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Azami Naruto Guide: Chen’s Granddaughter Explained

The Naruto series is filled with so many characters across more than 700 manga chapters and anime episodes. Even within the village of Konohagakure, where the titular protagonist Naruto is from, it feels like you meet almost everyone who lives there. This even includes more obscure characters who only appear for a short time like the star of this Azami Naruto guide.

Azami is one of those side characters who most series fans may not even remember. After all, she is only present and plays a major role in about a single section of the Naruto anime and manga. And the worst part is that she isn’t even the core character that it focuses on during this time as that honor goes to her grandfather.

That said, if you want to find out about one of the lesser-known Naruto characters, check out our Azami Naruto guide below.

Bottom Line Up Front

Azami is best known in the Naruto series for being the young granddaughter of the fabled shinobi Chen. She appears during episode 312 of Naruto Shippuden and never honestly appears after the fact in the series. This is despite the fact that she lives in the same Hidden Leaf Village as Naruto and the others.

It is quite odd that her grandfather is so strong, but Azami herself has no role to play in the story of Naruto, even many years later in the Boruto sequel. She seems like the type of character who might return in a series like Boruto, but she has never been seen or heard from again.

Azami Naruto Overview

Azami At Chen's Graveyard
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There are times when a manga or anime series even stumps someone like me. Even as a diehard Naruto fan, I will admit that there are times when there is a character who I barely remember. Because of that, I had to go back and watch The Old Master and the Dragon’s Eye for this guide.

This is an episode right in the middle of Naruto Shippuden and is a one-off that further explores the character of Rock Lee and his training. At the same time, though, it introduces and reveals some details about two new characters never seen before: Chen and Azami.

Both of them have lived in the Hidden Leaf Village for the entirety of the series, but they never make their debut or are even indeed mentioned until this episode. And, worse still, they leave just as fast as they arrived, only sticking around for this one-episode storyline and then never showing up again.

As such, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other Naruto fans like myself who couldn’t exactly remember who a one-off character like Azami was. With that in mind, though, I have refreshed my memory and am now ready to tell you everything you need to know about this character.

Appearance Explained

Azami only shows up a few times in the episode she’s in but we get to see a full glimpse of her appearance at least through this. She has a short hairstyle of sorts that is tied up in a ponytail. She has a really long bang that nearly covers up the entirety of her left eye.

Her brown hair is notable since it is a much more vibrant and colorful version of what her grandfather, Chen, has. She wears a dark yellow and black sweater for her clothing of choice that is decently fashionable. She has a happy-go-lucky attitude despite everything. From appearances, Azami seems to be significantly younger than the core Naruto characters, too.

Overall, she has a decently unique appearance but one that feels certainly similar to other shinobi that are much more prominent in the series.

Key Moments in the Naruto Series

Azami At Chen's Graveyard

Azami is only present in one episode of the series, but I should still do the right thing and put a spoiler warning here. There are going to be spoilers for this entire episode and one of the villain characters in the Naruto series, too. Here’s what you need to know about the single episode Azami is in.

The Old Master and the Dragon’s Eye

In this particular chapter and episode of the Naruto series, Rock Lee and Naruto go in search of Chen, one of the legendary shinobi who fought in the Third Shinobi World War. He was known to have a powerful technique that helped him to be among the greatest heroes in the Hidden Leaf Village.

To find out more about Chen and his powers, the duo visited his grave only to find a young girl there named Azami. Azami reveals to Naruto and Rock Lee that her grandfather is, in fact, alive and has been all these many years since the conclusion of the war.

While the village thought he was dead, he was in hiding because of the horrifying events that happened during the battle and what happened to his student. While in hiding, Azami has spent the last several years coming each day to bring him onigiri (rice balls) for him to eat and stay alive.

Chen Naruto Rice Balls

Azami eventually brings out her grandfather for the duo to meet him. At this point, Rock Lee begs the old master shinobi to take him in and teach him the Taijutsu skills he used in combat. This way, his legacy won’t have to die with him and Rock Lee can learn skills that are valuable to him.

This occurs, but we learn soon after that Chen dies in the following days from old age, seemingly leaving Azami on her own. This leads to the villain Kabuto coming and taking some of the DNA from the old man to presumably use for either his transformation techniques or to summon Chen in the final battle. Thankfully, we don’t see either happen.

In the end, this is the last that we see of Azami and her grandfather, Chen. Despite playing such an integral role in Rock Lee’s development and having so much history behind the two characters, they are never seen or heard from again. This is strange for someone like Azami, who could have presumably been a kunoichi herself.

Does Azami Have Special Abilities?

It is currently unknown if Azami has any special abilities. However, if I had to guess, I would presume that she inherited some of her grandfather’s powers. After all, her family is steeped in history and power, so it only makes sense that she would have gotten some of their skills.

The Naruto series likes to beat the fans over the heads about how families generally pass on their abilities to their kids, so it would honestly be against the usual rules if she didn’t have special skills. That said, it also seems strange that we don’t get to see these in the episode itself.

And if she did inherit some of her grandfather’s immense powers, it also seems odd that we wouldn’t get to see her again in the series. She seems like the type of character who would come back and carry on Chen’s legacy as his successor alongside Rock Lee.

Anime Voice Actor

Cristina Valenzuela Azami Anime Voice Actor
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While Azami is only in a single episode, I can, thankfully, say that we have the official credits for that episode and who voiced her during this experience. What may surprise you about this is the fact that at least one of these voice actors is surprisingly famous in the community these days.

If you watched the original Japanese version of the Naruto series, you would have heard Mariko Mizuno as the voice of Azami. What is intriguing about her is that she isn’t some famous voice actor in Japan with only a few minor roles under her belt.

Despite this, she played several minor characters in the Naruto series besides just Azami. One of the more notable ones is Honoka, but the most disturbing one is that she played the young child version of Kabuto Yakushi during the flashback sequences. This is so odd because he was the villain who stole her grandfather’s DNA.

On the other hand, if you watch the English dub of Naruto, you’ll hear Cristina Vee as the voice of Azami. She is pretty popular as one of the best (and one of my favorite) English voice actors with roles in many games and anime.

However, some of my personal favorite roles of her include Velvet in Tales of Berseria, Killua from Hunter x Hunter, and Princess Klaudia and Cecile in The Legend of Heroes franchise.

Key Relationships

Chen Naruto
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Azami is only around for a short time in the Naruto series, but she still has some key relationships with the character she interacts with. First and foremost, there are her brief conversations with Naruto. She seems to be rather friendly toward the main character in the manga and anime series.

She is quick to let him know about the state of her grandfather and the truth about his existence. Azami seems like she could be good friends with Naruto if she were to appear more in the series.

The same could be said for Rock Lee. But even more than Naruto, I think these two could be relatively close to one another if Azami got the time in the series that she deserves. They have a lot in common, with Rock Lee not being able to use typical ninjutsu techniques and Azami likely taking after her grandfather’s unique abilities.

In this way, there is a chance that the two could grow and learn together as a team, especially as the two grow older. I have even seen some fans online shipping the two together as a couple. This is an odd one, but I can understand it as Rock Lee might see her more as he trains himself, and they could find some romance in their adulthood.

Lastly, there is Azami’s relationship with her grandfather, Chen, which is at the heart of this storyline. We don’t get to see her relationship with her parents much in this episode, so it seems that Chen is the person that she is closest to in the village.

Chen seemingly trusts his granddaughter more than anyone else in the world, which is why he has let her know of his secret of being alive. This is the closest relationship that Azami has in the series, and I wouldn’t be surprised if her grandfather is so close to her because he sees her as his successor.

Where Is Azami in Boruto?

When we see Azami in the one episode of Naruto that she’s in, she appears to be a few years younger than Naruto and the others. She lives in the Hidden Leaf Village, which has a fair number of people, sure, but it is presumed that everyone knows each other there.

As such, it would make sense that someone with a prominent and powerful grandfather like Azami would appear again in the series at some point. She has never been confirmed to be dead, so it would seem like she is a young adult at the time of the ongoing Boruto series.

Given the powerful nature of her grandfather and how close he is to her, she likely inherited some of his powers. If this is the case, why wouldn’t she appear later in Naruto or at least in the Boruto series as a powerful adult shinobi?

It honestly seems strange that she hasn’t come back at some point, even if it is as a minor character again. Given that the Boruto series has shown some love to characters and families that weren’t that prominent in the original series, it feels like Azami would have made a lot of sense. But, alas, she hasn’t appeared in Boruto at the time of writing this.


Question: Who does Azami marry in Naruto?

Answer: It is currently unknown how Azami marries in the Naruto series. She is never heard from or seen from again, so, technically, she might not even be alive anymore in the current state of the Boruto series. Though I think she is.

Question: Did Rock Lee marry Azami?

Answer: This is uncertain. We do know that Rock Lee married someone and had Metal Lee with her. It could be that Rock Lee married Azami, but if that is the case, then she is likely no longer alive during the events of Boruto.

Question: Who is Rock Lee’s wife?

Answer: Rock Lee’s wife is currently unknown. It hasn’t been revealed who she is, despite her son, Metal Lee, playing a decently significant role in the Boruto series.

Find Out More About Kabuto Yakushi in Naruto

Azami and her grandfather Chen are two of the most hidden side characters in the entire Naruto series. I wouldn’t blame anyone for not knowing who they are based on their names. After all, they show up in a single episode of the series and are then never heard from again.

Even still, there is something quite special about Azami and her grandfather. After all, Chen was one of the most powerful shinobi in the Hidden Leaf Village and renowned for his heroism. It’s a shame that he and Azami didn’t play a much more significant role in the overall series.

However, what did happen at least was that Chen’s death paved the way for a more prominent character like Kabuto Yakushi to step in and make his move. He added Chen’s DNA to his collection but thankfully wasn’t able to make use of the old man’s powers during his battles.

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