Attack on Titan

hisashi midoriya guide

Hisashi Midoriya Guide

If a character is the protagonist’s father in a Shonen anime, chances are they are dead. I could easily list down the anime series with dead fathers at the back of my head. Minato died before Naruto even started, Hohenheim died right before Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood ended, and poor Grisha from Attack on Titan was straight up eaten by his …

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Yelena AOT Guide

Yelena AOT Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Yelena

Attack on Titan is one of my favorite manga and anime series. I have been drawn to it because it reflects the reality of the world—showing that everything is not black and white.  The multitude of characters is significantly relatable. Throughout the series, I have developed a love-hate relationship with many characters, and sure enough, …

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Gabi AOT Guide

It’s impossible if you haven’t seen or heard anything about Attack on Titan. The story is set in a world where reality is distorted; humanity is on the brink of extinction as Titans continue to devour humans without any inexplicable reason. In the first few moments of the show, I was immediately in awe of …

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Sasha AOT Guide

The original season of Attack on Titan is a masterpiece to many fans. The sheer meme nature of the 25 episodes will never fade away. One significant meme moment and character in the series is Sasha Blouse. Now a beloved character in the series, this Sasha AOT guide will unpack everything about her. Sasha has …

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Ymir AOT Guide

Ymir AOT Guide

Manga and anime have etched a mark in pop culture, and it’s no surprise why. Throughout the years, I have seen and read a lot of anime and manga. One of my personal favorites is Attack on Titan. Its increasing popularity is attributed to its well-written plot, detailed world-building, and extensive character list.  With a …

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