Alluka Zoldyck Guide

Alluka Zoldyck Guide

The large Hunter x Hunter cast has plenty of interesting characters that stand out for their unique premises, such as the one you will see in our Alluka Zoldyck guide. Alluka is one of the supporting characters in a major story arc in the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime series, having a significant impact on two of the protagonists in the process.

As the adored little sister of the main character Killua, Alluka is someone who comes into the story and is instantly remembered by fans. As you will see in the Alluka Zoldyck guide, this is due to her extraordinary and terrifying ability that she is capable of. For everything you need to know about Alluka, including the confusing and morbidly disturbing Nanika, let’s get to it.

Bottom Line Up Front

Alluka Zoldyck is the younger sister of Hunter x Hunter protagonist, Killua Zoldyck. She does not appear in the manga and anime series until quite a ways in, mainly during the Chairman Selection Arc.

During this pivotal time in the storyline following the events of the Chimera Ant Arc, Alluka is a crucial player in what is going to happen to Killua and Gon for the rest of the story. This is due to her ability (spoiler warning!) that has to do with the other intelligent being, Nanika, that lives inside of her.

Nanika can grant insane wishes to people, but these wishes come at absolutely bonkers costs, including a person’s limbs, the lives of loved ones, and other horrific acts.

Who Is Alluka Zoldyck?

Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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Alluka Zoldyck is a member of the Zoldyck Family, one of the core groups in the Hunter x Hunter series. She is a supporting character and the younger sister of Killua Zoldyck, one of the main protagonists in the manga and anime series.

As a member of the assassin family, she is not like her siblings and parents. It does not seem that was put through intense training to become an assassin like the others. This is possibly due to her unique nature as two people living within one body technically.

Unknown to most people that she encounters, Alluka is a young girl with a dark spirit or being of some kind who shares the same body as her. This person is known as Nanika, and the origins of this strange shadow spirit are mysterious. It is only known that it originated from the Dark Continent, a dark and unknown place.

Nanika’s powers were given to Alluka at a young age, allowing the two to share a body and grant the wishes of others.

However, this power is quite dangerous as Nanika has been known to murder people viciously and demand some intense sacrifices in exchange for granting others’ wishes. Alluka Zoldyck and, in turn, Nanika play a massive role in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc.


Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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The appearance of Alluka Zoldyck comes down to two main areas. The first of these is the fact that Alluka herself is two people living in the same body. There is Alluka and then Nanika, the dark being that possesses her body and gives her the chance to grant people’s wishes. Her appearance changes considerably, at least in the fact, based on which of the two is currently in control.


Alluka Zoldyck is an adorable girl who is a member of the Zoldyck Family. She has a kind appearance to her, with a traditional garment that looks Japanese in their style. On the bottom half of her, she wears a very long green skirt that flows outward and goes almost to her ankles in length.

She wears long red shoes that have some white lines going horizontally on her feet. She wears a red belt at her waist that goes around her and ties everything together. On the top half, she wears pink long-sleeve garments with wide sleeves. Over the pink clothing, she wears a small red vest.

Alluka has large blue eyes and rather long black hair. The hair has some beads that are hanging from it and a headband that she wears on top. Her appearance is cute and sweet, which is a stark contrast to the other side of her.


Also inhabiting the body of Alluka is Nanika, the mysterious being from the Dark Continent. Whenever Nanika takes over the body, the outfit that Alluka was previously wearing remains the same. The only difference that occurs is in the face of the young girl, which becomes terrifying.

If you have seen the disturbing Momo trending character before on social media, you know what to expect here. The hair, headband, and beads all remain the same in this girl’s version. However, Nanika’s face is entirely different from that of Alluka’s.

Her face becomes a pale, almost purple-ish tone that is ghost-like in its appearance. Instead of the big blue eyes, they widen even more and become gaping black holes that are like an abyss. Her nose disappears for whatever reason, and she gets an even more defined chin.

Her mouth becomes another gaping hole like her eyes, just having disturbing emptiness and lacking teeth. This horrifying expression is like a spirit in a horror movie that will haunt the person. For a shounen, the look of Nanika can undoubtedly be quite surprising and disturbing overall.


Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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Given that two sentient beings inhabit the same body, there is a distinct switch between the personalities of Alluka and Nanika. For Alluka, she is a sweet girl who is quite different from the rest of the Zoldyck Family.

She does not seem to be as cold and murderous as her family members, having a warm and welcoming personality. She is only close to a few people and shuts herself off from those she does not like. Alluka is fun to be around, and she is a very loving person, caring deeply about Killua. It is worth noting that Alluka does dislike a lot of people, though, and is not as warm towards them as she is towards Killua.

However, her personality changes completely when Nanika takes over her body. Nanika is a strange one whose personality is hard to pin down. She gives the person she is talking to requests and does not exhibit any emotion, honestly.

She has her requests and will kill someone without showing any emotion at all if they do not comply. It is also quite hard to communicate and learn more about Nanika through interactions.

Key Relationships

Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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There are a few key relationships that Alluka Zoldyck has. She mostly keeps to herself, so there are only so few with whom she connects. Even among her family members, she does not like most of them since they do not spend time with her or, worse, see her as an object to be hidden and used.

However, the exceptions to that are some of the servants that Alluka has. She enjoys spending time with them and playing with them, and they are some of the few friends that she has. Unfortunately, their fates do not always end too well, but Alluka at least seems to care for many of them.

And then, her most important relationship is with Killua. Her big brother is the only member of the family that she seems to be close to, and everything that she does revolves around him. She is also wanting to spend time with her brother all the time and seeks his affection and approval much of the time.

You could say that there is a relationship between Alluka and Nanika, but this is a mysterious one, to say the least. The two know of each other’s existences, and they even seem to know what the other wants at times, but we do not get too much insight into how their relationship works in the series so far. All that is known is that it is a peaceful sharing of the same body for now, at least.

Voice Actor

In the Japanese version of Hunter x Hunter’s anime adaptation, the voice actor is the highly talented actor and singer Maaya Uchida. Uchida is known for many other excellent roles in anime in the past that show her insane acting range, such as playing Normal in The Promised Neverland, Rikka Takanashi in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, and sisters Yusa and Misa in Charlotte.

On the English side of the excellent Hunter x Hunter dub, the voice of Alluka is the underrated Xanthe Huynh. You may know this upcoming voice actor for her previous roles like Haru in Persona 5, Marianne in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and the complex Altina Orion in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series.


Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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Alluka is not a standard Nen user, at least as of right now, in Hunter x Hunter like her older brother and many of the other main characters. Because of this, she does not necessarily have the types of conjuring and enhancing abilities that others have. Alluka is notable for having a rather unique skill that no one else has.

Granting Wishes

Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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The one ability that Alluka Zoldyck has is insanely powerful. Due to the possession of her body by Nanika, there is a power that the two share. This ability allows them to grant wishes to anyone who encounters her, so long as they abide by the very specific rules that govern this ability.

The gist of it is that Alluka will present someone with the chance to have their greatest wish granted. However, there are a few catches. For one, the person must first grant three requests that Alluka gives them. Once they are able to do that, Nanika will appear, and their wish will be granted.

While this sounds simple on its own, the costs are pretty high. The costs associated with a wish increase with the severity of it. If someone asks for something insane, like changing the world as a whole, this will directly affect the subsequent three requests that the following wish seeker will have to complete.

The problem with the requests that Alluka gives is that someone has only a few chances to do them. If they refuse to do her requests four times, they will suffer consequences with at least two people close to them dying or even themselves, if not much more.

There are several rules based on Alluka’s ability, and, in general, it has to do with a few areas. For one, there is the rule that the difficulty of Alluka’s requests will go down to the base level after someone refuses her requests and is killed by them.

Whenever Alluka is giving requests to a person, they cannot give them to another person until that specific person makes the request or they die. If they die, it is considered a failure, and, therefore, others will likely die, too. She also needs to know the person’s name for this system to work. And, in general, someone is unable to ask for more wishes.

Killua is the one exception to the rule, able to ask his younger sister for wishes without needing any requests or consequences.


Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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The history of Alluka Zoldyck in the Hunter x Hunter series mostly comes later in the series towards the most recent story arcs in the anime and manga. Since this is the case, there are going to be some spoilers for some of the events that happen in Alluka’s main arc and the events surrounding it, so here is your spoiler warning.

Joining With Nanika

Prior to the start of the Hunter x Hunter series, it is known that Alluka and Nanika came together to become one in the same body. There are so many unknowns surrounding the situation, but we do know that Alluka has had Nanika part of her life for a very long time.

Even at a very young age, we can see that Nanika was already with her in some of the flashbacks. In fact, neither Killua nor the rest of the Zoldyck Family even knows how this came to happen and when. It is even possible that the two have been together in the same body since almost birth.

Regardless of when or how, the reality is that Nanika and Alluka have been one for as long as remembered, and the first realization of this was when she was a little girl. She gave a request to a servant of hers who did not fulfill any of them, and both she and her lover were killed in the process.

From that point, the Zoldycks kept Alluka locked away from the rest of the world and prevented anyone from taking advantage of her powers. Despite this tragic situation for the poor girl, she was still able to build a relationship with her attending servants (some of which also died) and her big brother Killua.

Running Away

Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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This all eventually culminated in the 13th Chairman Selection Arc of Hunter x Hunter, which is the second-most recent one in the manga at this time and the final arc covered in the 2011 anime adaptation. Following the horrifying events of the Chimera Ants Arc, Gon is out of commission due to his insane choice.

With Killua worried about the state of his best friend and looking for any way possible to bring him back, his only option is to bring his sister, Alluka, to Gon to heal him. The catch is that she must be there in person to physically touch Gon to heal his problems.

The issue with this is that Killua’s older brother, Illumi, and the Zoldyck Family as a whole are not happy with Killua’s desire to free Alluka for this purpose. Thus ensues a crazy chase as Killua has to fight off not only his older brother, who has nefarious motives for their sister, but also the servants who are sworn to protect Alluka and keep her locked up.

In the end, though, Killua is successful in freeing his sister and bringing her to Gon. She heals Gon completely back to normal, allowing him to be okay again. With her mission successful, Alluka wishes nothing more than to be with her brother from now on and not go back to being locked up in the estate.

Because of this, the Hunter x Hunter anime and story arc in the manga ends with Killua deciding to go his separate ways from Gon and travel the world for a time with his sister, Alluka. Though they make some brief appearances and mentions in the manga since that has been the extent of their time in the Hunter x Hunter series so far.

But with the manga currently in the middle of the Dark Continent Arc, it is possible that we will finally learn more about Nanika and her origins in the future. That is if the manga ever comes out of hiatus.

Fun Facts About Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka Zoldyck Guide
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Here are some fun facts about Alluka Zoldyck that you may not have known about before:

  • The most notable trivia about Alluka is in regards to her gender. The Hunter x Hunter series seems to have some sort of inconsistency when it comes to addressing this topic. There are official materials for the series that say that Alluka is a boy.
  • To make matters worse, there are even some members of the Zoldyck Family who call Alluka a boy as well.
  • However, there is no doubting that most of the important characters in the series refer to Alluka as a girl, including Killua and Alluka Zoldyck herself. Because, no matter what, Alluka identifies as a female, we referred to her as a girl in this post.


Question: What are the rules of Alluka?

Answer: The rules of Nanika, not necessarily Alluka, have to do with the methods by which someone is able to make a wish. There are quite a few of them that are involved with her ability, so here’s the full list of the currently known ones:
Alluka has to know the person’s name before she can start giving them requests.
There are difficulty levels to the requests that Nanika requires of the person before they are able to have their wishes granted. The difficulty goes up with each successful wish but is reset after someone dies from not completing the requests.
If there is a person who dies in the middle of fulfilling her requests (but not from the request itself), someone else will also die, if not more than that.
Each person can only make one wish at a time, which does not allow for asking for more wishes unless they are Killua, who is the exception to this rule.
If a person disappears for whatever reason in the middle of making her requests, Nanika will not be able to make requests or basically grant the wishes of someone else until it is completed.
A person has only one wish at a time, but they can add several layers to it to ensure that they get more out of it.
In order to heal someone, Alluka must be able to touch that person.
Killua is immune to most of these rules, including waiting until someone else is done with their wish and the wished number limit. All he has to do is issue a certain secret command to Alluka.

Question: Is Alluka the strongest Zoldyck?

Answer: This is hard to answer. With Nanika’s power and insane killing abilities, it is possible. Theoretically, from a political standpoint, due to her wishes, she is. However, that is not the case from an actual fighting standpoint alone.

Question: What is the fifth rule of Alluka?

Answer: The fifth main rule that we find out about first in Hunter x Hunter is that a person can’t make a wish for more wishes.

Alluka Zoldyck Guide: Conclusion

Alluka Zoldyck is another perfect example of one of the unique and sometimes disturbing casts of characters that exist within the pages and scenes of the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime series. Her other self, Nanika, is true horror stuff and certainly has me questioning why this series is even considered a shounen series in the first place since this is definitely not for kids.

However, Alluka, or well, Nanika, is far from the only character in the Hunter x Hunter cast to have this level of intrigue and twisted nature. Another character in a similar vein is her older brother and protagonist, Killua Zoldyck. Find out all about Killua and the tragic life he has gone through, plus the crazy killer instincts that he has in battle here.

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