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Airheaded characters have become a common trope within the anime industry, and I love it. They are sometimes the best characters to set up comedic timings. For example, Azumanga Daioh has a cast full of airheaded people that the logical ones would sometimes be the odd ones out. Likewise, My Hero Academia also has such characters, and one of the most iconic ones is Camie Utsushimi.

If you are a new fan of the series, you might not know her as she appears in the middle of the overall story. She is an airheaded goofball, and that characteristic becomes part of her allure. She has a lewd design that a lot of fans love. She probably has tons of admirers within the community, and I can’t blame them for it; she really looks like a real charmer and keeper!

Aside from her character design, she also has an interesting quirk that I would love to have. I think that she would make a terrifying villain if she were swept in by dark influences. Despite being a minor character in the story, she has tons of adoring fans making art and cosplays of her. If you are interested in Camie as I am, then this guide will help you know more about her.

Bottom Line Up Front

Camie Utsushimi is a second-year student at Shiketsu High School. In her first appearance, it was Himiko Toga who disguised as her to infiltrate the Provisional Hero License Exam. Her quirk, Glamour, allows her to make visual and auditory illusions by emitting a mist-like substance from her mouth. The illusions last for a short period of time, though it is unknown if Camie voluntarily dissipates them.

  • Full Name: Camie Utsushimi
  • Ailas or Hero Name: Illus-o-Camie
  • Status: Alive
  • First appearance
    1. Himiko Toga disguising as her: Chapter 102 (manga); episode 53 (anime)
    2. Full real appearance: Chapter 163 (manga); episode 78 (anime)
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: August 15
  • Height: 5’3.5” (161 cm)
  • Quirk: Glamour (allows her to make visual and auditory illusions using a mist-like substance from her mouth)
  • Occupation: Student at Shiketsu High School
  • Hair Color: Warm medium-brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Blood Type: O
  • Voice Actress: Minori Chihara (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English)

Who is Camie Utsushimi from My Hero Academia?

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie Utsushimi, also known by her Hero Name as “Illus-o-Camie”, is a student in her second year attending Shiketsu High School. She is training to become a Pro Hero, much like Class 1A in U.A. High School. he first appears during the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, although it was Himiko Toga disguising as her. At the time, the League of Villains drugged her and stole her blood for Toga’s quirk.

During the Provisional Hero License Exam, she fell asleep for four days due to the villains’ drugs. Her school found out about the event and started a thorough investigation regarding the case. She formally appears in the Remedial Course Arc, where the Hero Public Safety Commission gave her, like the others who failed the exam, another chance.

Her last known appearance was during the Endeavor Agency Arc. Hopefully, the author will bring her back in for the final battle against the League of Villains. So far, we have only seen Class 1B as the characters participating in the battle who are not the main characters. I would love to have her fight Toga as revenge for what she did to her.

What Does Camie Utsushimi from My Hero Academia Look Like?

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie sports straight, warm medium-brown hair that reaches slightly below her shoulders. She has dark brown eyes, noticeably plump, glossy lips, and a curvaceous figure with a large chest. As a student, she typically wears her school uniform, which is a white collared shirt underneath a long-sleeved dark blue jacket with red rims and buttons, along with a much darker skirt.

Her school uniform also comes with an orange ribbon around her neck and a dark blue cap with the Shiketsu High School logo at the front.

The cap looks like a pentagon when viewed from the front due to the side panels being raised slightly downwards relative to the top part. The cap’s bill is much darker, with a red rim just below the school logo. She also sports the cap when wearing her hero costume.

Her hero costume consists of a slim-fit black catsuit with patterned lines and a zipper that runs along the middle. She usually leaves the zipper slightly down, revealing her cleavage. She also wears white cuffs on her wrists and white heeled boots that reach to her knees. Furthermore, a loose black collar with metallic plates hangs around her neck.

What are Camie Utsushimi’s Abilities in My Hero Academia?

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Her strength is her quirk, Glamour since little is known about her combat prowess. Still, fans (including me) expect her to be a good fighter as she is an experienced second-year student in a Japanese prestigious hero school.

Her stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book, connote that her physical strength may not be much since her score in that regard is two out of six. However, she knows how to use her quirk best during dire situations.

What is Camie Utsushimi’s quirk in My Hero Academia?

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Her quirk is Glamour, which allows her to emit a mist-like substance from her mouth, and this mist can cause visual and auditory illusions. The reach of her quirk is impressive, as it could fill a large room, affecting a lot of people from her illusions.

When Camie used her quirk, the illusions disappeared after a short period of time, though the author does not explain if it was Camie who voluntarily ceased it.

Because they are illusions, they cannot physically interact with objects or people. I have a theory that a villain can negate her quirk by finding a way to clear out her mist. This could be done by manipulating the air, humidity, and more. Again, it is just a theory. Still, she can use her quirk in combat as she has a couple of techniques using it, including:

  • Doppelviber: She can create an illusion of a person’s appearance.
  • High-Key Mirage: She can create an illusion of an aurora sky.

In the show, she uses Doppleviber to create an illusion of Shoto Todoroki acting as a false target. She also made the illusion speak something that Todoroki would not normally say, much to the amusement of Katsuki Bakugo. She also used High-Key Mirage to entertain the children during the Remedial Course Arc. In combat, she could probably make illusions of the battlefield’s appearance to the enemy’s disadvantage.

What is Camie Utsushimi’s Personality in My Hero Academia?

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

She is a bit of an airheaded character, as she has a carefree and laid-back attitude. She is very bubbly and talkative, often being straightforward to the people around her. Even when she knew about how the League of Villains drugged her, which made her sleep for four days, she brushed it off easily without any worry at all. As a laid-back person, I totally relate to her character, and so do many others.

People who she newly meets are usually stunned by her lax mindset. Camie is also flirtatious, making her classmate, Inasa Yorashi, comment that she has impressive “interaction techniques.” She finds guys who are good at handling children attractive because she likes children. She often uses trendy or slang terms, much to the confusion of others.

Camie Utsushimi’s history in My Hero Academia

As a side character from another school, not much is known about her life except for the parts she appears in the story. All we know is that she passed the entrance exam of Shiketsu High School, which I would consider a tremendous feat; that school is a prestigious institution like U.A. High School, and we all know how hard that entrance exam was for someone as young as them.

Camie Utsushimi in the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Before the Provisional Hero License Exam took place, the League of Villains drugged Cammie and took some of her blood for Toga to use. If you are unaware of how Toga’s quirk works, she can impersonate a person’s appearance by drinking their blood.

Because of the villains’ drugs, she fell asleep for four days, missing the exam and allowing Toga to disguise as her during the event.

After her four-day nap (something I wish would happen to me at some point during busy days), she woke up and became surprised upon knowing that she had participated in the exam without remembering anything about it. However, she did not mind at all due to her lax attitude, but her school did mind and starter a thorough investigation after the exams took place.

Camie Utsushimi in the Remedial Course Arc

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Since she was not present for the Provisional Hero License Exam due to her four-day nap, the Hero Public Safety Commission gave her another chance to get her license through a remedial course program. She excitedly joins her fellow classmates Inasa and Seiji Shishikura at the venue where the course will take place and meets Shoto and Bakugo.

Having a bit of a crush on Shoto (get in line, sis), she tries flirting with him to get his number. Then, they change to their hero costumes and follow Gang Orca and Yokumiru Mera to the main gym. Camie does her introduction as she did not have the privilege during her long sleep. Yokumiru also explains her situation about her encounter with the League of Villains.

Gang Orca reveals the participants’ mission: to win the troubled children’s hearts from Masegaki Academy. Gang Orca assumes that Camie is a no-good hero like the others, but she does not mind the mission as she is fond of children. She hugs one of them towards her chest, irking the little girls and causing one of them to pinch her butt out of jealousy (honestly, I am more jealous of the kids).

She tries befriending them but fails like the other participants. She admits that she does not know how to win them over and claims that the children are more troubled than she expected. She came up with a plan: to win over the kids using their quirks. However, the kids attack them in response using their powerful quirks, much to the surprise of everyone.

They then try a different approach; they try winning over the kids by wowing them using their quirks. Camie does her part by creating an illusion of a nice version of Shoto to calm a little girl down. She also uses her High-Key Mirage to create an illusion of an aurora sky, calming the kids down.

After the exams are over with flying colours, Camie says goodbye to the little girls, saying that they can still talk again in the future. They exit the venue, where Camie finds Seiji talking with All Might outside. Their teacher also reveals that Shiketsu will work with U.A. in investigating the person who impersonated Camie.

Camie Utsushimi in the Meta Liberation Army Arc

During the Meta Liberation Army Arc, the students in the remedial course take the final lesson after months of tedious training under Gang Orca’s supervision; Camie is one of those students.

It is unknown if Camie acquired her Provisional Hero License after the final lesson, as only Shoto and Bakugo appeared with their licenses. Still, I have no doubts that Camie could accomplish the tasks in the final lesson.

Camie Utsushimi in the Endeavor Agency Arc

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie makes an appearance briefly in the Endeavor Agency Arc; after having Hawks as a double agent for the League of Villains, the Hero Public Safety Commission started making preparations for a war against them. As part of their plan, they instructed all the student-heroes to undergo practical field training. Camie, alongside Seiji and Inasa, participates in this protocol.

Camie Utsushimi’s relationships in My Hero Academia

Camie is a talkative and sociable person, so it is not uncommon for her to have friendships with other people, especially her classmates. During the remedial course, she even made acquaintances with Bakugo and Shoto, who are students from U.A. High School. Below are the known relationships that Camie has with others.

Camie and Seiji Shishikura

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie and Seiji do not get along well many times due to their difference in attitudes. After all, Camie is a super carefree and laidback character, while Seiji is a person dedicated to his morals about one’s dignity and obligation. Seiji sees her as someone who does idiotic things, but Camie does not mind his view about her. This nonchalant apathy makes Seiji angry even more.

However, Seiji still cares for Camie’s well-being, as he became concerned for Camie after the League of Villains drugged and impersonated her. Yet, he gets annoyed at her for her empty responses and her attitude of not listening to anything he says.

Camie and Inasa Yoarashi

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie and Inasa are good friends, with Inasa impressed at her ways of relating with people, calling them “interaction techniques.” They can work together effectively, as shown during the remedial course, where they use their quirks to amaze the children.

During the Hero Public Safety Commission’s instructions to have student-heroes undergo field training, both of them worked together alongside Seiji.

Camie and Shoto Todoroki

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie seems to have a crush on Shoto; during their initial meeting at the remedial course, Camie expressed her interest in him. She flirts with him, making Inasa comment about it as her “interaction techniques,” and she even asks for his number, which Shoto obliviously gives to her. Camie became even more interested in Shoto after she saw how well he could handle children kindly.

During the remedial course, she made an illusion of Shoto, possibly out of endearment for him. However, after that event, she expresses that Shiketsu High School’s rules prohibit her from participating in the dating scene.

Camie and Katsuki Bakugo

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie met Bakugo for the first time during the remedial course, and she did not mind his aggressive nature due to her laidback attitude. However, because of her straightforwardness, she boldly tells him that Bakugo’s ways of winning the children’s hearts are outdated. This remark bothered Bakugo so much.

She successfully made Bakugo laugh after she made an illusion of Shoto using her quirk, Glamour. The illusion acted in a way that the real Shoto would not do at all, and it made Bakugo laugh out loud. After the course, she commented that Bakugo is a well-mannered individual with great powers if he were to keep his mouth shut. Again, this remark made Bakugo angry.

Camie Utsushimi quotes in My Hero Academia

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie often speaks using slang and trendy words, and a lot of people around her often get confused about what she is trying to say. I love this quirky side of her as it breathes life into her character. I appreciate her sassy tone so much, and so do others. Here are some quirky quotes she has said throughout the series.

  • “So psyched to get a chance for this do-over. It’s, like, totes awesome. Cheers!”
  • “You’re like, super hot. I’m crazy psyched to train with a total babe like you.”
  • “Wait, you’re Endeavour’s son. You’re hero royalty on top of being a snack? That’s so totally amazing!”
  • “Hey, second year in Shiketsu. The name is Camie. Hi, everyone!”
  • “Totes to making an exception for me which is wicked cool, yo. You know? So, any-hoos let’s keep it fresh!”
  • “I didn’t know haters came this young.”
  • “Delinquents aren’t in fashion, you know.”
  • “Yeah, and Bakugo, you’re actually not bad if you don’t talk. Try shutting up.”

Fun Facts About Camie Utsushimi in My Hero Academia

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom
  • Her surname in Japanese characters contains 現, which is the kanji for “existing” or “reality.” It is a reference to her quirk that makes illusions that would make one question what is real and what is not.
  • Her last known character appearance in the story was during the Endeavor Agency Arc, but her face shows up in chapter 323 during the Tartarus Escapees Arc when they discuss the events regarding the League of Villains’ act towards her.
  • Her first appearance in the series was when Toga impersonated her. During this time, Midoriya faces off against her. However, because it was Toga, they had never actually met each other at all.
  • Camie’s quirk, Glamour, acts similarly to Hologram, a quirk from Mahoro Shimano, one of the characters in the anime movie Heroes: Rising. Hologram allows Mahoro to create illusionary holograms of varying sizes.
  • Present Mic mentions that Camie cannot abuse Glamour during the remedial course. This prohibition hints that illusion-based quirks have tough restrictions in place.

Conclusion: My thoughts on Camie Utsushimi in My Hero Academia

Camie Utsushimi Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

Camie Utsushimi is an important side character for the story as she acted as the opportunity for the League of Villains to infiltrate the heroes. At the same time, she became the key for U.A. High School and Shiketsu High School to cooperate with each other to fight the common evil. Aside from her impact on the story, I think her character is interesting.

I absolutely love her character design, and so do many others due to her lewd nature. She has a lot of adoring fans who view her as their “waifu.” When Camie first appeared clashing against Deku with some flirtatious actions going around, I absolutely loved the idea of someone having a crush on our main boy.

Sadly, Camie does not show up in the recent chapters as of the time of writing, but I still have my hopes up that the Shiketsu High School will have an important role.

After all, U.A. High School’s principal explained that the two schools have cooperated with each other so that people can go back and forth between them with ease and comfort. I hope Camie shows her prowess in battle with her illusion quirk.

Camie Utsushimi: FAQs

Question: What is Camie’s quirk in My Hero Academia?

Answer: Camie’s quirk is Glamour, which allows her to make illusions that can trick others by sound and appearance. The illusions come from a mist-like substance that comes from her mouth, and they eventually fade away after a short amount of time. However, this dissipation may or may not be due to Camie’s voluntary actions.

Question: Is Camie a villain in My Hero Academia?

Answer: No, Camie is not a villain in My Hero Academia. She is a student in Shiketsu High School who is studying to become a pro hero one day. Before the Provisional Hero License Exam, the League of Villains drugged her, causing her to sleep for four days. They also took some blood from her for Toga’s quirk to work, though the amount of blood is not known.

Question: What is Camie’s hero name in My Hero Academia?

Answer: Camie’s hero name in My Hero Academia is Illus-o-Camie, which is an amalgamation of the word “illusion” and her given name, Camie.

Question: Who does Camie like in My Hero Academia?

Answer: It is hinted that Camie likes Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia. During the remedial course, Camie flirts with Shoto and asks for his number. Shoto, being oblivious to what is going on, readily gives it to her. However, she reveals that the rules set by her school disallow her from dating.

Question: Who is Camie’s voice actor in My Hero Academia?

Answer: Camie has two voice actresses; her Japanese voice actress is Minori Chihara, while her English voice actress is Brittney Karbowski. Minori Chihara is an experienced voice actress who voiced several characters from other shows, including Miku Izayoi from Date a Live, Erica Brown from Violet Evergarden, and Yuri Kounosu in Hyouka, and more.

Question: Does Camie like Deku in My Hero Academia?

Answer: It is unlikely that Camie likes Deku since the pair have never met each other yet. During the Provisional Hero License Exam, Himeko Toga disguised as Camie and showed interest in Deku. From Deku’s perspective (as well as his fellow classmates), Camie has a crush on him. However, it was actually Toga, whose romantic interest in Deku is twisted.

Question: Is Camie dead in My Hero Academia?

Answer: No, Camie is not dead in My Hero Academia. She is alive and well, probably preparing for the recent events in Shiketsu High School. Before the Provisional Hero License Exam took place, the League of Villains drugged her and took some of her blood. However, she only fell unconscious for four days. She eventually woke up and participated in the remedial course.

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