Nami One Piece Guide

Nami One Piece Guide: The Ship Navigator Of The Future Pirate King

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One Piece, authored by Ichiro Oda, is one of the greatest stories known to man. It has captured the hearts of millions and has attracted many to enjoy watching Anime and reading manga. The story follows the journey of Monkey D. Luffy, a seventeen-year-old boy, in his quest to gather his crewmates and become the Pirate King by finding the great treasure, One Piece. 

Luffy cannot achieve his goal without the help of a capable crew. He needs people who would help him navigate through the dangers of the Grandline and reach the final island where the legendary treasure One Piece resides. Nami is one of the prominent crew members who serve as the ship’s navigator. The following guide explores Nami’s character and journey with the Straw Hat Pirates.

“Cat Burglar” Nami


Nami One Piece Guide
Image from Fandom

Nami is an attractive young woman with a slim figure, orange hair, and brown eyes. When she was a child, she had a tattoo of Arlong Pirates etched onto her left shoulder. She surgically removed it later on and replaced it with a black pinwheel with a tangerine at its one end. 

For her clothing, she generally changes her style with every arc. She is one of the fashionable crewmates in the Straw Hats. Usually, her fashion sense consists of mini-skirts and jean shorts. A log pose is attached to her wrist. Around her thigh, Nami has an attached strap with three spaces for her weapon, the poles of her and Clima-Tact later in the series.

Before the time skip, Nami had short hair and wore more conservative clothing. But after the Timeskip, she prefers more revealing clothes. Her hair also gets longer after the Timeskip, and her height also increases by an inch.

Abilities And Talents

The role of Nami is essential to the Straw Hats’ journey because they would be unable to travel without her.

The Cat Burglar

Nami is a smooth criminal. She can pickpocket practically anyone if it is small. Also, the person she’s attempting to pickpocket isn’t cautious of her. She uses her charming skills to get her victims to lower their guards. And when they do, she swipes away their keys, wallets, pouches, etc.

Cartography And Navigation

Nami_Cartography And Navigation
Image from Fandom

Luffy wanted Nami to join his crew because she is an excellent navigator. Through any storm, she can easily weather through. Even the fickle weather of the Grand Line was no match for her quick weather calculation skills.

Other than Navigation, Nami was an excellent cartographer. In fact, her dream is to compose a map of the world.

Physical Tenacity

Nami_Physical Tenacity
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Even though Nami is one of the weakest Straw Hats, she is still quite athletic. Although having below-average strength, Nami has able legs, allowing her to run swiftly and jump tremendous heights. Her long legs aid her in moving in this manner too.

Nami, contrary to popular belief, possesses tremendous physical tenacity in the face of her opponents’ strikes. Her determination to keep her body standing has proven to be the difference in many fights. After the Timeskip, her physical abilities grow. She has become swifter and more flexible, and her leg strength also comes near super-human level.

Weather Art

Nami_Weather Art
Image from Fandom

After reaching the Grand Line, Nami recognized that she had to become stronger. For this, she asked the help of Usopp, who made her a new weapon, the Clima-Tact. With time, the Clima-Tact was improved upon by Nami with the help of new technology. It allowed her manifest multiple weather techniques. Through her improved Clima-Tact, she defeated a member of the CP9. 

During the time skip, Nami improved her knowledge of weather and climate. She also learned the use of weather balls and incorporated them into her Clima-Tact. Due to this, Nami becomes formidable, using her creativity and knowledge to use various techniques to give her an advantage in battles.

Nami gains even more strength with the help of Franky and Usopp. The Clima-Tact obtains a magical feel to it. Nami later befriends Zeus, a soul cloud belonging to Big Mom. Zeus is a ferocious object capable of unleashing massive waves of lightning to annihilate Nami’s foes.


Image from Fandom

Nami is one of the earliest characters introduced in the series. If there was one distinct element about Nami that distinguishes her from the rest of her crewmates, it is her love for money. Some might even call it greed, but Nami often wants money to be in control.

Nami is also highly intelligent. At a young age, she drew well-detailed maps for Arlong. She is also always reading a book. Oda stated that she is the third most brainy character in East Blue. She is also very cautious and is often nervous about fiercer enemies. But even if she is afraid, she displays courage when facing adversity.

Nami also appears to be bossy, even ordering around the monster trio. But she is not authoritative to the extent of being disloyal. If Luffy wants to venture to a dangerous island, Nami begrudgingly charts a course to that said island. 

The Tale Of Nami: The Navigator Of The Future Pirate King

Without Nami, Luffy would not be capable of traveling the seas. This is why Nami was in the series from the earliest chapters (The guide discusses her journey to Fish-Men Island).

Her Tragedy

Nami_Her Tragedy
Image from Fandom

The childhood of Nami was tragic. Her birth kingdom, the Oykot Kingdom, was ravaged by war, and she was left as an orphan. Subsequently saved by a female Marine soldier, Bellemere. Nami, along with another orphan, Nojiko, was taken to Cocoyashi Village by Bellemere. The three started to live as a family there.

Other than her pension from the Marines, Bellemere had a tangerine orchard. The money was not much, but the trio tried their best to survive. Especially Nami, who stole books because they were too expensive. 

One year, the circumstances of the family became dire. The tangerines had lost their worth. Nami got into a fight with Nojiko because she did not want to remain poor anymore. Bellemere slapped her too because she did not believe Nojiko to be her real sister. Nami ran after that.

To make amends with her, Bellemere prepared her favorite meal. But just at that time, Arlong Pirates arrived at the scene. They imposed a fee on everyone in the village. Because Bellemere didn’t have enough money to give to Arlong, he killed her as a show of force. The murder was committed in front of Nami and Nojiko.

Afterward, he kidnapped her because she had an exceptional talent for drawing maps. Furthermore, he promised her that if she could give him a 100 million beri, Arlong would release his village from his clutches. Hopeful of a better future, Nami accepted his deal and, for eight years, worked towards gathering that sum.

The Early Days


Nami_The Early Days
Image from Fandom

Nami was early introduced as a disguised cat burglar who stole money and treasure from Pirates. At the start, she had stolen a map of the Grand Line from Buggy. Chased by the henchmen of Buggy, she reached Orange Town. Here, she met Luffy. 

She was friendly with Luffy at first, but when she learned that he was a pirate, she betrayed him and left him alone to fight Buggy. She then stole Buggy’s treasure. Subsequently, a fight ensued between Buggy Pirates and Luffy and Zoro. Luffy was saved by Nami due to her kind nature. 

Ultimately, Luffy and others won against Buggy. Nami temporarily teamed up with Luffy and also gave him a map of the Grand Line. 

The Battle With Kuro Pirates And The Sea-Restaurant Baratie

Nami_The Battle With Kuro Pirates And The Sea-Restaurant Baratie
Image from Fandom

The trio wants to ask the wealthy local woman for a ship, and Nami and others also meet Usopp on this island. Soon, it is revealed that the butler of Kaya, Kalhadore, did not want her to interact with Usopp and the pirates. He does this because he is actually Captain Kuro, a pirate believed to be dead. He wants to take the wealth of Kaya and retire as a pirate.

When Usopp learns of his plan, he warns Nami and the others. Nami agreed to help Usopp because she wanted the treasure from the Kuro pirates. The battle commenced the next day, and the fight ended with the group and Luffy winning. Kaya awarded Luffy with a ship for his efforts named Going Merry.

The Straw Hats now numbered four and had a proper pirate ship. But they needed a chef. They arrived at the sea restaurant, Baratie. When the other Straw Hats are busy, Nami steals their ship and says that she was a thief who stole from pirates.

Arlong Park

Nami_Arlong Park
Image from Fandom

Nami returns to her island, followed by Zoro and then Usopp. Both of their arrivals cause the loyalty of Nami to Arlong to be questioned. However, she convinces him that he still has a grip on her. Nami also visits her home village. Soon after, Nami meets Luffy and others and tells them that she was a greedy woman only after treasure. She wanted to carry the burden herself. So she tells her crewmates to leave.

In the meanwhile, Arlong betrays her. So she confronts him about it, who denies any involvement. Grief-stricken, she returns to her village. The villagers, aware of the sacrifice of Nami, decide to rebel against Arlong. Nami attempts to stop them but fails. Lamenting her life, Nami kept stabbing the Arlong Pirates Tatoo on her left arm with feelings of frustration, despair, hatred, and hopelessness. 

But as she is stabbing herself, Luffy comes and stops her grabbing hold of her wrist. With tears running down her cheeks, she asks Luffy to help her. After putting his cherished Straw Hat on her, he walks a few steps and yells, “Damn right!!!”

After recuperating for a while, she goes to Arlong Park to look at the state of the battle. It was the climax, and the park was smashed from the fights between Arlong Pirates and the Straw Hats. With only Arlong standing against Luffy, Nami gets emotional watching Luffy destroy her cartography room.

Subsequently, Luffy pulverizes the tower along with Arlong into the ground. Coming out of the debris, Luffy shouts, “Nami! You are my friend,” Nami tearfully nods. At last, the village of Nami was freed, and she also replaced her tattoo.

The Journey To Grand Line And A New Adventure

Nami_The Journey To Grand Line And A New Adventure
Image from Fandom

The crew reaches the Grand Line, but they are eaten by a giant whale. Inside the stomach of the whale, they meet Crocus. He is a doctor taking care of a whale named Laboon. They also meet Vivi there. Crocus tells Nami of the tumultuous weather of the Grand Line. Since ordinary compasses do not work in the Grand Line, Crocus gives Nami a Log Pose. 

The crew then makes their way towards Whiskey Peak.

Helping The Princess Of Arabasta

Nami_Helping The Princess Of Arabasta
Image from Fandom

The crew arrived at Whiskey Peak, the island of bounty hunters. After defeating the bounty hunters, Nami meets with Igaram, who explains that Vivi is a princess of the Kingdom of Arabasta. But it is in trouble. One of the Shichibukai (literally Seven Warlords), the Crocodile, has invaded the region and plans to overtake the Arabasta Kingdom by throwing it into a state of war. Nami agrees to help her.

She convinces the crew to chart their course to Arabasta, protecting Princess Vivi along the way. The next Island was Little Garden. Nami and Usopp meet one of the two giants there who have been fighting for over a hundred years. Baroque Works agents attack, and Nami, Zoro, and Vivi get captured by the wax techniques of Mr.3. They survive against them.

After the battle, Nami gets sick due to an insect bite on Little Garden. To get her healed up, the crew travels to Drum Island. When the crew reaches the island, they find out that there is only a single doctor on the whole island who lives on a drum-like mountain. Luffy and Sanji take Nami to see the doctor. 

Nami woke up soon after to meet a strange creature named Chopper and Doctor Kureha. They had healed her. After hearing the story of Chopper from Kureha, she asks him to join the Straw Hats. Chopper declined at first but realized his dream was to travel the seas as a pirate. 

After defeating Walpol, the crew gets on board the Merry and heads to Arabasta. They encountered Mr.2 of the Baroque Works, and after learning of his talents, they wrapped their right arms in bandages with an X mark underneath. 

The crew makes their way towards Rainbase. Subsequently, Nami, along with others, is captured by Crocodile underneath his Casino. Sanji comes to their rescue. They escape and decide to venture to where the civil war was occurring, Alubarna.

After reaching Alubarna, each crew member separates to distract the Baroque Works agents. For Nami, it was Mr.1 and Miss Doublefinger. Mr.1 was strong, and Nami could not fend him off by herself. As he is about to kill Nami, Zoro comes in to stop his attack. Now Miss Doublefinger jumps into the fight.

Nami tried using her new Clima-Tact against Miss Doublefinger. But the party tricks were useless against the latter. But seeing an opportunity, Nami utilizes her knowledge of the weather with the Clima-Tact to defeat Miss Doublefiner. After the fight, Nami and the other Straw Hats attempted to find the bomb set by the Baroque Works Organization. They successfully manage to stop it with the help of Pell.

After the events of Arabasta, the crew recover in the castle of the King. The marines are after them, so they escape the palace in the dark of the night. They leave Vivi a note, asking her to join them. Before they depart, they see Vivi. However, she says that she still has much to do in Arabasta. She asks whether the Straw Hats consider her a friend. 

Seeing the Marines were bombarding them, they could not jeopardize her safety to the World Government. But as a silent display of their friendship, each Straw Hat raised their right arm in the air.

Journey To The Sky

Nami_Journey To The Sky
Image from Fandom

A new crew member, Robin, joins in. The Log Pose points toward the sky and Nami suspects it’s broken, but Robin assures her that there are legends of sky islands. In the meantime, Luffy decides that they will go to the sky.

To help them reach the sky, they meet Mont Blanc Cricket, who tells them of the Knock-up Stream that will take them to the sky. He also refits the Merry, so the momentum from the stream will take them up. It was not definite whether they would survive. But they reach Skypiea through this plan. 

Reaching Skypiea, they say that there were humans with wings on their back. They meet Conis there, who introduces them to dials. The crew is separated, and Nami, Zoro, Robin, and Chopper are accused of trespassing. They are transported to the Sacrificial Altar in Upper Yard for the offense. Nami and others find that Upper Yard was a part of Jaya.

The Straw Hats are reunited here, and the next day some of them venture towards the City of Gold. Nami, Usopp, and Sanji decide to stay on the ship. They are told by Gan Fall about impact dials when suddenly Enel, who claimed to be God, appears. He easily beats Sanji and Usopp and leaves Nami with two of his henchmen. Nami defeats one while Gan Fall the other. 

Soon Nami meets Aisa, and the two, along with Gan Fall, are eaten by an enormous snake. To their surprise, Luffy is also inside the snake. After the snake falls, Nami and Gan fall come out. Soon after, everyone is wiped out except Enel and Nami. Nami coaxes Enel into allowing her to his flying ark, Maxim. The ship begins to fly, and Luffy arrives at the scene to face Enel.

After Enel pushes off Luffy, he sees that Nami has betrayed him. So, he attacks her. Nami is saved by Usopp, and subsequently, Sanji saves them both. They make their escape with the waver of Nami.

In the end, Nami takes Luffy up the giant beanstalk using her waver. Nami sends a message that they should cut it to allow Luffy and her to reach the flying ark. Luffy defeats Enel, and the war between Shandorans and Skypieans ends. They return to the sea after gathering treasure from the City of Gold.

Water 7

Nami_Water 7
Image from Fandom

After the sky, the crew has a run-in with Aokiji, an admiral in the Marines. They barely make it out alive and make their way to Water 7 to have their ship repaired. Nami converts the gold into money and travels to Galley-La Company, an organization of shipwrights. A shipwright examines Merry and assesses that the ship has met its end.

When Nami sees Usopp mugged by the Franky Family, she asks the others to help. After Luffy and the others return, Luffy tells the crew of his decision to end their journey with Merry. Luffy and Usopp have a falling out, and Usopp leaves the Straw Hats.

Robin has disappeared, and the news breaks out that she attacked Iceburg, gravely injuring them. The whole town is now at the throats of the Straw Hats. They decide to figure out what happened by invading the mansion of Iceburg. There, they saw Robin with CP9, a covert intelligence group. She, along with others, asked Robin to come back. But Robin refused. Nami is knocked out cold and carried outside.

When she wakes up, she meets with Iceburg, who tells her why Robin betrayed them. Nami decides to look for the rest of her crew with Chopper. She finds Luffy stuck between two buildings, and she tells him that Robin needs them to save her. Along with Galley-La shipwrights and the Franky Family, the crew uses the Rocketman to get to Enies Lobby.

Saving Robin

Nami_Saving Robin
Image from Fandom

Nami uses her new and improved weapon, Perfect Clima-Tact, on Enies Lobby. She rushes with the Franky Family to the courthouse and then to the top of the courthouse where the other Straw Hats are waiting. They line up, asking Robin to return. She cries and says she wants to live and travel the seas with the Straw Hats.

Each crew member separates to defeat a CP9 member in hopes of obtaining a key to Nami’s handcuffs. Nami fights with Kalifa, who has eaten the Bubble Bubble Fruit. Since the fruit is weak to water, Nami uses her Clima-Tact to generate clouds and then electrocutes Kalifa to win the fight.

When Robin is saved, Nami and others try to hold off the Marinepas until Luffy finishes his fight with Lucci. After Luffy wins, the crew escapes with Robin on the Going Merry. But the ship is on its last leg, and she cries as it is set to fire. 

After the events of Enies Lobby, every member of the Straw Hats attains a bounty. A new ship, the Thousand Sunny, is made for them. The travel onwards with Franky joining the crew.

Thriller Bark

Nami_Thriller Bark
Image from Fandom

The crew meets a skeleton named Brook. They also stumble upon a large island ship, Thriller Bark. Luffy wants to explore the island in contrast to Nami’s reservations. Chopper, Nami, and Usopp take out Mini Merry II. But they fall from it. Nami and others recover to the land where Cerberus chases them, but they are saved by a vampire zombie.

They arrive at the mansion of Hogback and have dinner with him. Nami is attacked by an invisible being, but Usopp drives it away. After exploring the hallways, they eavesdrop on Hogsback, wanting to create Oars. Hogback orders his bodyguard, Ryuma, to defeat them. They are put to sleep. They attempt to run when they wake up, but Nami is captured by Absalom, who wants to marry her. 

With the help of Sanji, she deals with Absalom. Nami then helps the other Straw Hats with Oars. After defeating Oars, Luffy defeats Moria and saves everyone’s shadows. Later, Kuma attacks the remainder of what was left on Thriller Bark. Everyone wakes up and then has a party. Also, Brook joins the Straw Hats.

Sabaody, The Timeskip, And The Fateful Reunion

Nami_Sabaody, The Timeskip, And The Fateful Reunion
Image from Fandom

When the Straw Hats reached halfway through the Grand Line, Nami saw the Log Pose pointing downwards toward Fish-Men Island. When Luffy and others went down in their submarine, they returned with a mermaid, Camie. The Straw Hats helped her save his friend, Hatchan, who was a part of Arlong’s crew. Hatchin asked Nami for forgiveness which she gave.

Hatchan tells the crew that they need their ship-coated at Sabaody to reach Fish-Men Island. But as they are exploring Sabaody, Camie is kidnapped, and she is being sold at an auction house. Instead of fighting, Nami believes that they should bid for Camie. But they lose. Luffy arrives to send Sabaody into chaos by punching a Celestial Dragon.

During the chaos, the crew meets Rayleigh. He is a friend of Hatchan, who also coats ships. The coating took three days, so the crew decided to separate until then. But an admiral arrived with Pacifistas. They lost, but Kuma came and sent every member flying through his abilities.

Upon waking up, Nami noticed that she was on a sky island called Weatheria. She started to learn new weather techniques there. Through the news, she learned of the Marineford War, the death of Ace, and Luffy narrowly escaping. For two years, she trained there until the crew reunited at Sabaody.

Fishman Island

Nami_Fishman Island
Image from Fandom

Through obstacles, Nami leads the crew to Fish-men Island. They are separated due to the current on the island. Nami shops on Fish-Men Island and meets Pappag with others. However, King Neptune invited them to the palace. The Straw Hats are then accused of kidnapping mermaids and are captured.

Soon, the New Fish-men Island pirates attacked the palace. After a few events, Nami goes with Camie to the Sea Forest. She talks to Jinbei and learns the history of Fish-Men Island. After hearing Jinbei, Nami decides to fight for Fish-Men Island with the other Straw Hats.

In the battle, she steals the letter of the Celestial Dragon. During the fight, she uses her Sorcery Clima-Tact and defeats many pirates. The Straw Hats manage to defeat all the New Fish-Men Pirates.

Punk Hazard

Nami_Punk Hazard
Image from Fandom

Upon arriving in the New World, the crew embarks on the island of ice and flames. Four Straw Hats are sent to explore the island while the rest remain on the ship. But Nami remains on the Sunny. Soon, sleeping gas is used to put them to sleep.

When Nami and the others wake up, they make their escape. On their way, they find children who are being experimented upon. The kindness of Nami implores the group to help them. When out of the building, the group encounter Marines. A fight occurs, and the personality of Nami is transplanted into Franky’s body by Law.

Later on, Law and the Straw Hats enter into an alliance, and he puts her personality in the body of Sanji. A faceoff with Caesar and his cohorts occur. During the fight, Nami manages to return to her body. 

Afterward, Nami runs from the poisons of Caesar. She staves off Monet until Zoro arrives and tends to Mocha, a child. After Luffy defeats Caesar, Nami reunites with him, and Baby 5 and Buffalo attack them. With the help of Usopp, Nami defeats them both. She makes a bargain with the Marines for the children’s safety too.

Dressrosa, Zou, Zunesha, And The Chase for Sanji

Nami_Dressrosa, Zou, Zunesha, And The Chase for Sanji
Image from Fandom

The Straw Hats team up with Law to take down Doflamingo. When the crew reaches Dressrosa, they split into three groups, with the group of Nami protecting Sunny. But they are attacked by the Donquixote family and subsequently the Big Mom Pirates, forcing her and the others to head for Zou.

On Zou, Nami faces the Beast pirates, and they dispel the toxic gas spread in the village of the Minks and subsequently treat them. Due to their act of kindness, the crew develops a bond with the Minks. But soon after, Capone Bege and Pekoms arrive at the island. 

They strong-arm Sanji into having a discussion with them. Nami was not present for the conversation, but she later learned that Sanji’s wedding had been set up with Big Mom’s daughter. He gave a note of apology to Nami and left them in Zou.

Wholecake Island

Nami_Wholecake Island
Image from Fandom

Luffy and the others arrived at Zou soon after, and Nami informed them of everything that happened with Sanji. The crew is split on handling Sanji’s situation, with Nami suspecting something is wrong with his leaving. In the end, Luffy decides to invade Wholecake Island (the base island of Big Mom) and ask Sanji himself about his intentions.

Nami, powered up with an upgraded Clima-Tact, charts a course towards Wholecake Island with Luffy, Brooke, Chopper, and Carrot. On the island, they could meet Pudding, the bride-to-be, and she tricks them into fighting a Sweet General of Big Mom. 

After defeating him, Nami and Luffy attempt to intercept Sanji to bring him back. But Sanji fights with Luffy, injuring him heavily in the fight. Soon, an army is sent to capture Luffy, and overpowered Luffy and Nami are captured. It is revealed to both of them that Pudding wanted to kill Sanji after the wedding. 

Jinbei arrives to help the two of them. During the wedding, Bege tries to assassinate Big Mom. Sanji expresses his desire to be reunited with his family, and Nami forgives him because of his compassion. Later, the Straw Hats complied with the plan of Bege.

However, the assassination fails. The Straw Hats successfully retrieve Sanji, save the Vinsmokes, and obtain Big Mom’s Rio Ponyglyph. They achieved their objectives, and it was time to make their escape and head toward Wano.


Question: Who would Nami be in an alternate universe?

Answer: In a One Piece databook, it is revealed that the sultry navigator was to be a battle-ax user. There were also indications that Oda was to make Nami a cyborg. He scraped the idea of a cyborg until later in the series, when he introduced Franky.

Question: Is Nami famous among One Piece fans?

Answer: Yes, Nami is the most popular female character and the fourth-most popular character overall in the One Piece series. But she is also one of the most popular female characters in Japan. The 20-year-old navigator is well-liked by the vast fanbase of One Piece fans.

Question: Who invited Chopper to the crew?

Answer: Traditionally, Luffy invites the members to the crew. But there was one invited, not by Luffy but by Nami. Nami saw the requirement of a doctor on the ship, and she also recognized that Luffy would not object to Chopper.

Question: Does Nami have a love interest?

Answer: No, Nami does not have a love interest. She uses her seductive prowess to achieve her means. But she is always coy and never sincere. In fact, she even states in Thriller Bark that she does not believe in marriage.

Question: Does Nami forgive Arlong?

Answer: No, Nami does not forgive Arlong. But she does recognize that Arlong and the other Fish-Men went through years of discrimination. Even the despised Arlong Park was his attempt to build the amusement park on Sabaody.

Question: Is Nami deserving of her bounty?

Answer: Nami is regarded as a weak character by most people. She is not frail, but she’s just a wuss. After obtaining the Sorcery Clima-Tact, she can perform several techniques. If all the facts are taken into account, her reward of 66 million beri is well-deserved. Although, to her anguish.

Nami One Piece Guide: Final Thoughts

One Piece is one of the most popular manga series and deservingly so. One of the reasons why One Piece is so popular is its characters. Every character has a history to them which makes them who they are. They use the tragedy to become stronger and overcome their limitations. Nami is one such character.

She is one of my favorite characters, and she is the author’s favorite as well. In fact, Oda-sensei would not have met his wife if it were not for Nami. Her popularity stems from her charisma, fashion sense, loyalty, and warm demeanor. After reading this guide, I hope you will understand Nami more.

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