Cody Perez

Cody is a writer who was shaped by manga and anime at a young age. From discovering series like Dragon Ball and Gundam, he fell in love with this medium. Though he walked away for a time in his teenage years, he came back in his adulthood to fall back in love with manga and anime. Nowadays, he can be found reading the latest manga series and catching up on all of the new seasonal anime. And, of course, writing about them at the same time.

best naruto stickers

Best Naruto Stickers Guide

Some of the most underrated merch items you can find are stickers. The versatility of these items is unbelievable, even if they aren’t as flashy or intriguing as some other items like posters, shirts, and shoes. However, for fantastic manga and anime series like Naruto, stickers can be pivotal to turning many of your normal …

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