Jaw Titan Guide: More on This Unique Titan Shifter

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Every Attack on Titan fan has their own Titan Shifter favorites. Some fans like the Female Titan’s multiple abilities or the Beast Titan’s unique powers. In the Fourth Character Popularity Poll, most fans voted for the human characters rather than the Titan Shifters. It only goes to show that Attack on Titan is not only filled with action-packed Titan scenes but compelling characters too. 

Since the beginning, we’ve witnessed how all characters, mainly Titan Shifters played a vital role in the story’s development and progression. Interestingly, the Jaw Titan has become one of the crowd favorites in the last chapters of the manga. It’s also among the most intriguing Titan powers, given its history and background. 

The Jaw Titan (顎の巨人 Agito no Kyojin) was among the Nine Titans who was inherited by several supporting characters throughout the show. Their ferociously powerful set of jaws and claws possess great strength and durability, tearing through almost anything. And because of its relatively small size, it is known to be the quickest out of the Nine Titan Powers.

Bottomline Up Front 

The Jaw Titan is among the unique Titan Shifters. Their background and riddled past are fascinating to know. Aside from its interesting physical features, it also offers a lot of remarkable powers and abilities. 

More importantly, the Jaw Titan is the only Titan Shifter that over four different individuals inherit throughout the story. Each Jaw Titan character has its bespoke attribute, such as a cog-like mouth, disproportionate head shape, and even feathered body. Currently, Falco Grice is the holder of the Jaw Titan. 

Who Is the Inheritor of Jaw Titan?


There’s a long list of inheritors for the Jaw Titan—to be exact, there are four. Each character is uniquely different from the other. They also had various Titan features and character designs; some had long black hair, sunken eyes, a cog-like mask, or even wings which is quite peculiar for a Titan Shifter. 

Are you interested to know more about the inheritors of the Jaw Titan? Read on to learn more. 

Marcel Galliard

Marcel Galliard (マルセル・ガリアード Maruseru Gariādo) was a Marley warrior. He was the childhood friend of Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and Pieck Finger. He was the first JawJaw Titan sent by Marley to spy and attack Paradis Island in 845. However, his mission was cut short because of a Pure Titan. 

He is a strong and reliable person and is a good combatant. But most importantly, he is selfless and ready to put his life for others. This was clearly shown when he sacrificed his life to save his friend Reiner from being eaten by Ymir’s Pure Titan. During their mission to breach Wall Maria, Marcel wore a long jacket, keeping his long hair swept from the back. 

Jaw Titan Form

Marcel’s Titan form was rather simple and similar to his brothers. He had long hair, a thick black beard at its chin, and a small agile body. But unlike his brother’s, he had black instead of blonde hair. He also had visibly sunken and expressive eyes. His claws were rather sharp and long.  



Ymir (ユミル Yumiru) was one of the graduates of the 104th Training Corps. She was also a former member of the Survey Corps. Before inheriting the powers of the Jaw Titan, Ymir was just strolling inside the walls as a Pure Titan. 

When he ate Marcel’s human body, she inherited the Jaw Titan’s powers and learned the true nature of the Titans. She also acquired Marcel’s knowledge and history of the world outside the Walls. Ymir had a tall and slender build; sporting short shaggy black hair parted down the middle. She had deeply intimidating grey eyes and freckles on her face.

Pure Titan Form 

Before she ate Marcel Galliard, Ymir’s Pure Titan was significantly thinner than most Titans. Her height was about five meters tall. Her rib cage was conspicuous and evident, quite different from the other Pure Titans. She had unsharpened teeth and normal fingernails instead of claws. 

Jaw Titan Form 

One thing you’ll notice about Ymir were her sharp fangs and claws. Despite being a Titan Shifter, Ymir seemingly looked like an abnormal Titan with disproportionate body parts. Interestingly, her Jaw Titan also didn’t possess any feminine features, unlike the Female Titan. Many fans suggest that her androgynous features are similar to Pieck Finger’s Cart Titan. 

Porco Galliard

Porco Galliard

Porco Galliard (ポルコ・ガリアード Poruko Gariādo) was also an Eldian part of Marleys Warrior Unit. He is the younger brother of Marcel Galliard, who looks just like him. He is a young man who has grey eyes and blond undercut hair.

He showed signs of having a bitter personality to his peers, particularly Reiner. This is because many led him to believe that Reiner was the cause of his brother’s death. He often used passive-aggressive language and was even violent in interacting with Reiner. 

But despite his rude and stern attitude, Porco was very caring for his fellow Marley Warriors. He slowly tried to open up to their friendly advances and become a reliable part of the team. As an Eldian on Marley, he needed to wear the Eldian armband on his left arm. He inherited Ymir’s Jaw Titan in Marley while Ymir was captured and imprisoned. He ate Ymir’s body, after which he possessed the power of the Jaw Titan. 

Jaw Titan form

Some of Porco’s Jaw Titan form features were like Marcel’s Jaw Titan. It features deep-set eyes with a heavy brow. The only difference one might notice is the hair color; Marcel’s hair was dark brown while Porco’s was blonde. He also wore a cog-like arrangement instead of lips.

Porco’s most notable features were his armored face, fingers, and knuckles. His Titan was muscular and well-toned; like the Cart Titan, he likes to travel in all his four limbs. 

Falco Grice

Falco Grice

Falco Grice (ファルコ・グライス Faruko Guraisu) is among the youngest Eldian Warrior candidates. Like Porco, he also has an older brother whose name is Colt Grice.

Falco is a short, small-built boy. As a budding Marleyan warrior, he was always enthusiastic about fighting for the cause despite his lack of physical strength. He sports short, shaggy, light brown hair and wears the standard Marleyan soldier uniform. Like the rest of his peers, he also wears an Eldian armband on his left arm. 

Pure Titan Form

Interestingly, Falco also suffered and became a Pure Titan like Ymir’s fate. But he didn’t have to wander for days to transform into a Titan Shifter. He’s tall, slim, and long neck Pure Titan had a rounded mouth. His upper jaws were connected with its base; his facial features were expressive, angry scowl. 

Jaw Titan Form

When Falco’s Pure Titan ate Porco, his sheer size changed. As the Jaw Titan, he stands five meters tall, a pretty common height for the Jaw Titan. But Falco’s Jaw Titan was well-designed with intricate details.

Among all the Jaw Titans, he’s the only one who possessed two sets of jaws, with the outer one being the hardened JawJaw similar to the previous Jaw Titans’, and the inner one having a human-like mouth and teeth. His outer jaw can bite through tough objects, including hardened Titan skin. 

Aside from that, Falco’s Jaw Titan is most notable for its many avian features. His outer JawJaw looks like a crude beak while his hardened arms and legs largely resemble talons found in birds of prey. These characteristics were a byproduct of Zeke’s spinal fluid, passing on the Beast Titan’s animalistic features. Towards the end of the manga, Falco’s Jaw Titan finally grew wings, a tail, and a fully feathered body.

Jaw Titan: Power and Abilities

Speed and Agility


Thanks to its petite build, the Jaw Titan is the fastest Titan Shifter in existence. It isn’t ungodly slow or uncoordinated because of its massive size like the Colossal Titan. It can efficiently change its position by using balance, coordination, quick reflexes, and endurance. 

Those who held the power of the Jaw Titan could quickly move through different terrains in their Titan form. They could even move fast enough, surprising their enemies about their next move. While the Jaw Titan is relatively small, it renders extremely OP in terrains like the Titan Forests. 


Aside from heightened speed and agility, the Jaw Titan also has better flexibility and dexterity than the rest of the nine Titan Powers. The Armored Titan, Female Titan, and Attack Titan may have good combatant skills, but they do not have the same dexterity as the Jaw Titan. 

The Jaw Titan can easily maneuver itself out of any tight situation without compromising its attack. Many fans noted that the Jaw Titan could effortlessly scale tall buildings, hurling attacks and leap from Titan to Titan without any difficulty.

Jaws and Claws: Crushing Strength


Eponymous to its name, the Jaw Titan possessed superior biting and crushing ability in its jaws and claws. Its claws were powerful enough to damage armors, turrets, and hardened Titan skin. The force of its jaws can effortlessly break open a crystallized and hardened shell, as seen when Porco’s Jaw Titan crushed the War Hammer Titan’s enclosure. 

History and Background

Like all of the Nine Titans, the Jaw Titan was brought into the world after Ymir Fritz’s death. The Jaw Titan was held in by different warring Eldian houses, which were followers of the Founding Titan. After 1700 years, King Karl Fritz abandoned the conflicts of Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island. The power of the Jaw Titan was left in possession of Marley.

In the year 843, Marcel Galliard was chosen to inherit the power of the Jaw Titan. On their trip to infiltrate Paradis Island, a Pure Titan consumed Marcel, passing on his powers to the Titan. The Titan regained its human form; she was Ymir, an Eldian girl named Ymir, who wandered the world as a Pure Titan for around sixty years. 

Ymir joined the 104th Training Corps and became part of the Survey Corps. Ymir sacrificed herself to lead her teammates to safety during a heated battle. She was then captured and sent to Marley, where Marcel’s brother, Porco, consumed her and regained the power of the Jaw Titan. 

Porco’s Jaw Titan was severely injured in the final chapters while Falco turned into a Pure Titan. Not long before, Porco sacrificed himself when he gained full access to Marcel’s memories. He proclaimed that he will always be a better Warrior than Reiner and ended up getting consumed by Falco’s Pure Titan. 

Interesting Trivia Facts about the Jaw Titan

1. The Jaw Titan Is Only Five Meters Tall


The most notable thing about the Jaw Titan is its size. Upon first glance, you can immediately notice a stark difference between the Jaw Titan’s build compared to all the Titan Shifters. It is smaller than the Attack Titan, the Founding Titan, the Colossal Titan, the Armored Titan, the Beast Titan, the Cart Titan, the War Hammer Titan, and even the Female Titan. It might even be smaller than most Pure Titans. 

While some might think of this as a disadvantage, it serves a practical purpose. So, it can be considered a double-edged sword. 

2. The Jaw Titan is the Fastest Titan Shifter

The Jaw Titan’s remarkable speed is extremely evident across its different inheritors. Ymir’s Jaw Titan quickly outrun the scouts with their ODM gear. On the other hand, Porco’s Jaw Titan was also quick to save Reiner from an anti-titan canon.

They can also easily navigate different terrains without compromising their speed. It uses its ability to fend off the enemies and outwit them during close-combat battles. 

3. Its Claws Are Stronger Than Any Weapon 

More than the Jaw Titan’s acrobatic skills, speed, and flexibility, its sharpened claws render as its most powerful weapon. While the other shifters have abilities to harden their body parts, the Jaw Titan naturally has a set of powerful claws that can pierce through anything. It is even stronger than the scouts’ specialized blades. 

4. Their Bite Is The Strongest Out Of All The Titan Shifters

jaaw titans

Given that the Jaw Titan’s main weapon is its JawJaw, it has the strongest biting ability out of the Nine Titan Powers. Most Titan Shifters and Pure Titans have teeth resembling human teeth. However, the Jaw Titan’s teeth highlight a full set of razor-sharp fangs. This only means that its anatomy is like that of a snake or alligator. 

To put it into perspective, Porco’s Jaw Titan easily penetrated and bit off Eren’s hand with a single bite. One of the best displays of the Jaw Titan’s powerful bite was when it quickly shattered the War Hammer’s indestructible crystal enclosure. This ability was never seen on any other Titan. In fact, Eren’s Titan can’t achieve this substantial damage without damaging its mouth. 

Jaw Titan Guide: FAQs

Question: Why is the Jaw Titan small? 

Answer: The Jaw Titan’s petite size is said to compensate for its speed and agility. Keeping the Jaw Titan’s size small and petite allows for maximum mobility in all kinds of terrain. Its size also helps him sneak in and out of different situations. But remember, despite its size, the Jaw Titan offers crushing strength and powerful skills that make it an indispensable ally. 

Question: Why does the Jaw Titan’s design change ever so often? 

Answer: Many fans noticed that every time the Jaw Titan changes from one inheritor to another, its character design changes. It’s actually because of different factors, including its human inheritor, titan power, injected spinal fluid, unique traits, and even gender.

While Ymir’s Jaw Titan lacks feminine attributes, it clearly shows its feminine side through her hair and face shape. Porco and Marcel’s Jaw Titan might look alike mainly because they are related. Falco’s avian characteristics and appearance are largely due to the Beast Titan’s spinal fluid. 

Question: Is the Jaw Titan the weakest?

Answer: The skills and strength of the Jaw Titan vary differently from how their inheritors wield their power. That being said, its strength can’t simply be determined since it changes depending on its inheritors. However, many fans speculate that the Jaw Titan has been the weakest one in the group, but I digress. I personally believe that each Titan Shifter has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Question: Why is Ymir’s Jaw Titan so weak?

Answer: It’s basically because of her lack of training. Remember how Eren’s Attack Titan was very basic at the beginning of the story. Still, thanks to his training, he developed and unleashed different kinds of skills and abilities that make him use his Titan power to the fullest. 
Ymir’s Jaw Titan was weaker than the rest of the Jaw Titan inheritors because she lacked the formal training to use his powers to their full extent. 

Question: Who is the current JawJaw Titan? 

Answer: The current Jaw Titan inheritor is Falco Grice. He is a Warrior cadet and a Marley Titan candidate who transformed into a Pure Titan. But he quickly regained his human form when he consumed Porco and inherited the powers of the Jaw Titan. 
His unique character design and features appear to be a byproduct of the Beast Titan’s spinal fluid. As the current Jaw Titan, his form sports wings, a tail, and a fully feathered body.

Question: How tall is the Jaw Titan? 

Answer: The Jaw Titan is just five meters tall. Despite having multiple inheritors, their height never changed is among its constant attributes. While different Jaw Titan inheritors have unique character designs and physical features, all of them stand as tall as five meters. 

Question: Can the Jaw Titan speak?

Answer: Yes, but this largely depends on their inheritor. Ymir’s Jaw Titan could speak because its physical features consist of lips, allowing her to formulate words and comprehensible sounds. Always remember that lips are vital to form speech and verbally communicate. On the other hand, the rest of the Jaw Titan’s inheritors lack this essential body part needed to necessitate speech.

Summing Up: The Jaw Titan is Among the Most Unique Titan Shifters

Many critics and even AOT enthusiasts consider the Jaw Titan the weakest Titan Shifter. That’s significantly due to their size and petite structure. However, the Jaw Titan is among the most skilled combatants and smartest Titans in the story. It acts as both a good defense and offense.

It also has the coolest character design among all the Titan shifters – from its jaws, claws, and even its hardened masks, and now wings. So, if you want to see more of the Jaw Titan in action, you need to tune in and watch the season finale coming soon! We can’t wait to hear your reaction about his latest transformation. 

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