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Pakunoda hxh Guide: The Memory-Altering Specialist

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Please. Let me… be the last…

This prayer perfectly describes the loving and caring personality of the Loyal character Pakunoda. Her Keen intellect and Nen abilities are some of the features that make her so much more dangerous and a formidable foe.

In this article, we will talk about Pakunoda’s unique personality and the traits that make her so much more special. Hunter x Hunter said as “Hunter Hunter,” is a manga series written by Yoshihiro Togashi. Hunter x Hunter was first featured in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in March 1998 and is currently on Haitus.

The original series is adapted into two animated series, two animated movies, and rumors of a live-action movie well in production. 

Hunter x Hunter’s first attempt at an animated series was made by Nippon Animation. It was aired in October 1999, but this wasn’t that famous amongst the fans and was discontinued in March 2001. The second series, co-produced by Mad House and Nippon Animation, aired from October 2011 till September 2014, is the one most people have watched and come to love. 

The Hunter x Hunter series follows the adventures of Gon Freecss, who discovers that his father, who disappeared at a young age, is a well-renowned Hunter. Gon, after knowing this, sets out to become a Hunter himself and find his father along the way.

Hunter × Hunter has been a huge critical and financial success. It has become one of Shueisha’s best-selling manga series, having over 79 million copies and ranking 52 on my anime list. The massive success lies in its unique world-building, a fantastic cast of well-liked characters, and a very engaging storyline that keeps the fans longing for more. Pakunoda is one of the well-liked characters.

Her robust and admirable personality and sense of urgency for the task at hand make her one of the more famous characters in the female cast.

Physical Appearance

Pakunoda _Physical Appearance
Image from Wiki

Pakunoda has a tall and slender body. Her figure is best described as sharp, with many long-pointed features that immediately differentiate her from any other character in the series. She has short blonde, extremely straight hair that barely comes down to her neck, brown eyes, and a face best described as having an apathetic look. She also has a long bent nose which further acts as a differentiator in her Physical appearance.

Pakunoda’s main attires include a dark purple suit, which exposes most of her cleavage, a short dark skirt, and flat, pink shoes. Like all the troupe members, she also has a spider tattoo on her body, but its position is still unclear.

Personality And Character

Pakunoda’s personality is best described as expressionless and cold, but this is far from the truth. Her character has several layers of complexity hiding underneath.

Pakunoda’s character radiates self-confidence amongst friends and foes alike, which gives her personality such an intimidating presence. Her asserting and dominating nature make her one of the more liked female characters in the series.

She is exceptionally loyal to Chrollo, going to great extents to assure his survival even if it means going against her principles. Pakunoda is also very dedicated to The Phantom Troupe. She sacrificed herself so that the other spiders could know about Kurapika’s abilities. Like all the troupe members, Pakunoda had little to no regard for the people outside the Troupe; an exception to this was Gon and Killua. 

Overall, Pakunoda possessed a highly charged but sophisticated personality that attracted powerful ideas. She is gentle but intuitive, diplomatic but cooperative, and, at times, even a Psychic. Pakunoda is also a gifted storyteller, showing off her creative side.

Abilities And Powers

Pakunoda_Abilities And Powers
Image from Wiki

She also possesses abilities and tricks that are considered unique even amongst other troupe members. Being from Meteor City, Pakunoda, like other troupe members, has little to no records. Finding information on her skillsets and abilities is almost impossible. Pakunoda’s primary function in the group is to gather information. Still, as a part of the Phantom Troupe, she is well versed in combat and is a skilled fighter. 

Enhanced Strength

As a troupe member Pakunoda is ranked 11th on the scale of strength. Her physical power is still nothing to be looked over as she possesses strength well over an average Nen user. She can easily break bones as she did with Squala when she refused to cooperate. She is also seen lifting Gon and Killua off the ground and holding them there with no effort.

Advanced Speed

Pakunoda also possesses extreme speed. She can easily still keep up with the troupe members on missions, like when pursuing Kurapika.

Extreme Agility

She has extreme agility, efficiently running on the side of walls and crammed alleyways and jumping horizontally from wall to wall.

Enhanced Endurance

Pakunoda also has extreme endurance as she is very resilient to pain, primarily unfazed after Killua broke her hand and Gon one of her teeth. This is not a surprise imagining her harsh background in Meteor City.

Keen Intellect

Pakunoda’s intellect and her ability to analyze any situation are honed to a great extent. Pakunoda is one of the smartest in the Troupe and thus stands out as the group’s advisor making complex decisions and figuring out the best course of action. Although, her judgment skill and intellect are eclipsed when Chrollo is captured. The situation led her to be upset and confused when making decisions.

Trained Marksmen

Pakunoda is considered the Marksman of the Troupe as her abilities with a gun are matched by none. Pakunoda usually fights with a single revolver being highly proficient and briefly seen wielding two guns.

Her speed and accuracy with a gun make her a marksman in her own League. She hit six troupe members with her memory bullets with extreme precision; in the meantime, her heart was being crushed by Kurapika’s Judgment chains. However, the full extent of her marksmanship skills is never revealed.

Expert In Tailing

Having the main job of gathering information in the Troupe, it is of no surprise that Pakunoda is well accomplished in the art of tailing without being spotted. In the series, she follows Gon and Killua without them even noticing her.

Non-Verbal Communication

Pakunoda is exceptionally knowledgeable in the art of non-verbal communication. She could quickly tell when someone was lying without using her Nen abilities with the help of non-verbal cues.

Use Of Nen

Pakunoda_Use Of Nen
Image from Wiki

Pakunoda, by nature, is a specialist, making her Nen abilities very different from anyone in the group. Her Nen abilities allowed her to read minds; she often uses it to find intel on the enemy. As Shalnark stated, Pakunoda’s Nen abilities are scarce.

Alongside Hatsu, she is well versed in the use of Ren and Zetsu, which plays a significant part in hiding her presence around other Nen users. A perfect example of this is when she followed Gon and Killua completely unnoticed.

Reading People And Objects

Pakunoda can easily read the minds of anyone she has touched by asking some simple questions. Trying to fool Pakunoda by making false memories is also impossible, as she can extract the innermost memories from her victims. She can also see the past of any object she touches, like the piece of paper that she uses to see Chrollo. The length of time she could see isn’t specified; she could at least see the recent past.

Memory Bomb

This ability allows Pakunoda to implant memories, including her own, into any other person. She can do this by shooting the person’s head with a revolver and conjured bullets called the Memory Bombs. This doesn’t conflict damage and thus isn’t a combat ability. Pakunoda can also use the ability to erase a person’s memory by shooting him with the same memory.

The Tale Of The The Memory-Altering Specialist: Pakunoda

Pakunoda is raised in Meteor City and is so considered an outcast. Being an outcast, she isn’t considered a part of society and has no actual existence outside the city. With no recollection of her past, fans can only imagine the hardships she had to suffer.

Pakunoda joined the Phantom Troupe at an early age and is one of the original members of The Phantom Troupe. With Pakunoda, the Troupe became one of the most feared bands of murders and thieves in the Hunter x Hunter universe.

One of the earliest actions of the Phantom Troupe is the systematic massacre of the Kurta clan. As Pakunoda was one of the founding members, it can be assumed that she also took part in the gruesome act.

Pakunoda’s first appearance is in the Yorknew City Arc, where she is seen with all the members of the Phantom Troupe in their hideout. Here Chrollo reveals his plan to steal everything at the Underground auction. While everyone is surprised at the revelation, Pakunoda is seen unbothered, implying she already knew about the plan.

Pakunoda with Phantom Troupe team
Image from Wiki

Pakunoda is amongst the group who stays behind at the hideout while everyone else leaves for the heist. After Uvogin’s capture and thus the hunt for the chain user, Pakunoda and the others listen to Chrollo as he deduces that the chain user is either Manipulator or Conjurer.

When Gon and Killua are seen tailing Nobunaga and Machi, Gon is confronted by Pakunoda. Machi joins her, and Pakunoda continues to question Gon about the chain user, which Gon denies knowing anything about. Pakunoda doesn’t think Gon is lying and adds she will check anyways. Soon Pakunoda is informed that Killua has surrendered. Thus, the Troupe takes them to the hideout, where Pakunoda welcomes them.

Between everything, Killua picks up on Pakunoda Nen’s ability to read minds, having asked them about a chain user on the car ride there. Further, he worries that her checking him at it may lead to Pakunoda coming to know about the chain user’s true identity.

In a revolt against the Nostrade Family, Pakunoda and other troupe members are seen causing quite a commotion outside the Cemetery Building. Here the Troupe performs a massacre, killing almost 2000 mafia members. Pakunoda is seen killing the mafia members using her massive pistol.

In another attempt at the underground auction, Pakunoda is seen handing out the copy items created by Kortopi. She also presents the fake Scarlet eyes at the auction together with Phinks. Afterward, Pakunoda and troupe members are seen celebrating the heist’s success at their hideout.

After the heist, Chrollo convinces the Troupe members to leave the city. Still, only some, including Pakunoda, agree with this, as the others wanted to avenge Uvogin’s death. Chrollo uses his newly stolen ability to write the fortune for all the troupe members to pursue the others.

The fortune reveals that half of the Troupe will die by next week, with Pakunoda being one of the unlucky ones. With the revision of Troupe’s fortunes, Pakunoda concludes that the chain user is one of the survivors of the Kurta clan and thus understands his motives.

After every member has their fortune told, Pakunoda approaches Hisoka to acquire his fortune. Reading its contents leaves her speechless, stating that Hisoka is a traitor. Here some other abilities possessed by Pakunoda are also revealed previously only known by Chrollo. Around the same time, Pakunoda is seen in trouble as Kurapika plots to capture her. Implying Pakunoda can create complications for Kurapika in the future.

After Shalnark gives the group updated information on the Nostrade family, Chrollo realizes that the chain user, Nostrade’s daughter, and the Scarlet eyes are connected. Chrollo then has Kortopi track the fake Scarlet eyes and Pakunoda with some other members tail the location of the eyes.

Pakunoda finds the fake eyes with Squala, who is interrogated by her using her ability and then killed by Nobunaga. Pakunoda quickly contacts Chrollo and tells him that they now know what the chain user looks like.

Just before Midnight, Pakunoda regroups with Chrollo’s group at the Hotel Beitacle. The latter have also taken Gon and Killua as hostages. Knowing that the boys are hiding something, Pakunoda is asked to check their memories. The boys stall until a blackout occurs and retaliate against Pakunoda. Killua breaks her left arm, and Gon kicks her face breaking her tooth. The boys are restrained, but Pakunoda realizes that Chrollo is missing.

Before Pakunoda can reveal the boy’s memories, Nobunaga stops her and gives her the piece of paper left behind. The message warns her that if she reveals the boy’s memories, Chrollo will die. Pakunoda confirms this threat after using her ability on the piece of paper, showing her that Kurapika is holding Chrollo as his hostage. She then starts to analyze the situation, but Nobunaga stops her and tells her not to say a word.

Pakunoda is seen in a flashback, remembering the formation of the Phantom Troupe, where Chrollo stressed the importance of the Troupe over his own life. Pakunoda remembering this, is confused about what she should do; Machi tells her not to worry about it and stay quiet. However, Pakunoda decided to save Chrollo in the end. Soon afterward, Pakunoda is contacted by Kurapika using Chrollo’s cell. When Phinks tries to lie, Pakunoda takes the phone not to risk Chrollo’s life. Kurapika gives Pakunoda all the details and tells her to come to the Lingon Airport alone; Pakunoda immediately leaves for the airport.

Pakunoda listening to Kurapika's demands
Image from Wiki

After arriving at the airport, Pakunoda boarded an airship, in which Kurapika is revealed as the chain user. Kurapika lists two conditions for each and agrees to release Chrollo if the conditions are met. Pakunoda agrees, and Kurapika uses his Judgement chains on Chrollo; further, Kurapika orders Pakunoda to release Gon and Killua by Midnight and not reveal anything about him. Pakunoda agrees to this, and Kurapika uses the Judgement Chains on her as well.

When Pakunoda return’s to the hideout, Phinks questions her about the chain user. Still, Pakunoda doesn’t reveal anything, saying that she will take the boys to the hostage exchange. Initially, Phinks doesn’t allow this but being persuaded by Gon and Franklin allows Pakunoda to leave with the boys. After bringing the boys to the airport, the two groups travel to a rock formation, and Pakunoda successfully takes Chrollo back.

At the airport, Pakunoda contacted Phinks to tell him about Chrollo’s release and promised to explain everything when she returned. Here we see Hisoka tell Pakunoda what her actual fortune said and that her actions have changed their fate.

In the hideout, Phinks demands answers from Pakunoda and the whereabouts of Chrollo. Pakunoda replies that Chrollo can’t join them; this isn’t accepted by Phinks, as he threatens her with violence if she doesn’t explain herself. Pakunoda prepares her ability, reminding herself that she can fire six shots simultaneously.

She then asks the original six Troupe members if they trust her and accept it. As Pakunoda fires the six shots with her memories into their heads, Kurapika’s Judgement Chains are activated around her heart.

Image from Wiki

As Pakunoda utters her last prayers, she drops dead to the ground. The Troupe Members are left stunned as Pakunoda’s memories flood into their minds. Shizuku checks on Pakunoda, confirming that she had passed away, and asks the others how this happened. In the end, Phinks is seen explaining everything to the others and telling why Pakunoda made her decision.

Characters Closely Related To Pakunoda

To better know Pakunoda’s character and her mindset, let’s talk about some of the characters near her.

Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo Lucifer
Image from Wiki

Chrollo Lucifer is the leader of the Phantom Troupe and thus praised by all the troupe members. He lacks shear strength and makes up for it with his keen intellect. His Nen ability also is one of the deadliest in the series, making him a formidable foe.

Chrollo Lucifer was one person Pakunoda truly admired and strived to become. She was also very loyal to him, as she went against her ideals to save his life. Chrollo is also very dependent on Pakunoda as he used to plan with her. He was relieved that the Troupe was in Pakunoda’s safe hands when captured. 

As they both known each other from an early age, they have deployed a strong friendship and similarity.

Machi Komacine

Machi Komacine
Image from Wiki

Machi is also one of the original members of the Troupe and thus making her another female character that joins in on Pakunoda’s ideals. Machi is ranked sixth amongst the Troupe and possesses extreme muscle control and enhanced speed and endurance. Machi is a transmuter and uses her Nen to transmute her energy into threads.

Pakunoda and Machi have known each other from an early age and have thus formed a deep friendship. Both are seen caring for each other and have a genius appreciation. Pakunoda has greatly influenced Machi as a friend and comrade alike. Both share the same ideals and respect for Chrollo. Machi is left devastated after Pakunoda’s death and is often seen visiting her grave inside the hideout.


Image from Wiki

Kurapika is the last survivor of the Kurta Clan, who the Phantom Troupe slaughtered. His main goal is to avenge his clan’s death and recover the remaining Scarlet eyes. Kurapika is a Conjurer but becomes a specialist when his eyes turn scarlet.

Pakunoda plays a significant role in Kurapika’s development as a ruthless killer. She also took part in the Kurta clan’s slaughter. Moreover, Kurapika was the reason for the events that led to Pakunoda’s death. Pakunoda sacrificed herself to reveal Kurapika’s identity to other troupe members.

My Opinion About Pakunoda

Pakunoda possesses an excellent talent and a strong presence that very few can deny as a female character. Her backstory is full of hardships, and her role as an adviser in the Troupe significantly impacts the viewers. Pakunoda’s personality is full of cracks and manipulations, making her unique and relatable.

Her deep care for her fellow members and a motherly aura makes her one of the most admirable characters in the series. Her keen intellect and vast knowledge make her a formidable foe. In my opinion, she well deserves the spot on the criminally shortlist of strong anime women.


Question: What is Pakunoda’s full name?

Answer: In the series, Pakunoda’s full name is never mentioned. This has left a lot of fans wondering what Pakunoda’s full name is. Well, from the official database, her name is “Phalcnothdk.”

Question: How Popular is Pakunoda as a character?

Answer: Many have wondered how popular is Pakunoda amongst the series’ fans. This can be quickly answered through the help of Hunter x Hunter’s third character popularity poll, where Pakunoda placed 23rd with 83 votes.

Question: Is Pakunoda in love with Chrollo?

Answer: Pakunoda is very Loyal to Chrollo. She even went against the Troupe and Chrollo’s own words, mentioning that the group’s survival comes before the survival of his own life to rescue him. However, this loyalty cannot be considered the same as love, nor is it stated otherwise.

Pakunoda Character Guide: Final Thoughts

Pakunoda’s unmatched mental and physical strength and intelligence make her one of the best female antagonists ever. The way Yoshihiro Togashi made her character is nothing short of perfect, making her relevant and a vital part of the story.

Her loyalty and dedication are some of the features that make her so popular amongst the fans. She stood alongside Chrollo and played a vital role in the success of the Phantom Troupe. Furthermore, her childhood hardships reflect her self-centered personality and stoic demeanor, with few exceptions. However, due to her sudden death, she was overlooked by the fans as other characters got more spotlight.

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