Chopper One Piece Guide

Chopper One Piece Guide

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One Piece is one of the genuine reasons anime is popularized worldwide. The world of One Piece has a tremendous cast of characters, and everyone has their own drives, goals, aims, dreams, and passions that link nicely with the pirates’ world.

One such character that has won his spot in the millions of hearts is Tony Tony Chopper. Here is a detailed guide on his character to explain why Tony Tony Chopper has secured his place among many fans. Get ready and buckle up to dive deep into the nature of Tony Tony Chopper, his true identity, dreams, goals, and the series through his eyes (Beware of Spoilers).

Tony Tony “Cotton Candy Lover” Chopper


Chopper One Piece Guide
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Tony Tony Chopper is a reindeer who gains the ability to transform into the Human after eating the Hito Hito no Mi. Chopper looks like an adorable Japanese chibi-styled reindeer with round black eyes, thin eyebrows like a line, and a blue nose.

Once, on a mission, Chopper had a fight with an older reindeer who broke his left antler. Chopper later fixed it with a metal plate and connected it back. He loves to wear his old hat with the tilted cross mark alongside his red-maroonish shorts. As the anime progresses, we see him wearing multiple outfits of different colors in different Arcs.

After the two-year time skip, Chopper grows his hair and looks fluffier; furthermore, his hair grows lighter in color. He now wears another blue cap over his old one and likes to keep the buckles open.

Personality And Character

Chopper One Piece Guide
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Chopper’s most easily prominent characteristic is his peaceful, forgiving, and childish nature. During his introduction, Chopper shares a similar personality to Usopp and Luffy. Being only 15 at the time, he is practically a child who gets excited about cool things and loves to laugh and joke around.

I believe after joining the Strawhats, Chopper takes after Usopp, just like the children at Syrup village. He shows a cowardly nature, fearing larger opponents and crying when things get out of his hands. Furthermore, his lonesome and tragedy-filled childhood adds to his lack of self-confidence.

However, it changes after the two-year time skip as he gets more confident in himself and is more grown up in many good ways. This growth in self-confidence is also thanks to Zoro, who helps the young reindeer solidify his resolve and belief in himself. “I realized that back then, the reason I wanted to become human, was that I really just wanted to have friends. Now, I just want to be a monster that can help Luffy.”

Another notable trait of Chopper that changed after the time skip is his views on being called a monster. Before the event, he hated being called a monster as he wanted to be recognized as a human. However, after the time skip, he explained that he wanted to be a monster to help Luffy in any way.

I look at Chopper as an honorable friend and a caring companion who tries his best to help others. “I will be all curing medicine. A doctor that can cure anything. A doctor that can cure countries! Because there is no such thing as incurable disease.”

His good feats do not end with his desire to help his friends alone. Chopper is a doctor by profession, and he loves to help cure disease regardless of if it’s an ally or an enemy. This can be seen in the Wano Arc as he goes on to heal both allies and foes alike.

Abilities And Skills


Chopper One Piece Guide
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Chopper possesses the Hito Hito no Mi, which allows him to transform into various Human-Reindeer hybrid forms. Each form allows him some special abilities and maneuverability.

Among all his transformations, the Arms Point, Heavy Point, Jumping Point, and the Monster Point dramatically enhance his physical strength. At the same time, the Kung Fu Point allows him to practice masterful Kung Fu techniques during battle.

Durability And Endurance

Chopper One Piece Guide
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After eating the devil fruit, Tony Tony Chopper gained many super-human powers. Hito Hito no Mi fruit allows him to transform into many Human-Reindeer hybrid forms.

Some of these forms, like Guard Point and Monster Point, give him an excellent level of durability and endurance. His high endurance and durability can be well-scene during his fight with the CP9 operatives and Kumadori.

Speed And Agility

As a reindeer, Chopper has excellent speed and agility compared to the humans. However, they increased further after he consumed the Devil Fruit, Hito Hito no Mi. Mainly the Jumping Point increases Chopper’s speed and agility tremendously, which is very helpful to him during battles.

Tactical Intellect

Chopper One Piece Guide
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Chopper is capable of being fairly composed when the times call for it. His tactical intellect can be acknowledged by his many feats in the series. Being a reindeer and looking at his past cowardly nature, one might think of Chopper as being dumb and weak.

However, he has proven his worth repeatedly. My favorite is his role in the recent Big Mom and Wano arcs. He helps the crew with his ideas in rescuing Brook from Big Mom. And in Wano, he goes on to prepare antibodies for Queen’s zombie virus to help everyone. Furthermore, his Brain Point allows him to analyze his opponents and locate vulnerabilities. 

Communication Skills

Tony Tony Chopper can understand human speech as well as talk to all animals. This ability is a consequence of him being a reindeer turned human.

Medical Expertise

Chopper One Piece Guide
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Chopper wants to become a great doctor that can cure all diseases. He has command over some tremendous medical expertise, and he loves to help people in need of medical assistance. He started learning from a very young age after the death of his father-like figure, Dr. Hiriluk.

After working under the most incredible doctor on Drum Island, he gained his knowledge and medical skills. He further polished them throughout his journey with the Straw Hat Pirates and mainly during the two-year skip time in the Torino Kingdom.

Hito Hito No Mi Powers

The Zoan-type Devil Fruit, Hito Hito no Mi, allows Tony Tony Chopper to transform into the Human-Reindeer hybrid and gives him command over multiple abilities with each transformation.

One of the major powers of this fruit is that it allows Chopper to speak like a human, understand them, and behave like one. And on top of that, he can transform into one whenever he desires.

Rumble Ball

Chopper One Piece Guide
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Rumble Ball is a small yellow-colored drug that looks like ball candy. It was invented by Tony Tony Chopper after constantly investigating, struggling, and experimenting for five years. This drug allows the user to transform into other amazing Devil fruit transformations.

However, these transformations last for only three minutes. The Rumble Ball intake should also be measured as taking more than three will harm the user. After eating it, Tony Tony Chopper can transform into Jumping Point, Guard Point, Arm Point, Horn Point, and Monster Point.

Later in the series, Chopper’s body adapts to these transformations, other than the Monster Point, and can transform into the Points mentioned above without the intake of the Rumble Ball.

The Tale Of Tony Tony Chopper: The Doctor Of The Future Pirate King

Childhood: Becoming A Human-Human Reindeer

Chopper One Piece Guide
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Since Chopper was young, he was seen as an outsider by his herd due to his unique blue color nose. After eating Hito Hito No Mi fruit, Chopper left his pack one day. In the hope of making friends with humans, he went near the village, and people shot him by mistaking him for a Yete.

The wounded Chopper was saved and treated by Dr. Hiriluk, who acted as his only friend and was like a father figure to him. One day Chopper found out about Dr. Hiriluk’s illness and decided to find the cure. He read many medical books of Dr. Hiriluk in search of treatment when he came near the unknown Amiudake. As Chopper heard from the villagers, this legendary rare Mushroom was a cure for all diseases.

Tony Tony Chopper went through many dangerous situations, bore all kinds of suffering, and finally got his hands on the Mushroom. When Dr. Hiriluk saw the wounded Chopper with the Mushroom, he was deeply moved and ate it despite knowing the consequences.

Later, Dr. Kureha told Chopper that he had poisoned Hiriluk with that Mushroom. And that there is no such medicine that can cure all illnesses, and he needed medical skills and knowledge to heal anyone. Broken Chopper ran to find Hiriluk when he saw that Hiriluk was committing suicide after saying his thanks to Chopper.

On the death of Dr. Hiriluk, Wapol laughed and made fun of him, which made Chopper lose his temper, and he went berserk. Dalton apologized to Chopper and said some nice words that calmed him down. Later, the crying Chopper went to Dr. Kureha, started living with her, and learned medical skills for six years.

Later, when Blackbeard Pirates attacked Drum Island, Wapol and his forces cowardly ran for their lives. Still, Dr. Kureha and Chopper stayed there to help cure the people.

The Faithful Meeting

Chopper One Piece Guide
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One day Chopper was treating a person with Dr. Kureha at Drum Island. Luffy and his crew arrived at Drum Island searching for a doctor to cure Nami as she was on her deathbed. Chopper was always distrustful toward humans and maintained his distance.

When Sanji and Luffy first saw Chopper, Sanji wanted to cook him, and Luffy tried to eat him, which made Chopper hate them at first. Later, after Nami got cured, she invited him to join the crew, which he rejected at first. Drum Island got attacked by Chopper’s enemies Wapol and his forces.

He fought alongside Doctrine and Luffy to defeat them. Later, Luffy invited Chopper to join the crew, but Dr. Kureha restricted him from leaving at first. However, Chopper remembered how his father, Dr. Hiriluk, wished for him to travel the world and broaden his medical horizons.

He decided to join the crew, accepted Luffy’s invitation, and became a part of Straw Hat Pirates. Dr. Kureha said her goodbye to him by converting the snow to Sakuna blossoms, the experiment on which Dr. Hiriluk worked for over 30 years.

Taking On The World With The Straw Hats: Desserts, Skies, Seas, And The World Government!

Chopper One Piece Guide
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After joining the crew, Chopper went on countless adventures and learned many things, from battle to medical skills. He became attached to the crew members and tried his best to help them in any way possible.

It can be well seen during the Arabasta Arc when he attempted to distract Crocodile so Sanji could rescue the rest of the crew. He and Usopp gave their all to defeat Mr. 4 team. In Skypiea Arc, Chopper stayed strong and guarded the ship against a much stronger enemy, Shura.

Chopper also defeated one of the priests, Gedatsu, all by himself. His love for his crew can be seen when once, in a Davy Back Fight, Foxy Pirates took Chopper. He cried and said that he set to sea only because he knew he would be a part of the Straw Hat Pirates.

His passion for his field can be well seen when most of the crew was against Usopp because of his fight with Luffy; Chopper still went to aid Usopp even after Sanji tried to stop him. After joining the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper transformed into his Monster Point in the Enies Lobby Arc for the first time while fighting the agent, Kumadori. 

Farewell To The Going Merry, Meeting The Skeleton Musician, And The Tragedy Of Sabaody Archipelago

Chopper One Piece Guide
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Chopper was very sad and crying during the funeral of Going Merry. After saying his goodbye to Going Merry, Chopper went on some great adventures on Thousand Sunny, the new pirate ship of the Straw Hat Pirates. He came across the ghost ship, where he first met the next recruit of the Straw Hat Pirates, Brook.

Chopper’s love for his profession could be seen in the Thriller Bark Arc, where he met the famous doctor Hogback, whom he admired a lot. Later, he gets disgusted by him when Chopper learns about the doctor’s reasons behind the research on Zombies.

Chopper helped the crew during their battle with the Oars, and he discovered his weak spot. In Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Chopper aided the team in defeating the Flying Fish Riders. During the incident with the World Nobles, Chopper helped the crew until they all managed to escape. Later, they were attacked by the Sentomaru and Pacifista.

When Chopper saw his friends defeated, he transformed into the Monster Point to attack Sentomaru. Meanwhile, Kuma arrived and made Chopper vanish from the place. This incident resulted in the destruction of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Training With The Beasts And Birds Of The Torino Kingdom

Kuma sent Chopper to the Torino Kingdom. He first ended the war between birds and humans by using his Zoolingualism ability to talk to them and clarify misunderstandings and disputes. Later, he researched medicine in the ancient Torino Kingdom’s library and became a more knowledgeable and vital doctor for his crew to help Luffy.

The Straw Hat Reunion, The Mermaids, A Hazard, And The Toy Country, Dressrosa

Chopper One Piece Guide
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After two years, Chopper went to Sabaody Archipelago to reunite with his crew, but he got mixed up with a fake one. Later, he was happy to find Usopp and Nami. He reunited with the Straw Hat Pirates and set to sea after saying farewell to his Torino Kingdom allies. After the reunion, their first adventure was on Fish-Man Island. He treated Sanji with his nosebleed issue and Hatchan’s wounds.

Chopper helped the crew during their fight with New Fish-Man Pirates. In Fish-Man Island, Chopper transformed into his Monster Point for the first time after the reunion, and now he could control his powers and be conscious. The crew entered the New World and went on various adventures.

Chopper helped the children escape in the Punk Hazard Arc and did his best to make the antidote of the drug with Law. During the Dressrosa Arc, Chopper was appointed to guard the Thousand Sunny with a group. Later, their plan changed, and Chopper’s group moved toward Zou. 

Crashing Big Mom’s Tea Party: Saving Sanji

After Reaching Zou, Chopper’s group saved the Mink’s tribe and neutralized the poisonous gas, and Chopper treated the injured. After some days, Sanji got an invitation to Big Mom, and he went with them while leaving a note behind.

After reuniting with the rest of the crew, Luffy, Chopper, Nami, and Brook decided to go to Whole Cake Island to save Sanji. In the Whole Cake Island Arc, Chopper assisted the group while giving his best to take back Sanji. Chopper fought the trees in his Monster point in Mirror-World to save Nami.

He defeated Noble Croc, Brulee, and his subordinates and later, with his group, ruined the wedding. He fought numerous Chess Soldiers with Brook to take back Thousand Sunny so they could escape from Whole Cake Island. Chopper and the team successfully retrieved Sanji and moved towards Wano.

Adventures In The Land Of The Samurai: Wano Kuni

Chopper One Piece Guide
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In the Wano Arc, Chopper played a significant role in helping Kin’emon. He took Big Mom to Udon to help Luffy break out of the prison, and he came up with the cure for the Mummy Virus. He distracted Big Mom with Usopp on their raid on Onigashima.

Chopper produced enough antidote to cure everyone of the Ice Oni Virus and attacked Queen in his Monster Point with the help of Marco. He continuously looked after Zoro when Sanji fought against the Queen and gave him medicine. Chopper was very depressed and crying when he knew that Luffy had lost the fight against Kaido and was killed by him.

Characters That Had A Constructive Impact On Chopper’s Life

To better understand a character’s nature, one must examine the people with whom he shares an unbreakable bond and who affect his life and actions. Tony Tony Chopper built up many relations when he got disowned by his herd and later after joining Straw Hat Pirates.

These relations profoundly influenced his nature and personality. Here are some characters Chopper had a deep relationship with:


Chopper One Piece Guide
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“When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink soup made from a poisonous mushroom!? No! It is when… they are forgotten.”

A quack doctor of Drum Island, Hiriluk is an eccentric man. He is a former thief. He is a warm, caring, and kind-hearted man who always tries his best to help and cure people of their discomfort without the thought of receiving anything in return. One night, Hiriluk took in the wounded Chopper and cured him.

He became Chopper’s mentor and taught him medicines and how to heal others. They had a beautiful unbreakable relationship and formed a strong bond as time passed, even though they used to argue a lot.

Once Chopper knew about Hiriluk’s disease, he had a tough time trying his best to cure it, but unfortunately, Dr. Hiriluk died. To Chopper, Dr. Hiriluk was “the greatest doctor in the world” despite spending time with a much more talented doctor, Dr. Kureha.


Chopper One Piece Guide
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“There is no such medicine that can cure all diseases. That is why we have doctors! You can not save people’s lives with kindness alone. If you want to save them, you need medical skills and knowledge, otherwise you won’t be able to save anyone!!” The head of the Isshi-100, Kureha, is an elderly doctor in Drum Island, known by the name witch to some people.

She is meticulous in healthcare, medicine, and curing others. She criticized Chopper for poisoning Hiriluk by mistake. Although she often hides her feelings toward him, she considers Chopper her son, and it always brings a smile to her face when she comes to know about Chopper and how he is doing.

After the death of Dr. Hiriluk, Kureha took in Chopper and acted as his adoptive mother and a great mentor in medical science. She taught Chopper all her knowledge of medicine. She was rather impressed by the young Chopper’s skill of learning new stuff and never giving up on investigating and experimenting.


Chopper One Piece Guide
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“I have been to the brink of death… So do not just lump me together with those other girls.” The infamous Straw Hat Pirates navigator, Nami, also known as “Cat Burglar,” is the crew’s third and fifth official crew member. Since she was a kid, she worked very hard to buy her village from Arlong, the captain of the Arlong Pirates. For that purpose, she robbed many treasures and saved money.

She dreams of making a map of the entire world while traveling through it. Nami loves Chopper not only because of his adorable features that resemble a stuffed toy, but she also respects him as a doctor and respects his medical expertise. She is the one who gave Chopper the initial invitation to join the Straw Hat Pirates in the first place.

The two share a captivating relationship where they respect each other and look after each other’s back. Nami also loves to hug Chopper, which plays into him looking like a cute stuffed toy. Chopper usually baths with the girls of the crew; however, he does not feel sexually attracted to humans because he is a reindeer.

Trivial And Fun Facts

Given below are some interesting facts and trivia about the well-known Tony Tony Chopper that you would love to know about:

What Could Have Been! Tony Tony Chopper’s Original Design

You will be surprised to know that the initial Chopper design wasn’t always about to be a pint-sized, kawaii Chibi character. In a joint interview with Kishimoto, Eiichiro Oda revealed that he originally planned to make him tall and skinny.

But to make him stand out from the other crew members, he shrunk Chopper. Oda said: “As a bit of an inside story, Chopper was a character born out of desperation. Originally I had him mapped out as a tall, lanky bipedal reindeer but Luffy, Zoro, Sanji [Nami and Usopp] were too popular and I could not find a place for Chopper. I thought that if I’d have gone with that design, he’d have been upstaged by the other characters so I made him a bit shorter.”

The Meaning Of Tony Tony Chopper’s Name!

The name “Tony Tony Chopper” is undoubtedly a creative one. Still, its origins may be difficult to parse for some fans. As Dr. Hiriluk explained in the series, the name “Chopper” refers to his antlers being strong enough to chop down trees, evident to most Western fans. And the “Tony Tony” part of the name is a play on the word “Tonakai,” which literally means “Reindeer” in Japanese.

Tony Tony Chopper In A Non-Pirate Alternative Reality

Eiichiro Oda once said that if Tony Tony Chopper weren’t a pirate, he’d have been an elementary school teacher. And when Oda was asked where Chopper would have been teaching if not in the world of One Piece, He said Canada without ever explaining its reason. But we can say that it might be because Canada is the natural habitat of some wild breeds of reindeer.  


Question: Why is Chopper’s bounty significantly less than other Straw Hat Pirates?

Answer: Despite being one of the most potent and most destructive members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper hasn’t been deemed a threat by the World Government. Chopper’s bounty is drastically low compared to the other crew members. Before the time skip, he had only 50 berries on his head. Later, after two years, this number doubled to 100 berries, which is still relatively low and nowhere the amount he deserves. The reason behind it is that in the eyes of the world, Chopper is considered a mere pet of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Question: Does Tony Tony Chopper have any romantic feelings?

Answer: Even though Chopper has gotten many humanlike traits by eating the Hito Hito No Mi fruit, he is still a reindeer. He has no romantic feelings for any human women and isn’t interested in seeing them naked. Oda said to a fan in an interview:
“I see. Well, you might want to read it closer. Chopper says, “I’m not interested in naked HUMAN women.” He can speak human words, but he is still a reindeer! Which means, he can fall in love with a human because of his mind, but he’d not be aroused by her looks. He just might be smitten with a really beautiful reindeer, though.”

Oda further talked about the matter and explained it by saying:

“He hasn’t met anyone yet, but being half-human and half-reindeer, the only one he wants to date is Milky from the Mink Tribe. But if one day Chopper falls deeply in love even I’d not be able to stop him. Why is that? Because “LOVE ALWAYS COMES IN A HURRICANE”!!”

Chopper One Piece Guide: Final Thoughts

One Piece is a tale about acknowledging your dreams and working hard to make them see the light of the day. Regardless of how lofty, complicated, unachievable, or impossible it may seem to others. Personally, The theme of one of the most popular anime series, One Piece, teaches us many great lessons.

It teaches the importance of friendship. It also teaches us to take a stand and raise a voice against ruthlessness, brutality, and cruelty. Not only does Luffy teach us these beautiful lessons, but One Piece is full of such unique, incredible, and extraordinary personalities that have our hearts.

My heart is robbed by Tony Tony Chopper. I adore him because of his cute looks and how he genuinely cares about his crewmates and every other person in medical need. He gives his all to cure everyone without ever thinking of receiving anything in return. I hope you had a wonderful time reading this guide. Till next time, have fun rewatching Chopper’s Epic moments.

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