Attack on Titan

Yelena AOT Guide

Yelena AOT Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Yelena

Attack on Titan is one of my favorite manga and anime series. I have been drawn to it because it reflects the reality of the world—showing that everything is not black and white.  The multitude of characters is significantly relatable. Throughout the series, I have developed a love-hate relationship with many characters, and sure enough, …

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Gabi AOT Guide

It’s impossible if you haven’t seen or heard anything about Attack on Titan. The story is set in a world where reality is distorted; humanity is on the brink of extinction as Titans continue to devour humans without any inexplicable reason. In the first few moments of the show, I was immediately in awe of …

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Sasha AOT Guide

The original season of Attack on Titan is a masterpiece to many fans. The sheer meme nature of the 25 episodes will never fade away. One significant meme moment and character in the series is Sasha Blouse. Now a beloved character in the series, this Sasha AOT guide will unpack everything about her. Sasha has …

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Ymir AOT Guide

Ymir AOT Guide

Manga and anime have etched a mark in pop culture, and it’s no surprise why. Throughout the years, I have seen and read a lot of anime and manga. One of my personal favorites is Attack on Titan. Its increasing popularity is attributed to its well-written plot, detailed world-building, and extensive character list.  With a …

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Pieck Finger Guide

There’s just so much to love about Attack on Titan, from the extensive world-building, interesting character arcs, and seemingly grey reality the story runs on. That’s why it is no secret that both manga and anime have attracted thousands of fans across the globe. Whether you’ve joined the bandwagon or have been a fan in …

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