Feitan hxh Guide

Feitan hxh Guide

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“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Let us do without formal greeting…You all die now.”

This sinister greeting perfectly describes the straightforward personality of the infamous character Feitan Portor. Short-tempered and extremely time-efficient makes him a Master of Torture and a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we will go on to better know this mysterious character and go over some of the traits that make him such a deadly foe.

Hunter x Hunter, pronounced as “Hunter Hunter,” is a manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi. Hunter x Hunter was first published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in March 1998 and is still going strong to date. The manga was adapted into two animated series, two animated movies, and there’s a rumor of a new live-action film in Production.

The first series was animated by Nippon Animation and aired from October 1999 to March 2001. And the second was co-produced by Mad House and Nippon Animation and aired from October 2011 to September 2014. The Hunter x Hunter series follows the adventure of a boy named Gon Freecss. After finding out that his father is still alive, previously presumed dead, he goes on the mission to become a Hunter and find him. 

The main reason behind Hunter x Hunter’s colossal success lies in how Yoshihiro Togashi’s presented this completely reimagined world. Its long but well-thought-out story, a cast of well-liked characters, and every chapter having something new for the fans kept the story engaging. 

It’s no surprise that this series holds a special place in the heart of many fans. Feitan Portor is one of these well-crafted characters, playing one of the antagonists in this series.

Feitan Portor, The Master Of Torture



Feitan has a diminutive stature, with a lean but muscular physique. Pale complexion, a nod to him receiving a lack of sunlight, mid-length black hair, and grey eyes are some of the physical attributes used to describe this expressionless character.

Feitan is usually seen in a baggy, long-sleeved, predominantly black outfit covering his entire body in the series. With a bandana-like cloth with the trademark skull covering his mouth.

Like other characters of the Phantom Troupe, Feitan also has a twelve-legged spider tattoo with the number Five. Although the location of the tattoo still hasn’t been shown in the official source yet.


His general demeanor is best described as icy cold, with a fair few layers of complexity hiding underneath. As part of the Phantom Troupe, Feitan plays a gruesome role in the group, as he is their designated interrogator. And is highly proficient in the art of torture. Furthermore, Feitan enjoys this job, showing his highly sadistic nature. 

Having a cold nature, Feitan is still very loyal to the leader of the Troupe Chrollo Lucifer and the whole Troupe in general. Being one of the first members of the Phantom Troupe, Feitan deeply involves himself in the group activities and knows everything that happens inside. 

Moreover, we see a different side of his personality as he breaks into his childish behavior whenever he thinks about torturing someone. One instance is when the Troupe captures Gon and Killua, and Feitan reveals his plans to rip off their nails and break their hands.

Having his sadistic persona well perfused in this character, Feitan once said he feels sorry for the people he tortures, better-called victims. However, not feeling sorry enough to spare them, this type of arrogant behavior further shows a sense of insanity in his behavior.

 This behavior does lead to direct conflict with other members of the Troupe. They are sadistic in their regard; even they can’t stomach some of Feitan’s actions, further establishing his weird state of mind.

Moreover, it is shown in the series that Feitan’s sense of humor is quite contradictory to his sadistic nature. In the Chimera Ant Arc, fans saw occasional pieces of taunts from Feitan towards Shalnark and some other troupe members.

Powers And Abilities


Feitan Portor being one founding member of the Phantom Troupe, possesses a unique set of abilities that stand out even amongst other members of the Phantom Troupe.

And his fantastic skill set is also one of the reasons he is second in command in the Troupe and is also seen as an interim leader. His well-honed physical abilities like extreme strength, speed, and perfused use of Nen make him a formidable foe. 

Furthermore, Feitan possesses exceptional reflexes; and being ruthless, he doesn’t hesitate to fight. Since he is rarely seen at his full power, there are a few intense where we get to experience the full of extent of his abilities. 

Immense Strength

Feitan possesses extreme strength, as shown multiple times in the series. Moreover, with the use of Nen, he is further able to amplify the max output of his physical body. One instance of this is when Feitan could easily restrain Gon after the latter had won an arm-wrestling battle against Nobunaga. 

The Troupe also recognized his strength as Feitan was given the number 5 on his spider tattoo, indicating that he was the fifth strongest in the Troupe.

Extreme Speed And Reflexes

Feitan was one of the fastest in the Troupe, having immense speed and reflexes and honed to such a level that dodging any attack was second nature for him. Feitan’s agility was also quite prominent when he attacked, as opponents could hardly comprehend what happened to them. An example of this is when he could get behind Gon and restrain him in a blink of an eye. 

Feitan’s reflexes were also shown when Uvogin used his Nen ability to enhance his vocal cords to create a deadly scream. Feitan effortlessly blocked it by covering his ears before the sound reached him. He was also able to jump out of the car when it was being enveloped in the Fun Fun cloth. 

Moreover, his immense speed and reflexes were quite helpful as he could easily decapitate multiple Mafia members in an instance. In the Chimera Ant Arc, during his fight with Zazan, he moved so fast that it made Kalluto Zoldyck stand in amazement and confusion. 

Immense Agility

Another strength of Feitan in his fights is his extreme agility. Quickly recovering his position after a round of attacks and doing multiple counter-attacks with extreme precision is what makes Feitan such a deadly foe. In his fight with Zazan, Feitan could attack from every direction while also flying around with immense speed.  

Advanced Stamina

Feitan also has a vast reserve of stamina. It can be seen as Feitan could attack and dodge all of Zazan’s attacks without breaking a sweat. Feitan’s stamina limit is still unknown as we didn’t get to see him during long fight sessions. Most of the foes he came against went sound in mere seconds.

Master Swordsman

Feitan being a master swordsman, carried a concealed blade in his umbrella, which he wielded with extreme precision and power. Feitan mainly used its edge to change the direction of blows directed toward him. Moreover, he also uses the blade to attack ferociously.

In Feitan’s fight against Zazan, he manipulated most of her attacks away from himself. Feitan’s skills and speed with the sword are nothing to be looked over as he quickly dealt multiple blows to Zazan and defeated her.

Master Of Torture

As a member of the gang of spiders, Feitan has a specific job in the group, as he is adept in the art of torture. He uses various techniques and methods to get information out of his victims. In the series, he uses his knowledge to extract data from the Owl about the whereabouts of the vault’s contents from the Mafia’s auction. 

Furthermore, Feitan also uses the art of torture to take revenge on his foes. Many of his Nen abilities act as a form of torture. Like his Pain Packer: The Rising Sun, used to burn the enemy with the intensity of the Sun.

Feitan’s Use Of Nen

Feitan is a skilled Nen user; multiple Nen categories simultaneously and in the perfect sync. As most Nen users only possess one or two Nen types, Feitan has mastered numerous abilities. He occasionally uses them together, showing versatility and competence. By nature, he is a Transmuter, but we have seen him using Emission and Conjuration during his Nen ability: Pain Packer.

The Tale Of The Torture Master, Feitan Portor


Feitan comes from Meteor City; being an outcast, he wasn’t considered a part of society, which meant he had no official records or existence outside the city. As there is not much detail about Feitan’s childhood, Fans can only imagine how many hardships he suffered at an early age.

From an early age, Feitan joined a group called the “Phantom Troupe,” the Troupe mainly comprised of a band of killers and murderers and was formed under the leadership of Chrollo Lucifer. With the help of Feitan, the Troupe went on to specialize in thievery and mass murder around the world.

One of the earliest instances of the Troupe’s action was the systematic slaughter of the Kurta Clan. As Feitan was one of the founding members, we can assume that he participated in the massacre.

Feitan is first seen in the Yorknew City Arc, on the city’s outskirts, together with other troupe members, namely Franklin, Nobunaga, and Machi. When Nobunaga asks how long has it been since the whole gang got together, Feitan replies three years and two months—adding that members #4 and #8 have been changed since then. 

When Hisoka’s name is mentioned, Feitan addresses his concern and questions why Chrollo has allowed him to do what he pleases. On this, Nobunaga acknowledges Hisoka’s strength and the scope of his abilities. Feitan gets mad at this, as he tells him to apologize for implying that Chrollo is afraid of Hisoka.

The argument doesn’t stop there as Feitan and Machi quickly move out of the way, and Nobunaga and Franklin clash on disagreement surrounding Hisoka.

Feitan and Machi further discuss what Chrollo is planning to do; Feitan replies that they will steal the most expensive game from the underground auction. Later it’s revealed that they will steal all the items from the auction.

In the following events, we see Feitan with Franklin and Shizuku roaming the streets outside the auction, where Shizuku is scolded by Feitan when she losses to Gon in an arm-wrestling match. Still, when she asks to try again, Feitan reminds her about the task at hand. 

Feitan and Franklin infiltrate the Mafia auction, passing themselves as auctioneers, wearing black suits and bowties.

As other members of the Mafia take their seats, Feitan and Franklin take over the stage and announce to the crowd that they are going to die. After which, everyone at the auction is killed by Franklin, leaving Feitan disappointed that he had nothing to do.

As Shizuku is cleaning the bodies, Feitan notices one of the Mafia members is still alive. The member assures the Troupe that the Mafia will track down and torture each of their families. Feitan decapitates the guy, asking what family is.

After the heist, Feitan is seen torturing the auctioneer to find the whereabouts of the vault’s contents. The Troupe learns about one of the shadow beasts named The Owl, who, after entering the vault, moved all the items and left empty-handed. 

The Troupe causes a commotion in the Gordeau Desert, where Spiders can kill all the other shadow beasts. Kurapika, between all the fuss, captures Uvogin, and Feitan is seen bringing the Owl back to their hideout. Feitan successfully retrieves the auction items from the Owl after torturing him.

At a later date, Feitan is at the hideout when Nobunaga, Machi, Phinks, and Pakunoda return with the captured Gon and Killua. Feitan quickly recognizes Gon as the boy who arm-wrestled Shizuku previously. Gon is seen winning against Nobunaga in arm-wrestling in a fit of anger. This causes Feitan to restrain Gon and torture him, but the group convinces him against it. 

In the course of action against the Nostrade Family, Feitan and other members caused a massive massacre killing more than 2000 mafia members. After which, Feitan is seen enjoying the victory back at their hideout. After Kurapika abducts Chrollo, Feitan and the others are forced to decide between Chrollo or the Troupe. The members are divided, and chaos incuses. 

In the Green Island Arc, Feitan and Phinks are seen attending the Southerpiece Auction, where they are surprised to see Gon and Killua. Gon and Killua, after seeing them, immediately run away. The duo catches and assures them they are not after them and are just there to have some fun.

Feitan realizes that Battera had bought multiple copies of the Greed Island game and is seen stealing one of the copies with Phinks. They bring the stolen game back to their hideout, where they enter it together with some other members of the Phantom Troupe. Feitan and Phinks are seen killing multiple players for fun in the game.

During the Chimera Ant Arc, Feitan, Phinks, Bonolenov, Shalnark, Kalluto, and Shizuku travel to Meteor City, their hometown. The group finds out about the Chimera ant problem and the self-proclaimed queen Zazan, who is building a nest in the city and is causing havoc amongst the people.

Phinks assure the people that they will have the ant problem fixed by today. Moreover, we are then introduced to Feitan’s occasional taunts towards Phinks and Shalnark and a sense of humor that is quite the opposite of his usual demeanor.

After the group reaches the nest, each member splits up to quickly find Zazan and kill her, as the one doing so will become the acting leader. Feitan gets the privilege to find Zazan. After Feitan acquires the queen’s location from Zazan, she confirms that Feitan is looking at her. Feitan replies that the joke isn’t funny.

Here we see Feitan and Zazan going out in an all-out fight. The former uses a blade concealed inside an umbrella to divert most of Zazan’s attacks. Feitan is also quickly putting on the defense as Zazan uses her large stinger to deal deadly blows. The bullet from Feitan’s umbrella is proved useless against her tough skin, as they barely scratched her.

Feitan does admit he is a bit rusty, and other troupe members also claim he is not in shape. Zazan tears out her stinger and transforms into a large creature with such durable skin that Feitan’s sword instantly breaks on contact.

Before Feitan can get back his position, she hurls an aura projectile towards him that manages to rip off his clothes and causes him to cough up blood. Zazan continues her barrage of attacks, which breaks Feitan’s left hand. This makes him snap, and he starts to speak in a completely different language while he activates Pain Packer. 

Feitan appears in completely different clothes and is noticed by Zazan as more robust than before. Feitan states that he would pay back the pain and starts forming his aura into a miniature sun. 

The ability The Rising Sun incinerates Zazan within mere seconds. In the end, he replies that her death would be faster if she had dealt more damage to him. After the fight, Feitan is also seen helping the troupe members kill all the transformed residents.

In the Dark Continent Arc, Feitan is seen boarding the Black whale 1 with the rest of the Spider Gang. He wants to get to the Dark continent in an attempt to steal the treasures of the Kakin Kingdom while also trying to take revenge from Hisoka for his previous actions against Chrollo.

Characters Closely Related To Feitan

Let us talk about some of the characters near him and how Feitan impacted their lives to better understand this mysterious character and his significance to the series. 

Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo Lucilfer is arguably the deadliest member of the Phantom Troupe, with the strength and intellect that all troupe members praise. Chrollo is one of the seven founders of the Phantom Troupe alongside Feitan. As both characters know each other from an early age, it’s no surprise they get along well. 

Moreover, Feitan is exceptionally loyal to Chrollo, and Chrollo knows this. So Chrollo greatly trusts Feitan that he would maintain Chrollo’s reputation as a leader even if he has to fight the Troupes for it.

Phinks Magcub

Phinks Magcub

Phink Magcub is one the strongest in the group, with his physical strength only second to Uvogin. He and Feitan are two inseparable members; the two are often partnered together in missions and compete to see who attains more kills.

Throughout the series, these two are seen challenging each other and making friendly activities of otherwise criminal behavior. Moreover, when Phinks and Feitan are stuck in a problematic situation, Phinks truly believes that Feitan has his back and will help him.



Feitan and Shalnark have a very frank behavior, with both of them occasionally throwing taunts at each other. Shalnark, at first glance, seems like an ordinary cheerful teen, but this is just a facade for his real personality. His almost fearsome intellect and Nen abilities make up for his lack of physical strength.

Shalnark, a Manipulator, has the Nen ability to control other people like puppets and often kills them. Moreover, he shares the same ideology as Feitan that toys are meant to break. Shalnark, out of all the troupe members, is the closet who resembles Feitan from his sadistic personality to his apathetic attitude. 

What I Like About Feitan As An Anime Fan

As Feitan is an antagonist in the series, many fans hate him due to his self-absorbed personality. But in my opinion, his personality is something that made him so unique and relatable.

Multiple times in the series, we see Feitan breaking his typical behavior by laughing and making fun of other members of the Troupe. His presence brings a sense of horror and bits of humor in their purest form.


Question: Does Feitan Have Impediment?

Answer: Many fans have noticed Feitan’s speech problem, but it’s not a speech impediment. Instead, he’s not fluent in Japanese, hinting that his mother tongue isn’t Japanese. Moreover, his language breaks into gibberish whenever he’s angry, strengthening the theory.

Question: Is Feitan a Zoldyck?

Answer: Many fans have speculated that Feitan and Killua are cousins and Feitan is a Zoldyck. Multiple points prove this theory, like his uncanny resemblance to Kalluto Zoldyck. Moreover, his nature and skills are primarily possessed by the Zoldyck family. However, the evidence is still not definite enough to link the two.

Question: Is Feitan a fan of Trevor Brown?

Answer: Trevor Brown is an English artist that works in Japan and inspired the mangaka behind Hunter X Hunter. Throughout the series, Feitan is seen flipping through books written by the artist.
Shockingly Trevor Brown’s work well matches Feitan’s dark and gloomy aesthetic. So judging by the evidence, it would not be wrong to presume that Feitan is a big fan of Trevor Brown’s work.

Feitan hxh Guide: Summing Up

Hunter x Hunter is a story about a kid trying to find his father. The concept that was not popular amongst many fans at the start became a hit because of its rapidly changing plot and unique cast of characters. Amongst these characters, there is Feitan.

Feitan starts as an arrogant and sadistic guy in the series. However, soon fans will see hidden layers that make this character so well thought out and interesting. This fame this character got from fans was well deserved, and with it still running, manga fans can’t wait to get more of this mysterious figure.

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