Gol D Roger Guide

Gol D Roger Guide

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In One Piece, a ruthless and barbaric pirate exists, and his name is Gol D. Roger. His name echoes throughout the world’s corners as the person responsible for starting the Great Age of Piracy. His words tremble into the hearts of many aspiring pirates to find his secret treasure, the One Piece. Not many people know of his great voyage to find this treasure, and to this day, no one else has seen it aside from his crew.

His treasure is the series’ end goal. He is the legendary Pirate King, and whoever finds his treasure next will inherit that title. Monkey D. Luffy sets sail to find it, but he must also encounter other terrifying pirates seeking the same.

Indeed, his legacy lives on throughout the story. If you want to know more about the Pirate King’s life and the mysteries unraveled about him so far, this guide will help you out.

Bottom Line Up Front

Gol D. Roger, also known as the Pirate King, was a historic pirate in One Piece who conquered the Grand Line, reached the final island, Laugh Tale, and found the legendary treasure, the One Piece. He was the captain of the Roger Pirates and the father of Portgas D. Ace. He enthralled everyone to search for his treasure during his execution, which started the Great Age of Piracy.

  • Epithet: Gold Roger; Pirate King; King of Pirates
  • Bounty: 5,564,800,000 Belly (before execution)
  • First appearance: Chapter 1 (manga); episode 1 (anime)
  • Age: 53 (during death)
  • Birthday: December 31
  • Height: 9’0” (274 cm)
  • Birthplace: Loguetown, East Blue

Who is Gol D. Roger in One Piece?

 Gol D Roger

Gol D. Roger was a legendary pirate who gained infamy worldwide as the “Pirate King” after doing what was thought to be impossible.

He conquered the Grand Line, reached Laugh Tale, and discovered the mythical treasure, One Piece. He did these feats alongside his crew, the Roger Pirates, which consisted of strong pirates who garnered a name for themselves like Shanks, Rayleigh, and Buggy.

Roger sailed for many years and garnered a lot of experience in combat. He also met and befriended many people, including his rival, the Marine Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who would, later on, take care of his son, Ace. Soon, Roger got sick from an incurable disease. Knowing that he would soon perish from it, he sailed one last time. His last voyage led him to the One Piece, etching his name in history forever.

He fell in love with Portgas D. Rouge, who gave birth to his son. He disbanded the Roger Pirates, bid farewell to his first mate, Silvers Rayleigh, and eventually surrendered himself to the Marines. They held a public execution for him at Loguetown to discourage pirates from sailing. However, when he yelled out that anyone who could find the One Piece could own it, it encouraged more pirates to set sail.

What does Gol D. Roger Look Like in One Piece?

Gol D. Roger was tall with a muscular build, and his most iconic look was his mustache. It curved from his nose towards his cheeks, and he always sported a wide grin alongside it. His eyes were intense, and he had thick eyebrows and thick, black hair freely going down. He initially wore the straw hat that Luffy now wears and treasures which also became a part of his identity as a pirate.

He regularly wore a long, red coat that captains would usually wear. The coat had a yellow placket, buttons, and cuffs, alongside golden shoulder epaulets hanging loosely.

It had a high collar reaching up to the sides of his face. Beneath the coat, he wore a white scarf around his neck, a dark blue buttoned shirt, and a yellow sash around his waist. His pants were light blue, and his sea boots were black.

He also wore a red tricorne hat with his jolly roger, and beneath it, he wore a yellow bandana. During his first interaction with Rayleigh before they became pirates, he wore his straw hat and a black, unbuttoned long-sleeved shirt.

He carried with him a brown leather backpack. During his execution, he still wore his coat, yet he did not have his hat or yellow bandana. At one point, he wore a necklace.

How Strong is Gol D. Roger in One Piece?

Gol D. Roger is an extremely strong individual who managed to conquer the Grand Line and face its toughest inhabitants without relying on a Devil Fruit power. As Kaidou explained to Luffy, a person’s true strength does not come from his Devil Fruit since Roger became the Pirate King without needing one. Instead, Roger relied heavily on his physical prowess, strategic wits, and Haki.

People often regard him as the strongest pirate of all time as he was almost unstoppable on the battlefield. Only a few people matched Roger’s strength in combat, such as the Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who gained the title “Hero of the Marines,” and Whitebeard, with the title “Strongest Man in the World.”

He, alongside Garp, defeated Rocks D. Xebec and his crew, which included Big Mom and Kaidou.

Can Gol D. Roger Use Haki in One Piece?

Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger can use all three types of Haki; fans consider his ability to easily control them as his main strength. Kaidou praised Roger’s rise to become one of the strongest pirates in the world by only using Haki. Although the series has not shown Roger using his Kenbunshoku Haki, also known as Observation Haki in English, official information confirms that he can use it.

Some people speculate that Roger used it to anticipate Kozuki Oden’s sudden attack during the Roger Pirates’ and Whitebeard Pirates’ encounters.

Meanwhile, Roger used his Busoshoku Haki, also known as Armament Haki or Color of Arms Haki, a lot easily and masterfully. He was an expert in using it as he used it to coat his sword with Haki. He overpowered Oden with it, someone who is also a master.

He was also a master in controlling his Haoshoku Haki, also known as the Conqueror’s Haki or Color of the Supreme King in English. He managed to use it with advanced techniques such as infusing it with his attacks, an ability that is rarely seen.

His Conqueror’s Haki was so strong that it could reach across an island and push back Whitebeard’s large ship, the Moby Dick, along with the nearby trees, people, and clouds.

What is Gol D. Roger’s Weapon in One Piece?

Gol D. Roger’s main weapon was his cutlass he named Ace, one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito, alongside weapons like Whitebeard’s naginata known as Murakumogiri and Dracule Mihawk’s Yoru. He was incredibly skilled with the sword; he used it as his main fighting method. Paired with his sword’s quality and his mastery over the art of swordsmanship, he was incredibly powerful in battle.

The earliest instance of him using his sword, Ace, was back in the God Valley Incident, wherein he used it to fight the Rocks Pirates. He used the sword until his last adventure as a pirate in the Grand Line. Aside from his sword, he also used a flintlock pistol. He wielded the pistol in his right hand and Ace on his left during the Battle of Edd War, a skirmish between the Roger Pirates and Golden Lion Pirates.

Gol D. Roger’s Voice of All Things in One Piece

Like Luffy, Gol D. Roger could hear messages coming from inanimate objects like the Poneglyphs and animals like the Sea Kings. This ability is called the Voice of All Things, and only a few people have this ability, including Roger.

With this talent, he located many Poneglyphs by hearing their shouts. However, he could not read them as he could not understand their writing. The series also showed Roger hearing voices in the sea, which turned out to be the Sea Kings. Only five people throughout the story, including Roger, could hear them.

The other four people who could hear them were Luffy, Shirahoshi, Poseidon, and Oden. Similarly, he also heard Zunesha talk, a trait only three other people have, i.e., Luffy, Oden, and Momonosuke.

Gol D. Roger’s Personality in One Piece

Gol D Roger One Piece

As expected of someone carrying the Will of D, Roger was a fearless pirate who always carried a smile with him even until his death. He has similar traits to Luffy, such as inviting someone into their crew out of the blue. Roger was a reckless soul, yet he would never run away from a fight, especially when his friends and crew were in danger. He was incredibly protective of his crew, similar to Luffy.

When someone insulted or hurt his friends, he would easily become angry and retaliate. He can become vicious when he is enraged, as he succeeded in killing off an entire crew for unknown reasons. He also loved being in the spotlight, as he became extremely happy with his title, “The Pirate King.” He gets excited to fight strong opponents, and Garp praises him for his luck after all his dangerous battles.

He was prideful and aggressive, but he also had a humble side to him. He bowed to Whitebeard and Oden when he requested the samurai to be a part of the Roger Pirates so that he could read the Poneglyphs they encountered along their journey.

He was an ambitious man, and he reveled in happiness upon sharing his dreams with others. He was also thoughtful as he did not allow stealing from civilians.

Gol D. Roger’s History in One Piece

Loguetown, East Blue was Gol D. Roger’s birthplace, and he grew up in a difficult situation, according to Monkey D. Garp.

However, he was an adventurous spirit at a young age because, at some point in his youth, he met Silvers Rayleigh and asked him to join him in “turning the world upside down.” At that time, Rayleigh lived on a stolen ship after his house burned down.

The Oro Jackson Reaches Lodestar Island

Roger, impressed by his ship, interpreted their meeting as a fated one. Despite Rayleigh’s hesitance, both of them eventually set sail and became best friends. Down the line, Roger became the captain of his crew he named the Roger Pirates.

During their travels, he hired a master shipwright named Tom in Water 7 to build a brand-new ship for them using the wood from the legendary Treasure Tree Adam.

They promptly named the ship the Oro Jackson, and it carried the crew into the New World. The Roger Pirates succeeded in reaching the final island known as the Lodestar Island that the Log Pose pointed to, but Roger knew it was not their real final destination.

The real one was beyond what the Log Pose could tell, and he knew that the Road Poneglyphs was the key to unlocking its location.

Gol D. Roger in the God Valley Incident

Roughly 38 years before the story’s current timeline, Roger teamed up with his rival, Marine Vice-Admiral Garp, to defeat the Rocks Pirates in battle.

At the time, The Rocks Pirates consisted of people who would, later on, make big names for themselves like Big Mom, Kaidou, Whitebeard, and Shiki. The pair fought this terrifying crew on an island known as the God Valley, which disappeared after the fight.

The alliance between Roger and Garp emerged victoriously from the fight, and the Rocks Pirates broke apart as a result. People soon viewed Xebec as the Pirate King’s first and most challenging opponent, and later on, the battle garnered the title “the God Valley Incident.”

However, publications did not reveal Roger and Garp’s alliance. Instead, public reports showed how Garp single-handedly beat them.

Gol D. Roger’s Incurable Disease

Gol D Roger One Piece

Sometime after, Roger stealthily infiltrated Totto Land and successfully got a copy of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph. However, 28 years before the current timeline, Roger caught a disease known to be incurable However, he did not want to die without a fight, so he sailed for the Roger Pirates’ last journey towards the real final island.

He met Crocus at the lighthouse in Reverse Mountain, the entrance to the Grand Line, and recruited him to be his doctor. Crocus’ role was to keep Roger alive as much as possible until they completed their mission.

Gol D. Roger vs Shiki the Golden Lion

Approximately a year later, Shiki would confront Roger about the Ancient Weapon’s location, which only Roger knew. He wanted to become allies and conquer the world using said weapons. However, Roger did not like what Shiki offered him, saying that he prefers to do the things he wants to do freely.

Both their crews fought each other, but the Roger Pirates won since half of Shiki’s fleet sunk due to a sudden storm that appeared in the middle of the skirmish.

Gol D. Roger vs Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate

Another year later, the Roger Pirates defeated a Marine squadron which caught the Whitebeard Pirates’ attention. As Roger exclaimed that he wished to meet them, he clashed against a surprise attack from the Whitebeard Pirates’ samurai, Kozuki Oden.

However, Roger quickly overpowered him, and soon after, Whitebeard himself clashed against Roger. Both their crews began fighting for three days.

The battle resulted in a gift exchange between the two pirate crews. Roger shared his dream to reach the Grand Line’s real final island. When he learned that Oden could read Poneglyphs, he begged him and Whitebeard to let Oden join his crew to decipher the Road Poneglyphs.

Whitebeard initially became angry at the request, but Oden agreed alongside Toki and their children, Momonosuke and Hiyori.

Gol D. Roger Visits Skypiea and Water 7

The Roger Pirates went up to Skypiea as Crocus reminded Roger that he had only one year left. While in Skypiea, Roger listened to the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell’s voice and easily found it. He claimed that the bell told him about the Ancient Weapon, Poseidon. Roger then instructed Oden to write a message on the bell’s surface detailing their presence in Skypiea.

They left Skypiea and headed to Water 7 to visit Tom, the Oro Jackson’s creator. After their visit, they continued finding the rest of the Road Poneglyphs; they had a copy of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph, and they found two more, thanks to Oden, Inurashi, and Nekomumashi.

The Wano Country guarded one while Zou guarded the other, so they set sail towards these destinations.

Gol D. Roger Finds the Road Poneglyphs

Gol D Roger

The crew went to Fish-Man Island, and during their trip, Roger and Oden heard voices without knowing that these voices came from the Sea Kings.

As they arrived, Roger became friends with King Neptune and found a Road Poneglyph within the Sea Forest, a location near the Fish-Man Island. He also found a Poneglyph which contained Joy Boy’s apology. The crew also met a young Shyarly on the island.

They left Fish-Man Island, but Toki suddenly became ill. So, the Roger Pirates went to the Wano Country to retrieve details about Wano’s Road Poneglyph and leave Toki behind to get better. They also left behind Momonosuke, Hiyori, Inurashi, and Nekomamushi, though the Minks gave the crew a Vivre Card, which would lead to Zou.

The crew went to Zou and befriended their tribe. Roger then found the last remaining Road Poneglyph inside the Whale Tree. Roger and Oden commented that they heard a mysterious voice, which seemed to come from Zunesha.

As they were about to leave, Roger met a young Pedro, who was excited to join them in their journey. However, Roger declined, saying that he would play a more crucial role in the future.

Gol D. Roger Reaches Laugh Tale and Finds One Piece

Roger’s illness became severe, so the crew had to quicken their journey to the final island. Buggy became sick, so the crew left him behind alongside Shanks, who took care of Buggy. Having all the Road Poneglyph’s information, they successfully made it to the final island. The Roger Pirates learned of the truth revolving around the Void Century, the Will of D., and the Ancient Weapons there.

They also found Joy Boy’s treasure, which caused Roger and his crew to burst out laughing. He became curious about Joy Boy’s life and thought that his life was a funny one. Due to their laughter at their discovery, Roger named the island “Laugh Tale.”

After they reached Laugh Tale, word spread quickly of the crew’s amazing feat that no other pirate had done before, and Roger gained the title “Pirate King.”

Gol D. Roger Disbands his Crew and Meets Whitebeard and Rouge

Many pirates and the Marines wanted Roger dead and got his treasure, but Roger had other plans. He disbanded the crew, and as he left, he told Rayleigh that he “would not die.” He also held a final meeting with his long-time rival, Whitebeard.

He shared that the Marines gave him the nickname “Gold Roger,” which he did not like. He also told Whitebeard the truth about the Will of D. Roger offered Whitebeard the chance to know Laugh Tale’s location. However, Whitebeard declined this offer since he did not have any interest in it at all.

After that meeting, Roger found himself a wife, Portgas D. Rouge, in Baterilla that would bear his child; he wanted his offspring to find the One Piece next. Roger decided on two names: “Ann” if the child was a girl or “Ace” if the child was a boy.

Gol D. Roger’s Execution in Loguetown

Roger left Rouge on Baterilla and surrendered himself to the Marines. While they imprisoned him, he requested Garp to take care of his child after his death. He exclaimed that his sins should not be carried on towards his offspring as they are innocent. Garp explained to Roger that he did not have an obligation to follow his orders, but Roger knew that he would do so despite it.

The Marines eventually decided to execute Roger in Loguetown, his birthplace. His execution would serve as a warning to those who wanted to set sail and become pirates.

However, before the swords fell on his neck, Roger yelled out his famous last words that would echo around the world. He said that if they wanted his treasure, they would have to search for it in “that place.” After that, he immediately died.

Gol D. Roger’s legacy in One Piece

Gol D Roger One Piece

Roger’s words would carry on to inspire the start of many pirates. He defied the Marines’ expectations of his execution; instead of serving as a warning to prevent pirates from sailing, it encouraged the public otherwise. Among the crowd who witnessed his execution became infamous pirates and criminals, including Buggy, Doflamingo, Mihawk, Crocodile, Gecko Moria, Shanks, and Dragon.

After his execution, many people from all over the planet set sail, becoming pirates to find the One Piece. People thought that the next person to do so would carry on the title “Pirate King.” Historians called this great explosion of piracy the “Great Age of Piracy.” His words even ushered in a new generation of pirates, of which Luffy and his crew are a part.

Whitebeard was not surprised by Roger’s death because he knew his intentions from the start. Meanwhile, Shiki became infuriated that the Marines got Roger and attacked Marineford to kill him personally. However, the Marines caught and imprisoned him in Impel Down. He would eventually escape two years after.

The World Government also tried to eliminate everyone who had connections with the Pirate King, such as Tom in Water 7, who built the Roger Pirates’ ship, the Oro Jackson. People who had connections went into hiding, but this connection also had the potential to make them infamous, like Buggy. However, to the common civilians, they saw Roger as a villain.

Fun Facts about Gol D. Roger in One Piece

Gol D. Roger was a very influential person who encouraged a lot of people around the world to start becoming pirates, including important characters in the story. Below are some fun facts about him that you may not know.

  • Roger was the first owner of the straw hat Luffy wears. He passed it to Shanks, his apprentice, and Shanks gave it to Luffy as a promise to return it to him when they meet again at sea.
  • Oda originally meant Roger’s mustache to be his nose hair.
  • Roger’s favorite food is Higashizame steak, which is a fictional dish presumably made using beef or pork.
  • Roger’s favorite drink is sake, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice.
  • Roger’s bounty is the highest recorded bounty in the story so far, reaching 5,564,800,000 Belly.
  • Roger is the first character who makes an appearance in the series. He is also the first to die.
  • Roger is the first character with the “D” initial to make an appearance in the series. However, his middle initial was not revealed until Dr. Kureha said so.
  • Roger’s name follows a theme among the Roger Pirates’ senior members; Gol D. Roger’s name refers to gold, Silvers Rayleigh’s name refers to silver, and Scopper Gaban’s name refers to the copper. These references are for precious metals.

Gol D. Roger Quotes in One Piece

Gol D Roger

Roger’s final words echoed everywhere, reaching to everyone in the world and encouraging some to become pirates. Indeed, his words were impactful and legendary, and so here are some quotes that Gol D. Roger said during his lifetime.

  • “My treasure? If you want it, I’ll grant it! Search on! All the world had to offer, I left in that place!”
  • “I ain’t gonna die, partner.”
  • “I think we were destined to meet, Rayleigh! Do you wanna turn the world upside down with me?”
  • “Wait, Gaban, Rayleigh! I don’t want you to get hurt!”
  • “Joyboy, I… wish that I had lived in the same era as you. Hahahaha! How could you leave this stupendous treasure!”
  • “It’s such a funny story… Hey, everyone. Why don’t we name this last island where no man could reach for 800 years something like… Laugh Tale?!”
  • “I have no interest in conquering anything, Shiki!”
  • “If you can’t do as you please, there’s no point in being a pirate, is there?!”


Question: In One Piece, what was Gol D. Roger’s Sword?

Answer: Gol D. Roger’s sword was one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito known as Ace. He uses it to fight, and he is an incredibly powerful swordsman. He also used a flintlock pistol during the Battle of Edd War alongside his sword.

Question: How did Gol D. Roger Get the One Piece?

Answer: Gol D. Roger and his crew found all the Road Poneglyphs, which directed them to the final island where One Piece resides. As they arrived at Laugh Tale, Roger found and got the One Piece, as well as the truth about the Void Century, the Will of D., and the Ancient Weapons.

Question: Does Gol D. Roger have a Devil Fruit?

Answer: No, Gol D. Roger does not have a Devil Fruit. Kaidou confirmed in chapter 1047 that Gol D. Roger did not have a Devil Fruit yet became one of the strongest pirates in the world, earning the title “Pirate King.”

Question: Can Gol D. Roger Beat Kaidou?

Answer: Gol D. Roger could have beaten Kaidou during the God Valley Incident since Kaidou was part of the Rocks Pirates back then. The God Valley Incident was a battle between the alliance of Roger and Garp and the Rocks Pirates.

Question: Is Gol D. Roger Still Alive?

Answer: No, Gol D. Roger is not alive. He was executed in Loguetown after discovering the One Piece and the truth about the Void Century, Will of D., and the Ancient Weapons. However, his final words enticing people to set sail and find his treasure continues to live on in the hearts of pirates.

Question: How did Gol D. Roger Get Caught?

Answer: Gol D. Roger did not get caught. Instead, he surrendered himself to the Marines. However, the reports told the public that it was the Marines who captured the Pirate King to make their strength and capabilities more dependable.

Gol D Roger Guide: Conclusion

Luffy was born after Gol D. Roger’s death, so Roger would not know him at all. However, Luffy admires the Pirate King and wants to carry on the mantle. Indeed, Roger’s words had an impact on the world, including the story’s main character. Roger and Luffy also share some similarities, and it could be because of their initials.

Like Roger, Luffy carries the “D” initial, which has an important meaning. However, the importance of this “D” initial is not known yet. Only a few people know, including the remnants of the Roger Pirates who were there in Laugh Tale to witness the truth.

Both Roger and Luffy carry a smile everywhere they go, and they will go to the ends of the world for the sake of their friends.

To me, Luffy’s similarities with Roger are poetic, as it reminds the readers and viewers who will inevitably become the next Pirate King. Both Luffy and Roger have the same ambitions, according to Yamato, but their words have not been revealed yet.

Roger is an amazing and influential character in the story, and the fans cannot wait to know more about his backstory.

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