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I have talked about it many times in the past, such as on the My Hero Academia characters page, but the cast of this manga and anime series is massive and fantastic. I may get some hate for this one, but the best girl for me in this series is none other than Himiko Toga. In this Himiko Toga guide, I finally get the opportunity to show you just why this is the case.

Toga is one of the main antagonists in the My Hero Academia series, but she nails how a villain should be done in an action-packed property like this one. She is unique in her identity, her powers are interesting, and her motivations are fascinating all at the same time.

This Himiko Toga guide is going to dive deep into all of these aspects and show you why she is my favorite female character in My Hero Academia.

Bottom Line Up Front

Himiko Toga is one of the main villains in My Hero Academia, playing a significant role in several story arcs in the series. Unlike the other antagonists in the series, she is simply a high school girl who turned into a deranged serial killer.

After being outed by society as an outcast and loser, she joined the League of Villains, the primary group of enemies for the main characters in My Hero Academia. There, she has flourished in her new role and grown to become one of the most dangerous villains in the series with her transformation quirk.

In addition, there are some interesting aspects to her beyond her evil status, like the fact that she is in love with the main character, Deku.

Who Is Himiko Toga?

Himiko Toga Guide
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At the start of the My Hero Academia series, Himiko Toga is a 16-year-old high school girl. Despite appearing like anyone else her age, she has a bloodthirsty instinct that derives from her dangerous quirk power. Through her love for blood and people, she became a psychopathic killer as a student.

Given that she is pretty evil and a villain on the run, she joined up with the League of Villains, who are the main antagonists of the series. She is one of the prominent leaders of that group, following in their ideals and hoping to take down the Pro Hero society that ostracized her at a young age.

But there is so much more to Himiko Toga than meets the eye (or knife). She has many layers to her, including the fact that she knows more about love than most other characters. She is pretty forward in her affection for the main character, Deku, and does not shy away from this fact from the moment they meet.

In this way, Himiko Toga cements herself as one of the fascinating villains of all time, along with the other famous psychopathic anime girls like Yuno Gasai from Future Diary. It helps, too, that she has one of the most devastating and dangerous quirk abilities out of anyone in the League of Villains. With it, she is a foe that should be underestimated in the slightest.

Overall, though, Himiko Toga is the best girl in My Hero Academia for me. I am not a huge fan of most of the girls in Class 1-A, which is disappointing since I like the guys so much, but Toga takes the cake for sure. She is so complex in her motivations, and her ultimate purpose in the storyline fascinates me to no end.


Toga mostly keeps the same general appearance and outfit throughout the My Hero Academia series. There are only a few minor additions and changes here and there that she does. However, the quirk that changes her look significantly is the exception to this. A vast spoiler warning is in place for the third section of her appearance.

School Outfit

Himiko Toga Guide
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The typical outfit that Himiko Toga wears is surprisingly plain and simple. She does not have a unique villain costume or anything like that, contrary to even some of her compatriots in the League of Villains. Instead, she wears regular clothing, probably even what she wore before becoming a killer.

Her outfit is comprised of a standard Japanese high school uniform. She wears typical shoes on the bottom of her feet, long dark socks that go up almost all the way to her knees, and a short navy blue skirt. She wears a light tan sweater on the top half of her clothing that is likely meant to be part of her school uniform.

It is a long-sleeve sweater that is buttoned up all the way and looks pretty stylish. She has a standard blue and white sailor outfit collar around her neck, likely hinting that she has a white school undershirt underneath the sweater and a giant red ribbon that she wears.

Her face is a wildly changing one, with countless different insane expressions that she has. She can be super cute and smiley one minute and seething with bloodlust the next. The one essential part is that she seems to be blushing most of the time. Her eyes have small pupils but are a sharp and scary yellow.

Her hair is blonde, and she has bangs that cover her forehead with two long strands that go down the sides of her face. Her hair is relatively short, but only because she keeps it up in two side buns that are likely intentionally messy and haphazardly put together.

Battle Mask Addition

Himiko Toga Guide
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For the most part, Himiko Toga retains the same look most of the time. However, there are some critical changes in a few points in the series. She will sometimes add to her school uniform with a couple of nice touches that enhance her abilities.

The first of these is a battle mask that she will wear that gives off some serious Tokyo Ghoul vibes that cover only up to her nose. She will occasionally wear it around her neck and not even have it equipped, and it is a valuable part of her quirk ability.

The other addition is some Doc Ock-like syringes in a group of four that she will wear. They have long tentacle-like lines that allow her to shoot them from afar and suck up the blood of her foes. This, again, has to do with enhancing the capabilities of her quirk. She just carries around her signature killing knife more often than not.


Now, for the final appearance change for Toga, and this one is a spoilery one. While not diving too deep into it in this section of the Himiko Toga guide, her quirk allows her to disguise herself. Because of this, her appearance has pretty much infinite possibilities under the right conditions.

She can essentially look like anyone at all, ranging from people larger than her, smaller than her, younger than her, and so on. There are a few limitations to how her appearance can change, which is by far the most dangerous part of her looks and abilities.


Himiko Toga Guide
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Love her or hate her, the personality of Himiko Toga is not going to change either way. She is who she is without question, and she has no care in the world about what anyone has to say about it. Toga is a complicated and layered person with many different aspects to her character.

I think that the essential part of her personality is the immense passion and crazy love that she has. While not apparent at times when she is trying to slice someone up, everything that she does is apparently because of the love that she has for people.

She allows love to command her entire being, and this is the sole motivator for her existence. But this also means that she lets it go to her head, and she is severely mentally unstable. She seriously needs some professional help because she is certifiably insane, and there is no getting around that.

She has a thirst for killing, which is why she became a serial killer at a young age, so there is no denying that she is undoubtedly a crazy person. She does not think rationally, nor does she make positive decisions for the well-being of those around her and even herself.

That said, there is no doubt that she is consistent, at least, and she does not let anything stop her from what she wants in life. I think this passion is a bit enviable, but she has a habit of taking everything to the utmost extreme when it is unnecessary.

Key Relationships

Himiko Toga Guide
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Himiko Toga cares deeply about the people around her, even if it is not necessarily apparent at first. The relationship that she has with her fellow members of the League of Villains runs deep, and she is close with several of them.

First off, there is their leader, Tomura Shigaraki. Toga does not appear to be exceptionally close to the leader, but she grows to care about his ideals and worship them as time goes on. She shares much of the same feelings that he has about destroying the current society, and he is a robust role model for her in many ways.

Then there is Dabi, who seems to be a comrade that she is relatively close with. They interact with one another, though he keeps her and everyone at arm’s length. But, that said, they appear to be great combat partners, and they work well with one another when they fight in battle.

Perhaps the most important of the League of Villains members to Toga, though, is her relationship with Twice. The complicated and mentally unstable villain is someone she grows to care about and consider her best friend. They work together on missions a lot, and they often fight in battle as a team.

Twice is someone Toga cares about, and she seems to exhibit some affection towards him, almost like a big brother sort of scenario. Toga will even go out of her way to fight to protect him and likewise for Twice. Their friendship is a crucial part of both of the characters’ story arcs in the series.

Deku and Himiko Toga Explained

Himiko Toga Guide
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Before I finish with the key relationships, we need to talk about Deku. The relationship between Himiko Toga and Deku is by far the one most central to her character. There are some light spoilers that I will go over from this part, so you should be aware of that, especially if you are an anime fan.

From the moment they meet, Toga has an innate interest in Deku that grows over time into a deep and passionate love for the protagonist. She tries to show this intense and terrifying love to him anytime they meet and fight each other, which keeps pushing her forward in life.

There are some who question the love that Toga has for Deku and whether or not it is genuine. I would like to pose my thoughts on the matter and state that I do think that it is a genuine love that she has. The problem is that she is a troubled person who needs severe help, so she comes off in a disturbing, unhealthy way. Were things to change for Himiko and her to better as a person, I would like to see her and Deku’s relationship explored more.

Voice Actor

The renowned anime for My Hero Academia has Misato Fukuen lend her iconic acting chops to Himiko Toga in the Japanese version. The 40-year-old voice actor has had few roles in the past, but they are monumental ones that defined the anime community.

These roles include Chibiusa in Sailor Moon Crystal, Cure Happy in Smile PreCure, Iggy in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Maika in A Certain Magical Index franchise. By far, though, her best role even beyond Himiko Toga has to be Yin in the Darker than Black series, which is one of my favorite anime and characters of all time.

On the other hand, the English dub voice for Himiko Toga is Leah Clark. She has a massive undertaking capturing the many layers of Toga, and she surprisingly nails it. She played some other significant dub roles in the past, including Kobayashi in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Mavis in Fairy Tail.


There are a couple of different abilities that are at the forefront of the high school serial killer, Himiko Toga. The first has to do with the murderous nature of her character and the bloodlust that she has for killing. In addition, her complicated quirk is mysterious for much of the My Hero Academia storyline.

Killer Instinct

Himiko Toga Guide
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First off, there is the fact that Himiko Toga is a bloodthirsty serial killer, and this is something that she has, unfortunately, turned into a talent of hers. The only equipment that she usually carries around for killing purposes is her trusty knife. It is likely the same one she used in her initial murders as a high school student before turning into the villain she is now.

Himiko Toga does not care about human life in the way most people do. Instead, seeing their deaths as the ultimate form of her affection. Because of this, she has no hesitation in slicing someone up and has immense skill when it comes to sneaking up and destroying someone with her knife.

This bloodlust that she has is dangerous since she has become an expert killer, even more so than most of the other members of the League of Villains, who are much more sane and comprehensible. Her unpredictability and sneaky nature more than makeup for her lack of physical prowess in battle.

Transformation Quirk

Himiko Toga Guide
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The most crucial part of Himiko Toga’s abilities is her quirk. This is going to be considered light spoilers if you are not caught up with the manga or anime, so beware. For much of Toga’s story, her quirk is intentionally hidden until we find out that she has the Transformation ability.

This allows her to transform into anyone at any point and act like them. She will look like them, talk like them, and there is almost no way to tell the difference. That said, there are some limitations to this quirk. For one, she needs to drink that person’s blood first, which leads to her serial killer nature.

Furthermore, it has to be a significant enough amount of blood to transform into them. The other part of her quirk that has been hidden for a long time is that she can actually use that person’s quirk when she becomes them, but this also requires more experience on her part to accomplish.


Himiko Toga is one of the prominent members of the League of Villains, so her story is one that is filled with tons of spoilers. Some of these spoilers have not happened in the anime adaptation just yet, or just recently occurred in the manga, so I highly recommend treading carefully in this next section as I will be addressing significant events.

Becoming a Serial Killer

Himiko Toga Guide
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The start of Himiko Toga’s story begins with her time as a high school girl. Before the beginning of her appearance in My Hero Academia, she discovers the true powers of her Transformation quirk. The basis for her ability requires her to consume the blood of the target that she wishes to transform into.

Once she got the taste of human blood, it created this sensation and desire in her to consume more of it. It also caused her to fall for people and love them in some seriously dangerous ways. For her, one of the most meaningful and loving ways that she can show affection towards someone is by consuming their blood and transforming into them.

This extends further into killing them as the ultimate form of affection, leading to her initial murders as a student. She kills several people before being discovered, and she ends up on the run. In the end, she finds the League of Villains and joins up with them as someone who can share their ideals. From there, her debut appearance in the My Hero Academia series happens.

Fighting in the League of Villains

Himiko Toga Guide
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Initially, Himiko Toga is simply a character that we know of who is part of the League of Villains, but it takes some time to see her in action. At first, she is mainly someone that we see interacting with the main antagonist, Tomura Shigaraki, leading up to the Forest Training Camp Arc.

During this story arc, the students from Class 1-A head to a hidden forest in order to train and get better prepared to take on the Nomus and League of Villains when they next strike. Unfortunately, their worst enemies strike right in the middle of their training session, including the debut fight for Toga.

Himiko Toga is part of the invading squad that attacks with their goals initially unknown. Toga strikes the students of Class 1-A in the middle of the night in the forest, singling out Ochaco andTsuyu, or Froppy, in the process. Ochaco and Tsuyu have a significant fight against Toga here, with her trying to slice them up.

At the same time, Toga meets Deku for the first time and instantly falls in love with him, or so she believes. She wants him all to herself and wishes to slice him up to show her affection. She does not get the chance to as her team has to retreat after successfully capturing their target: Bakugo.

With Bakugo captured, Toga and the others try to recruit him to join the League of Villains but are unsuccessful, and his teammates rescue him. We see Himiko after that during the Provisional Hero License Exam when Deku and the others are trying to become Pro Heroes.

A girl named Camie is one of the prospective students, and she gets close to Deku. However, it turns out that she is really Toga in disguise and Deku learns of her true quirk. He defeats her and is able to become a Pro Hero. From there, Toga plays a minor role during the Shie Hassaikai Arc.

Finding True Love

Himiko Toga Guide
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Himiko Toga’s main role in the story of My Hero Academia happens during the My Villain Academia Arc, where the League of Villains tries to take over the Meta Liberation Army. In the midst of this, she nearly loses her life against her fellow villains and her comrades.

She has a significant fight against the villain, Curious, and nearly dies but survives and wins in the end. With the help of the rest of the League of Villains, Toga and the gang are able to defeat the massive Meta Liberation Army and take them over, turning them into the Paranormal Liberation Front.

In the War Arc for the series, Toga plays a significant role as one of the several lieutenants for the Paranormal Liberation Front. She takes place in many of the significant battles, leading up to her very personal fight against Ochaco and Froppy in a rematch from their previous bout.

The fight is based on the fact that both of them love Deku. Despite being outnumbered, it is a close fight, but Toga loses in the end and retreats while shedding tears for the possibility of not getting the one she loves. Her most recent significant moment was in the final arc of the manga, isolating Deku and confessing her feelings to him. Unfortunately, he does not answer her feelings, and it remains to be seen what happens with her as the story comes to an end.

Himiko Toga in Other Media

Himiko Toga Guide
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Himiko Toga is one of the most popular My Hero Academia characters, despite being a psychotic villain and not one of the prominent cast members. Even so, there is a ton of merch, plushies, and other items that are modeled after her. There is also plenty of cosplay to find.

Outside of the main anime and manga, Toga also stars in one of the My Heroine Academia chapters that I highly recommend. In that one-shot spin-off chapter about her, you can see a little of a side story about her and the other members of the League of Villains that is a bit more lighthearted.

She is also featured in video games, including being a playable character in My Hero One’s Justice 2. You can fight like her and use her unique abilities against other famous characters in the 3D arena fighting game.

Fun Facts About Himiko Toga From My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga Guide
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Here are some fun facts about Himiko Toga, everyone’s favorite high school serial killer:

  • There are hints that Himiko Toga was originally going to be bisexual and have feelings for multiple characters, but it is unknown if this part of her continued in the main series or not.
  • In the most recent official popularity poll in the community, Toga ranked ninth, which is impressive for the vast cast. She came in second in terms of girls, just behind Ochaco at number eight, and second in terms of villains behind her leader Tomura Shigaraki as well.
  • One of the least apparent parts about Toga’s quirk is that she can also use someone’s quirk when she transforms into them.
  • There are a couple of possible inspirations for Toga’s character. Her appearance and crazed personality are likely based on Harley Quinn, while the mask that she occasionally wears is possibly based on Bane’s mask.
  • My Hero Academia’s creator, Kohei Horikoshi, noted in the past that Toga was the most challenging female for him to draw.


Question: Is Himiko Toga LGBTQIA+?

Answer: This is unconfirmed at this time, but there are some rumors that Himiko Toga was initially created as a bisexual villain. She was apparently intended to have feelings for multiple characters, including both Deku and Ochaco. However, her sexuality remains unconfirmed for now.

Question: Does Toga have a crush?

Answer: Yes, her crush is canonically confirmed to be My Hero Academia protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. She definitely does not hide this fact.

Question: Why is Toga obsessed with Deku?

Answer: This is something that My Hero Academia still needs to dive into more. There are hints that it is because Deku looks like someone she previously murdered. Combine that with his lovable personality and looks, and this could be why she is obsessed, but we still need more info.

Question: Is Himiko Toga dead?

Answer: No, she is currently alive in manga and anime at the time of writing this guide. Slight spoilers here, but there was a moment where it appeared she died, but she survived and is still alive and swooning over Deku in the manga right now.


It is rare that I get to cover one of my favorite girls on our site, but there is no doubt that Himiko Toga is the best girl in My Hero Academia for me, personally. The complicated history and mind of her are fascinating and tragic, and it makes me want to see her shine in the story. She has such a fascinating role that could even be more interesting than some of her comrades, including Tomura Shigaraki himself.

The leader of the League of Villains and later Paranormal Liberation Army, Tomura Shigaraki, is the endgame enemy of everyone within the My Hero Academia story.

If you want to find out more about the leader that Himiko follows so closely and idolizes, be sure to take a look at our previous guide that broke down the main antagonist in preparation for the upcoming end of the manga and eventually the anime.

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