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It’s impossible if you haven’t seen or heard anything about Attack on Titan. The story is set in a world where reality is distorted; humanity is on the brink of extinction as Titans continue to devour humans without any inexplicable reason.

In the first few moments of the show, I was immediately in awe of the world-building. It seems like a mishmash of everything I want in a manga – mysterious plotline, action-packed scenes, and of course, interesting characters like Gabi Braun. 

She is one of the most popular characters late in the series. Gabi is most determined to prove herself by fighting tooth and nail to win the war among the warrior candidates.  I personally have a love-hate relationship with Gabi, considering she killed one of my favorite characters, Sasha Blouse. But as the story progresses, I’ve come to understand her motivations and desires better. 

Without a doubt, she is truly an interesting character in the manga. If you’re interested in knowing more about Gabi, this blog is perfect for you. I will discuss everything you need to know about her background, motivations, abilities, and her fate as the story comes to a close. Warning: Spoilers ahead! 

Bottom Line Up Front

Gabi is an Eldian girl who lived in Marley nation’s Liberio internment zone. She is part of the Warrior Candidates together with Falco Grice, Colt Grice, Udo, and Zofia. She and Falco are the only ones who are still currently alive in their batch.

She is determined to inherit the Armored Titan, which his cousin Reiner currently holds. Despite her passion for becoming the Armored Titan, she loathes having Eldian blood and wishes to be accepted as a true Marleyan. 

Who Is Gabi?


Gabi Braun (ガビ・ブラウン Gabi Braun) is one of Marley’s Warrior Candidates. She was born and raised in Marley nation’s Liberio internment zone. Because of this, she had strong feelings about her identity. She even goes so much to hate race as an Eldian since people would look down on her and would spit at the sight of her. These awful experiences are among the reasons why she fights so hard to be valuable and accepted.  

She also dreams of inheriting the Armored Titan like his cousin Reiner. As a Warrior Candidate, she is extremely skilled in combat despite her age.  She played a vital role in winning against the Mid-East Allied Forces during the war. Aside from that, she also managed to temporarily decapitate Eren, giving her troops a huge advantage. 

Gabi: Appearance, Personality, Quotes, and More


At a glance, you wouldn’t really expect that Gabi is a Warrior Candidate. She is relatively young and small with an extremely petite body. However, looks can be deceiving, as Gabi is particularly athletic and quick-witted.

She has a small familiar face with large brown eyes. Her facial features are rather forgettable as it looks typical; she has defined eyebrows and a small upturned nose. One thing you’d immediately notice about her is her radiant and innocent smile. 

Her hair is well-kept in a medium length that is usually half-tied above her head. As a Warrior candidate, she also wears the standard Marleyan uniform, consisting of a white jacket paired with pants, a supply belt, suspender straps, a hard hat with stripes, and knee-high combat boots. 

Since she is also of Eldian descent, her uniform changes when wearing the uniform, her shirt collar has a small badge representing the Eldian star. She wears a short tattered light dress underneath her uniform.

As for her casual wear, Gabi is not entirely particular with her style and wears a white shirt underneath a black dress and dark loafers. 

One thing that you’d always notice in Gabi’s outfit is the Eldian armband. Wearing the armband is prescribed in Marley’s law. Every Eldian race in Marley wears the armband, including her family members and other Warrior Candidates. 


Gabi AOT

Like most characters in AOT, Gabi is strong-willed and zealous. She is never shy to express her emotions and opinions on certain issues, no matter how extreme they may sound. Armed with limitless determination, she is always willing to go the extra mile and even put her life on the line to accomplish her goal. 

Gabi is always tenacious yet concerned for her fellow Eldians; she even risked her life to ensure that her allies survive. However, she is not without flaws. She can be domineering, overbearing, and downright offensive. It shows how she forces her opinions on others and takes charge of tasks even if she isn’t assigned to take the lead. She starts questioning her beliefs while being truly apologetic about the way she acts. 

It’s no secret that Gabi is smart, passionate, and resourceful. But her passion is like a double-edged sword—it is her greatest strength and weakness. Because of her passion, she can be extremely rash and vengeful, disregarding any common sense or thoughtful thinking. 

At the end of the day, Gabi is still a young girl. She is carefree even on the battlefield, as she jokes around and makes comments about her charm and cuteness. 


When she was first introduced in the story, Gabi wasn’t particularly the target of hate. However, many fans grew to hate her as she murdered Sasha Blouse, one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

Many fans still hate her up until now, but my feelings have grown fonder for her. She says remarkable words which are brutally honest and relatable. Here are some of Gabi’s most noteworthy and poignant dialogues: 

  • “Not only did I drag falco into all of this, he saved me so many times. He’s done nothing but save me, when I’m supposed to be at the top of our unit! I can’t just run for it after all the trouble I’ve caused him!”
  • “Because I’m an eldian born in this internment zone, people would spit at the sight of me walking around town. I had a lot of awful experiences here, but that’s exactly why I tried so hard. I wanted to prove to the world that eldians are good. I was able to make it this far because I believed that eventually the day would come when I wouldn’t need this armband. But now it’s all been wiped out. This internment zone, whatever you want to say about it, it’s still my home. The people I love live here. If someone tramples over it, I’m not forgiving them.”
  • “First mister Zeke masterminds an attack on marley. This time it’s you? What have we been fighting for? I thought that if the world recognized we were good eldians that someday eldia would be free? You’re the same as zeke! Another traitor!”
  • “I’m sorry. Our wish was to slaughter all of you on paradis. For the world to accept us and forgive us. That’s why it was always our hope for this island, for the devils to go away. And now mom, dad, everyone in Liberio is going to be taken away because of it. I’m sorry. I know just how shameless it is of me to ask, but we need all of you to help us. Please, won’t you lend us your strength?”
  • “Seems like you haven’t admitted your sins. Have you already forgotten the brutal atrocities the people of this island committed against the world? An eldian can only start on the path to final atonement when they fully understand their sins.”
  • “There weren’t any devils on this island. No. Just humans. I finally understand how reiner feels. All these people we’d never even met before, we just decided they were devils. Ever since the moment I climbed onto that airship, it’s been the same thing over and over. I’m sorry, falco. You knew but I still dragged you into this.”

The last quote is definitely my favorite quote from Gabi. It is honest and accepting, with hints of remorse. It highlights her true personality; she isn’t purely motivated by revenge or evil thoughts. She is more than willing to compromise her intentions, making her an extremely relatable character. 


Gabi AOT

Skillful Combatant

Some fans might be surprised that Gabi is excellent in combat. This is because of her military training as a Warrior Candidate. While the Marleyan Government also trained the rest of her peers like her, she showed superior physical ability and wit. Most of her superiors saw potential in her that she was most favored to inherit the Armored Titan.

Impressive Aim

Aside from being a good fighter, Gabi has an impressive aim. She managed to kill her enemies with it. She has a natural skill in handling guns since she managed to kill Lobov, a Survey Corps member, during the attack of Liberio.

She cemented her role in the story when she shot Sasha Blouse with a rifle. She managed to give a clean shot in Sasha’s chest, which eventually led to her bleeding out and dying. Besides Lobov and Sasha, Gabi also killed a garrison soldier and one soldier from the Mid-East Allied Forces. 


Gabi might not be as popular as the main protagonists or antagonists of the show. However, she has quickly become one of the most prominent characters towards the end of the manga. She played a significant role and has built close ties with other characters, including: 

Falco Grice

Gabi is extremely close with Falco; she cares for her more than her other peers. She flinches and worries at the sight of Falco’s wounds. She is extremely fond of her and shows affection for her almost all the time. Despite being close friends, Gabi can also express hostility towards him for his unwise decisions. 

Falco also feels the same way for Gabi; he has a soft spot for her, expressing great worry about Gabi’s bold decisions. It seems like the two had harbored romantic feelings for each other, especially when Falco confessed her feelings for Gabi just right before Zeke’s Titan Scream. 


Udo is one of Gabi’s closest friends; he is also a Warrior Candidate just like her. Their positive interactions show that both of them cherish the friendship they had. When Udo died right in front of Gabi’s eyes, she was obviously distraught and angry. This was actually one of her motivations on why she climbed to the airship and shot Sasha—to avenge the death of her friend. 

Porco Galliard

Gabi looks up and trusts Galliard like his brother. She was elated when Porco saved her life. That’s why she starts idolizing her, especially since he is among the Warrior Candidates who inherited the power of the Titans. 

Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun

Being one of the best Warrior combatants, Reiner is Gabi’s role model growing up. She cares deeply for her cousin and wishes him well. She carefully watched him at the battle at Fort Slava, hoping that nothing would happen to him.

It’s safe to assume that Gabi’s fondness for Reiner is also because of her desire to inherit the Armored Titan.  

Zeke Yeager

Gabi respected Zeke for being the Warchief of the Marley Warrior. She held him in high regard. However, she lost her respect for him when she learned that Zeke was among the main perpetrators behind the attack on Marley in Liberio. This information significantly severed the relationship between the two. 

Eren Yeager

Eren shifts the tides towards the end of the story, but this doesn’t change the fact that Gabi wants him dead. She has a burning desire to kill Eren for being the reason for her friend’s death. She hates her and is convinced that she’s purely evil. She managed to shoot Eren; however, this didn’t pan out the way she expected it to be. 

Sasha Blouse

While Sasha was seen to be the innocent and playful charmer, Gabi saw her as a murderer who killed two Liberio gat guards. This is mainly the reason why she fatally shoots Sasha—to avenge her peers. 


Kaya is Sasha’s sister. She didn’t do anything wrong to Gabi, but she initially hated her for being Eldian. She even tried to kill her twice. While Kaya knew that they were from Marley, she accepted Gabi and treated her as her friend. However, this all changed when she found out that Gabi had killed her sister. 

Gabi felt guilty for her previous actions. When Kaya needed saving from a Pure Titan, Gabi came to the rescue. Kaya immediately defends Gabi from the accusations of an Eldian soldier and mentions that she lives with them. They eventually manage to forgive each other.

Artur Blouse

Gabi Braun

Artur is Sasha’s father. Gabi initially hated him together with his family members because of their race but not for long. Even as an Eldian, she saw that Artur was extremely forgiving of her actions. He has no ill intention toward Gabi and is even willing to let go of the past. 

His reaction ultimately caught Gabi off-guard. She was shocked by his response, and this significantly influenced her view on Eldians. When she was hiding with Falco and Colt, she overhears Artur’s compliments on their skills and abilities as Marleyan Warrior Candidates.

She became emotional upon hearing this and was nearly brought to tears. She did not expect to hear those words from the father of a girl she ruthlessly murdered. 

Interesting Trivia Facts about Gabi

Gabi was Among the Best Warrior Candidates

She might not inherit one of the Nine Titan Powers, but Gabi was more than worthy to inherit the power. Unlike the other Warrior Candidates she trained with, she was relatively stronger despite her size. Udo, Zofia, and Falco pale in comparison with Gabi’s wit and determination. 

Her loyalty to Marley is unbelievable as she never questioned the information she was told about how Eldians treated the Marleyans. This made her an effective candidate, fueled by the genuine desire to kill all Eldians on Paradis Island. 

Two of Her Closest Friends Died before her Eyes

Willy Tybur was in the middle of his speech to expose the truth about the Great Titan War. However, Eren managed to transform into the Attack Titan, effectively killing him along with dozens of audiences. 

As the chaos ensued, Zofia was crushed by a boulder. On the other hand, Udo was trampled by the people running when he tried to save Zofia. Gabi was a witness to this horrific scene, causing her hatred for Eldians to grow significantly. 

She Shot Eren in the Neck, Severing His Head

During Marley’s invasion of Paradis Island, Eren and Zeke concocted a plan to get inside the coordinate. Before they successfully managed to do so, Gabi shot and decapitated Eren’s head, tearing it off of his body. 

Unfortunately, Zeke caught Eren’s head, and the two eventually met at the coordinate. This prompted the Rumbling. This only shows that Gabi is really a sharpshooter. 

She Became a *Titan*

Gabi AOT

You might be wondering if she really became a Titan Shifter and inherited the Armored Titan. Well, she didn’t! All the Eldians at Fort Salta who weren’t among the Nine Titan Powers turned into normal and abnormal Titans. That’s why Gabi turned into a Pure Titan, but not for long. 

The existence of Titans disappeared with the death of the Shining Centipede. This only means that Gabi and the rest of the Eldian race were finally free from the curse of transforming into Titans. 

Gabi AOT Guide: FAQs

Question: Why was Gabi Hated by the AOT Fandom? 

Answer: Many fans hated Gabi because she killed Sasha Blouse. Sasha’s death was rather unexpected and extremely tragic that many fans couldn’t believe it really happened. Though Gabi had personal motives for her actions, many still saw it as an unforgivable reaction. This is mainly 

Question: What is Gabi’s Race? 

Answer: Gabi is a true-blooded Eldian. However, she hates being part of the race and wishes to be accepted as an honorary Marleyan. She was brainwashed to believe that Eldians only harm the rest of the world and torture other races, especially the Marleyans. That’s why Gabi tries so hard to earn her spot as a Warrior Titan. 

Question: Where Does Gabi Live? 

Answer: While Gabi is a true-blooded Eldian, she was born and raised in Marley soil, specifically in Liberio’s internment zone. This is one of the reasons why she hates Eldians despite being one of them. She was surrounded by people who convinced her that she was a devil for having the ability to transform into a Titan. 
She even believed that all of the Eldians in Paradis Island deserved to die due to the atrocities their ancestors caused. 

Question: Is She a Warrior? 

Answer: No, Gabi is not yet a full-fledged Marleyan Warrior. The Warrior Unit is the chosen group of Eldian children to inherit one of the Titan Powers obtained by Marley after the Great Titan War, 
She is currently a Warrior Candidate, and among the best candidates, Marley ever had. Her mentality and loyalty are just some of the best traits that make her the perfect Warrior Candidate for the Marleyan Nation. She would obey any orders, and she is well-trained, outperforming most of her peers. 

Question: Did Her Perspective about the Eldians and Titans Change? 

Answer: Yes, she learned from her mistakes and was extremely apologetic for how she acted. She first arrived on Paradis Island with the desire to kill anyone who stood her way. However, she had a change of heart after meeting Kaya. She realized that it was not right to take her anger on innocent people. 
More importantly, she realized that people should merely judge anyone based on their race and accepted that she was wrong. Because of this, she teamed up with the Survey Corps members and fully redeemed herself. 

Final Thoughts: Gabi’s Flaws and Redemption 

The first time I watched Attack on Titan’s later seasons, I was always clenching my teeth. This sci-fi, action-thriller series definitely keeps you on your toes as to what happens next. This is probably the reason why four seasons later, fans are still hooked and fully anticipating its ending. 

I’m excited to see how the story will unfold and witness how characters like Gabi will meet their end. While she might not be around since the beginning like Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, she has definitely cemented her role in the story. More than anything, I’m looking forward to how the nearly-decade-long tale will end. 

It’s clearly sad and nostalgic to see the end of AOT, but I’m just really happy that Gabi redeemed herself. How about you? Do you like or hate Gabi? Whatever you feel towards her, I hope this guide opens your mind to her character in Attack on Titan. 

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