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There’s just so much to love about Attack on Titan, from the extensive world-building, interesting character arcs, and seemingly grey reality the story runs on. That’s why it is no secret that both manga and anime have attracted thousands of fans across the globe. Whether you’ve joined the bandwagon or have been a fan in its early years, you’d agree that it’s hard to pick a favorite character. 

And, of course, Pieck Finger is undoubtedly among your top picks. While the Cart Titan didn’t share the same popularity as the rest of the Titan Powers, its inheritor, Pieck Finger, was definitely among the most popular characters in the manga. 

Her backstory and the character design are filled with some of the most genius details one could hope for. Are you excited to know more about the Pieck Finger? If you do, this article is perfect for you! Read on to learn more exciting facts about the only quadrupedal Titan in the group.

Bottom Line Up Front

Pieck Finger is part of Marley’s Warrior Unit. Despite being an Honorary Marleyan, Pieck advocates for peace and reparation of Eldian Rights. She wants to end the war through civic means and is willing to set aside her emotions for everyone’s sake. 

As the inheritor of the Cart Titan, she has proven herself extremely useful in combat. She might not have the same explosive attacks and hardening abilities as the other Titan Shifters. Still, she offers so much more to the table. Her wits and intellect to quickly deduce things are impeccable. She is known to have the abilities such as speed, enhanced strength, fluent communication, transformation endurance, and quadrupedal form. 

Who is Pieck Finger?

Pieck is a short young Eldian woman who swore allegiance to the nation of Marley. As an Eldian in Marley, she was obliged to wear an Eldian armband on her left arm. She also sports a white blouse and a long trench coat paired with a skirt that goes down to her ankles. 

At first glance, you will notice nothing different with Pieck’s features and personality. However, she had a challenging childhood that she developed aloofness to the people surrounding her. Her childhood also motivated her to be part of the Marley Warrior Unit. During her training, she showed promising signs of foresight and wit. That’s why she was chosen to inherit the Cart Titan. 

Being the Cart Titan almost came second nature for Pieck. You can even see her walking in her four limbs in her human form. Interestingly, she almost lost the ability to walk upright after spending two months walking in four limbs. 

Aside from her powers as the Cart Titan, Pieck is exceptionally skilled and intelligent among the warrior candidates in her batch. You can quickly notice her eccentric and easy-going interaction among her peers. She has a natural knack for deciphering cues and knowing the enemies’ next steps. 

Pieck is deeply motivated to help anyone end the misery of the Eldians, be it with the help of the Marley nation or even without it. She has strong hopes that her people will not face persecution and attain the freedom they long deserve. She also strongly relates to the inhabitants of Paradis Island, unlike the rest of the Warrior Unit. 

Pieck Finger: Appearance, Personality, Quotes, and More


Human form

Pieck Finger has almost male-like facial features. She has a Greek nose and relaxed dark brown eyes that stare through your soul. Despite her short stature, she knows how to look powerful and respectable. In her younger year, she wore her hair in a ponytail. Now, she keeps her black hair in an unkempt mess as it falls on her shoulders. 

Typically, you will see her in her Warrior uniform. Still, there was a scene where she wore a stolen Survey Corps uniform to infiltrate the enemy’s base. 

Cart Titan form

Pieck’s Cart Titan is the shortest among all the nine Titan Powers. It stands four meters tall while on four limbs. As a quadrupedal, her torso is intentionally long and flat. This physical attribute allows her to easily carry and bring different weapons and materials on her back. 

Aside from that, she also has a long peculiar face bearing full lips and a massive nose. Her enormous mouth and lips extend from ear to ear. Just like her human form, the Cart Titan also sports a messy but tiny forehead. Its long face offers maximum customization for armor, jaws, and war mechanisms to be crafted and strapped to it; this is normal wear for the Cart Titan when it is in action.

One thing you might also notice is how the Cart Titan’s features aren’t distinctly feminine. Well, there might be a good story behind that.  


Pieck is an understanding and kind person. Throughout the story, she has consistently shown her soft, sweet side to her comrades. There’s no question about her high intellectual capacity; she is always first to deduce things, and Zeke has highlighted that this happens quite often. 

Because she is constantly in her Titan form, she has developed a habit of walking on all four limbs, even in his human form. Many people have even witnessed her quadrupedal walk. In her defense, she feels more natural walking this way rather than walking upright with the aid of a crutch. 

Pieck had developed a deep sense of loyalty towards Marley even when she was just a little girl. She has always been determined to end the war and live peacefully with his father. Most importantly, she shows a valid concern for the future of the Eldian race, reiterating that the world sees them as a threat and wants their existence eliminated. 


Pieck Finger has gained a considerable fan base, and it’s no surprise as to why. She immediately becomes one of the most beloved warriors when properly introduced in the story. Her intelligence clearly shows how she uses her power to influence and inspire others. She is very clever in telling anecdotes and poignant messages, such as: 

“There’s no need to panic. This battlefield is under our control now. We’re closing in on all our enemies.”

“Even if the plan to retake the founder succeeds, I don’t think that’ll be enough to overcome the world’s historic & worsening hatred of the Eldians.”

“Commander, I remember now. The marleyan soldier who led the warrior unit & trapped me & Galliard in that hole. I saw that soldier three years ago.”

“I don’t trust Marley. I pray that Eldians will be freed. But I do trust those who’ve fought beside me!”

“I hate to say it, but you’re right. General Magath left us with one final order, though. He said to work together, to do what must be done.”

“We are subjects of Ymir. That is our one inescapable truth. Whatever we might say we are, we are people who can become titans.”

“I became a warrior so that my father, the only person I can call family, could receive proper medical care.”

Which are your favorite quotes from Pieck? Well, whatever it may be, it sure has expressed her personality and deepest desires. 



Everyone is in awe of Pieck’s ability to decipher clues and create different strategies. She can even be likened to Armin in using her intellectual ability. Her fellow Warriors and the rest of the Marleyan military never cease to be amazed by her quick wits and careful planning. 

She has proven to solve the most difficult situations and quickly deduce the different consequences that may arise according to the facts present. So, no matter what the problem may be, she is always in the right state of mind to make appropriate decisions. Because of this skill, she was chosen by the Marleyan military to inherit the Cart Titan.  

Power of the Titans

Because Pieck was chosen to inherit the art Titan (車力の巨人 Shariki no Kyojin), she can transform into a Titan Shifter. The Cart Titan, which she controls, has the following powers: 


Pieck’s Cart Titan was extremely fast, even faster than the Jaw Titan on several occasions. She successfully retakes Zeke’s distraught titan form safely during a mission to regain the Founding Titan. This happened in the Battle of Shinganshina. Pieck quickly thought of a strategy to capitalize on her speed as she safely escaped from the enemies. Her immense speed even impressed Levi and Hange. 

Enhanced Strength

Don’t be fooled by the Cart Titan’s size because it possesses physical strength parallel to the other Titan Shifters. It can carry massive pieces of equipment and weapons without wearing out. On occasion, it even acted as a carrier mule to bring in the Panzera Artillery unit. 

Fluent Communication

What Pieck’s Cart Titan lack in size, it compensates with incredibly practical skills. The Cart Titan is among the few Titan Shifters who are capable of fluent speech and communication without having to worry about their Titan form. You can see how Pieck communicates with Zeke and her peers in the Return to Shinganshina arc. 

Ymir and Zeke are among the only Titan Shifters who possess the ability to talk and communicate fluently in their Titan form. 

Titan Transformation Endurance 

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Most Titan Shifters cannot stay in their Titan form for long hours because of the risk of absorption. However, Pieck’s Cart Titan is different. She can remain in her Titan form for extended periods, even as long as two months. More than anything, she can quickly perform hundreds of consecutive transformations without the needed rest. 

Her Titan transformation endurance allows her to be the best candidate for long-term tactical operation. Despite her endurance, she has the weakest defenses among the Nine Titan Shifters. She cannot quickly regenerate and recover when wounded and damaged in combat. So, it needs special armor to up its protection. 

Quadrupedal Form

The ability to walk on four limbs was the main reason why the Cart Titan was named as such. It serves and acts as a cart or carrier, exhibiting a quadrupedal form. Using its four limbs, it can crawl and move swiftly in different terrains and environments. 

Because of using this ability for prolonged periods, Pieck faces different side effects, one of which is forgetting how to walk upright in a usual way. That’s why she can be occasionally seen crawling around or wearing crutches to aid her mobility.  

Her quadrupedal ability proved to be helpful in combat as she can be an incredible support. She can carry military supplies and troops during battles without any hassle. It was also used as a mobile gunnery platform that holds various weapons, including machine gun turrets, artillery cannons, and even Warriors. 

The Cart Titan can be seen in the Great Titan War, as well as the Battle of Shiganshina and the Marley Mid-East War bringing in troops and goods to aid the Warrior Unit. 

Interesting Trivia Facts about Pieck

She Forgets How to Walk Upright

Walking is an innate human skill; it’s akin to riding a bike. You’ll easily pick it up once you try again. However, Pieck might be on a new level when it comes to walking upright. Sometimes, she finds it hard to walk with her two legs that she uses all her limbs. 

Because of long exposures in her Cart Titan form, she rarely gets to walk with her two feet and legs. That’s why she tends to forget how to walk upright. She even mentioned that walking in a quadrupedal form feels more natural. As a result, she either crawls on four limbs to move around or uses crutches and regains her muscle memory to walk up straight. 

Pieck Did Not Join Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, And Marcel When They Went To Paradis

Training alongside Reiner, Annie, Zeke, and the rest of the Marleyan Warrior Unit, it is expected to join on the mission to regain the Founding Titan. However, Pieck didn’t go with the rest of the team to Paradis Island. This is mainly because of the Marleyan Government’s strategy. They decided to keep their strongest and weakest links in terms of several factors. Because of this, Zeke and Pieck didn’t join the infiltration mission.  

She Serves Marley to Promote the Eldian’s Rights

Pieck is a grey character; she is the only person who equally understands and respects the ideals and visions of Marleyans and Eldians. Despite that she became a Marleyan Warrior herself, she longs to see a day where Eldians receive the same kind of freedom as everyone else. 

She leveraged her intelligence and abilities to show that Eldians are capable human beings and not mere second-class citizens. She is even willing to forego the military efforts to end the war with peaceful resolutions. 

She Strived to Be A Warrior for Her Father

Many Warrior candidates want to achieve prestige and glory to serve the nation of Marley, but not Pieck Finger. From the very start of the training, she strived to be part of the candidate roster for her father. 

Pieck’s father was extremely ill, and she was left to her own devices for her father’s care. As a young kid in Marley, this is almost impossible to do. Her family didn’t have access to her father’s proper health care and treatment. That’s why Pieck decided to sacrifice her life and join the Warrior Unit for his father to receive the proper medical attention — this privilege was only given to Honorary Marleyan citizens. 

She Grew Up Without a Mother

It’s no surprise that almost every character in Attack on Titan has a dark past, and it’s no different with Pieck. She lost her mother very early in her childhood and mentioned that she almost forgot what it’s like to have a mom around. Growing up without a mother, she was always treated as a pariah in Marley. 

Pieck’s Original Design Was an Older Man

Many kept wondering why Pieck’s Cart Titan did not resemble any feminine features. It’s mainly because of the manga creator’s initial plan. Hajime Isayama thought of and planned to make the inheritor of the Cart Titan a middle-aged man named Oliver Pieck. However, the editors talked him into it and changed the character design to what we know now.

Fans even keep speculating that the inheritor of the Cart Titan is a man. They were even surprised to know that the Cart Titan’s inheritor is a quiet and feeble-looking young girl. So, has the character design change worked out? Well, if the Pieck Finger idea was scrapped, I guess the Cart Titan wouldn’t be as nuanced and loved as a character. Anyway, that’s just my two cents because I love Pieck’s nature! 


Question: How old is Pieck?

Answer: Pieck’s actual age was never mentioned in the series. So, the only thing we can base it off on is her peers’ age. Both Reiner and Bertholdt were 17 during their mission to infiltrate Paradis Island. However, Annie is only 16 years old at that time. Given that four years have passed since then, Pieck Finger is approximately 20 to 21 years old. Her birthday falls on August 5th. 

Question: How long does Pieck have to live?

Answer: Just like every inheritor of the Titan Shifter, Pieck will only have 13 years to live after she inherited the Cart Titan. After this time, she will be brought face to face with death. Unfortunately, she only has nine or ten more years to live — a harsh truth that comes with being a Titan Shifter. 

Question: How Tall is Pieck? 

Answer: Pieck is the shortest member in their batch of Warrior Candidates. She only stands 5’1” or 151 cm. However, her height doesn’t get in the way of how she takes an active role in doing incredible things. Interestingly, her Titan Power is also the shortest among the nine. 

Question: Is Pieck Finger attractive?

Answer: Many fans love Pieck Finger not only because of her personality but her looks as well. She is considered one of the most attractive characters in AOT. Her simple eyes and sweet smile turn out to be the reason why many fans adore her, especially after her anime debut. 

Pieck Finger Guide: Bottom line

Pieck Finger is one of my favorite characters in Attack on Titan. Her ideals are poignant and principled. She always stands up for what she wants and does this while considering the rest of her peers. She is the most likable member of the group because of her easy-going and kind nature. 

As the Cart Titan, she delivers her best in being the support in her unit. So, you can never underestimate her role and ability when the going gets tough. She’s always willing to go the extra mile to help her people. That’s why I’m rooting for her. 

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