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Cart Titan Guide

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If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan or just recently binged watched the entire show, you probably have a favorite among the nine Titan powers. So, what’s your top pick? Is it the enormous Colossal Titan who stands taller than the rest of the Titans or the Female Titan, who possesses the powers of all the nine Titans? While the Nine Titans are among the most powerful characters in Attack on Titan, they’re rarely seen in the different arcs.

You can only see the Nine Titans during action-packed scenes; they seldomly appear interacting with each other. Compared to the Colossal, Armored, Beast, and Attack Titan, the Cart Titan didn’t share the same spotlight with most of the Titans. Despite its ubiquitous size, it exudes limitless capabilities like any other Titan Power.

Among the rest of the Titans, The Cart Titan (車力の巨人 Shariki no Kyojin) was the only quadrupedal form exhibiting devastating speed and endurance. It is also the shortest among the Nine Titan powers, measuring only 4 meters tall. Are you interested to know more about the Cart Titan? If you do, this blog is perfect for you! Read on to learn more exciting facts about the only quadrupedal Titan in the group.

Who is the Inheritor of Cart Titan?

Pieck Finger

Unlike the other Titan powers, there is only one known inheritor of the Cart Titan. She is Pieck Finger, a short young woman with long, unkempt black hair. Pieck usually wears a white blouse, a long trench coat paired with a skirt that goes down to her ankles.

She wears an Eldian armband on her left arm—this is required by the Marley Government. Spending nearly two months walking in four limbs, she lost the ability to walk upright and has been using a crutch. In some cases, she is seen walking like her quadrupedal Titan form as it feels more natural for her.

More than being the Inheritor of the Cart Titan, Pieck is also among the intelligent warrior candidates in her batch. She is fast to decipher cues, making her a valuable asset for the unit. She is also quite eccentric and easy-going, and most of her members usually have fun around her.

Despite being Eldian by blood, she has shown strong affinity and loyalty towards Marley. Deep down, she wishes that her people will not face persecution and will attain the freedom they long deserve. Unlike the rest of the Warrior unit, she doesn’t display much hatred and anger towards the inhabitants of Paradis Island too.

Pieck and Cart Titan Quotes

While the Cart Titan isn’t a crowd favorite among the Nine Titans, Pieck, its inheritor throughout the anime and manga, has become one of the most beloved warriors when she was properly introduced. She offered a lot of great quotes worth looking back on. Here are a few quotes you should know:

“There’s no need to panic. This battlefield is under our control now. We’re closing in on all our enemies.”

“Even if the plan to retake the founder succeeds, I don’t think that’ll be enough to overcome the world’s historic & worsening hatred of the Eldians.”

“Commander, I remember now. The marleyan soldier who led the warrior unit & trapped me & Galliard in that hole. I saw that soldier three years ago.”

“I don’t trust Marley. I pray that Eldians will be freed. But I do trust those who’ve fought beside me!”

“I hate to say it but you’re right. General Magath left us with one final order, though. He said to work together, to do what must be done.”

“We are subjects of Ymir. That is our one inescapable truth. Whatever we might say we are, we are people who can become titans.”

“I became a warrior so that my father, the only person I can call family, could receive proper medical care.”

These words manifest Pieck’s personality; it even expresses her underlying motivations. All these words help shape her character as the inheritor of the Cart Titan.

Cart Titan: Power and Abilities



Pieck is innately intelligent and has prover herself among the rest of her peers. She can quickly deduce various consequences depending on the facts presented to her. She is also regarded as a person capable to make appropriate decisions under pressure. This ability allowed her to be perfect in performing her role as the Cart Titan.


Cart Titan is known for its incredible speed like the Jaw Titan. In the Mission to regain the Founding Titan in the Battle of Shinganshina, the Cart Titan was able to successfully retake Zeke from his distraught Beast Titan form. Pieck’s quick wits coupled with immense speed allowed her to safely escape from the enemies. She even managed to impress Levi and Hange with her speed.

Enhanced Strength

Despite its small stature, the Cart Titan possesses strength stronger than any Pure Titan. Due to her unique appearance, she is used as a carrier mule to bring barrels and crates across her Titan’s back.

Fluent Communication


While lacking in size, Pieck’s Cart Titan is among the few Titans who are capable of fluent speech without causing any issues in her Titan form. This is extremely evident in the Return to Shiganshina arc when she helped Zeke and Reiner from the Survey Corps. While this is a unique ability, the Cart Titan shares this with Ymir and Zeke.

Titan Transformation Endurance

While most Titan Powers cannot stay in their Titan form for extended periods for the risk of absorption, Pieck can remain in this form for extremely long periods. It is thanks to the Cart Titan’s transformation endurance. Aside from her endurance, the Cart Titan can perform hundreds of consecutive transformations without getting exhausted.

Without needing to take longer rests, the Cart Titan is ideal in long-term tactical operations, but it has the weakest defenses than the other Nine Titans. It has been critically damaged during battles. One major drawback is its regenerative speed; it cannot recover quickly, requiring relatively long periods to heal wounds received in combat.

Quadrupedal Form

Eponymous to its purpose, the Cart Titan exhibits a quadrupedal form. It uses all form limbs to crawl and move from its surroundings. As a side-effect to inheriting the Cart Titan, one may forget to walk normally. Pieck was often seen crawling around or wearing crutches to aid her walk.

Aside from its adept combat abilities, the Cart Titan is also well-equipped to carry military supplies and troops during battles. One can easily spot the Cart Titan in the Great Titan War, as well as the Battle of Shiganshina, and the Marley Mid-East War bringing in troops and goods to aid the Warrior Unit.

It was also used as a mobile gunnery platform that holds various weapons including machine gun turrets, artillery cannons, and even Warriors.



Like all the Nine Titans, Ymir Fritz’s death is the precursor of the Cart Titan’s existence into the world. The Cart Titan was held in possession of the several warring Eldian houses subservient to the Founding Titan for 1,700 years following her death.

After seventeen centuries, Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz Family, abandoned the conflicts of Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island. At this time, the Cart Titan was taken by the nation of Marley during the Great Titan War. In the year 843, the Marley Warrior Training Corps selected Pieck to be the inheritor of the Cart Titan.

Interesting Trivia Facts about the Cart Titan

Of course, the Cart Titan is already an interesting character. It has significantly influenced the progress of the show. More than anything, it’s among the Nine Titans that have shown interesting characterization and development when it comes to design. However, not many people are aware of the interesting details about the Cart Titan.

It Carried a Whole Artillery Unit.

While you’ve commonly seen this Titan carry goods or an empty cart, it has been its most helpful and powerful when it was equipped with the Panzer artillery unit. This unit is consists of a four-man crew atop the Titan’s back. Its name is derived from the German word “Panzer”, meaning armor, referring to the armor of a heavy vehicle or tank.

According to the show creator, Hajime Isayama stated the Panzer designs were based on Zoids. He wanted to incorporate his love for the Mecha and decided to sketch the character right before the manuscript’s deadline.

It is Often Used to a Support than A Combatant

The Cart Titan is quick, making it is more efficient in providing support than fulfilling a tank role. Rather than fighting, the inheritor of this Titan Power usually helps his comrades by providing and carrying the needed weapons and supplies. You can only see very few instances when the Cart Titan would attack an enemy without an ally to back it up. It is because of its slow regenerative healing powers. That’s why it’s only strategic for the Cart Titan to support than fight.

Pieck Did Not Join Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, And Marcel When They Went to Paradis.

cart titan

Pieck (Inheritor of the Cart Titan) trained alongside Reiner, Annie, Zeke, Bertholdt, Porco, and Marcel. The Marley government decided to keep Pieck and Zeke to ensure their safety against other nations. Due to this fact, she wasn’t sent to Paradis to join the infiltration mission.

The Cart Titan Saved Zeke and Reiner from Imminent Danger

The battle between Marley’s warrior and Paradis’ soldiers was the first time AOT fans got to see the Cart Titan in action. While Reiner and Bertholdt fought against the Survey Corps and his former friends, Pieck assisted the battle in every way she could. When Levi almost killed the Beast Titan, Pieck came to the rescue saving Zeke and Reiner. They successfully evaded the attacks and retreated to safety.

The Inheritor of the Cart Titan Can Stay in its Titan Form for Two Months

Transformation endurance is a well-known ability of the Cart Titan among AOT fans. However, not many fans are aware of Pieck’s ability to maintain her form for two straight months. The Cart Titan’s endurance is exceptional since most Titan Shifters hold their form for only a couple of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the Cart Titan Talk?

Answer: Yes! There are only very few Titans that can speak. One of which is the Cart Titan. It can fluently communicate talk in its Titan forms like the Beast Titan and Talking Titan.

Question: Is the Cart Titan the Weakest?

Answer: Most fans and critics assume that the Cart Titan is the weakest Titan among the Nine Titan Powers. However, I believe every Titan Power has its specialty. While the Cart Titan is not specially equipped in melee fighting and combats, it’s not considered the weakest among the Nine Titan Powers.  Despite its lack of brute strength, it is very helpful in battle Question: Is the Cart Titan Dead?

Answer: During the Battle of Liberio, Pieck suited up and equipped herself with the armor with the Panzer Unit. Together with the Warrior Unit, she was tasked to eliminate invaders from the Survey Corps. However, she was shattered by multiple lightning spears, mutilating her body. Luckily, she survived and slowly regenerated after the battle.

Question: Is Pieck a Skilled Combatant?

Answer: Pieck is among the most pragmatic, smart, and generally valuable characters. Despite her Titan not being meant for melee and combat, she is incredibly skilled in combat and fight on par with Reiner and Annie.

Question: Are the Panzer Unit from Marley?

Answer: Yes, they are. The Panzer Unit (パンツァー隊 Pantsā-tai) is a Marelyan military weapon which operated the artillery attached to the Cart Titan. It houses approximately four Marleyan warriors, which were all killed during the Raid on Liberio.

Question: What Values Do Pieck Stand For?

Answer: While Pieck fights alongside the Marleyan soldiers, she embraces both the ideals of the People of Paradis and Marley. She goes above and beyond in demonstrating her intelligence to prove that Eldians are more than just second-class citizens. In the end, Pieck still hopes for a peaceful resolution where Marleyans and Eldians can coexist.

BONUS TRIVIA: Did You Know that Pieck was supposed to be a Middle-Aged Man?

Some people could hardly recognize Pieck in its Titan form. This discrepancy between the character design is largely due to Hajime Isayama’s original plan to cast the Cart Titan as a middle-aged man named Oliver Pieck. Because of Isayama’s editors, he settled into creating Pieck Finger as the Cart Titan’s human form.

Bottom line: Knowing Pieck Finger and the Cart Titan’s Story

A lot of fans are curious about the Cart Titan’s abilities. More than its speed and endurance, the Cart Titan is a behemoth of a Titan. It excels in quite a few things and has won the hearts of many viewers. Acting as support in most parts of the show, the Cart Titan shines as a Hajime Isayama’s talent to abridge a unique and exciting character to the audience.

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