Attack on Titan Poster Ideas

Attack on Titan Poster Ideas

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Many take the empty walls as a challenge; our blank canvases need a personal touch, whether it is a luxurious loft or a dreary dorm. Like Posters! Be it gingerly placing one poster or many, we want to share our instinct in interior design as much as our good taste in culture. So, that Attack on Titan, right? How can I get a scenic slice of that show on my wall? 

It is a series full of inspiring figures, terrifying twists, and horrifying climaxes. A cultural phenomenon like this has oodles of choices when decorating your home, and you want to get started now. Thankfully, I have a meticulous eye for design and creation. I am also a rabid fan of Attack of Titan myself. 

I have watched very few shows that have better represented what it feels like to be in a situation where you would be laughed at for even thinking to hope for the next day to be bright. Levi Ackerman looks amazing dicing up Titans Julianne, sure, but what makes me adore him as a character is that he has to do it while carrying the weight of every lost soldier.

This is not something the series implies, it makes it abundantly clear that every soldier of the Survey Corps either eventually carries the weight of lost comrades on their shoulders or ends up being that weight in gruesome death.

I enjoy Attack on Titan not out of some masochistic need to terrify and depress myself, however. Hope can only be as powerful as the dismay it needs to defend against. A titanic obstacle requires an equally powerful soul to survive it physically and psychologically. It gives me the inspiration to move on through my own life’s chaos and keep my head up while doing so.

I had been waiting for the anime to reach the founding titan in order to collect posters to add to something I call an ‘inspiration wall’. Regardless of if you made the items on an inspiration wall or if they are merely scenes, images, or pieces of art that motivate you and fill you with determination; an inspiration wall does right what it says on the can.

I build myself inspiration walls to keep its energy fresh. So let me show you the posters that I found in my hunt for inspiration for the inspiration wall from one of the most inspiring anime I have ever enjoyed.

Best Bang For Buck Poster

The Gates of Paradis, could be placed in a gallery without contest, but without sacrificing any of the anime’s inherent style.

Out of all these posters, I feel this one is the most artistically pleasing without sacrificing any of the anime’s style or intensity. Even with the horrifying nature of Ymir’s titan form, it comes together in a tasteful piece that will suit any AoT fan’s household.

At the price of $15.99 this also makes it an incredible gift for that name or your list that is incredibly difficult to shop for but you at least know they like Attack on Titan. Maybe they just like horror and you need to low-key corrupt them in the name of Ymir. I will not judge your reasons for giving neat gifts.

The Inspiration Wall

What I Look For in an Attack on Titan Poster

Attack on Titan is a visually gripping show. It has a heavy Eastern European and German influence which should always be present. Attack on Titan also has a particular art style. So, any attempts to stylistically stray from the formula need to be thematically inspired to that same degree. 

AoT is heavily oriented on the action, rising up against impossible odds, and at its core, horror. I like a poster that stands out in the crowd of my, admittedly, manic inspiration walls.

This can be easily done with vivid, well-shaded colors or, in the case of minimalist posters, a strong contrast in colors that express the emotion of the piece as much as it does distinguish the individual parts included. Simply put, if you put Levi in a pickle-green cloak then I won’t consider it. Not all greens are Survey Corps green.

An AoT poster should pass the tried and true method of judging your own visual creations by taking one image and, without any further context, being able to tell where that character or background is from.

At the very least, a viewer should be able to recognize that style again if faced with a different character or location from the same series without mistaking them for being the same entity. AoT passes this on both fronts, so I look for a poster that similarly makes you freeze when in a pool of other images and go, ‘That is Attack on Titan. That is so epic I need to rewatch it as soon as I can.’

I write these because I am particular about my inspirations walls. Not because my standards are normal for anyone that doesn’t fantasize about being kidnapped by the fae.


Unless otherwise stated, all the posters mentioned are printed on Canvas material. Please keep a close eye on if there are size and framing options for the poster you are purchasing as this will affect its price.

I will say, after having gone through all these selections, while the ease might make it seem easy it is always more cost-effective to frame a poster yourself. These companies appear to generally charge upwards of $60 extra to frame it. For the same price, you can go to your closest art and framing store and get a frame that suits your needs to the letter.

1 – Titan Flakes

In the universe of Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman is presented as something of a celebrity. Coupled with the high-ranking members of the show being a bit obsessed with propaganda, you make for the perfect excuse to slap Ackerman on a cereal box. 

This is a parody poster that imagines a world where Levi was somehow forced to stand and pose for either a picture or a painting. Regardless, this mental image is as hilarious as the printed one. They also kept it in character, as Levi definitely doesn’t look like he is thrilled to be posing for this cereal box. 

AoT is a gruesome anime-only contested in horror by the emotional turmoil and lasting trauma brilliantly depicted in this series. We take down metaphorical titans differently than we take on physical ones. We must still cut them down, but our blades rip the negative energy from it rather than blood.

Sometimes, we do that by turning the monsters into marshmallows fortified with vitamin LEVI. The little details on this poster are what makes me love it the most, it even has a prize inside as only the best cereals provide.

I appreciate that this poster comes in multiple sites from the conventional 12×18 to the rather extreme 32×48. However, the framed options are just ridiculous with the larger being $82.99. With the unframed option being only $23 and the large options, which lack framed options, being at most $45, this is an outrageous price to ask. Levi would not approve of this price gouging.

2 – The Gates of Paradis

This poster evokes images of one of the famous representations of Dante’s Inferno, the Gates of Hell. Much like that piece, this poster gives a chaotic representation of the Titan Shifters, all circling the Founding Titan form of Ymir. At the same time, essential emblems and family crests mark its corners.

Its art style, in particular, is what makes me make the comparison. Attack on Titan is an anime about the horrors of war, trauma, and vengeance. In many ways, the titan shifters are demons to Ymir’s devil. A comparison is often made in the Anime between the two. 

However, like the Fallen Angel in many of its representations, Ymir is a tragic figure in the stories that followed, shaping a villain from a tragic fall. At least if you go by Paradis Lost. Given the island’s name in Attack on Titan, Paradis, I don’t think this comparison is without its roots. 

This poster’s design would work just as well, cast in bronze and adorning the gates of the Walls. In fact, I think it would look fantastic on your door if you are the type to affix a welcoming poster to the entrance of your bedroom.

This poster is only available in 12x18in but its price of $15.99 is very affordable given the detail and charm offered. This poster would find its home in both a high-concept loft as well as a more relaxed and chill den.

3 – Humanity’s Strongest Soldier

Levi Ackerman is my favorite character in Attack on Titan, so I am thankful his main adversary ended up being one of my favorite Titans. The Beast Titan is a powerful foe that gave Levi one of his most extraordinary scenes. At the same time, they both suffered incredible losses in the fight. Some are more temporary than others. 

This poster perfectly encapsulates the growing tension and coming battle. Throughout the series, Levi gains an immense hatred for the Beast Titan. Making their standoff a fitting poster next to Light vs. L, Spike vs. Vincent, and Edward vs. the Homonculus in a Flask.

Levi is seen dramatically covered in shadow with his swords and the Survey Corps symbols reflecting an inspiring blue as he faces a well-detailed valley with the massive Beast titan towering over him. This perspective makes the Beast Titan look all the more intimidating, but Levi’s pose shows nothing but determination and a burning desire to defeat this menace to his soldiers. 

This poster is offered in varying sizes. Prices vary from $12 for a 8x12in and $35 for a 24x36in.

4 – The Rumbling Cometh

I love the horror genre, and I definitely place Attack on Titan in the Horror Category. A long-form horror, but no one can tell me The Rumbling isn’t a masterclass in horror. I consider myself a villain connoisseur. A good monster is a fine art; it requires assorted passions. For varying reasons, The Rumbling is that. 

This is relatively new to the Anime; there aren’t many posters of it around. So I am very thankful I was able to find one that correctly represented the glorious terror that is finally coming to television. So this is the poster that honors its coming, whether we appreciate its footprint on anime history or not. I don’t CARE if it is too soon and animated people died; I’m funny.

This poster is only available in 16×24 at a reasonable $20. Canvas can be difficult to keep clean. While more colorful posters do better to hide the dust and grime, a minimalist poster like this can be more difficult. Should this be an issue based on location, consider buying a protective sleeve. Just keep its desired viewing angle in mind when doing so as this

One, Two, the Rumbling’s coming for you.

5 – Eat Like a Titan

Being a soldier in Attack on Titan is an incredibly heroic job. This poster shows precisely why, albeit an extreme example. The Colossal Titan is not only one of the most enormous beings in the series, but it is capable of letting off blood-boiling levels of heated steam. Which makes this scene all the more intense. 

I appreciate the use of the steam to create motion lines to give the scene a natural sense of movement and struggle. Having kicked off the horrors that plague the series by peeking over the massive walls as the tone drops like the soundtrack, the Colossal Titan deserves a spot for any wall highlighting the greatest villains and struggles in Anime.

The survey corps member fighting the titan is not the major focus, making it easy to project yourself into their OMD gear as you build up the determination to take on your real-life titans. I particularly love how much detail is put into the Colossal Titan’s face, as I always considered him to be one of the most beautifully terrifying designs. That stoic stare alone could boil the seas.

This is one of the most affordable posters on the list, but this is partly due to its size. It is a rather shockingly small 8x10ins which is no larger than your average piece of paper. It is fittingly priced at $9.90 but keep this in mind if you were expecting something bigger.

This will, however, be perfect for filling a more clustered inspiration wall or if you think your poster posse is missing a member in the corners thanks to a more asymmetrical hanging style.

6 – The Nine Titan-Shifters

The Nine Titan-Shifters are arguably the nine most essential characters in the series. While plenty are equally crucial to the narrative as members of this photo, their existence is one of the significant inciting incidents that start and progress the story.

This painting has a level of victorian grace, with a level of added horror thanks to the face split that gives us a look at both their Titan form and Human forms. Though this might be a problem for some, some of the Titan Shifters are not the wielders you might expect.

In the series, the Titan-Shifters always carry themselves with poise befitting a high-ranking specialty officer. A portrait honoring them should hold that same level of dignity and grace even while showing off their more demonic and twisted side.

I was looking for a poster that specifically highlighted the Nine Titan Shifters and this one offers the complete package by offering them all with none of them having a larger presence than the other. The level of care and detail that were given to both gives it the presence of a Victorian portrait that gives it a level of casual grace that lends itself equally to a casual bedroom as it does to a mahogany carved frame in a library that smells distinctly of varying leathers.

I appreciate the wide range of sizes offered. A small 8×12 is offered at $9.99 while a fireplace mantle worthy 32x48in is offered at $50.

7 – Eren Titan Transformation

The Attack Titan may not be the first Titan we see, but he is our first peek that there is more to these Titans than just mindless, hungry beasts. Eren’s Attack Titan transformation is featured heavily throughout the series and is an awe-inspiring sight. As Eren is our primary protagonist and of the Attack Titan posters, I found this was the most dynamic. 

When a poster encapsulates a scene or power that is as important to the story as Eren’s Transformation, I want one that holds an energy that will make me immediately think of the theme of the moment. A Super Saiyan Goku poster NEEDS to make me think of the theme that plays during a charge-up.

Eren transforming into his attack pose is no different. If anything, it needs to feel feral. It needs to feel like the closest breathing titan is going to get a punch delivered so heard they would have rathered a sledgehammer. This poster does that job beautifully.

This is another poster that offers frame options with its sizes. I do not suggest you buy this as the frames are outrageously overpriced for absolutely zero customization options a framing store will give you for around the same price. For example.

The 24x36in options at $23.99 without a frame. It is a staggeringly offensive $82.99 with a frame. I expect that frame has the appearance of finely crafted wood at that price. It is also available is 12x18in for an insanely affordable $8.

8 – The Iconic AoT Colossal Titan View

This image introduced many viewers to the world of Attack on Titan. This image mimics the moment in the first episode where the tone drastically shifts, and a young Eren watches the Colossal Titan in horror as he ruins the city’s defenses. Instead, an older Eren stares down the massive Titan Shifter, now uniformed in his new family’s gear.

The Eren in this image is young and hopeful, but no less full of the gumption than our later battle-hardened Eren. Maybe a little more full of positive hope, but this iconic image shows just how far the series has come. We are well beyond one lone massive titan staring over the wall while making both us as an audience and the scout of the Survey Corps as experts question everything we know.

I have fond memories of this image driving me to watch the latest season and, when my well of content dried up, plowed through the manga like Titans were at my feet.

It is hard to find an image that perfectly captures a series and everything you are in for, but for Attack on Titan I feel this is that image. If your room is one built on only the most iconic of scenes for your posters to honor your favorites, this one is the necessary pick. You can snag a 12x16in one for $12.77. YOu can also go for a slightly larger 16x20in for $18.77.

I personally wanted one that didn’t have the series logo blocking the amazing artwork on display. I really enjoy a well-crafted crumbling city. Should you rather, however, there are options available that include the series title in its iconic font.

9 – Survey Corps Emblem Tapestry


The Survey Corps is home to most, if not all, of your favorite characters, so it does them well to honor them. Going by how deadly the title of Survey Corps Soldier is, you might need to mourn their loss if they have survived Part 3. While this list probably made it obvious I prefer a more dynamic and colorful poster, this one meets all my specifications as a minimalist poster. 

The background color is one that is important in the universe. In this case, it is the green worn by the Survey Corps and is their central color. This gives the tapestry the illusion of being one of the fallen capes hung up on your wall in their honor.

It also succeeds in the symbol’s placement, as it is not too large nor too small, giving the tapestry the appearance of a flag to the Survey Corps. Someone wishing to take a photo of their AoT cosplay would also give that photo a very classy and professional touch by having those stretched in the background they are posing in front of. A venue would also be able to tastefully represent their appreciation of anime or AoT by hanging this up over the bar.

Tapestries are normally made of Polyester, such as this one. Polyester is easy to clean with the right solutions and stands up well under direct sunlight. It is thanks to this I often use Tapestries as either the centerpiece of a collage-style inspiration wall or, more commonly, I like placing them in my windows in place of curtains.

The sunlight will give the tapestry a gentle glow as the Polyester lets just the right amount of natural light into my room. This one is the perfect size for the average window at 60x51ins and it is far more affordable than your average curtain at $18.99

10 – Mikasa Contemplates, Titan Salivates

Mikasa is the OG tank of the series. Where Levi has the grace of a gazelle, Mikasa has that grace with a generous dash of ‘oh my Ymir, I thought the Titans were scary.’ She is a unique and engaging character and one with some of the most dynamic and epic scenes downing Titan.

Don’t be alarmed that Titan isn’t sneaking up on her. It is just recommended that you hop off of a dead Titan’s head as it is falling so it can land behind you as you strike an epic pose. Explosions are SO last season.

Mikasa is one of the series’ most inspiring characters. While Levi is shown to handle himself as a graceful super-soldier, Mikasa is a beast. Her rage can be more terrifying than a Titan attack. However, like all proper soldiers, Mikasa also holds grace and respect for the battlefield.

While she is more focused on keeping Erin and Armin alive, scout in Mikasa’s vicinity can be put at ease knowing she is near. That certainty makes her presence a requirement on a wall built for building up inspiration from such a motivating series. It wouldn’t have half that motivation without Mikasa.

This is the only wall scroll on this list, but I felt it necessary to include at least one as I find them a nice way to break up the monotony of repeated posters. Wall Scrolls like this one are much longer vertically than they are horizontal. This one is 16x23in, as an example. A wall scroll such as this is useful for decorating smaller walls such as those found in alcoves and bathroom counters. This is an affordable option at $15.


Question: How do I keep my Attack on Titan poster looking pristine?

Answer: Besides following the hanging guide above and avoiding doing anything that might damage your poster, there are products such as poster sleeves that you can use to protect your posters. 
Another factor to poster health is environmental. For example, dust can gradually chip at the detail of your poster. At the same time, direct sunlight will gradually cause your poster to become sun-damaged. Thus creating a washed-out look that you will either hate or, if odd like me, think adds to the energy of your room.

Question: Is it out of fashion to use posters for Anime like Attack on Titan to decorate my home?

Answer: Definitely not. A good practice for mental health is to only concern yourself with how the items you use to decorate your living space affect you. The effect might be minuscule and gradual, but every piece of paraphernalia or poster you place on your walls that inspires you or brings you joy will greatly affect your personal energy. 
The only thing out of fashion these days is placing what other people think above your personal preferences rather than that being far below what your personal preferences do for you.

Question: Is there any way that I can feel the rush of slaying Titans while my favorite Attack on Titan scene stares down from my wall?

Answer: Why, yes! There are several Attack on Titan games out there. Personally, I suggest the Attack on Quest or Attack on Titan VR: S games available for Quest 2 users using SideQuest. The games for the console and PC are incredibly engaging, but I have to vote for the one that made ‘Are you the prey or are you the hunter?’ my new war cry.

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