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Best MHA Funko Pop Guide

My Hero Academia is one of the most beloved ongoing manga and anime series for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is the massive collection of heroes and villains that make up the fantastic cast that is among the best in the history of manga.

With such a star-studded cast across both its do-gooders and villains, it should come as no surprise that My Hero Academia has plenty of Funko Pops for each of them. To help you out, I’ve come up with the best MHA Funko Pop guide.

I have my favorites in the cast, and you likely do, too, and chances are, there is a Funko Pop for them. There are dozens upon dozens of My Hero Academia Funko Pops that you’ll find online right now.

This can be pretty overwhelming for someone who is just looking into collecting these adorable little figures with their beady eyes. Thankfully, that is where I come in with the best MHA Funko Pop guide to help you determine which ones you need to get.

mha funko pop

Bottom Line Up Front

There are roughly 15 My Hero Academia Funko Pops that I would consider the best among the more than 100 that currently exist at the time of writing.

Of these 15, there is a single Funko Pop that reigns above them all. It is a hard choice, but the very best Funko Pop themed around My Hero Academia has to be the Infinite Deku With Eri Pop. This is one of the best looks for Deku as he essentially goes the equivalent of Super Saiyan, but you also get a bonus in Funko Pop Eri hanging out behind him.

My Top Picks at a Glance

If you’re in a hurry and want to start tossing some money to Funko Pop to collect these fantastic figures, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a shorter list of the top five My Hero Academia Funko Pops that I adore the most. If you only have a limited budget to spend on these figures, these five are the ones you should consider the most:

  1. Infinite Deku With Eri: There is nothing like this particular Funko Pop that features Deku at the height of his powers during the Overhaul fight with Eri on his side. This is peak Funko Pop detail and design.
  2. Kurogiri Funko Pop: Kurogiri is one of the more mysterious villains in MHA, and this Funko Pop captures his black and purple allure in such a unique way compared to all of the other Pops on this list.
  3. Katsuki Bakugo Metallic Pop: Bakugo already has one of the best designs for him in Funko Pop form, but it elevates even further with the metallic version, including his chrome-colored spiky hair.
  4. Shoto Todoroki and Endeavor Duo Pops: When it comes to bang for your buck, look no further than this father-son duo of the ice and fire hero-in-training Todoroki alongside his father, the fiery Endeavor.
  5. Deku in Oneside Pop: The iconic Deku in an All Might onesie stole the hearts of everyone when the scene happened, and now you can collect this adorable moment for the character in a Funko Pop form.

Selection Criteria

With so many My Hero Academia Funko Pops that exist out there, narrowing it down to just a few was quite challenging. That said, there were a few points that each of the best Funko Pops had to meet. Here is how I determined what made this list:

  • Visual appearance: If the Funko Pop didn’t immediately catch my eye when I first saw it, it sure as heck didn’t make this list.
  • Detail and quality: Speaking of visuals, the amount of detail, quality, and care put into the Funko Pop, or lack thereof, determined whether or not a figure made this list.
  • Uniqueness: Anyone can make a Deku Funko Pop, but there has to be some level of ingenuity for each one to put it here.
  • Accuracy: While I’m all for creative freedom when making merch, I wanted to see some accuracy when it comes to portraying the character in the figure.
  • Value: Most Funko Pops are generally around the same price point, but a few have bonuses like unique versions or an extra figure with it. This didn’t guarantee placement on this list, but it certainly helps.

Best MHA Funko Pop List

Without further ado, here are the top 15 best MHA Funko Pops that you could ever find in no particular order. Out of the more than 100 that currently exist, these are the 15 that you need to know about and should consider adding to your Funko Pop collection.

Infinite Deku with Eri

infinite deku with eri

I want to do something different for this first entry. While I said no particular order, I will note right off the bat that this Infinite Deku With Eri Funko Pop is easily the best on this list and the best overall figure you can buy.

Part of the enjoyment of this wonderful Funko Pop is in the bonkers level of detail that went into it. Even on his head alone, Deku has so much going on from the different shades of green and blue to represent his high-powered state during the incredible fight scene this comes from.

That is all before, including the waves of energy that were expertly crafted around him, the tattered clothing, fantastic hairstyle, and brilliant coloration. But above all else, there is even the fact that it shows little Eri as a mini Funko Pop figure peeking out from behind him. This is the right mix of inspiration from the series mixed with individuality and quality, making it easily the best MHA Funko Pop money can buy.


  • The single best My Hero Academia Funko Pop out there
  • The level of detail is unparalleled and superior to every other figure
  • The bonus Eri on Deku’s back is a welcome touch


  • It isn’t as rare as it looks, which may be disappointing for collectors

Himiko Toga #610

himiko toga #610

I’ve made it clear in the past on our site that Himiko Toga is my favorite female character in My Hero Academia, and she is lovingly recreated here in this Funko Pop. She has a few, but this is the most impressive, given its simplicity. She’s just in a school uniform with her standard haircut and style.

The one key difference I appreciate is the half-moon-shaped eyes she has and her blushing face. It brings a level of cuteness and charm to the otherwise terrifying serial killer.


  • Simple is sometimes better
  • The added eye shape and blush helps
  • Decently cheap and easy to find


  • It might not have enough pizzazz for some fans

Dabi #637

dabi #637

Despite being one of the most popular villains in My Hero Academia, the Dabi Funko Pops are few and far between. To make matters worse, this particular Dabi Funko is one of the rarest and most expensive in the entire set. It isn’t for no reason, though, as the level of detail is considerable here.

Funko Pop didn’t hold back, offering one of the most faithful recreations of a My Hero character to date. Everything from the flowing jacket he has to the scars and stitches on his face feels so alive, rich, and similar to how it looks in the actual anime series. And somehow, the typical beady Funko eyes somehow only add to his fearsome appearance.


  • One of the best recreations of a My Hero character
  • The level of detail is tremendous


  • Unbelievably rare and costly
  • The fiery base looks surprisingly cheap compared to the rest of the figure

Kurogiri #789

kurogiri #789

In terms of villains in MHA, Kurogiri is one of the lesser-known ones who barely shows up in the series and does little when he appears. Despite this mysterious aura, his design is one of the best in the series, and his Funko Pop doesn’t detract from that in the slightest.

What I appreciate is the uniqueness of this particular Pop, offering an edgy take on the character that is both different and familiar. The rich colors of the wispy villain are a nice bonus that contrasts intriguingly with the otherwise plain suit outfit he’s wearing.


  • This is a nice example of how to redefine a character in Funko form
  • The purple colors for Kurogiri are beautiful


  • The head is a bit too circular for the character

Overhaul #1012

overhaul #1012

Speaking of villains, this later My Hero Academia Funko Pop features Overhaul, one of the main villains in an earlier series arc, in his most dramatic form yet. This Pop takes the idea of his overpowered final form and amps it up to the absolute max with arguably a Carnage (Spider-Man)-style figure.

It is extravagant, terrifying, and exceptionally detailed all at the same time. While you could argue that there is too much going on here, it takes the character and does so much with him that it almost feels like too much. But there is a lot to appreciate in that, regardless.


  • One of the most detailed and elaborate Funko Pops
  • It makes Overhaul feel far more menacing and evil than ever


  • There is almost too much going on

Eri #1011

eri #1011

Arriving around the same time as the Overhaul Funko Pop, this Eri one involves her tragic storyline from that arc. The young girl has several Pops of her own, but the best one has to be the original in this recreation of the terrified child prodigy.

Funko Pop didn’t have to do much to recreate her with the simple gray dress, light blue hair, and single horn on her head. That said, it’s faithful enough to be worth a mention on this list. And while you can get part of this figure through the Infinite Deku one, you might want to add the full-sized figure to your collection, too.


  • Faithful recreation of the initial appearance of Eri
  • Best iteration of the Eri Funko Pops


  • This might be too simplistic for some

Katsuki Bakugo Metallic #249

katsuki bakugo metallic #249

Where this figure stuns is in the metallic style that it’s going for. On its own, Bakugo already looks like one of the best incarnations of a My Hero character in Funko Pop form. The hero outfit he wears is faithfully recreated, while his face and hair are a bit more fantastical.

I appreciate this aspect as it allows him to feel both similar to his anime counterpart and unique at the same time. This is furthered by the metallic variant that turns his hair an almost golden-silver color. It looks a bit shorter than in the anime, almost seeming like a new transformation for him in a way, which I love.


  • A delicate mix of faithful clothing and wildly different hair
  • The metallic tone is amazing


  • Good luck finding this one. One of the rarest in the set

Ibara Shiozaki #1192

ibara shiozaki #1192

Admittedly, I’ve focused much of this list on characters who we all know and love. But the My Hero Academia cast is vast, including heroes and villains alike that you might not have their names memorized. One such side character is the Class B hero, Ibara Shiozaki.

She immediately stole my eye the moment I saw this Funko Pop. Sure, the Class B hero already looked solid in the show, but this Funko Pop delivers on the natural beauty she has fascinatingly. The plain white dress, coupled with the long flowing green vine hair, is magnificent. You won’t find Funko Pops with this type of hair anywhere else.


  • Ibara Shiozaki has some of the best hair for a Funko Pop
  • Elegant and beautiful


  • Not as flashy or memorable as some other characters

Mirio Togata #1004

mirio togata #1004

This Mirio in hero costume Funko Pop is the best you’ll find for the number one hero at UA High School. The unstoppable force that is Mirio translates well to the Funko Pop form, showing off his classic hero costume. Like the best heroes, he has an instantly recognizable outfit that works quite well here.

What helps this stand out, though, is the highly detailed base and face. Bases aren’t the best (just look at the Dabi one above), but I appreciate what this rocky base has to offer. It matches well with the pose Mirio is in, plus the serious face he has in the figure.


  • Mirio’s costume looks solid in this figure
  • This is a rare example of an excellent base


  • The red gloves and cape are somewhat lackluster

Tomura Shigaraki & Overhaul 2-Pack

tomura shigaraki & overhaul 2-pack

You’ll rarely see two of the same characters on this list (since I tried to keep it to a minimum outside of Deku), but that is not the case with two of the starring villains. Both Tomura Shigaraki and Overhaul make two appearances here, with a shared one in this two-pack of Funko Pops.

When it comes to value, you can’t go wrong with collecting two of the most impactful MHA villains at the same time. These are the standard Funko Pop variants of the two, which aren’t quite as good as their individual counterparts on this list but still worth picking up nonetheless.


  • Some of the best value
  • Two of the best villains from My Hero Academia in one
  • Solid recreations of the original looks of the characters


  • They look better in their later individual variants

Hawks #1141

funko popa nimation my hero acadamia hawks

Personally, I don’t see what people see in Hawks as a character outside of his visual appearance, especially given what he does in the manga and anime. That said, there’s no denying he has an iconic bird-based yellow and red look that is always stunning.

This Funko Pop version is a prime example of that. Both of the Funko Pops he currently has are worth your time, but this version edges out ever so slightly. It starts with the serious look he has on his face, coupled with the intense pose. Funko Pop had to do a lot of detail to make this pose work right with his wings and outfit, but it turned out to be one of the most action-packed figures here.


  • The best iteration of the loser Hawks
  • There is so much action packed into an immovable figure
  • The pose is one of the best on this list


  • You could do better than this jerk, but at least he looks great.

Izuku Midoriya Glow in the Dark #1140

izuku midoriya glow in the dark #1140

One of the more recent additions to the Deku lineup is the #1140 Funko Pop. This follows his (spoiler alert) recent developments in the anime with his second set of powers in Blackwhip. We can see the whips wrap around his body and envelop him in power.

I’m not a fan of the plain everyday clothes he’s wearing in the Funko Pop, but it doesn’t take away too much from the vibrant nature of the rest of the figure. This is especially notable when you turn the lights off, as the glow-in-the-dark vibes are exceptional. They smartly made only his hair and Blackwhip powers glow, which gives an otherworldly feel.


  • The Blackwhip and hair look terrific in this figure
  • The glow-in-the-dark features weren’t overdone but smartly used


  • The plainclothes Deku is wearing is boring

Shoto Todoroki & Endeavor 2-Pack

shoto todoroki & endeavor 2-pack

There’s something to be said about the love between a fiery abusive father and his estranged son. For some reason, Funko Pop thought it would be alright to put the two together in a pack, which sucks for poor Todoroki, but is a blessing for those who want both characters.

Todoroki takes on his school battle uniform version, but the fascinating part here is the little touches of fire and ice on each side of his body to symbolize the two sides of him. On the other hand, his father, Endeavor, has so much going on it’s honestly wild.

There is fire everywhere throughout Endeavor, taking after his anime counterpart, but it’s almost so much that it feels like a different character entirely.


  • The father and son duo gives you some excellent bang for your buck
  • Todoroki has subtle touches to show his two powers
  • Endeavor’s flames are in your face, covering his entire body in such a glorious form


  • Poor Todoroki
  • There’s so much happening with Endeavor that he feels like a different character entirely.

Tomura Shigaraki #1149

tomura shigaraki #1149

The main villain of My Hero Academia, Tomura Shigaraki, has his best Funko Pop form to date in the recent Chase version. This Pop removes his mask and gives him an unfiltered look at his tormented state. Without his glove mask, we can see the scars and anguish across his face, which has now strangely turned into an evil grin.

Shigaraki’s battle-worn figure has such intricate details throughout, like the wounds across his body, his tattered dark clothes, the scar on his eye, and the bloody limbs on his left arm and leg. This is one of the most striking villain figures in the set.


  • The best figure yet for Shigaraki
  • It gives him an appearance fitting of the series’ main villain
  • The battle wounds throughout are numerous and detailed


  • This is a vile character, so it isn’t the most attractive figure, even if it is remarkably detailed.

Deku in Onesie #494

deku in onesie #494

Ending out this list is my second favorite on here. You might have seen those classic clips and memes of Deku as a little kid in his All Might onesie, and Funko Pop made the right decision to recreate it.

The flashback episode with Deku’s mom, in which we see this scene fully play out, is one of the top three episodes in the series to date, and this Funko Pop is a constant reminder of that tear-jerking moment. It’s also one of the earlier figures, though, which means it’s rather hard to find these days.


  • Little Deku in his onesie is both one of the best scenes in My Hero Academia and one of the best figures at the same time
  • This is what those classic Funko beady eyes were made for
  • It makes me cry every time I see it


  • Hard to locate these days
  • It makes me cry every time I see it


Question: How many My Hero Academia Funko Pops are there?

Answer: There are roughly 110 My Hero Academia Funko Pops and counting at this point in time. The number varies depending on how you count the unique versions.

Question: What is the #1 MHA Funko Pop?

Answer: If you couldn’t tell yet, the #1 MHA Funko Pop has to be the Infinite Deku With Eri one. A close second would be the Deku in Onesie Funko.

Question: What is the rarest MHA Funko Pop ever made?

Answer: The rarest MHA Funko Pop ever made goes most likely to the Dabi figure on this list. It was created early on in the set and only for a specific convention, making it hard to acquire today.

Which Anime Funko Pops to Collect Next

When it comes time to collect your first My Hero Academia Funko Pop, there is no better one to get than the Infinite Deku With Eri Pop. Not only do you get two characters in a single Funko Pop for a decent price, but it is one of the most fabulous creations from the company.

However, that is only the start. If you’re anything like me, My Hero Academia is far from the only manga and anime you’re a fan of. In that case, be sure to check out the best One Piece Funko Pops to learn more about what that massive franchise has to offer in the merch department.

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