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Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Guide

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A great Shonen series does two elements exceptionally well. One is a plotline that resonates with a large target audience. The second is to create an immersive world with its own spirit and feel alive. For making such a world, details are required. I have to say, Koyoharu Gotouge, the author of Demon Slayer, has succeeded in this. 

To make the series more vivid, Gotouge-sensei created situations and setting suitable to the characters around them. Since demon slayers battle powerful blood-thirsty demons, they come away from their fights with more than cuts and bruises.

Months are required for them to recover. This is why the Demon Slayer Corps has a special rehabilitation for Demon Slayers. This is the Butterfly Mansion. But the Butterfly Mansion is only a location. The aspect that makes it unique is the six girls that live here. These girls help in nursing the injured demon slayers back to health.

Their names are Shinobu Kocho, Aoi Kanzaki, Kanao Tsuyuri, Sumi Nakahara, Kiyo Terauchi, and Naho Takada. Other than these, there was also once a Kanae Kocho killed by an Upper-rank demon. Here is a complete guide on the butterfly girls:

The Butterfly Mansion: History, Location, And Purpose

The Prestigious Butterfly Mansion Building

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Butterfly Mansion
Image from Wiki Fandom

Before I delve into the particulars of the butterfly mansion, allow me to give its overview. It has traditional Japanese architecture, with the bases elevated off the ground and the rest of the structure built on top of them. The elevation is slight compared to the display of the humility of the establishment.

The tiles of the building are a mixture of blue and grey. Like other similar structures, the mansion has sliding doors known as fusuma on the exterior. However, in the interior, there were western-styled doors and walls. A classical Japanese culture, isn’t it?

The mansion has several rooms. Futon beds are kept in most of these rooms for the injured demon slayers’ rehabilitation. Each room contains three to four beds with side tables to the left and many windows above the beds.

There are rooms for each one of the butterfly girls. Aside from the recuperating rooms, there is also a training hall where the injured demon slayers rehabilitate and train. Finally, there is a courtyard with a small pond and green trees.

The Significance Of The Butterfly Girls To The Plot

The Butterfly Mansion plays a pivotal role in the in-between plot. After Tanjiro faces a formidable opponent, the mansion serves as an excellent venue for the story to take a moment before moving to the next stage of the story.

The time spent at development here also informs the viewers of what is happening with other characters. Lastly, it is an excellent training spot for the primary characters of the series.  

The 7 Most Prominent Butterfly Girls

#1 Shinobu Kocho

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho
Image from Wiki Fandom

Shinobu Kocho is one of two Hashira in the series and has the title of Insect Hashira. Although Shinobu is formidable in fights, her peculiarity is in healing.

She possesses remarkable therapeutic abilities due to her extensive understanding of various toxins and insects. Her skills in poisons also help with her combat skills as she can create numerous varieties of poisons from wisteria to affect demons. 

She is a four-foot eleven girl that has a thin frame. Her hair is tied behind by a butterfly pin. They are colored purple at the ends, matching her deep purple eyes with no pupils. Shinobu usually wears a typical demon slayer costume, which includes a white haori with the motif of butterfly wings. The same patterns are imprinted over her gaiters.  

As far as the personality of Shinobu is concerned, she has a calm and collected outward appearance . But as Tanjiro once noted, Shinobu hides the internal anger and rage she has for the demons. But she does not hate humans. In fact, she has a motherly aura that attracts most demon slayers. Her kindness is especially apparent with other butterfly girls. 

Shinobu hates demons because her parents were murdered in front of her and her sister Kanae. Afterward, when they both became powerful demon slayers, Kanae was killed by a higher-ranked demon, Doma. The whole purpose of her life is to take revenge for her sister, which she is willing to achieve at all costs.

#2 Aoi Kanzaki

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Aoi Kanzaki
Image from Wiki Fandom

Aoi Kanzaki is a self-described coward who works in the Butterfly Mansion to assist injured Demon Slayers in their recovery. By her own admission, she passed the demon slayer test due to luck, and when she managed to become a demon slayer, she did not dare to face demons. Not to mention, her breathing technique is water-style, just like how Tanjiro started. 

Aoi looks to have a weak physique, with a petite body frame. Two butterfly hairpins hold the twin tails at the sides of her head, and the front of her forehead has her hair part both ways. The color of her iris is dark blue with white pupils in the center. She wears a white dress when nursing or performing chores, but she usually wears the traditional demon slayer uniform.

Aoi is hard on the demon slayer when trying to rehabilitate them because she feels that the demon slayers are not strong enough to face the stronger demons. Also, she is easily irritable when she sees that the other person is not taking matters seriously. Her toughness is a mask that she wears to hide her caring nature.

She is the most senior nurse in the butterfly mansion. Aoi has a sister-like relationship with the rest of the butterfly girls. Since her family was also killed by demons, she was actually trained in the Butterfly Mansion. I believe that even though she is a coward, she is very protective of the other butterfly girls.

#3 Kanao Tsuyuri

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Kanao Tsuyuri
Image from Wiki Fandom

Kanao was the first butterfly girl introduced in the series. She took the demon slayer test along with Tanjiro and the others. Kanao is a strong demon slayer, and her strength has been compared to that of a Hashira on numerous occasions.

The Kocho siblings are her adoptive sisters from whom she received her demon slayer training. Like Kanae Kocho, she uses Flower Breathing. I have to say, her eyesight is extraordinary, sometimes superhuman.

Kanao is an attractive young woman that is around five feet tall. Usually, she has a relaxed demeanor and always greets with a smile. She appears to be emotionless and quiet, but this is expected given her tragic experiences. You can see a butterfly hairpin on her ponytail on the right side of her head.

The color of her hair is black. Her demon slayer uniform consists of a long skirt, and instead of sandals, she adorns white boots. Over her uniform, she wears a cloak. Nothing less of a samurai, right?

The personality of Kanao is very calm and quiet. She does not speak a lot because she went through constant abuse by her parents. To protect herself, she stopped displaying emotions as a coping technique. For me, this was one of the saddest things of the series. 

When the Kocho siblings took her in, she was quiet and indecisive. She learned to become a demon slayer in the end because she hated how demons killed those that were close to her. Kanao used a coin to make her decisions, which reminds me of Harvey Dent.

But as the series progresses, Kanao develops her own personality. Meeting with different people brings color to her life. However, the death of her older adoptive sister, Kane, also enrages her to take revenge. Her strength is formidable too, and her growth is faster than the other demon slayers. Many have remarked that Kanao is brilliant, but her aloof attitude makes it difficult for her to form intimate relations.

#4 Kanae Kocho

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Kanae Kocho
Image from Wiki Fandom

Although not living when the series starts, Kanae Kocho is a dearly missed butterfly girl. The way she is portrayed makes her one of the most aspiring female protagonists of the manga verse. Or that’s how I want to believe it. 

She is the older sister of Shinobu and the adoptive sister of Kanao. She was actually a Hashira before her sister. But after her death, Kanao took her mantle. Kanae had powerful flower-breathing techniques, but it was not enough in her fight against the Upper Rank two demon, Doma. This fight ultimately led to her death. 

Like other butterfly girls, Kanae has a slender build. Although her height has not been distinctly disclosed, she seemed taller than her sister. She had untied black hair flowing to the length of her back, and she wore butterfly hairpins on the left and right sides of her head.

Kanae had an attractive appearance, with light purple eyes with dark purple pupils. Kanae’s clothes was similar to that of her sister. Not much is revealed about Kanae as she is barely in the series. But she does seem to have a carefree personality. Almost always, there is a grin on her face. But this does not show that Kanae has a lack of will.

She made it to the stage of Hashira. Let me remind you, a person with a weak spirit cannot achieve such a feat. But even though she could stand up to the strongest demons, she had a depressing kindness for them.

Kanae plays a crucial role in the development of Kanao and Shinobu. One of the biggest inspirations in the life of Shinobu was her sister, and the same goes for Kanao. When Kanae died, she left the two more responsible for their actions. Shinobu, in particular, was consumed with the thought of revenge against Doma for killing her sister.

#5 Sumi Nakahara

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Sumi Nakahara
Image from Wiki Fandom

These are not demon slayers, and some do not even consider these girls butterfly girls. But their scrunchies have a similar butterfly pattern that the cloak of Kanae and Shinobu have. Sumi is a short petite girl that wears a Japanese nurse uniform.

Her personality is cheerful, and she is always willing to help the injured demon slayers. She is the type of nurse I would want to have if I ever visit a hospital.

Sumi has a small child-like figure, and she is one of three characters in the series with dark button eyes. Since the trio of servants at the Butterfly Mansion looks similar, the author distinguished between them by giving each a different hairstyle and belt.

Sumi lets her black hair down in front of her through twin tails. She has a blue color waistband, and the butterfly scrunchies of Sumi are around her twin tails. 

She was first introduced in the series when Tanjiro and his comrades were injured when facing a lower-ranked six demon. She has shown sympathy towards the demon slayers and, along with others, does whatever she can to help them in their battles. Along with others, she helps the demon slayers in stretching and rehabilitation.

#6 Kiyo Terauchi

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Kiyo Terauchi
Image from Wiki Fandom

Like Sumi, Kiyo is also a servant at the Butterfly Mansion. Her height is similar to Sumi’s. She also wears a white nurse uniform. Kiyo has a cheerful aura around her, and many times in the series, she can be seen cheering Tanjiro to do his best, 

Her complexion is light, and like Sumi, she has dark-button eyes. But her hairstyle is unique. She allows her flocks of hair to flow down from her head and has bangs. On both sides of her head, she has red butterfly clips. The color of her waistband is red as well.

It may not seem like it, but Kiyo has a more aggressive personality than the others. Although she is very kind and caring, she has many scenes acting in a way where the Sumi and Naho are a bit reluctant. She is always seen encouraging the demon slayers to do their best and helping them recover and rehabilitate when they get injured after a fight with a demon.

#7 Naho Takada

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Naho Takada
Image from Wiki Fandom

This is the final butterfly girl in our guide. Naho is pale and small, like Sumi and Kiyo. In fact, all three have the same character design. She also works as a servant in the mansion. She is more docile than the other two, but she can still be seen motivating and helping out the demon slayers.

Naho is not very tall like the other two, and she has a child-like figure. But surprisingly is tougher than how she looks. This is as she assists the injured demon slayers with stretching, which must take a lot of strength.

She wears a similar white dress that Kiyo and Sumi wear. But unlike the other two, she has two braids of hair that she lets out in front of her. The ends of her braids are tied with a green scrunchy with a butterfly pattern. The dark-button eyes are also there. She wears a green belt knotted over her hip like a ribbon to set herself apart from her sisters.

How Does The Butterfly Girls Fit In The World Of Demon Slayer

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Kanao
Image from Wiki Fandom

Since Kanao was the first butterfly girl introduced during the demon slayer test, the idea of the Butterfly Mansion was most likely in the head of the author. Also, to make the world more immersive, it became essential to explain how demon slayers recover after a grueling battle. This crucial element in the fight against demons would also need to have a Hashira overlooking its operations.

I believe that a place is empty without a specific collection of personalities who elevate the importance of the location. So, in my view, the author worked towards creating several characters that have their own ambitions against the demons and who help the demon slayers rehabilitate. 

Except for Kanao, each butterfly girl appears to have a distinct role in the Butterfly Mansion. For example, Shinobu is the primary healer, and she helps with the physical recovery from the various injuries of the demon slayers.

The demon slayers are rehabilitated when they have recovered, allowing them to return to peak condition. Aoi is responsible for constructing the specific training regime required of the demon slayers. Finally, Naho, Kiyo, and Sumi help with every other thing around the mansion.

Romantic Relations Of The Butterfly Girls

Demon Slayer is not a romance manga. But there is implied romance indicated by the author. Here are some of the relations of the butterfly girls that I feel might capture your interest:

Kanao And Tanjiro

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Kanao and Tanjiro
Image from Wiki Fandom

One is the relationship between Kanao and Tanjiro. Tanjiro was the first person that allowed Kanao to think for herself, and he flipped the coin in the air and told her to follow her heart if it showed heads. Their relationship results in their marriage, as shown in the last chapter.

The successors are direct descendants of the two that have her eye and Tanjirou’s hair. This was one of my happiest moments while reading manga, and the union of two pure and beautiful souls could not have been better.

Aoi And Inosuke

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Aoi and Inosuke
Image from Wiki Fandom

Although Aoi does not seem particular to anyone, she does appear to be extra harsh on Inosuke. The latter is a rough one that does not know basic human etiquette, and he actually seems to bother her. But who knows how love works; both seem to end up together, as evidenced by their great-grandson, Aoba Hashibara.

Shinobu And Doma

Yes, you read it right; a Hashira and an Upper-rank demon. The whole life of Shinobu is consumed with rage for revenge against Doma, and she despises Doma so much that she is willing to die just to kill him. But, as they say, hate might be the other form of love.

To me, this seems true as Doma confesses his feelings for her before being sent to hell. Of course, Shinobu is disgusted by the notion. But as they say, love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

Trivial And Fascinating Facts About Butterfly Girls

The Secret Behind The Butterfly Theme

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Guide Secret
Image from Wiki Fandom

This is because of Shinobu. She is the head of the mansion, and her name also contains the kanji for the word butterfly. To further provide credence to this theory, Shinobu is also the Insect Hashira. Finally, there is the aspect that Kanae and Kanao both use flower-breathing techniques, and butterflies are attracted to flowers.

Ever Wondered How Old Are the Butterfly Girls?

The oldest butterfly girl is Kanae, who died at 17. Then it is Shinobu, whose age is 18. Following Shinobu are Kanao and Aoi, who are both around 16 years old, while Aoi is a little older. Finally, are the servants. Although their age is unclear, they are surmised to be somewhere around 12.

The Story Behind Kanao And the Decision Making Coin

Kanao had a traumatic experience as a young child. Due to her experiences, she becomes indecisive. To help her, Kanae gives Kanao a coin to flip whenever she wants to make a decision. Although Shinobu feels the practice is strange, she knows how important it is. Kanao keeps it in a memory box that was also made by Kanae.


Question: How do the demon slayer butterfly girls rank in fighting prowess?

Answer: Kanae was probably the most powerful and skillful butterfly girl in the series. Even when severely overmatched against Doma, she put up a good fight against him.
Kanae is then followed by Kanao. Although lacking experience, she is gifted with an extraordinary sight. Even though Shinobu is a Hashira, she lacks Kanae and Kanao’s strength. Finally, Aoi is at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Question: What is the specialty of the butterfly girls?

Answer: The butterfly girls have a specialty in medicine and healing. They are adept at managing injured demon slayers and helping them recover to return to the battlefield again. Most of the healing is done by Shinobu.
Then Aoi designs the rehabilitation and training regime. Naho, Kiyo, and Sumi help Aoi implement it. Once a demon slayer has been through all the stages and is filled with love and care from these beautiful young hearts, he is sent out to slay another demon.

Question: Has every Butterfly Girl experienced a tragic past?

Answer: No, a tragedy is not necessary. Although Kanae, Shinobu, Kanao, and Aoi have had tragedies in their life, it is not true that they became butterfly girls because of those tragedies. Naho, Kiyo, and Sumi do not display having a pitiful and miserable background. Even in the case of Kanao, it was actually her human family that was strict.

Butterfly Girl Demon Slayer Guide: Summing Up

Demon Slayer is a manga that has touched the hearts of millions. It is one of the most successful franchises globally, with around $8.75 billion in sales. Demon Slayer is very successful considering the volume sales alone, with 150 million copies in circulation.

The pull of the series is its simple story told through a vast cast of characters, and it does not attempt to go out of its box and does what it does best. The lessons of morality, striving against evil, and helping your loved ones along the way are lessons that can resonate with anyone. 

Aside from the characters, there are specific settings in which they are fixed. An example of this is the detail with which the hierarchy of the Demon Slayer organization is made. One aspect is the Butterfly Mansion, where demon slayers recover.

I believe that every character in the butterfly mansion (except the three servants) is unique in their own way. Each of them represents a unique female aspect, which works well with the concept of the Butterfly Mansion.

My favorite butterfly girl is Kanao, and I absolutely adore her stoicism. From afar, it looks like she is calm and composed. But in reality, her circumstances have made it difficult to express her emotions. How she grows within the series will always have a sweet spot in my heart. I hope that this guide managed to inform you of the butterfly girls. Which one is your favorite? 

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