Best Attack on Titan Statues Guide

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Anime Statues and Figures have long been the next step in flaunting your favorite series. These collectibles tend to be more costly, but in exchange, they have the quality and detail to suit art pieces as opposed to action figures or posters.

There are many to choose from, particularly when a popular show like Attack on Titan is involved. Attack on Titan is an action-oriented anime that heavily borders the line of horror, which is why I like it so much. The soldiers of the Survey Corps act as endless inspiration, showing the need to carry on in the face of terror and adversity. 

It is an anime full of set pieces and characters worthy of decorating your home. The Titans, in particular, lend themselves to a jaw-dropping centerpiece on your shelves. In addition, the series has a massive fanbase, leading to a similarly extensive amount of statues and figures to choose from. 

Why worry about searching countless websites for that picture-perfect statue when this article exists? Instead, I have focused on statues and figures that show high quality and detail. I adore decorating my home with countless pieces of artistic inspiration, so I know exactly what I am looking for in an anime figure.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Levi Figure

At a reasonable $42, the Levi ArtFX Statue is the best bang for your buck for an Attack on titan figure. It expresses the action-packed chaos of the series well while personifying Levi’s tenacious abilities perfectly. 

Top Picks at a Glance

The price of an anime statue is highly reliant on its material. Therefore, to account for your wallet, I have separated my selections between the more budget-friendly Vinyl and the more lavish Resin.


  • Levi ArtFX Statue – Levi is my favorite character in the series, so he gets the most coverage on this list. Him in a battle pose, ready to take out a mass of Titans, exemplifies who he is in the anime. A no-nonsense powerhouse. 
  • Colossal Titan Vinyl Youtooz – This vinyl figure is an adorable representation of the Colossal titan’s greatest crime. Admittedly, I just love cute things. Even when it comes to anime about a horrific war between man and mountainous beast. 
  • Annie Leonhart Crystal Figure – A Vinyl Annie Leonhart frozen in a crystal shard. Of all the statues I cam across this one is certainly the most unique, looking equal parts jewelry and anime figure.

Selection Criteria

There is an art to find the right anime statue. Many figures need to look right, thanks to the meticulous placement of faces and colors required. Unfortunately, far too many figures I have come across have misaligned faces. Worse, some look like they got their feet stuck in a pulley. 

Not to mention all the reviews to scour through and price points to gauge.  To avoid too much favoritism, I searched for a diverse set of statues representing many cast members. By that, I did my best to prevent flooding this list with Levi Ackerman and the Beast Titan.


A good anime figure must feel like it just jumped out of the screen. With the right colors and detail to make it look less like a statue and more like a three-dimensional animation cell. While this can be somewhat hard to pull off, thanks to the anime’s unique style, it pays to be stringent, given the amount you might be dropping for these figures. 


Just how much these figures cost will be the first step in figuring out what type of statue you want. For this reason, I made sure to pick statues that cross the spectrum. I gathered more statues of a reasonable budget, but I made sure to grab some higher-priced statues for those looking for something with a bit more detailed oomph.


The average anime figure that can be considered a statue stands at 5 inches or taller. With the exception of the resin figures, I aimed to get figures that were large enough to stand out on the average viewing shelf. While the tiny figures found in little loot boxes or for cheap are nice, but will hardly pop when put next to your other coveted anime statues.

Resin vs Vinyl

Anime figures and statues typically come in either Vinyl or Resin. Knowing the difference can save you money or get you that high-quality build you have been looking for. Vinyl is what you are likely looking for if buying figures on a budget.

With some exceptions, these figures get priced under $100. Meanwhile, Resin tends to be well over $100. However, their molds allow for far more detail. Thanks to how difficult Resin is to mold compared to Vinyl, their statues often are made in limited runs. So the longer you hold off on them, the more difficult it is to track them down. 



Vinyl figures might not have quite the oomph of the Resin figures, but they make an excellent collectible for their price. If a character gained any manner of acclaim from a show, there is likely a Vinyl figure out there somewhere. So should you not see your favorite character on this list, do not despair. They are out there.

1. Levi ArtFX Statue

Levi ArtFX Statue

Levi Ackerman is one of the golden boys of Attack on Titan. He is also my favorite character. Humanity’s strongest soldier makes a perfect addition to any shelf or surface needing a solid presence in a small form. 

Naturally, I wanted to find one that showed off Levi’s battle prowess and gave a bit of action to whatever surface he’d be decorating. Levi is set in the perfect action pose to play off one of your more horrifying or monstrous figures. 

Some of the best figures are battle-damaged. As opposed to being damaged, battle-damaged means the sculpture looks like Levi just got out of a tight match. For example, this statue is spattered with blood and scrapes, with his damaged cloak flowing in an unfelt breeze. We don’t judge here in our decorating, but we do judge detail. 

Even better, the stand is a details spot of Earth rather than a simple black square. 

This Levi statue is impressively battered with detail, given its modest $43 price tag. Although figures in this price range tend to lack the same oomph as their more expensive counterparts, this figure remains strong.  

2. Colossal Titan Vinyl Youtooz

Colossal Titan Vinyl Figure,
A face you can trust, totally.

One of Attack on Titan’s most striking scenes happens in the first episode. The Colossal Titan appears from nowhere and kicks a massive hole into the Wall Maria. The only this separating the city of Shiganshina from the feral titans. 

The Fall of Wall Maria is a particularly horrifying scene, which has been turned into an adorable figure. Even the usually morose Colossal Titan looks happy to be here. Youtooz is a company similar to Funko but focuses more on keeping the feel of the character they are portraying. In this case, the Colossal Titan is given a piece of Wall Maria, eternally prepared to kick a hole into it. 

They even include the steam the Colossal Titan is known to exude. This figure is cute and chibi without sacrificing much detail. His little leg is even pulled back, inches away from clearing a massive hole in the gate for feral Titans to rush in. 

Not to mention $34 for this five-inch figure is an absolute steal for what you’re getting. 

3. Crouching Attack Titan 

Crouching Attack Titan 
Crouching Titan, Hidden Eren

Sometimes you need a more sensibly sized statue for that half-foot-sized space in your home. This 6” tall Attack Titan will fit right at home in a little cubby, on a stack of books, or protecting all your other treasured figures from the cat. 

I like figures that can stand on their own without a bit of plastic under them, particularly with figures this detailed. Thankfully, the Attack Titan is modeled in a stable crouching form, meaning Eren won’t be easily knocked over. 

Best of all, Attack Titan’s details are just correct. It could be easy to think the Attack Titan’s design was so simple it would be impossible to mess up, but that is the trick of its design. The muscle lines and detail are such that it genuinely looks like Eren’s skin is being tugged taught over bulging muscles. 

The figure sells for a reasonable $72, but a cheaper version can be found. It should be noted that the review for these cheaper models all state that while the figure appeared just fine, it comes without its original box. This might be a deal breaker for some collectors, so always check the reviews when buying figures or statues as a collector.  

4. Cleaning Levi Banpresto

Cleaning Levi Banpresto

Levi Ackerman is a fan favorite, thanks to the many layers of his character. One of those layers is his determined need for cleanliness. This led to a beloved variant of Levi’s outfit, where he wears a bandana on his hair to keep it from getting dusty. The same care is given to his lungs with a face mask. 

The Cleaning Levi statue would make an excellent addition to your cleaning closet, giving it more flair than just your average brooms and cleaning supplies. Better yet, place the cleaning Levi anywhere, and you might find yourself keeping your living area clean for fear of Levi’s judgmental gaze. 

I adore this figure thanks to its contrast to the series it comes from. Track on titan is a terrifying, action-packed Anime. So a figure based on one of the lighter, comedic moments is quite refreshing. This 6.5-inch figure won’t clean you out either, costing around $59. Given the amount of detail on display, that is an outstanding deal. 

5. Mikasa Ackerman ArtFX J Statue

Mikasa Ackerman ArtFX J Statue

Mikasa is considered by many Attack on Titan fans to be the series’ best girl. Matching Levi in ferocity against a Titan, her Titan kill count is only dwarfed by Levi, thanks to time and experience. Give her a bit more time, and she surely would reach triple digits in no time. Especially if she is pissed. 

Of course, as one of the show’s leading G.O.A.T.s, she would have a glorious figure made of her. The best girls and waifus of anime always get their figures. Half of the collectors focus on getting their favorite female characters in their collection. 

As such, the finest Mikasa figure needed to be hunted down for this list. She lands on a tree branch, eyes locked on an unseen target as she readies her blades for a precision strike. The detail in the ODM gear is particularly on point, with the pulleys and air compressors visible on her hips.

A downside can be seen in its price. Although the most expensive Vinyl figure on this list at about $150, it is made up for by both the detail of this figure and the fact it is twice the size of the average Vinyl on this list. 

6. Annie Leonhart Crystal Figure

Annie Leonhart Crystal Figure

Annie Leonhart is a brutal fighter and an even better tactician. For this reason, she encased herself in a crystalline structure better known as ‘Titan Hardening’. Being a crafty warrior, she knew that capture could mean interrogation and torture. 

This inspired one of the most unique figures I have found. Annie is encased in a perfect replication of this scene. Down to the logs holding the crystal up. She is left in a state of serene sleep until Eren calls for the Rumbling. This is one of the most unique figures I have come across. The crystal gives it a noticeable presence that is perfect for any coffee table. Possibly a paperweight, thanks to how stable the support stand is. 

This figure will be costly, however. This attention to detail and this unique piece of the Attack on Titan anime will set you back $125. Rather pricy for a 4” tall figure, but with how unusual it is, I believe it will be one of your finest pieces.


The resin statues might seem out of reach, thanks to the price point, but their quality is unmatched. Resin Statues make up for their price by being heavily detailed, often looking like the characters have lept from the page onto your viewing platform.

7. Female Titan Giant Studio

Female Titan Giant Studio

One of the first Titans to become a constant, direct menace to the Scouts. The Female Titan is our first view of how wily Titans can be. While not our first sight of, what we soon learn, is a Titan Shifter, the Female Titan is our first sight of a Titan outside of Eren being smart enough to cover the back of their neck.

This particular figure depicts a scene where the Scouts finally begin to be able to contend with her. Sadly, not as well as the Scouts would hope. Casualties are soon to come, but at least they managed to pelt her body with spikes to try to take her down.

This Figure is incredibly impressively detailed, with the stand including the buildings she is pulling down with her failing restraints. It even has the steam familiar to a healing Titan Shifter billowing around here. 

This statue is 15 inches and is the cheapest of the resin figures on this list at $335.

8. Beast Titan Giant Studio

Beast Titan Giant Studio

The Beast Titan quickly shapes up to be the most dangerous of the Titan Shifters, pitching rocks from afar to completely devastate a group of scouts. This statue has his left hand gripping a large boulder, just waiting to crush it and fling it across the battlefield. 

Much like the Female Titan, smoke is billowing around the figure, alluding to a recent transformation or some damage needing healing. Further, thanks to the Beast Titan’s ability to lead and control the feral titans, this Figure includes three feral titans, all dwarfed by the immense size of the Beast Titan.

The fur on a figure is hard to get right, but this Beast Titan statue has done a marvelous job of looking like the gorilla-inspired Beast Titan’s short mangey fur. Even better, this statue includes LEDs, allowing the fire of the burning tower the Beast Titan is stepping over to act as a night light or noticeable centerpiece. 

This glorious figure will set you back a moderately reasonable $400. Still, at 16 inches, it will make every use of the space you put it in.  

9. 2ft Colossal Titan with LED

2ft Colossal Titan with LED

We are back at Wall Maria, only the Colossal Titan isn’t so cute and precious this time. This statue is the most detailed of all the figures on the list. 

The Colossal Titan’s knee crashes through the wall sending rubble to the houses below. Massive bubbles of dust and soot rise up closest to the wall. An enormous hole stands for a dwarfed Attack Titan to stare down as four Feral Titans rush for the hole from between the Colossal Titan’s feet.

The detail doesn’t stop there. Three Scout soldiers fly around the statue using their OMD gear, doing their best to avoid the boiling steam radiating off him. 

This Colossal Titan is, fittingly, the largest statue on this list. It stands an impressive 24 inches, towering well over any other Attack on Titan figure you purchase. As it should be. The slight headache is the price. Few fans can justify dropping nearly $800 on an anime statue. However, choosing to forego the LED options will knock it down to a more reasonable $700.

10. Levi vs. Beast Titan Kitsune Statue

Levi vs. Beast Titan Kitsune Statue

While not as detailed as the previous Colossal Titan due to its scale, this statue doesn’t snub the owner of glorious detail.  As the series continues, Levi eventually becomes the principal rival of the Beast Titan. Levi has a determined hatred about him thanks to the utter devastation the Beast Titan made of the regimen sent to distract him. 

This leads us to the scene this figure depicts. After sneaking up on the Beast Titan, Levi chops his fingers like a trained chef. Using both momentum and his blades to climb up his enemy’s arm. One of Levi’s signature moves.  Blood connects the parts as they explode apart from Levi’s blades’ quick and steady aim, creating a dramatic flair of dust and air around the massive injury. 

The Beast Titan is only partially visible, however. Only the hand and some of the arm Levi is slicing his way up are included in this statue. It also appears to come with two different heads. The pictures show Levi’s utterly enraged expression and a more stoic, no-nonsense look.

Unfortunately, this is the most expensive of the statues and figures I have found. At a jaw-dropping $1300, you must be sure you want this 17-inch figure. 

Best Attack on Titan Statues Guide: FAQs

Question: What is the Difference Between Vinyl and Resin?

Answer: Vinyl is a cheaper-to-manufacture, harder-to-break material most often used for toys and figures. Using Funko as an example, it is a well-known company that can keep its prices low thanks to the accessibility and ease of manufacturing Vinyl allows. Resin, however, is more expensive to mold and manufacture while allowing for higher levels of detail. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of durability, as a resin statue will chip or break easier than a vinyl one.

Question: When Will the Final Part of Attack on Titan be Released?

Answer: Sadly, the exact date of Attack on Titan’s final part has not yet been disclosed. We do know it will come out sometime in 2023. Going by the previously released seasons, the series should air its final part sometime between January and July 2023.

Question: What are the Best Websites to Hunt for Anime Statues and Figures?

Answer: The website with the most options across various anime is, of course, Amazon. However, I found very few resin statues there. To find these, websites such as Sugo Toys, Crunchy Roll, or DaWeebStop.

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