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You have heard about it: the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is definitely worth watching. The story revolves around the demon king Muzan Kibutsuji who wanted to spread his demon minions all across Japan. Then enters the main protagonist Tanjiro Kamado, who is on a quest to find a cure for his sister. I think a certain character is the key person in Tanjiro’s success, and it is no other than Sabito.

Sabito debuts the story as a brute type of character. In the plot, he acts unnecessarily harsh towards Tanjiro as he trains for the Final Selection. Sabito also mentions that for the teachings that the master has shared, he will impart it all to Tanjiro’s body. No matter how Tanjiro tries during the first few practices, Sabito is firm with his decision.

This supporting character is a warrior with very high standards. Although if one gets to know him a little better, chances are his positive traits arise more. In this blog, we will unveil his entirety, from the backstory, personality, relationships with other characters, combat style, and a lot more. Brace yourselves, as there are spoilers ahead.

Bottom Line Up Front

Sabito is one of the students under Master Urokodaki Sakonji. Further in the story, he helps Tanjiro train harder to be able to cut a huge rock into two pieces. Sabito debuts in the series sitting on top of the rock. He is always with Makomo, his fellow trainee and partner.

Who is Sabito?

Sabito (錆さび兎と) was one of the side characters of the popular anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He was a former student of the Water Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki.

A demon killed the orphan before he could pass the Final Selection. He met his tragic demise and was unable to pass the exam. He appeared to help Tanjiro Kamado in his preparations for the Final Selection exam in the mountains.

Sabito’s Backstory


Retired demon slayer Sakonji Urokodaki adopted and raised Sabito. He was an orphan at around the age of thirteen. He trained to become a demon slayer to help put an end to the demons’ rampage. During the Final Selection, he saved multiple attendees, which included a wounded close friend, Giyu Tamioka. Sabito was the one who defeated almost every demon on the mountain.

However, there was one demon that became mutated and was a mismatch for any new trainee. Sabito tried to the best of his abilities to defeat the demon; however, he mercilessly killed Sabito in the process. Despite Sabito’s immense skill, the hand demon easily devoured him.

Sabito, along with Makomo, witnessed that Urokodaki had taken in a new student, Tanjiro Kamado. He had barely gotten the hang of his training and struggled to pass Urokodaki’s final test, which was to split a large boulder with his sword.

Disappointed over his lack of progress, Sabito suddenly appeared sitting on top of the boulder and scolded Tanjiro for his whining. Sabito challenged Tanjiro with a wooden sword to a fight.

Moreover, Sabito criticized Tanjiro and left the mentoring to Makomo. From Makomo, Tanjiro used what he learned from her when he sparred with Sabito. Eventually, Tanjiro had learned enough from their training to rival Sabito. Tanjiro swiftly made a clean slash that cut Sabito’s mask in two.

Sabito revealed a kind expression contradictory to the previous rough personality he showed to the main protagonist. He disappeared, and Tanjiro suddenly realized that he had sliced the boulder in two. Tanjiro encountered the hand demon when he earned Urokodaki’s approval to enter the Final Selection. Sabito and Makomo watched over and discussed whether or not he would be able to give justice to their deaths.

Tanjiro learned the demon he was facing had sought to murder every one of Urokodaki’s students. After he found out about this, it made Tanjiro enraged.

Applying everything he had learned from this point, Tanjiro managed to kill the Hand demon. This allowed Sabito and Makomo’s souls to rest in peace. Satisfied that none of his Master Urokodaki’s students would die to the monster, Sabito then jumped from a high height and disappeared after bidding Tanjiro a grateful farewell.

Sabito: Appearance, Personality, Quotes, and More


Sabito Demon Slayer

Sabito was a young man with a fair complexion. His face has a large scar running from the right corner of his mouth to his right ear. He had thick, spiked, peach-colored hair of varied length, with the longest reaching his shoulders. Moreover, he had his hair down messily with side bangs over the left of his forehead.

The color of his eyebrows matched the peachy color of his hair. Sabito’s eyes were kind-looking and had a cat-like eye shape. Meanwhile, his pupils were of a grayish lavender color, with a horizontal bar of much paler purple visible near the bottom.

For his clothing, Sabito wore a green yukata, patterned with a geometric hexagon design tied off at the waist with a piece of black fabric. The design of his yukata consisted of the colors yellow, a bit of orange and dark green. In the bottom, he sported a pair of hakama pants and over which a plain white haori.

Sabito wore two pieces of cloth around his calves that had the same design as his top tucked into his pants. He also wore black socks and a pair of traditional Japanese sandals on his feet. Furthermore, Sabito wore a white warding mask, hand-carved by his master Urokodaki. The mask took the shape of a fox’s face, decorated with a large scar in the exact place as the one on his face.

The color of the mask’s eyes had a dark hint of green. Meanwhile, the ears were dark red in the outer part of the inner ears and lighter in the middle part. The mask, secured around his face by a thick piece of red rope around his head, has the ends hung down from behind each of his ears.


Sabito, in his spirit form, seriously believed his actions should be becoming a man. He was a ruthless mentor when he trained Tanjiro. He always pointed out his flaws and refused to acknowledge him as a man. When Tanjiro faced the demon who killed them, he appeared to have a pessimistic view of it. Sabito even believed that no matter how hard anyone tries, it will never be enough to take the beast down.

Despite his harshness, Sabito has a kind nature. After Tanjiro succeeded in dividing the boulder, Sabito smiled with pride at his accomplishment. According to his friend Giyuu, he was kind with a strong sense of justice back when he was still alive.

It implied that he was a selfless person, as revealed in Giyuu’s flashback when Sabito saved everyone in the Final Selection. He sacrificed himself to the hand demon and rescued everyone in his group. The series described Sabito as someone with a negative point of view, but he still clung to hope. Sabito entrusted his will to Tanjiro and was happy when Tanjiro surpassed him.

He openly acknowledged that Tanjiro was the toughest of them all when Tanjiro beat Urokodaki’s most powerful student. He had proudly left the remaining will of all Urokodaki’s lost children to Tanjiro.



Sabito comes off as a character with an airy and frank personality. However, it is important to note that he did this approach to Tanjiro for the better. The main character needs to get stronger and be one with his capabilities. Sabito, in the plot, toughens Tanjiro to face any obstacle head-on.

Furthermore, Sabito cherishes his memories together with his fellow apprentices and expresses his feelings in his way. Here are some of the memorable quotes Sabito is gracing us in the anime series:

  • “No matter how you suffer, bear it in silence if you are a man. If you call yourself a man, slow, weak, immature. That’s not what you call a man.”
  • “I’d like to know what you think you’re doing. How long do you plan to keep your butt on the ground without even taking a stance? Come on. Come at me.”
  • “Well, well! Thank you for worrying about me. So, you think you’re actually going to injure me! Well, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! I’m more powerful than you because I’ve sliced that boulder!”
  • “You learned nothing. You haven’t mastered a single thing! Particularly, the breathing technique that Master Urokodaki taught you, Total Concentration Breathing. All you did was memorize it as fact. Your body has no clue what it needs to do. What the hell were you doing for a whole year and a half?”
  • “Slam it into your flesh! More! More! More! So that you’ll never forget the secrets Master Urokodaki taught you! Pound it into the marrow of your bones!”
  • “Go further! If you’re a man. If you call yourself a man! There’s no other way to go but forward! Bring it on! Show me what you’re capable of!”
  • “He may lose, and yet, he may win. Either way, there’s one irrefutable fact. That Tanjiro is the man who sliced the toughest, largest boulder of all.”
  • “Don’t you ever say that you wish that you had died again! If you do, we’re through! I won’t be your friend. Your older sister was getting married the next day! And yet she hid and protected you from a demon! You and no one else! So don’t disrespect her death like that! You better stay alive. Your sister sacrificed her life to save yours and to give you a future! So you must carry on living Giyuu.”

The last quote is my favorite. To add a bit of a background, Sabito slaps Giyuu during this scene because the latter says that he should die. Despite having a tough personality, Sabito showcases in the series his camaraderie and support for the other characters. This is one of the things that I like about Sabito; he showcases a soft heart, after all.


Sabito Demon Slayer

Swordsmanship Expertise

Sabito, during his time, was an excellent swordsman. Even though he was still under the care of his master, he was able to kill nearly all of the Demons on Mount Fujikasane single-handedly. To add, he had saved all the other participants in the exam. During the entire time of Tanjiro’s training, Sabito defeated him over and over again. All this while he wielded a wooden sword and Tanjiro used a real one.

Water Breathing Style

Sabito was skillful in using this breathing style taught by Urokodaki. He used the exact same technique to kill almost all the demons that lived in the mountain during his Final Selection exam. Moreover, Master Urokodaki taught this technique and passed it down to him and other trainees.

The first shown water breathing technique created during the Golden Age was for the demon slayer corps. When Yoriichi Tsugikuni joined them, he taught them customized breathing techniques that catered to each of his comrades’ capabilities.

The current generation of demon slayers also used the water breathing style. The water breathing ability consists of ten forms. Here are as follows:

First Form: Water Surface Slash

The user generates powerful strikes using enough momentum to create a single horizontal concentrated slash of the sword.

Second Form: Water Wheel

The user leaps and vertically spins forward in the air while circularly releasing a flowing slash. The second form’s motion resembles a turning wheel.

Third Form: Flowing Dance

Flowing Dance uses a sword in a series of swings while the movement mimics the waves in a flowing pattern to strike his target. Moreover, the third form follows in sync movements that imitate the movements on the surface of the water.

Fourth Form: Striking Tide

Sabito Demon Slayer

This makes multiple consecutive slashes while twisting their body in a flowing fashion that can strike multiple opponents simultaneously.

Fifth Form: Blessed Rain after the Drought

Also known as a “sword strike of kindness”, this kills the opponent with little to no pain. The user changes the grip of the sword and strikes in a single slash. When the enemy surrenders, demon slayers use this form. Also, the description of the technique is peaceful and gentle.

Sixth Form: Whirlpool

This is wherein the user fiercely twists their upper and lower body aggressively. Thus, it creates a whirlpool of air that cuts anything caught in it. The Whirlpool can be of an advantage when the user uses it underwater. This is because the technique can generate a large whirlpool that draws in anything nearby, in addition to cutting them up like a large blade.

Seventh Form: Piercing Raindrop

This water-breathing style form is a quick and forward stab. The Piercing Raindrop is capable of reducing the impact of a moving target. This is the fastest form of the water breathing style.

Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin

The eighth form is a technique wherein the user cuts the enemy in a vertically downward direction. This uses an opponent’s momentum against them and can very easily decapitate enemies if executed properly.

Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow, Turbulent

The ninth form minimizes the landing area and time when landing, allowing the user to move without limits. The ninth form of water breathing technique is ideal when fighting in a place with no solid foothold.

Tenth Form: Constant Flux

In the tenth form, the user performs a continuous flowing attack which takes the form of a water dragon. This increases in strength and power with each rotation and slash due to the momentum gradually rising.


Sabito Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado

Sabito and Tanjiro met each other during the latter’s training. Master Urokodaki asked Tanjiro to split the huge boulder into two. The task was in order for Master Urokodaki to allow him to join the Final Selection. Six months had passed, and Tanjiro was still struggling to cut the rock into two.

Then came a man in the fox mask, Sabito, who sat on top of the rock. He implied that Tanjiro was not a man and was memorizing the water breathing techniques. In their first few interactions, Tanjiro failed numerous times. Another six months have passed, and Tanjiro challenged Sabito in another battle.

Tanjiro was able to touch his blade to Sabito first- a small feat of his training. When Tanjiro won the battle, he was able to cut off Sabito’s mask. Sabito smiled and looked serene at Tanjiro. According to Tanjiro, Sabito looked like he was crying and smiling at the same time.

When the thick fog lowered down, Sabito then disappeared. Tanjiro proceeded with the Final Selection exam and faced the hand demon. Sabito commented that no matter what the result may be, Tanjiro was the one who was able to cut the biggest and toughest boulder.

Sabito may be tough, but he was silently rooting for him. The training and mental exhaustion were not in vain for Tanjiro. This is because he was able to defeat the demon who killed Sabito and others.

Urokodaki Sakonji

Urokodaki Sakonji

Urokodaki Sakonji was once a demon slayer and a Water Hashira. When he retired, he began teaching other people to become demon slayers themselves, with the aim to kill demons and help mankind. When Sabito was still alive, he was Sabito’s master. He trained as Urokodaki’s student in the battle of combat. Moreover, Urokodaki defeated the hand demon a long time ago and brought it to the Final Selection mountain.



Makomo was also one of the supporting characters in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. She was Sabito’s close friend, and they trained under Master Urokodaki. Makamato took over helping Tanjiro with his training. This was after Sabito defeated Tanjiro in their first-ever battle against each other.

Giyu Tomioka

giyu tomioka

Giyu Tomioka was Sabito’s friend in the anime series. Master Urokodaki trained him, Sabito and Makomo. After Sabito’s death, Giyuu became the new Water Hashira. Giyu was one of the trainees that survived.

Moreover, Sabito saved him during their exam. What happened in the Final Selection scarred him for the rest of his life. Giyu believed that he became a Water Hashira due to Sabito’s demise.

Interesting Trivia Facts about Sabito


Some Considered Sabito to be the Best Student Under the Guidance of Urokodaki

The manga and anime emphasized Sabito as a great fighter. The people regarded him as Urokodaki’s most formidable former pupil. During the first battle between Sabito and Tanjiro, Sabito showcased skills that easily surpassed those of Tanjiro at the time.

Even the Hand Demon noted that Sabito was the most powerful disciple of Urokodaki’s that he had murdered. Tanjiro even said that Sabito would have likely been an amazing swordsman if he had not died.

Sabito and Giyuu were the Best of Friends

Both of Master Urokodaki’s students became quite close in the Demon Slayer series. The plot revealed that both Giyuu and Sabito were friends because of their similar situations of losing their loved ones to demons. The two shared the same sentiments and bonded well as a result.

Sabito’s Spirit Emerged to Help Tanjiro

When Tanjiro first met Sabito, he was not aware that the latter was already dead. Sabito continued with his tutelage, intending to make Tanjiro prepared for the Final Selection.

In their combat practices, we can say that what Sabito did to Tanjiro was a form of training and encouragement to move on. Kamado faced the demon that killed the other trainees, and he became aware that he was already a spirit.

Sabito Shifted to a Real Sword when he Trained with Tanjiro

In the first few practices between Sabito and Tanjiro, Sabito was only using a wooden sword. Tanjiro confessed to Sabito, scared that he may hurt him. The main protagonist once again asked for a battle after six months of tremendous training.

Sabito, equipped with a real sword this time, was ready for Tanjiro. It can be safe to say that the latter already hinted that the main character was truly ready.

Sabito’s Breathing Technique is Water Breathing

Sabito used the water breathing technique very effectively. Urokodaki, his teacher, taught him what he needed to know about the technique and its forms. He used this to kill almost all the demons in the Fujikasane Mountain during the final selection exam.

Tanjiro and Giyuu were Able to Pass the Final Selection Because of Sabito


In a nutshell, both of these demon slayers would not reach their accomplishments without Sabito. Because of Sabito’s existence and perseverance to push each of the characters, they were able to become demon slayers.

Sabito and Makomo did not Meet Before His Death

Makomo died before Sabito and Giyuu trained under Master Urokodaki. The hand demon killed both of them in their own timelines. Sabito and Makomo only met each other when he died and was restless in the mountains.


Question: How did Sabito Die?

Answer: During his Final Selection exam, Sabito had to face a mutated hand demon. When he attempted to slash the demon’s neck, his blade snapped. The demon then killed him through a strong impact on his head.

Question: Was Sabito a Demon Slayer?

Answer: He was not a demon slayer technically in the plot. Sabito has not survived the Final Selection exam. But he was able to kill nearly all the demons in the Final Selection. However, the Hand demon killed and ate Sabito, thus ending his life.

Question: Would Sabito Make a Strong Hashira?

Answer: Yes, Sabito would have become a strong Hashira. Sabito showed his potential to officially become a demon slayer. Other people commended Sabito as one of the strongest students under the care of Master Urokodaki.
Even though Sabito faced such a tragedy, it was not a hindrance to him from helping others even after his death.

Question: Why does Sabito Wear a Mask?

Answer: After Sabito completed his training, Master Urokodaki gave him a white fox mask after he had completed his training. Their teacher hand-carved each mask. The warding mask worn during the Final Selection exam has a protection spell.

Question: Was Sabito the Only One who Died in their Group?

Answer: In the Final Selection Arc, everyone fell victim to the Hand demon. However, Sabito saved everyone using all of his might. This scene presented his bravery and selflessness. The demon killed him and made Sabito the only casualty in their group.

Question: What Happened to Sabito after He Died?

Answer: In the Final Selection Arc, the souls of Sabito and Makomo were restless after their passing by the Hand demon. Both of them resided on Sagiri Mountain, the same place where they lived as Urokodaki’s students.

Sabito Demon Slayer Final Thoughts: Sabito’s Flaws and Potential

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba did not disappoint their fans, whether following the manga or the anime. Besides that, this anime series has eye-catching visuals and an addicting plot. The series involved carefully crafted characters with interesting backstories and abilities.

Sabito has his own sets of flaws and capabilities. For one, he had a severe type of personality that made the main character struggle. Second, it would be his condescending tone to Tanjiro in every practice they had done. Third, it would be his defeatist attitude, especially when Tanjiro was in combat with the hand demon.

Although, it was completely understandable because Sabito and the other children had their hopes up for justice for Tanjiro. Sabito has a lot to offer and was a key character in the series. Without his direct drill to Tanjiro, then the main character would not be able to discover his true potential. Sabito, a skilled warrior, had his life put to an end early on in the plot, which was heartbreaking.

Even though he was not able to finish the Final Selection, his name lived on as one of the powerful apprentices under Urokodaki. With this in mind, dear reader, were you also in awe of Sabito’s prowess in swordsmanship and frank attitude?

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