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Enmu Demon Slayer Guide: Mugen Train Arc’s Main Antagonist 

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Demon Slayer, or Kimetsu no Yaiba, is a top-rated and appreciated Japanese manga series. Illustrated and written by Koyoharu Gotouge, this shonen quickly became one of the most followed mangas of all time. Kimetsu no Yaiba comes in three separate tankōbon volumes and has twenty-three chapters in total. With season 1 being a roaring success in 2019, undoubtedly, fans worldwide had great expectations from season 2. 

And well, the second installment didn’t disappoint. Basically, the Mugen Train Arc was an anime film adored by Demon Slayer fans all over the world. Because of its success, it was decided to break the movie up into seven episodes.

This approach added more details and continuity to the anime, which gave the fans a better insight. With this being discussed, let’s talk about the antagonist now, shall we? Mugen Train Arc stars a ghostly young man with a calm and eerie persona as the villain – Enmu. 

Who is he, where does he come from, and how does he affect the storyline; here’s everything you need to know!

Bottom Line Up Front 

Enmu is one of the twelve Kizuki demons directly serving Muzan Kibutsuji. However, these twelve are further divided into six upper and lower moons.  Our antihero in this arc belongs to the lower moons. Specifically, he is the lower moon one. Enmu’s primary goal is to destroy the spiritual cores of the demon slayers and finish them off in their sleep. 

However, the real question is – will his phenomenal blood demon art and sadistic nature help him achieve his target?

Who is Enmu? 

Enmu isn’t the main antagonist of Kimetsu no Yaiba, but he did get enough screen time to have a guide written about him. Anyway, Enmu is one of the six lower moons who makes his first appearance in the Rehabilitation Arc. After Rui’s death, Muzan gathers all the lower demons at the Infinity Castle to interrogate them about their abilities.

Basically, he wants to know why the lower demons are so weak to defend themselves against the demon slayers. He eventually ends up murdering all the other demons except Enmu. He grants him his blood to fight against Tanjiro and his friends. 

Enmu's Sadism
Image from Fandom


When it comes to Enmu’s backstory, we don’t know much. However, it is known that Enmu was a peculiar individual from the start. From the beginning, he had difficulty separating reality from dreams, which was quite troubling for him and the people around him. 

He also misused hypnotic therapies and, in this way, emotionally harmed a lot of people. However, Enmu was never supposed to turn into a demon. One night, Muzan decided to feast on Enmu’s guts and leave him to die. After Muzan was done, he didn’t expect Enmu to survive; however, he did.

Enmu Receiving More Blood From Muzan
Image from Fandom

Enmu didn’t feel any pain from the wound he received from the King of Demons and instead praised him. Because of this, Muzan turned him into a demon. Enmu’s ultimate goal is to dazzle Muzan and earn his compliments. 

Enmu: Abilities, Appearance, Personality & More

Without further ado, let’s look at Enmu’s personality, character traits, appearance, and abilities to understand him better.


Enmu has quite a modern appearance when it comes to his dressing. He wears a western suit. It consists of pin-striped gray pants, a white dress shirt, and a long, black overcoat. He has short, shoulder-length hair with pink dip dye and two blue locks. Some fans confuse him with a girl because of his petite and lean physique.

Enmu Demon Slayer

He is pale with gray skin and prominent veins on his face and neck. He has icy blue eyes that compliment his cold aura. Enmu appears to be in his twenties and has an average height. The kanji for “Lower One” is imprinted in one iris and a horizontal slit in the other. 

Enmu has three square-shaped markings on both his cheeks that fade from a blue color to yellow. His hand appears to have a mouth on top of it, which, by the way, is smiling very creepily. And let’s not forget about the teal-colored nail paint.

Skills & Abilities 

Let’s take a closer look at Enmu’s overall abilities, techniques, and blood demon art.


Enmu primarily has two techniques: Whispers of Forced Unconscious Hypnosis (Kyōsei Kontō Saimin no Sasayaki) and Eyes of Forced Unconscious Sleep (Kyōsei Kontō Suimin – Manakoki). 

Eyes of Forced Unconscious Sleep or Kyōsei Kontō Suimin (Manakoki) is the technique that allows the appearance of multiple eyes, which are engraved with “Dream” (Yume).

Enmu Demon Slayer Eyes Of Forced Unconscious Sleep

In the ending scenes of the Mugen Train Arc, Enmu applies this technique, and dozens of eyes appear on his flesh. Anybody who will look directly at them can fall into a deep sleep. However, Tanjiro finds a way to snap out of this deep slumber. 

Similarly, Whispers of Forced Unconscious Hypnosis or Kyōsei Kontō Saimin no Sasayaki can also put a person to sleep, but the method is a little different. Instead of eyes, the mouth at the back of Enmu’s hand is enough to put this technique in effect. 

Enmu Demon Slayer Whispers-of-forced Unconscious Hypnosis

You can see Enmu using this technique on the train’s conductor. 

Blood Demon Art 

This epic manga is incomplete without discussing blood demon arts. These are the supernatural abilities possessed by demons according to their strengths and personalities. Since Enmu has a history of hypnosis and being obsessed with dreams, his blood demon art revolves around them.

Enmu Demon Slayer

Enmu’s blood demon art allows him to force anyone into a profound sleep and manipulate their dreams. He can show his target whatever he wants to, including nightmares. However, he likes to show happy dreams so that his target is calm and not in a state to fight back.

During this deep slumber, Enmu uses humans to destroy his target’s “Spiritual Core,” which leaves them mentally paralyzed. Now that their consciousness and subconsciousness are not linked, and they cannot move, it becomes easy to eliminate even the strongest individuals.

Overall Skills

On the outside, Enmu doesn’t look like he is powerful enough to take on demon slayers. It might be true to some extent because he uses his sleep inducement and dream manipulation demon art to quietly kill his enemies. 

But, after receiving Muzan’s blood, he is seen to be considerably stronger. It certainly can be seen in the hand-to-hand combat with Tanjiro, who isn’t a meek competitor. Moreover, the sleep demon possesses a set of other demonic abilities.

Firstly, Enmu’s connecting rope ability allows a person on the outside to enter the target’s dreams. Secondly, his sleep tickets are basically Enmu’s blood mixed with ink. Anyone who touches it immediately falls asleep. 

And let’s not forget about the flesh detachments superpower. Because it certainly creates many problems for Tanjiro and his fellow demon slayers. Enmu can easily detach any part from his body and send it off independently, i.e., his hand.

Enmu Demon Slayer Flesh Detachments Skills
Image from Fandom

Furthermore, after Muzan’s kindness (in the form of his blood), Enmu was able to generate a complete body. He tricks Tanjiro into believing that his human form is the tangible form when instead, it’s the train.


Undoubtedly, Enmu is a fascinating character! As I read the manga, watched the anime, and then researched him, I was surprised to know how complicated he is. I’ll be going into the details of some illustrations/scenes and show you how Koyoharu Gotouge crafted such a sadly beautiful character. 

It’s pretty clear that Enmu is a sadist. However, he isn’t the boisterous, show-off kinda villain like Ryomen Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen. Instead, he lay low and modest with his techniques and blood demon art. When Enmu is introduced for the first time, Muzan is found murdering all the six lower moons one by one. Five of them either shiver in fear or run for their life, but Enmu’s reaction to the entire situation is quite different. 

Enmu loves the fact that he’ll be murdered at the hands of Muzan. He also loves how he was saved for the last, like the best food item on your plate. It shows how weird of a person Enmu is. 

Furthermore, when Muzan injects Enmu with his blood (in order to grant him more powers), Enmu loves the feeling of pain – he finds it enjoyable. This masochistic behavior adds more flavor and definition to Enmu’s queer personality.  

For Enmu, humans are disposable. The people he hired to destroy the spiritual cores of the demon hunters would die if the rope attaching them to the particular demon slayer was cut. However, Enmu never informed them of such a hazard. 

Enmu Demon Slayer

This shows that not only does he have zero regard for humans, but he enjoys playing with their lives as well. He didn’t warn them of such risks, which shows how cold and heartless he is. He only wants to achieve his goals and be in the good books of Muzan. Nothing otherwise matters to him. 

Moving along, Enmu’s intelligence also deserves some appreciation. He carefully laid out the trap, calculated the moves of his enemies, and built backups accordingly. Even though he got arrogant after receiving Muzan’s blood, it should be noted that his plan to take down the demon slayers was well-thought.

So, to sum it up, Enmu’s personality is as cool as a cucumber. Moreover, his sloppy smile and gentle voice complement his demeanor as well. However, that doesn’t mean that he is gentle or compassionate. 


A villain has to have some super cool and memorable dialogues, obviously. And Enmu delivers some of the best, eerie and shivers-down-my-spine kind of quotes. 

Here are some of his best: 

  1. “All You Have To Do Is Destroy Their Spiritual Cores, And They Will Die Easily. All Human Hearts Are The Same. So Fragile, And Weak Like Glasswork.” 

This is undoubtedly one of Enmu’s most powerful dialogues. He makes this statement when he first gets Tanjiro and everyone trapped under his blood demon art technique.  It shows that he came prepared and that his goal is clear. Moreover, his comment about human hearts shows that he doesn’t empathize but sympathizes with them. 

  1. “Being Able To Die While Dreaming Is A Blessing.” 

You can see a bit of cockiness in this, don’t you? Enmu is showing his skills over here and appreciating his blood demon art. Since his abilities allow him to eliminate people in their dreams, he considers it a painless and quick way to go.

  1. “It’s Fun, Isn’t It? They Began Having Happy Dreams. They’re Sleeping Deeply, And Can’t Wake Up Anymore.” 

Here again, you can see Enmu addressing his ability as something superior. He finds it impressive because he has the power to kill people by making them weak on the inside. This is pleasurable for him and further boosts his ego.

  1. “Have A Nice Sleep, Forget How To Breathe. So The Demons Will Reap Your Bellies From Underneath.” 

Enmu sing-songs this to himself as he sees everyone falling into this trap. Now that he has them under his thumb, it’s easier for him to devour the humans and eliminate the demon slayers. 

  1. “It’s So Pleasant To Watch People Get Struck By Misfortune, Then To Watch Them Groan And Writhe In Pain.” 

A clear depiction of how sadist Enmu is. He enjoys the misery he puts his victim through and makes sure to emotionally hurt them in their last moments. 

  1. “Can You ‘Delay’ Me, I Wonder.” 

Here is the first time you see Enmu’s cocky side taking over his usually modest personality.  

Enmu informs Tanjiro about how he has fused himself with the Mugen train and his determination to eat all 200 passengers on board. This revelation takes Tanjiro by surprise. He begins to wonder how he can save everyone and kill Enmu simultaneously.

Looking at his turmoil, Enmu asks if Tanjiro can delay his wicked plan. 

  1. “But I Won’t Let My Guard Down, I May Be Doing It In A Roundabout Way, But I’m Definitely Going To Kill The Demon Hunters.” 

An intense display of determination is what makes us love the villains, doesn’t it? Similarly, here you can see that Enmu has a clear head about what he will do. He isn’t backing down without a fight, and he does everything to make sure that his scheme falls through.

  1. “Did I Lose? Am I Dying!? Ahhh, It’s A Nightmare! A Nightmare! What A Miserable Nightmare This Is…” 

Okay, this is the first time in the entire film/series I felt incredibly bad about Enmu. He chooses to show people good dreams so that they can die peacefully. Now, we don’t know if he does it just because he can or if there’s some (a teeny tiny bit) of humanity left in him. 

However, this quote shows how quickly he accepts his fate and reality. His disbelief is apparent when Enmu realizes that he is disintegrating. 

It’s quite a heartbreaking scene and really makes you sympathize with Enmu. I know I did. 

  1. “They’re Having Trouble, I Wonder What Happened. Maybe They Still Haven’t Destroyed Someone’s ‘Spiritual Core’ Yet. Well, They’re Buying Some Time, So It’s Okay.” 

We love a confident antagonist! 

Enmu is calm but isn’t really the humble guy we thought he was. This dialogue shows how confident the sleep demon is in his abilities. Even though there are some setbacks – he maintains his calm persona.

According to him, it’s okay if they’re buying some time because, in the end, they will die at his hands.


Question: Why Didn’t Muzan Kill Enmu? 

Answer: Muzan doesn’t like how he is continuously being let down by the lower moons and decides to eliminate all of them. Out of six, five lower moons display pitiful behavior that further pisses Muzan off.
However, Enmu thanks Muzan for choosing him to be his last victim. Moreover, he openly shows how pleasurable he finds killing humans. Because of this attitude, Muzan decides against finishing him off. 

Question: Why Didn’t Enmu Die When Tanjiro Beheads Him? 

Answer: While the demon hunters are sleeping, Enmu fuses himself with the train. Because of this, the train becomes “blood, flesh and bones,” which makes it nearly impossible to kill him by decapitating his head.

Question: What Is Enmu’s Fascination With Muzan? 

Answer: In simple words, Enmu looks up to Muzan. When he is about to be killed along with other lower moons, he doesn’t beg for Muzan’s mercy. Instead, he tells Muzan how lucky he is to be murdered by him. 
Not only this, but Enmu also appreciates Muzan’s gesture of killing him in the end. Such behavior is proof of Enmu’s fascination with Muzan and how he strives to impress him.

Question: What Does Akaza’s Appearance In The Mugen Train Arc Tell Us About Enmu’s Abilities? 

Answer: Well, clearly, Muzan didn’t trust Enmu with the task of killing the demon slayers. This shows that even after injecting a significant amount of blood into Enmu, Muzan didn’t have confidence in his skills. It’s saddening to know that Enmu dreamt of becoming one of the upper moons, but Muzan never considered him worthy. 

Tanjiro delivers his final blow in the form of Hinukami Kagura and cuts the demon’s neck bone. Moments later, it is seen that Enmu has reduced to a blob of flesh as he creeps out from under the overthrown train. 

Enmu’s final moments are filled with despair, resentment, and hatred towards every team member. He singles out everyone, one by one, and acknowledges their strength while showering them with hate. As he nears his end, Enmu talks about how he could not unleash his full power. But he also mentions that he brought his A-game and still cannot believe he was defeated.

Enmu also recognizes that it’s always the lower moons who get killed and replaced. Whereas the upper moons have been constant for centuries, and this compels Enmu to agree with Muzan’s opinion of the lower moons. 

Enmu Demon Slayer Dead

“Did I Lose? Am I Dying!? Ahhh, It’s A Nightmare! A Nightmare! What A Miserable Nightmare This Is…”

These are his final words as he finally disappears into thin air. 

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