crewmembers.

Powers and Abilities

Robin has many skills and abilities at her disposal. Her skills make her a valuable addition to the Straw Hat crew. Here is a brief account of her powers and abilities:

Hana Hana No Mi: The Flower-Flower Devil Fruit

Hana Hana No Mi

Robin has the power of the Flower-Flower Devil Fruit, and it allows her to grow any part of her body on a nearby surface or person. Although excellent for spying, her abilities are also effective in combat. In combat, she usually grows arms on her opponents. Then dislocates their bones. This demonstrates her knowledge of the human body. She generates more limbs for troublesome opponents to try to overwhelm them.

The ability of her fruit is vast as her imagination. She has been able to create wings, nets, legs beneath their wounded allies, and much more. Although the overgrown arms are not linked directly to her body, she feels pain if they are injured. This is why she does use single-grown limbs over an extended period.

Genius-level Intelligence

Robin was from the West Blue Island of archeologists, Ohara. It housed a vast number of books on the history of the world that were perused by highly intellectual individuals. But even among such geniuses, Robin stood out. At the young age of eight, she fluently read the ancient script written on the Poneglyphs. For her genius, she was attributed a bounty of 79,000,000 beris by the World Government when she was eight.

Her genius is on display during battles too. She is a skilled tactician who attempts to benefit from her opponents’ flaws. Due to her always being on the run, she developed quick wit. Robin is never perplexed, and she never hesitates to concoct a believable story and deceive others.

The Tale Of Nico Robin: The Journey From Being The Devil Child To Becoming The Light Of The Revolution

Robin joined the crew at least two hundred chapters into the series. Regardless, Robin is vital for the Straw Hats. Her dream and Luffy’s dream coincide (This guide covers everything before the Wano Arc).

The Fateful Encounter: Meet Miss All Sunday


Robin was first introduced as an enemy, working as an agent for the Baroque Works Organization. She was the right-hand woman (vice-president of the organization) for Mr.0, also known as Crocodile and one of the Shichibukai (Seven Warlords). As an agent, her codename was Miss All-Sunday.

Her first interaction with the Straw Hats happens when she blows up a ship of Vivi, a friend of the Straw Hats. Vivi is the princess of the Kingdom of Arabasta. She unraveled the plot of Crocodile to throw the country into chaos. For this reason, Baroque Works wants her dead. But she befriends the Straw Hats, who vow to take Vivi back to her kingdom. 

The blown-up ship was a decoy set by the escort of Vivi, Igaram. She later meets the Straw Hats and toys with them. Vivi Follows her departure from the Straw Hats after witnessing the obstinacy of Luffy. He informs the Straw Hats that Miss All-Sunday was the one who allowed her to discover that Crocodile was the organization’s leader. She ends her note by saying that Robin is a mystery and they should not trust her.

She meets the Straw Hats again in Arabasta when some of them are captured under the casino of Crocodile. During the kerfuffle, it is revealed that stopping the rebellion is too late. She sets out to make the final preparations for the war and head towards King Cobra. 

But outside the city, Crocodile is met by Luffy. A battle ensues between the two where Crocodile easily defeats the young pirate and leaves him in a sandpit to die. When the Shichibukai had left, Robin saved Luffy and gave his dying body to Pell, the aid to the King.

Meeting with King Cobra, Crocodile pressures him into revealing the location of the Poneglyph that speaks about the ancient weapon, Pluton. Luffy returned to the fray to battle Crocodile for the second time. This time, he gave Crocodile some trouble. Robin was ordered by the Crocodile to take the King to the underground chamber.

Robin is met by Tashigi and her Marine subordinates, whom she makes quick work of. Cobra leads her to a tomb underground, where the Poneglyph is kept. Crocodile, having defeated Luffy for the second time, comes soon after. He asks Robin what is written, and Robin starts telling him about the history of Arabasta. Crocodile finds that Robin is lying and impales her with his hook. 

While Robin is injured, she states that she has given up and would like to die. The ground above her is crumbling, and she would have likely been crushed underneath it. But Luffy, having defeated Crocodile, musters up the last of his courage and carries her and King Cobra to safety.

After the crew escapes Arabasta from the Marines, it is found she was hidden on board. She asks Luffy to take responsibility for saving her life by letting her join the Straw Hats, and Luffy allows it, to the dismay of his crew. But they quickly open up to her.

Sailing Through the Sky: Golden Words From the Pirate King

After some time following the events of Arabasta, the Log Pose started pointing to the sky. Robin informed the crew that there was a myth of there being a Sky Island. Luffy is fascinated by the idea and determines that Sky Island would be the next destination. The screw splits up, and Robin decides to gather information herself.

Soon, the crew met Mont Blanc Cricket, who told them of a method to reach the sky. He said he would redesign the Going Mary, the ship of the Straw Hats, so that the Knock-up Stream could force them up. To know from where the Knock-up Stream was coming, they required the South Bird, and Robin aided in capturing the bird.

The plan of Cricket succeeds, and by using the violent current, the Straw Hats reach Sky Island. When they reached the island, the crew split up again. Robin, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper are taken to a sacrificial altar. Here, they realize that the land is a part of Jaya, the island where Cricket was living. The crew reunites and then has a party.

The crew separates again when a giant snake attacks them. It decides to meet each other at Shandora, the legendary city of gold. Robin faces off with Yama during her travel, and he is handily defeated by her. Afterward, Robin meets with Enel, who serves as God. 

Enel had started a survivor’s game. For this, he used his lightning to bring everyone down. Enel attacked Robin too because he believed that she tricked him, and she remained unconscious for a while. When Robin recovered consciousness, she was able to inform Luffy about plans of Enel to destroy Skypiea and locate the Golden Bell. She also carried her fallen comrades to safety using her abilities.

After Luffy defeats Enel, Robin gets the opportunity to read the Poneglyph attached to the Golden Bell. Poseidon, another ancient weapon, was mentioned. However, another inscription was inscribed into the bell, and it had been signed by Gol D. Roger. Maybe the Rio Poneglyph (the Poneglyph that discloses the true history of the universe) is on Laugh Tale, Robin concluded.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Image from Fandom

After coming down from the sky, the crew takes reprieve at Long Island. There they bout with Foxy Pirates but not in the traditional sense. The Foxy Pirates play a series of games with the Straw Hats, and if they lose, they give up a crew member. This was a contest of Davy Back Fight.

After the crew defeats the Foxy Pirates, they decide that their ship requires fixing. They come upon Ao Kiji, one of the three admirals, as they travel to the next island. Robin is terrified because she has a past with him. He implies that the crew should be beware of her and does not want to harm them. But as he was leaving, he changed his mind. They were easily overpowered by him.

Robin was saved, but fear was inculcated within her. Soon after, they reach Water 7. The crew decides to separate again. Robin and Chopper go shopping for some books. But as she is venturing the streets, a masked man passes by them and whispers, “CP9” in her ear. She diverts the attention of Chopper and disappears soon after.

Later on, the city goes into an uproar as an assassination attempt is made on Iceberg, the mayor. Robin is accused of the crime, so the Straw Hats are hunted by the city, and Luffy and others try to investigate the matter.

After defeating the Galley-La shipwrights, the government agents reveal to be undercover operatives working right under the nose of Iceberg. They call themselves CP9. Luffy enters to check what is going on, and he requests Robin to return with Nami and Chopper, but Rob Lucci defeats Luffy and sends him flying. Robin escapes with CP9.

“I Want to Live!”

I Want to Live

Robin is taken by CP9 with Franky to Enies Lobby, the island of justice. They are taken to the island by Sea Train. Sanji, Franky, and Usopp try to save Robin, but she betrays them for their safety. Soon it is revealed that Robin turned herself into CP9 because they promised to let go of the Straw Hats. When Luffy and the others reach the Tower of Justice, Robin tells them that she does not want to be saved. 

During the emotional moment, the history of Robin is revealed. She was actually a native of Ohara, and the island was famous for its archeologists. Robin herself came from an archeologist family. But her mother had left Robin in the care of her brother when she was only two. To get close to her mother, Robin learned how to read Poneglyphs at a young age.

Robin was also ostracized due to her Devil Fruit abilities. Other children were scared of her and teased her, calling her a demon. The only friends she could make were the scholars at The Tree of Knowledge. 

Due to her genius, she passed the Archeology exam at the young age of eight. She also met Saul soon after. Saul pretended to be a castaway giant, but he was actually a rogue Vice-Admiral. Robin learns from him that the World Government does not want anyone to discover the world’s True History. The people of Ohara were close to uncovering what happened eight hundred years ago. For this reason, the World Government destroys Ohara.

Olivia the mother of Robin, tries to warn them. But she is too late. Although Robin and Olivia do share a brief moment before parting. At that moment, Robin is revealed to also read the Poneglyphs. So she also becomes the enemy of the Government. Saul tries to flee her. But he is stopped by Ao Kiji. Seeing that she is only a child, Ao Kiji allows Robin to get away. 

From then on, Robin survives the harsh world herself. She joins shady pirates and organizations, but the pirates are always doomed to some sort of disaster. The present Robin remembering everything she went through, says she wants to die.

Just then, Luffy orders Sogeking to burn the World Government flag. After seeing the dedication of the Straw Hats, Robin is touched. She cries and yells that she wants to live and travel with the Straw Hats again. They charge towards the Tower of Justice and face the CP9. 

While the Straw Hats face the members of CP9, Spandam attempts to transfer Robin over to the Bridge of Hesitation. But she becomes more resilient this time. Soon after, Usopp and Franky free Robin. However, the Buster Call is activated. The team was successful in defeating its opponents. The Navy, on the other hand, has them cornered. Just then, Going Mary comes to save the Straw Hats.

After Robin is saved, the crew holds a party. Robin has a secret talk with Ao Kiji about the events of Ohara and why Ao Kiji allowed her to escape. It is also revealed that Garp, the Navy hero who captured Gol D. Roger, is the grandfather of Luffy. The great revolutionary, Dragon, is also exposed as the father of Luffy. New bounties of the crew are soon announced, with the bounty of Robin becoming 80,000,000 beris.

The Island of Shadows, Zombies, and Skeletons

Image from Fandom

The crew board their new ship, The Thousand Sunny, and set sail for the next island. They come across a ghost ship with walking and talking skeletons on their route. It is named Brooke, and he is alive due to his Devil Fruit, the Life-Life Fruit.

The ship soon embarks on Thriller Bark. A sort of an island ship. The island is filled with all kinds of spooky things. The crew was separated again. As the group of Robin further explored the island, it was revealed that it belonged to Gecko Moria, a Shichibukai.

Robin, Luffy, and Franky venture into the mansion of Hogback. They met many obstacles along the way, like Zombies and giant spiders. After a while, Robin and Franky became trapped inside a web. Brooke, with the aid of Franky, helps save Robin.

Robin returned to the ship, and Luffy decided to invite Brooke to the Straw Hats and launch a counterattack. When attacking Moria, Robin faced off against Hogback and his zombies, and Chopper helped her, and together, they beat Hogback.

Afterward, Oars zombie has risen. His attack knocks down Robin. She soon gets up and helps her crewmates to defeat Oars. But her shadow had been stolen during the fight. When the sun rises, Robin begins to disintegrate under the sun. But Luffy defeats Moria at the last second to save everyone.

Soon after, another Shichibukai appears on the island and demands Luffy in exchange for everyone else’s lives. They, including Robin, refuse to hand over Luffy, and as a result, Kuma knocks them down.

The Departure, the TimeSkip, and the Reunion

fish man island

The next stop of the crew is Fish-men Island. They travel to Sabaody to find a mechanic who can coat the Sunny in a bubble. Soon after, Camie is taken hostage to be sold at the auction house. She is a friend of the Straw Hats. Robin and the others try to find her and save her. 

Throughout the ordeal, Luffy punches a Celestial Dragon and summons an admiral to Sabaody. The crew defeats the nearby Marines and escapes with the help of Rayleigh, and he was the master coater they were looking for. It is soon revealed that Rayleigh was actually the Vice-Captain of Roger Pirates. 

Seeing the opportunity, Robin asks Rayleigh whether they found the True History. Rayleigh answers in an affirmation. But she says to him that she does not want to know about it and will find it herself.

The coating takes three days. They decide to split up into groups and meet after it is completed due to the arrival of the Navy admiral. But they are attacked by Pacifistas and Kizaru. Before they are killed or captured, Kuma arrives and sends them all to different islands.

She arrives in East Blue, a slave country constructing an enormous bridge for 700 years. Robin escaped with the revolutionaries but later discovered that Luffy had lost his brother. She wanted to return to him, but Luffy managed to send his crew a secret message. Robin decided to go with the revolutionaries to become stronger. She reunites with her crew two years later and travels to Fishman Island.

Finding Poseidon

Finding Poseidon

After meeting some obstacles, the crew reached Fish-Man Island. But when they approached the island, a wild current separated them again. Robin went to study the history of Fish-man Island, and she found that there was a Poneglyph in the Sea Forest. When she read it, she remarked that it was an apology letter. 

A battle ensues on Fish-Man Island later on. Robin displayed her newly learned techniques against the foes and faced off with Hammond, a leader of the New Fish-Man Pirates. She easily defeated him. 

After the battle, Robin asks King Neptune about Joyboy. He reveals that Joyboy made a promise to the Mermaid princess, but since he could not keep it, he sent the apology letter. They also determined that Shirahoshi was the ancient weapon “Poseidon.”

Freeing Dressrosa

Image from Fandom

From Fish-Man Island, the crew arrives at Punk Hazard. The island has two extreme kinds of weather. The hot portion is explored by Robin, Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp. It actually belonged to Caeser, a mad scientist working under Doflamingo, and he created a weapon and subjugated children. Robin helps in saving the children and capturing Caesar.

After Punk Hazard, the crew travels to Dressrosa to defeat Doflamingo. On Dressrosa, the group is divided into three. The party of Robin is tasked with delivering Caesar to Green Bit. There, Robin also notices the presence of CP0, which she remarks as ominous. 

When the bridge is attacked by the Fighting Fish, Robin, Usopp, and Caesar try to defend the bridge. But in the end, the bridge is destroyed, but they use the powers of Caesar to reach the other side. After arriving at Green Bit, they identify a marine ship, and she also spots some dwarves.

She captures one of the dwarves. While talking to him, she is put to sleep with Usopp and wakes up in their kingdom, the Tontatta Kingdom. They tell Robin that they are slave laborers for Doflamingo. Subsequently, they meet the Thunder Soldier and Franky in the Flower Fields. It convinces the dwarves to launch an attack on the Donquixote family to free their fellow dwarves.

Here, Robin learns a little about the history of the dwarves. The head of the dwarves tells her that the dwarves were enslaved by the Donquixote family. But later on, they were liberated by the Riku Family, the previous royal family of Dressrosa.

They learn that Law has been defeated by Doflamingo soon after. The Straw Hats decide to launch an attack on the Donquixote family with others. During the attack, Robin is turned into a toy by Sugar. But she was reverted back due to Usopp’s efforts.

Afterward, the birdcage was activated by Domflamingo, which threatened the lives of everyone on Dressrosa. Robin and others worked together to keep everyone safe until Luffy defeated Doflamingo. At the end of the arc, the Straw Hats increased their bounty, including Robin, and her bounty rose to 130,000,000 beris.

How Robin Fits In With the Straw Hats

Like almost every other Straw Hat, Robin has had a tragic past. She was on the run for twenty years, making it hard for her to trust people. To live and reach her goal of uncovering the True History, Robin was willing to compromise with the most heinous of people. But after being saved by Luffy and the others at Enies Lobby, she became more open toward the crew.

Robin, the Mother of the Crew

Robin is the mother of the crew. Her calm and tranquil demeanor reflects her maternal characteristics. Sanji has often remarked that Robin has an adult aura to her. This, combined with how compassionate and caring she is, makes her the mother of the crew. 

Her motherly attitude is often depicted within the series. She never loses her composure. Like a mother, Robin laughs at the antics of her fellow crewmembers. But she never takes part in the antic themselves, always having a stoic outlook. The most motherly Robin has acted with are Chopper, Momonosuke, and Toko.

The Loyalty to Luffy

Image from Fandom

Robin is one of the most loyal members of the crew. The Straw Hats themselves are not arranged in a typical hierarchy, and Luffy is occasionally not authoritative. All the Straw Hats almost always question the carless decisions Luffy makes. But two crewmembers are unyielding in their loyalty to Luffy. One is Zoro, and the other is Robin. 

Robin was saved by Luffy. When she thought she was useless and a burden, Luffy made her realize that she was a part of the Straw Hat family. Furthermore, Robin also realizes that Luffy’s trusting attitude is hard to come. She respects his intuitions and the ability to make gather comrades around him. Lastly, Luffy is a fun person to be around. Robin knows that even though he is obstinate sometimes, his heart is in the right place.

The Dream of Robin

All Straw Hats have a dream or ambition that they want to achieve. In actuality, One Piece is about wills that live on, even when the person holding them dies. Robin also has the dream of finding the True History of the world. The True History is what happened within Void Century. It is surmised that the World Government was formed eight hundred years ago and actually redacted any record of that history.

Robin herself inherited the dream of finding True History from the scholars of Ohara. They were wrongfully persecuted by the World Government only because they read the Poneglyphs. The World Government knew that they could be dangerous. So they annihilated them. For similar reasons, Robin has hunted all her life. 

At the end of the Arabasta arc, Robin had given up on her dream too. It was only through Luffy and his tenaciousness that she realized the worth of her dreams. She coped with her trauma by shouldering the burden of the scholars of Ohara.

Lastly, her dream of Robin is also vital to Luffy’s. Luffy wants to become the Pirate King, and to do that, he has to find the One Piece. The One Piece can only be found by reading the four Road Poneglyphs. The combined knowledge from these Poneglyphs will lead to the island of Laugh Tale, giving clues to One Piece. Hence why, Robin is crucial to the Straw Hats.

Fascinating Facts And Trivia

How Tall Is Robin?

Robin is 6’2″, making her the fourth tallest member of the crew after Jinbei, Franky, and Brooke. Due to her long limbs, her power becomes more potent, and they allow her flexibility to perform more damaging techniques.

Robin’s Pre and Post Timskip Body Measurements

Before the time skip, it was revealed by the author that Robin had measurements of B99-W59-H89. After the time skip, she has an hourglass figure, and her measurements increase slightly to B100-W60-H90, as said by the author in an SBS.

Robin Is Multi-Talented And Can Adapt To Situations The Quickest!

Other than being an archeologist, Robin is shown to be versatile. She can effectively be a spy, a chef, a dancer, a hairdresser, a painter, and a sailor. Robin is also very good at manipulating others too. More often than not, her conversation skills have been vital to the Straw Hats.


Question: Why did Robin want to die?

Answer: Robin felt like a burden to the world. All her life, she has been discriminated against. Never has she been able to make an emotional connection with someone. The Straw Hats were the first group that made her feel at home. During the Enis Lobby Arc, she was willing to sacrifice herself to protect them.

Question: How strong is Robin?

Answer: Every Straw Hat is peculiar. In terms of strength, Robin cannot rival the monster trio. But her intelligence is what always puts her over the top. Furthermore, she has higher than average strength, which makes her a somewhat dangerous opponent, combined with her fruit powers.

Question: Can Robin grow anything using her powers?

Answer: She can grow any outer part of her body. But she cannot grow organs or only bones. It is to be the whole part. To activate her abilities, Robin must concentrate. But as she got older, it became easier for her. Her abilities actually complement her genius.

Robin One Piece Guide: Final Thoughts

One Piece is one of my favorite manga. I have been reading it for a decade. One might expect a series to become stale with time. But it feels as if One Piece is becoming better in every chapter. Although the story of One Piece is predictable, how it has enthralled my mind for over ten years is a true testament to its greatness.

One aspect of its greatness is its characters. One such character is Nico Robin. The plight she felt as a child; most would sympathize with that. It was an emotional moment for me when Robin finally yelled that she wanted to live. Just writing about that moment gives me goosebumps. And this is one reason why it’s one of my favorites.

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